Beef Prices "Only" 24% Higher Than Year Ago As Cost Of Booze Resumes Climb

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While the PPI report is full of useful, seasonally-adjusted data points, the two items the vast majority of American consumers should be most interested in are the prices of beef and veal, and the prices of alcoholic beverages. Here we have some good and bad news: the good news, is that while the beef/veal price index has risen to a new all time high of 255.2, the pace of annual increase is now slowing down, and is is now "only" up 24% from a year earlier. The bad news, is that the price of alcoholic beverages, after posting two straight months of annual price declines, has once again started rising.

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Arius's picture

seasonal ... besides beef is not good for you anyway ...


eat less beef good for your health

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Bullshit. Decades ago we used to eat far more beef and dairy and were profoundly less obese.

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They way to stay thin and not have this obesession with eating -- ADHD medication, Adderall or Ritalin which helps.  I take 60MG - 100MG a day along with Prozac and I am doing just fine

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I took adderall too, until I had a psychotic break. 

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Grass-fed beef is good for you. Corn-fed beef (i.e. most beef produced in the US the last 70 years) is bad for you.

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I know any regard for animal welfare around here is akin to blasphemy but having seen how "feed lot" animals are raised, I avoid chain meats whenever possible.  Yum, a cow that's been eating chicken shit (literally), corn, and anti biotics, living a life of misery, standing in a barren pen, ankle deep in waste.

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Wtf Charles? Don't be givin way the game plan to them!
They're so huge they're about to explode, and can't run a minute once their GMC Destroyer (TM) runs out of juice, eat more beef fatties,and drink more booze, don'chu be worry'in bout nuthin' , ya' hear.

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You are what you eat eats.


Grass Fed free range beef and its fat are now found to be AOK, in moderation like anything. 

Mass produced factory beef (or any animal, for that matter), on the other hand, is fed a diabetic's diet of processed corn feed and other fillers, and is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and other chemicals to keep them alive and fattened up in horrendous conditions that leave the fat riddled with unhealthy chemicals unfit for frequent human consumption.  Some believe the factory animals, burdened in horrible conditions, also are filled with stress related chemicals their bodies release, which also pollute the food.

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I drive by these feedlots every damn day here in the Midwest, our area in particular is one of the busiest. Some farmers are actually pretty good to the critters, turning them out in the corn stalks when possible and have larger yards with mounds to keep them out of the shit. Others are pretty bad, no place for the fellows to go when it gets wet, ankle or knee deep in the shit. I feel really bad for them on those days when I ride by, they stand there huddled together for warmth. 

Sure, they are just animals but I feel all God's creatures deserve more than that. The fellow I work for part time is a larger operator, has large yards and the critters get bedded down with dry bales whenever they need it. Yes, it affects his bottom line and yes, he feeds them corn silage and treats them with meds, but he least treats them with a little dignity. They have room to run and frollick as they they should. It's the confinement cattle that are really bad off. 

As for inflation, I still pay the same for organic grass fed from a local producer as I did a year ago, and he is actually just as cheap as the big store per pound for the poorer quality stuff. I won't touch it nor will our kids. 

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Beef?  Hell, its getting hard to find a nice unattended horse now a days, especially around Miami...cup half full thinking, theres free range Mexicans all over the place, wild herds roaming around grazing and coming in in groves!  Who doesnt like a nice 'skirt steak'?  Bait them in with a 'garage sale' sign and sharpen up!  The secrets in the sauce...

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yep, but then again, if you think the SNAP program is expensive now, just wait until the government is required to feed all those useless eaters grass-fed beef.


Math and the laws of Nature and physics are a real a motherfucker like that.

rum_runner's picture

Never happen, Monsanto et al have too many politicians in their pocket to allow any real resurgence of old fashioned farming where antibiotics were only administered by a vet once in a while.  No profit in that model.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Please, history is very clear on just how fast farming "resurges" when supply lines break down.

Humanity is not above nature, period.

kaiserhoff's picture

Happening as we speak in the two states I know best.

For many reasons, but lack of trust in supply lines is right up there.

green888's picture

There is something called nutrient dense food, and should you care to download the Reams Composite Chart, that shows you poor, average, good and excellent grades of one type of fruit or vegetable, e.g a carrot. Eating only the excellent, is the end of obesity. Of course, your health improves, less pharmaceuticals needed, whilst down on the farm the crops are pest and disease resistant, far fewer pesticides needed. It goes without saying these foods are not popular with big pharma (excuse the pun)  

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That's the spirit!  Take mind-altering drugs to avoid over-eating.  What could possibly go wrong?

rum_runner's picture

My favorite was Gov Christie after his stomache shrinking surgery.. "I looked at the remaining steak on the plate but realized I was full and couldn't eat any more."

Gee, fats, way to exhaust self control before getting surgery to manage your appetite.

roadhazard's picture

He will always be Humpty Dumpty to me.

GMadScientist's picture

But you're talking to a plant.

zeropain's picture

Diabetis is the big epidemic.  Soda used tobe part of the drinks area now pepsi and coke have their own aisle.  processed food that is were they are cheating.

rum_runner's picture

Sugar was historically a spice!  We've gone from 5lb/year/person to over 100!  When you toss out the vegans, health nuts, etc, there's plenty of people in this country getting a pound of sugar PER DAY.

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There have been studies that show sugar is more addictive than cocaine. No wonder it is found in just about every processed shit product on the store shelves today. The key is to just eat simply from basic ingredients and that addiction will fade.

I watched my work associates stuff themselves with a huge platter of store bought garbage brownies and whipped cream for Valentine's Day. All of them complained how horrible they felt afterwards but they jumped in for a second round at lunch. And the complaints resumed. A few pieces of some good dark chocolate would have been better, ( for me, that's mouth orgasm!) but who am I to show them anything?


quasimodo's picture

Miffed, could not agree more! I am particularly vigilent about limiting sugar when the kids are fighting off colds, etc this time of year, and this year has been bad. 

Sugar is such an unspoken culprit. I follow a pretty strict schedule of excercise 6 days a week and feel like utter crap if I don't get some type of a workout in each day. This past Xmas was pretty bad with me downing sweets at work. Gained five pounds I would say, over about two weeks. Long story short, really limited the sugar intake and it melted off about three weeks later, and I don't starve fact I graze all day long and am never what you would call hungry.

If people would just make half as much effort in eating healthier foods, WHOLE foods, as they do into trying to determine what times biggest loser in on TeeVeee, this nation would be much better off. 

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eat less beef good for your health


How about everyone stop telling everyone else what the hell to do?

StupidEarthlings's picture

Are you telling me what to do? ..


rum_runner's picture

Horseshit!  Decades ago we ate decidedly less meat.


Just look for the pretty graph, no need to read.

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Beef prices will fall due to sharply lower grain prices, but it's a long cycle.  Could take a year.

Booze prices are mostly tax.  Make your own.

rum_runner's picture

Problem is I'm a vodka guy.  Not sure I'd be coming out ahead when a fifth of decent V can be had for $20.  If I had the space I'd brew.. decent beers 'round here are $10 a sixpack.

but anyways, not that anyone asked, but red meat to me is in the "treat" category.  Once a week or so.  Plus when you eat it less often you can get pasture raised which does taste better.  Plus, having been a cowboy in my teens for a bit, I'd rather not eat some animal that's been standing in its own shit eating corn and antibiotics its whole life.  No thanks.

kaiserhoff's picture

Good points.  Once you've had grass fed, you don't want anything else, and one look at a feed lot, and what the cattle eat there, will convince you to eat something else.

Chief Kessler's picture

Once a week is a treat? That's spoiled child spoiled, maybe someday y'all wake up and join the resta da world, but I ain holdin my breath.

tarabel's picture



Even in America, the issue will eventually change from what's for dinner to if there's dinner. So everyone should enjoy the delights of life while they are still available at any price whatsoever.

BeerMe's picture

Brewing gets expensive anyway.  Technically I can probably make most beers for $1 or less.  Some a little over.  But...Once you start adding equipment like any good hobby.  Things tend to add up.

With the beef I have it good.  Freezer full of grass fed which was a little over a couple dollars a pound.  I always think about it when I grab a steak.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Frankly I was amazed how simple that is. Sometimes it's just making friends in the right places, with the right interests and with a touch of delicious rebel in their hearts.


tarabel's picture



More than that. Because of the drought, complete beef herds were sent to market for years untill the national stock got down into levels not seen since the mid 1950s.

Now ranchers are rebuilding their herds, but the only way to do this is to keep back calves. Years to go before beef prices drop and by then the dollar will be worth less so today's prices might appear to be a bargain in fiat-based terms.

NoDebt's picture

No, we eat almost exactly the same amount of beef per capita as we used to.  Total meat consumption continues to go up, unabated, because we eat more and more chicken IN ADDITION TO THAT.

GeezerGeek's picture

If your 'horseshit' refers to the original comment (the one to which you replied), you should have noticed that it specifically said we were eating less beef and dairy, not 'meat' as you used in your first statement.

Then you linked to a .gov report, as if anyone really can trust anything out of .gov.

Even worse, you suggested looking at the "pretty graph". Well, I did, and it does in fact show that while the US may be eating more meat overall, the consumption of beef is down, and has been trending down since the mid-60s.


rum_runner's picture

It's true what you say that we used to eat more red meat but it's only in the last few 5-10 years that we're beginning to approach 40s-60's norms. See graph at bottom here:

What's misisng from the overall picture is the rise in consumption of processed red meat.  I would argue we used to eat most meats from the local butcher, not from the frozen foods, microwave dinner section.  And it's this garbage processed meat that's especially bad for you.

(I know, I know, harvard study, can't be trusted)

inhibi's picture

Completely wrong. 

1st, the portion sizes of food have increased drastically from decades ago so even if American's ate more MEALS with beef, they definitely didnt eat more beef.

Decades ago, we also didnt feed our cows steroids or GMO's. 

Decades ago we didnt cook our beef in processed saturated fats and drink 2 gallons of soda in a sitting.



inhibi's picture

Completely wrong. 

1st, the portion sizes of food have increased drastically from decades ago so even if American's ate more MEALS with beef, they definitely didnt eat more beef.

Decades ago, we also didnt feed our cows steroids or GMO's. 

Decades ago we didnt cook our beef in processed saturated fats and drink 2 gallons of soda in a sitting.



Crash Overide's picture

You know decades ago people used to raise their own beef and make their own booze...

JRobby's picture

Exercise?  Just a thought.........I'll let it go.

cheech_wizard's picture

And we smoked. Here's an exercise for the more astute readers. Plot the % of people that smoke/smoked vs. the % that are/were obese over the last 50 years.

As the number of smokers decreased, the number of fatties increased.

Standard Disclaimer: The Surgeon General Has Determined that Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health, but then again so is fucking diabetes...

InflammatoryResponse's picture

you're assuming that ONLY the decrease in smoking has an effect on obesity rates.  NOTHING could be farther from the truth.


Take a look at old cookbooks.  serving sizes are colossal now compared to 20-30 years ago.   Look at sugar in takes.  Sodas used to be a treat for many people.  now it is a staple of their diet.



glenlloyd's picture

Everything is fine in moderation, and besides, now they've come out and said eggs are actually good. Why do we listen to these folks anyway. Consume in moderation and you'll be fine. One year something's bad, the next year it's good...makes no sense.

Most people are eating gruel now anyway so does it matter?

IronShield's picture

One word for you, Birkenstock.  ;-)

FreeShitter's picture

Eat more chicken and lay off the booze. Thank me later.

ghengis86's picture

Find a local farmer/butcher and buy a side of beef and throw it in the basement freezer. Add cases of whiskey to your beans, bullets and bullion.

Finally, fuck the Fed!

rum_runner's picture

A man with a plan.  I'd say throw a root cellar in the mix so you can have some 'taters with your beef stew.

Magnum's picture

The legend named Selco at, says that after civil war broke out in Sarajevo his family survived the year of hell because right when it all started, they broke into a storage shop & acquired cases of whiskey. They used that to make trades and stay alive. Guns of course were key, and Selco was a trained paramedic which helped. For those of us who like to stock up on things in case of emergency, half dozen cases of vodka would seem like a good bet.

Nobody For President's picture

Get the small bottles - the tiny ones,  for small trades and change...All this talk about beef - I've been a vegatarian for 50 years, doesn't seem to hurt much, but to each his or her own; but damn, the price of booze is going up. They allow the real opiate of the masses to have a big surge in price and there will be hell to pay. Keep booze and TV cheap, and all will be well.