Peace? Ukraine "Preparing For Full-Scale War" With Russia, Demands The West Supply Lethal Weapons

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"We don't want to scare everybody, but we are preparing for full-scale war," warns Vadym Prystaiko - Ukraine's deputy foreign minister - telling CBC during a stunning interview that "what we expect from the world is that the world will stiffen up in the spine a little." Demanding that West provide 'lethal weapons' Prystaiko rages "everybody is afraid of fighting with a nuclear state. We are not anymore." Coming just a week after the Minsk Summit 'peace' deal and with Germany having warned they are likely unable to stop arms being supplied to Ukraine, Prystaiko concludes, "we would like [The West] to send lethal weapons to Ukraine... weapons to allow us to defend ourselves."


As CBC reports,

Ukraine's deputy foreign minister says he is preparing for "full-scale war" against Russia and wants Canada to help by supplying lethal weapons and the training to use them.


Vadym Prystaiko, who until last fall was Ukraine's ambassador to Canada, says the world must not be afraid of joining Ukraine in the fight against a nuclear power.


In an interview with CBC Radio's The House airing Saturday, Prystaiko says the ceasefire brokered by Germany and France was not holding.


"The biggest hub we ever had in the railroad is completely destroyed and devastated," he told host Evan Solomon about Debaltseve, captured by Russian-backed rebels after the terms were to have taken effect earlier this week.


"We see that they are not stopping," he says, suggesting the fight was now heading south to the port of Mariupol.


"It doesn't take a genius to see what they are trying to do.… They are taking more and more strategic points."


The former ambassador was in the room during the attempts to broker a political solution with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Minsk.


"Personally I don't trust him," he says. "You look at him and you think, 'Are you serious?'"


"Nobody knows what is going on in his head. I believe he is becoming very emotional [over the two countries' historic ties]," he suggests, calling Putin's intentions "difficult to predict."


Prystaiko echoes the view German Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to have expressed to U.S. President Barack Obama privately a year ago: "He is rational in his own way. He is in some parallel universe ... and he sees differently than everyone else."


'We have to do something'


"The stakes are really high," Prystaiko says, pointing out that Ukraine has now closed its border crossing with Russia. "We don't want to scare everybody, but we are preparing for full-scale war."


What to do in the face of such a threat? For starters, get over your fears, he says.


"What we expect from the world is that the world will stiffen up in the spine a little," he says. "Everybody is afraid of fighting with a nuclear state. We are not anymore, in Ukraine — we've lost so many people of ours, we've lost so much of our territory.


"However dangerous it sounds, we have to stop [Putin] somehow. For the sake of the Russian nation as well, not just for the Ukrainians and Europe."


Prystaiko says Ukrainians are blunt when it comes to what they need.


"We would like Canada to send lethal weapons to Ukraine," he said. "Weapons to allow us to defend ourselves."


Canada has been helping to train Ukrainian soldiers for the last decade, but it isn't enough, he says.


"It wasn't on the level that would help our army [against an] invasion."


Ukraine wants weapons, and training to use them, he said.




But he doesn't hold back from calling on Ukraine's Western allies to step up, echoing the frustration he expressed last November over Canada's willingness to intervene in Iraq but not send troops to help Ukraine.


"I was quite blunt... and probably it was premature at that point but now I have to ask again: If we see the same sort of rebels coming towards central Ukraine, towards other cities, how much is different from what we see in Iraq and the international help which was coming?"


"Unfortunately, we will probably pose a very serious question for the rest of the world: How can we react to this new challenge? We haven't had it for 50 years in Europe. Now it's back again."

*  *  *

This coming just a week after the Minsk Summit deal and further to Putin's warnings that "if Kiev seeks a military solution, war will never end," it appears Ukraine has gone from bad to worse to worst possible scenario as proxy war tensions mount.

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Realname's picture

Effin' politicians always gambling with everyone elses lives. They have their bunkers and food. We get the fallout. Bastards!

Harlequin001's picture

we are preparing for full-scale war," ..., "everybody is afraid of fighting with a nuclear state. We are not anymore." ..."we would like [The West] to send lethal weapons to Ukraine... weapons to allow us to defend ourselves."

Maybe it's just me...

Pinto Currency's picture



Poroshenko tried to get the EU involved as 'peacekeepers' in the Ukraine.

The EU's response - ahhhh, NO.  :

Latina Lover's picture

So Canada and the USSA need to arm the Ukraine, Why?   How is this our fight?  Do we need to risk nuclear war to satisfy  the sick Kiev puppet psychopaths?

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Many to become cannon fodder. Anyone seen Henry?

BurningFuld's picture

Why don't you Ukrainians put your fucking guns down and go sort this shit out...before you are all dead.

angel_of_joy's picture

Maybe these guys should go to a full-scale war with Russia... First of all, it won't last very long. 2 weeks max. Also, every time these morons started any sort of an offensive move, they lost. And, they have this special talent of losing big. So, chances are that when they'll start a "full-scale war", they'll lose everything... quickly !

nope-1004's picture

CBC is one of the WORST propaganda networks in the world.  They are constantly telling lies in the hopes of rallying the nation.  This interview fits right in with their propaganda and lies that the network consistently distributes.  It is wholly owned by the government too (a crown corporation), which says it all.

Don't expect anything objective.

Newsboy's picture

"The people who live there have destroyed our rail hub in Debetsalvo, and taken control.

You see how this is going.

It must be stopped.

We need weapons and training to kill them.

Putin is in some parallel universe where this shit is OK.

Scared enough yet?"

strannick's picture

Putin's universe or the IMF Bankster Globalist ass kissing universe?

Oh yes, and fuck nauseating, patronizing agenda setting state subsidized CBC

Thirst Mutilator's picture

Sez here he's a wife beater ~ lol


Putin ‘Beat Ex-Wife and Had Secret Facelift’

Anusocracy's picture

"The documentary, Putin the Man, aired earlier this week on ZDF television. The show’s makers apparently obtained access to previously unseen files by an unidentified Western intelligence agency"

Is that the famous "Yellowcake" Western intelligence agency?

All governments lie instinctively because they are made up of pathological liars. So what you have to understand is that our government is our enemy and their government is their enemy.

svayambhu108's picture

They need arms to sell them for money, that would be a very stupid move by the West.

The Blank Stare's picture

Now that would truly be a free shit army

Bendromeda Strain's picture

+1000 where's the IMF with their International EBT&W (weapons) cards?

Manthong's picture

It is way past time for some of these clowns to be disappeared.

ml8ml8's picture

I gotta admit, it would be fun to see how fast Kiev could get a couple of companies of light armor to cover the 500 miles from the Ukraine border to Moscow and attack into the city.  18 hours starting under cover of darkness?  But seriously, the West is war fatigued.  This is all right next door to the Germans, so IMHO they should take the lead for the West. If they don't want to get involved, then sorry non-NATO Eastern Europe, you're on your own. But far be it for the US, Canada or any other nation to fly their weapons over Germany on the way to defend Eastern Europe. If Germany won't step up, then Putin can basically have whatever he wants and the only question becomes, what does Putin see as the end game there and how can we all get there as quickly and bloodlessly as possible. As for Poland and other NATO countries, now that's a different story...

pendragon's picture

ok hands up - who's not russian or russain immigrant.....?

Latina Lover's picture

Ukraine: Its a Heist!  Excellent summary of political drivers behind USSA regime change in Kiev.

Latina Lover's picture

Another crude Ukie attempt to create a false flag, to blame on Putin, so that Russia can be declared a supporter of terrorism.  Notice how the Ukies have already declared Russia guilty within 6 hours without any investigation or evidence.  Russia gains nothing from lighting off a bomb to kill 2 minor activists. Meanwhile the Ukraine gets to declare Kharkov under martial law.

If Russia wants the Ukraine, it will take it regardless of NATO's bleatings.

pendragon's picture

the false flag fuckwits are back.

conscious being's picture

The Ukes already sold the 8 armoured vehicles the UK just gave them.

pendragon's picture

unconscionable bullshit from the unconscionable bullshitter

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

seems the peace prize winner, has decided to re invade Iraq in preparation for the mother of all battles at MOZUL...he has no time or equipment to send to ukraine, sorry bad timing.

GMadScientist's picture

Because nobody could have predicted that Balkanization in say....2001.

Coldfire's picture

Ha, spoken like a true Canadian.

Volkodav's picture

Rail hub is damaged, not close to destroyed.

but still under Ukr artillery fire, as is civilians and in area including Donetsk also

this from near location reliable source


savagegoose's picture

how much territory will we get for the weapons?


johngaltfla's picture

The Ukes had best hope we provide them with Ohio class subs, stealth bombers, nukes and more because in this conventional war, they are getting their asses kicked. Here's a sad example:

Videos from a Real War Zone: Graphic Before and After of a Ukrainian Unit Alive then Dead
Parrotile's picture

Somehow, even the suggestion of providing "the Crazies" with this type of hardware is tantamount to "pressing the big red button" starting a very nuclear WW3.

Whilst you might have a closet death wish, most of the rest of us dont! ;-)

johngaltfla's picture

Parrot, sarcasm. Try it some day.

fleur de lis's picture

Johngaltfla, I watched the before/after video of the firefight. It was piteous to look at the youth of Ukraine oblivious to the danger and utterly unaware that their lives were over. This video should be forced watching for every loser employee at the vile US State Department ( redundant, I know ) especially the degenerate skank Nuland/Nudelman. All of them have the blood of those boys on their hands.  

Tall Tom's picture

If former Secretary of State Madelline Albright can justify the slaughter of ONE HALF MILLION IRAQI INFANTS, between the ages of 0 to 5 years old, as being "worth it", then you can just imagine that if she were to watch this video it will have no affect whatsoevr upon her. Thus it will have no affect upon the rest of these psychopaths


Presidential Administrations may come and Presidential Administrations may go but the bureaucratic entrenchment of the State Department staff still remains working and working towards evil ends. Many of the current crew were hired by the psychopath, Albright, during her administration of the State Department the 1990s as well as Colin Powell afterwards..


Nuland just worked herself up through the ranks, during the Clinton years and Bush years, and has the same heart of ice cold stone as Madelline Albright.


This is the reason why there is absolutely no hope for any change. Administrative Law has trumped Constitutional Law mas none of thefounders had the foresight to understand thebehemoth beast into which our Government would grow.


Even well intentioned politicians, far and few between, may end up fighting the beast, and lose, as new Government Laws are resisted and routinely ignored. During Congressional investigations the Representatives and Senators are stonewalled by uncooperative adminstrators with personal agendas.


THERE ARE NO POLITICAL SOLUTIONS. The Greeks have just rediscovered, that anybody whom places their faith into ANY Government is just setting themselves up for a bitter disappointment.


When will we all figure that out?


Sad video. A very, very sad video. They had hope of breaking out of their encirclement from Eastern Ukraine troops, and that their Government would send troops to save them. Well they are not disappointed any longer now. They are dead.


Will we have to be dead, also, before we understand this?


"And it hurts my brain to think of all the stupid things I've said. If I could change the future I would change the past instead."~ Danny Elfman...Oingo Boingo..."Change"



HowdyDoody's picture

The only thing that will stop these psychos is skin in the game - their skin.

new game's picture

correction:our skin vs their skin.

new game's picture

see, the media is the state, the cabel of cartel banksters is the mic.

any doubt about who our enemy is? simple facts. conflict is the only hope and change i can embrace, as else is can kicking of continued statist control by the bankster cartel backed by violence...

no diatribe needed.

asophocles's picture
asophocles (not verified) Newsboy Feb 21, 2015 6:52 PM

Putin wants to reconstitute Russia into the failed Soviet Union's 'glory days'.


Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

So what?? We all lived just fine here even when the USSR was alive and well. And they controlled not just Ukraine but a lot of other countries as well. Rememeber when they tried to put nukes in Cuba?? Everyone almost died. Why are we trying to put weapons on Russia's doorstep?? Sorry Ukraine.SSR, I'm not willing to risk nuclear annihilation of everyone for you.
If you don't like it, move to the U.S. we are looking for more taxpayers/slaves.

asophocles's picture
asophocles (not verified) Beam Me Up Scotty Feb 21, 2015 11:26 PM

Zero Hedge readers purport to be in favor of free market and free societies.  Vladimir Putin has no such freedoms in mind. 

"So what?"  You've just answered your own question.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Thank you, sir, but no, I do taste fantasy. It is simply that even by US citizen standards (and one knows how US citizen standards are low) your fantasy is poor.

Tall Tom's picture

Zero Hedge readers purport to be in favor of free market and free societies.


Yes. That is true.


And I also am in favor of allowing a person, or even an entire society, to choose their own enslavement if that is what they desire. They have the freedom to even choose enslavement.


Just do not attempt to enforce enslavement upon me. I reserve all rights to self defense from aggression. That will be an aggressive action to take if you attempted it.


But you are not one who is a proponent of personal liberty, are you?

graveheart's picture

I'm sorry, you have mistaken this site for

pendragon's picture

the mission is reconstruction of the soviet union in case anyone had any doubts

swmnguy's picture

Putin saw the failure and collapse of the Soviet Union from the inside.  He was a high-ranking KGB officer, remember?  Then he brutalized his way to the top of the Russian Mob in Leningrad during the chaotic aftermath of the collapse, in the Yeltsin kleptocracy.  Why on Earth would Putin reconstruct what he personally saw fail so completely?  Sentimentality is not a trait commonly attributed to Putin.  

To say Putin is trying to construct a modernized Russian Empire would be a reasonable thing to say, and we could discuss it.  But that doesn't push the fear-buttons people assume American respond to in Pavlovian fashion when on says "Soviet Union," right?  Over the past 1,000 years and more, that entity has been the USSR for about 70 years, and the Russian Empire for over 930.  But only Russia's immediate neighbors have ever been afraid of the Russian Empire, so for psy-ops purposes, "USSR" and "Soviet Union" must be used, eh?  A back-and-forth discussion is not only not the point, but is to be avoided at all costs, with name-calling keeping anyone wanting to engage frustrated and at arms-length.  Your handlers have a simple-minded and unsophisticated strategy.

Gavrikon's picture

Never go full retard, retard.

angel_of_joy's picture

Never waste good advice on stupid cats...

WernerHeisenberg's picture

Dear Rentboy: We cancelled the newspaper subscription many years ago.  Stop coming around trying to sell your sorry arse to my gay great uncle.

PS: welcome to Fight Club - Bitch!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Ah, Newsboy, that's an excellent recitation performance. You regurgitated every currently active talking point in the repertoire of the US of A official narrative on the Ukraine.

Except one.

You failed to emphasize the key trigger words which must, via continuous repetition, be burned into the unconscious mind of the audience: Russian Aggression©. They need to remember, without thinking, that this is a proven, verified Russian invasion.

Remember that, while the details of the news are unimportant, the details of the narrative are of critical importance.

Nevertheless, you have potential. If you stay focused on your work as a news repeater, you may be able to break into the big league of presstitution.

PS: Here's a little helpful tip. The 'Putin is the new Hitler' talking point is just about due to be placed back into active rotation. Be ready for it.