Russian Revenge - "Siberian Express" Blankets US In Record Cold

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Hacking - blame The Russians. Global geopolitical instability - blame The Russians. Stock market lower - blame The Russians. Extreme cold weather... guess who?



Of course The CIA have already pointed the finger at The Russians for manipulating global weather...


h/t @TomNiziol

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I'd eat bugs if I had to.

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Plus, Russia will urinate on clouds, then send them over the USSA.

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Marital strife? Blame Russian women


I can see Russian manipulated weather from my house. 

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Then that must mean we will need to sent in the Marine "Corpse"

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40-something at dawn this morning, warmin up to mid-60s. Ft. Lauderdale weather is great right now, except for all those darned Canadians that insist on coming here and jamming up the roads this time of year.

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And yet somehow, 2015 will manage to be the hottest year on record... mark my words.

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I thought it was the Norks!

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Its clearly Putin who is doing this - he is directing his icy gaze at Washington D.C.

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Yep, it'll be declared on the first hot (90*+) day in DC or NYC this summer. Already written into the MSM script.

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Minus 25 when I woke up, -20 now.  -35 on Monday morning.


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-7F in Chicago this morning.  My 190K mi beater car would barely start.  I'm going to blow off my last can of R-12 into the atmosphere when I get home later.  It's gotta help, right?

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I saw them throwing water on the SUN.

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What's that HAARP thing everyone uses to bounce waves off the ionosphere?


Wasn't Nikola Tesla playing with the ionosphere?

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And... there's probably fallout coming with the cold from Siberia where they do all their nuclear tests.  That'll be the next claim.

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Along with painful rectal itch, my comrade. Think about it.

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I have been studying a lot of data about the Earth's magnetic North Pole and how quickly it is traveling, when compared to historical data over the last 420 years, and really think much of this crazy ass weather is a direct result of the accelerated movement of the Northern mangetic pole.  

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Dear Dr. Head,

I think you forgot to say Russia was indeed influencing the magnetic north pole and inevitable polar shift. I think a doctor would know it is best to support the agenda and not show signs of independent thought. You spent so much on your degree and now risk being academically shunned if you can't conclude that Russia done did it.



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The movement of the north magnetic pole is caused by man-made global warming, as is the change is the solar sunspot output flatlining. Honest.

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which, if I read correctly, has started up again and being dormant for many years...

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Not that the CIA would know anything about that . . .

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HonkyShogun (not verified) Feb 19, 2015 10:32 AM

At least it's affecting New England.

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Hopefully some of those glo-bull warming socialists get some well deserved frostbite.

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Which of the 11 tribes do you have your allegiance with?


If one is fortunate enough to have the chance to live in many places around the US, it becomes obvious that we all have so many things in common but look at some things differently. It is a positive thing to embrace what we all have in common instead of what we don't. You do first need to see the Conservative vs. Liberal division is a manufactured event to divide and conquer the electorate.


I guess I struck a nerve? The realization that one has been manipulated often hits very hard.

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Actually, New England is enjoying its warmest day in a month. My thermometer got up to 37F today! (It's now 32 and snowing.)

But please guys, whatever scientists say must be done to "fight global warming", do the opposite!

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Putin must have fired up every chiller and A/C unit in Siberia to blow all that cold air our way...


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Looks like something I'd expect to see at Disney World.

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"Stock market lower - blame The Russians."

When was the last time the stock mart was lower?

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I'm sure that's true.  Except...any A/C unit has to output the heat extracted from the air.  Where's that going?  Sneaky Russkies...

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VERY IRONIC that Russia has been unusually warm in winter for the last few years, which is blamed on.... US burning too much energy (global warming).


The faces and borders may change, but human nature doesn't.

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market is worries!!

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is that black star Al Gore's mansion?

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If they all just paid a carbon tax they would not be suffering.


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Yep, haven't heard the term "polar vortex" but have heard "Siberian blast"
It's now up to 3 degrees in mid Missouri.

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What ever happened to the term "Alberta Clipper"?  Let's get back to blaming Canada for our problems.  Thisngs were so much simpler then.  sigh

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Those poor polar bears freezing up north with all that ice. Somebody should do something, maybe dump ash on the poles to make them melt. Somebody call Bono, we need to start a campaign.

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Don't worry, plenty of blubber on the great american land whale, they're not gonna freeze for some time.

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Hey Putin!!  Send some of that shit over here to SoCal.  Its been 80-90 degrees here.  We are screwed by the drought.

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It was minus 11 at 6 AM this morning. Brr cold.


Minus 11

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If you like your cold, you can keep your cold.