US Industrial Production Misses (Again) As Manufacturing & Construction Growth Disappoint

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With a mere 0.2% rise in manufacturing production (missing expectations of a 0.4% rise), and capacity utilization printing 79.4%, missing expectations of a rise to 79.9%, it is no surprise that overall industrial production missed expectations for the second month in a row. Motor vehicle production fell 0.6% in January and construction supply fell 0.3% - the most in 10 months.

2nd miss in a row for IP...


With Construction Supply dropping by the most since April 2014...


Not exactly the data that confirms the decoupling narrative.

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And the point is? Just accelerated buying of assets by CBs to continue.

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We look like Japan. Even the average American penis is shrinking, secondarily to obesity.

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Pecker shrinking?  I haven't seen my dick in 20 years...and I thought it was because of obesity.

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Don't worry Tesla will sort it. They are going to build millions of cars on a 500k capacity plant according to MUSK!!!

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With only three bad numbers today (US Producer Prices, Housing starts, US industrial production) I am sure that the next NFP will surprise to the upside, big style.

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Although, as someone who expects the worst most of the time, exceeding or missing expectations is something I rarely care about. Absolute numbers mean more to me, or comparisons like YOY. That, of course, assumes one can get the true numbers, or at least a fair approximation thereof. It's like EPS: reduce the number of shares through buybacks and a company doesn't need to have greater earnings in order to have greater EPS.

I expect totalitarian repression, although it's not what I want. Will anything less therefore be considered to have exceeded my expectations?

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Transitory.  We'll be back at full boil as soon as the Fed unleashes QE4.  Please remain calm.

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No need to even wait for QE4.2 as no rate increase ever and NIRP are even better for banksters, which is all that actually matters.

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Who cares? Buy!

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16 straight data misses in US this week.  #winning 

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I love the smell of redneck pussy in the morning

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Noise, it is about the FOMC minutes

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Meh...DOW @ 18K, S&P 2100...I take not care.

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The manufacturing downturn is far worse than these manipulated statistics suggest.  The Census Department just reported that steel imports in November declined 18% YoY while AISI reported that domestic U.S. steel production declined 10% YoY in the same month.  This is a weighted 12.4% overall decline in steel available for manufacturingin December and January.

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Yes but share buybacks are accelerating, the only thing that really matters.

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As a solution suggest to move even more production to (unregulated) India and Asia - so they (holy tax avoiding corporation cows protected by the corrupt whores in W DC) can make even more profits on the back of even cheaper dumber sheeple.

Then, like "longterm unemployed" - create a new category "production facility gone forever" and remove them from the current stats - and all of a sudden manufacturing production will RISE like a Phoenix from the ashes.

In any case, whatever the results are - this is bullish and should just suck in more dickheads and sheeple as food for the Sharks, Crocodiles and Gorillas.

Nothing but a silly cheap show for the remaining paralyzed trading junkies anymore.