To Obama, From Russia With Love... And 20 Megatons

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As Russia celebrates 'Defender Of The Fatherland' Day, they had an interesting message on the side of the parade's missiles: "To be personally delivered to Obama."



h/t @rConflictNews

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well now aint that nasty.......hehehehehe

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Tylers:  It's really "Red Army Day" which is more like "Men's Day" so that float is a non-official poke at Obozo

Moscow Times:

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As Granny would say, "At least their hearts are in the right place."

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Ask a Progressive:  See, more proof that the racist Rooskies hate Obama because he's black.

kaiserhoff's picture

I've lost count of the reasons I hate him.

knukles's picture

Oh now, let's be grown up about it and make a hate list so that we know where we stand in a mature and organized manner.

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Why do I have a feeling that Barry is troll downvoting everyones comments.  Big-O has nothing better to do.

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Very sexist AND racist of them to do a “Men’s Day”? during Black History month.

Shouldn't Horseface label that float as hate-speech directed towards a quasi-minority oppressed elite person?

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Mrs K and I were at a dinner some weeks ago and there were 5 other couples.  We were the rational ones.  Everybody else was fairly neo-con and trickle down, threats to America under every rock except one other couple who were obviously Progressives because Mrs Progressive (Who'd had a bit too much wine) asked something like "Can anybody please just tell me what exactly is wrong with President Obama" in a sincere almost pleading voice.  I asked why she's asking (Like to ask is to admit stooopiduity) and she said "so she could tell the children".
I almost puked in my double decaf dessert latte.

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How about really shake up the power elite and sent it to the Bankers homes in Conneticut?

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My favorite is a T-Shirt sold in Moscow with the following caption:

Topol does not care about sanctions.

Topol refers to Topol M, intercontinential Ballistic Missile.

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I thought Topol was a smokers tooth polish?

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Messages like that are just the beginning of WWIII. its jsut escalates from there while the media fans the flames.

Anusocracy's picture

Topol Gigio, cute little Italian puppet with an explosive personality.

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The funniest thing is the warmongering myth propagated by the UK and US about Russia invading any NATO nation. Talk about finding a reason to kill 1 million 18-27 year olds to clear up the population problem. Sheesh.

The Stupidest Lie of the Year is that the Russians will “Invade” the Baltic Nations
Augustus's picture

The funniest thing I have read is that someone believes to know what country the crazy Puutie will try to conquer next.  What percentage of the population of Estonia is russian heritage?  That is all it took to invade Ukraine.

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Here, let me post some pics of the Georgia thingie, and change the date from 2008 to 2015, and give it out to a U.S. Congressman; so that the 'wethesheople' will NOT QUESTION the 'fact' that Putin and those Ruskies have been invading Ukraine (ever since 2013!).

Next question: Who CARES what percentage of 'Estonians' (eastern Ukranians) are Russian in heritage, parentage, or language?

FUCK your comment. FUCK your attitude. FUCK YOU for begging for thermonuclear WAR, you lying propagandizing piece of shit.

Your bitch kike sister NULAND summarized your comment; your attitude; and your PAID PROPAGANDA in three words (FOUR, if you count the word 'EXACTLY'):

FUCK YOU, 'Augustus'.



Volkodav's picture post inane crap important for you?


MontgomeryScott's picture

One day, right before the Neutron bombs fall from the skies and destroy all of mankind, you will revert to the real name you hold, Boris.



His name was 'Francis Marion'!

/s.../s off...


Personally, I can't come up with a better name than 'MontgomeryScott' or a better avatar pic than the Titanic taking the final plunge. A 'nom-de-plume' of Murray Rothbard, combined with a pic of the Bismarck, might be considered, though.

A favorite fantasy of mine is having the generals decide that Alexandria, Haifa, Geneva, London [the city of] and Brussels ALL be hit at the same time/at the same hour. Of course, you could add to this list (and expound on it as well).



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Augustus said:

The funniest thing I have read is that Family Circus comic in the Sunday paper that has the arrows showing the complicated path that Billy took on the way home from school. That just cracks me up.

Well, OK, but it's not really reading.

ACP's picture

Interesting how the bomb wasn't addressed to "America" or "Washington DC", but Obama personally.

Good to see at least the Russians know the leader is the problem.

johngaltfla's picture

Even a blind cat knows what a turd Obama is and how to bury it. Agreed, at least the Russians are not hating on the US citizenry and by and large, vice versa. This is a hyper bankster war created for WW1 type hysteria that just does not exist on the streets of America or Europe.

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Let's just hope he is either on the golf course or in congress when he receives his gift. For once in history it would be nice if the innocents don't also get fried. But DC really is a nice second place.


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calling ashton, whats cha gonna do, bad boys, bad boys...

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

apparently the Russians have satellite photos of Obama's backswing.............

and it's really bad.

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Unless of course he's back swinging up Reggie's Hershey Highway.

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....not to be one of them there pedantic phuckers but I thought BO was a catcher not a pitcher..... no??

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Topol will make your teeth brighter than the surface of the sun.

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I thought Topol was the star of "Fiddler On The Roof."  He didn't care about sanctions, either.

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Topol is a kind of tree in Russian. They like to name big weapons after flowers and other beautiful plants.

Ignatius's picture

I'm suggesting sanctions against any incoming Russian ICBMs.  And don't start with that Amazon/free delivery promotion shit.

nmewn's picture

And strongly worded letters, don't forget the strongly worded letters and the back channel talks telling them how extremely disappointed they are (in the strongest possible terms) about them nuking Peoria!

Yeah, that'll fix em.

Ignatius's picture

After what they did at Pearl Harbor, how could I forget the strongly worded letters?

StychoKiller's picture

And Joint Communiques, don't leave them out! :>D

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Sheenies, queers, towlies, and Commie pinkos should be added to the list, along with Japs, Chinks, Wops, and Limeys. Yips, Nips, and Gyps are up for consideration as well (joining our list with spooks and wetbacks and faggots as 'protected classes').


Janet Nuland (on behalf of Cannigula the elder)

Thank you for your feedback. A representative will be contacting you shortly.

AGuy's picture

Except these are delivered by dominos "Any target in 30 minutes, or its free". When these launch, its civilization that will fall like dominos.



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Unfortunately, you are completely and totally correct in your comment, but incorrect in the time it takes for a Russian ICBM MIRV to be launched from a submarine off the coast and hit any coastal target in the former United States that has a large population density (Los Angeles, NYC, D.C., Seattle, Boston, etcetera).

The CONUS is made up of, what, four time zones? The Russian Federation is something like 14.

Obama and his handlers are pushing the wrong people the wrong way. They are ASSES.

The 'war' will be over in less than an hour. MOST of the population will be decimated within 5 or 10 minutes. Mount Weather is no doubt a 'primary target' (as is the airport in Denver; and other places).

Cannigula won't care too much though. He'll be playing golf or some shit. It's actually SAD that this fucking asshole probably WON'T be taken out in the first strike.

roddy6667's picture

Here's another option that doesn't even require a submarine. Just any random container cargo ship.

44magnum's picture

Go for the head the bank of banks the BIS in Switzerland. You cut off the head and the body dies.

Rothschild would shit their pants

perchprism's picture


Isn't the plural form "Rothschildren"?   The Rothschildren would shit their pants.

Arnold's picture

I see what you did there and it wasn't funny.

--- via Post Card from Jekyll Island.

MontgomeryScott's picture

'Sign the legislation, Woodrow! Your name will go down in eternal HISTORY!'

('Colonel' House)

Latina Lover's picture

Gee, I wonder if the Secret Service will be investing the Parade Organizers in Russia for potentially threatening POTUS. I'll bet they are shaking in their boots.. LMFHO!

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The mood in Russia is ugly right now. With nightly news showing hundreds of dead Russian civilians in towns across Donbass. I have seen some of what is broadcast, and I can guess just how high tempers are at right now. They know Kiev Junta was a coup, and it was an American coup, and they know America is 100% in favor of total conquest of Donbass by the Junta. So it is simple for those people to connect dead Russians with teh White House.

I myself would not travel to Russia again. I have been a number of times over the years. But not now. I can't hide my accent, and trouble is a sure bet if they can get face to face with a known American. Like I said, the mood is ugly! During Soviet times, as an American, I was treated like royalty by people and asked to their homes, and to parties. They hung on every word I said, they wanted what American had come to represent. I mean that too. I stayed with families in several cities, they just forced me to come stay at their homes, while my hotel room sat vacant.

This is what America has done with the Russian love for America in the 80-90's. It has been turned to buring hate.

Took Red Pill's picture

I've thought about traveling there. I was thinking I'd wear a Pro Putin t-shirt maybe like this;

Took Red Pill's picture

Actually, here's a better site for Putin memorbilia;

Latina Lover's picture

All jokes aside, Jack Burton, I would not visit Russia if I was an obvious American Tourist.  I would also stay away from the Ukraine, especially after the Kiev regime is finally removed.  When the extent of dirty  American manipulations are revealed,  you would be better off walking through an arab souk screaming nasty things about the Prophet.