Full Circle: The First Anti-Government Protest In Greece Turns Ugly

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By Keep Talking Greece

Athens: first anti-gov’t protest by far-left ANTARSYA turns ugly

The first anti-government rally in Athens turned ugly as anti-authoritarian protesters started to smash the windows of a pastry shop and two jewelry shops and put two vehicles and several garbage bins on fire.

via @MakisSinodinos

via newsit.gr

According to latest information, there was no intervention by riot police although squads were standing near by.

Earlier KTG wrote:

The first anti-government protest has been launched in Athens on Thursday afternoon. A month after the left-wing/nationalist SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition took office, a week after the Eurogroup agreement in Brussels.

With anti-EU banners and red party flags, members of  Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA) took to the streets in downtown Athens to protest the extension of continuation of loan agreements and Varoufakis’ Reform List with “austerity measures.”

picture via @MakisSinodinos

ANTARSYA calls for defaulting on Greece’s debt, and nationalization without compensation of major industries, banning of lay-offs, the disarmament of the police, full political and social rights for immigrants.

Although ANTARSYA is not successful in parliamentary elections it does manage to  win seats in municipalities since 2010. In January elections, ANTARSYA received 39,411 votes (0.64% of the overall vote).

For tomorrow, Friday, the Greek Communist party KKE has called for a anti-government protest against austerity and the loan agreements. According to KKE, Varoufakis’ Reforms list contains “all the measures adopted by the capital,  the governments and the EU against the workers.”

In Greek Parliament KKE holds 15 seats.

KKE is against the €uro, the European Union, and against everything and everyone in general. It vehemently rejected any offer form SYRIZa for coalition government. It is the party of eternal opposition.

PS I f you ask me, when Nea Dimokratia and PASOK and Potami will launch anti-government protests all I can tell you: not for the time being.

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SethDealer's picture

Greece has same problem as USA, too many people with no skin in the game. Need to make everyone over 18 file a tax form and pay minimum $100, this will change attitudes. As long as half the country it net taker and half work it builds too much resentment

TeamDepends's picture

Krugman is excited. Very, very excited.

The Juggernaut's picture

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."  - Johnny F. Kennedy

ZerOhead's picture

Making the unemployed pay a minimum tax is a great idea Seth... but perhaps the Greek government should start here first...

"Since the early 1990s, a handful of wealthy families -- an oligarchy in all but name -- has dominated Greek politics. These elites have preserved their positions through control of the media and through old-fashioned favoritism, sharing the spoils of power with the country’s politicians"


Sound familiar?

TruthInSunshine's picture

Yanis will save you.

Vote left, no right, wait....

Soul Glow's picture

I should move to Greece.  These people know how to party :)

Bush Baby's picture

Snooze... there's more action after a Laker's win

pigs-n-space's picture

Sounds like a  place to which I am all to familiar.....bush,kenedy,Kerry, and the  list goes on and on.  Kind of like doctors without  borders.....Ass holes without limits!!!!!!

MarketAnarchist's picture

I love how Greeks think capitalism is the problem.   As if th EU or any other centralized government has anything to do with the free market.


Good luck with your next government, Greece, though if logic and history are any indicators, you will not succeed with socialism.

kaiserhoff's picture

It's worked so well for North Korea.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Literally took me 15 seconds. And, you can edit the letter if you'd like.


F em all but 6's picture

What we have here is an administrative agency exercising a prohibitoy power pursuant to the GCA of 1968 and amendments. What the NRA and other idiotic gun rights groups cant get thru their dense sculls is this is an exercise of the federal taxing powers. You see, the secong amendment does Not apply to manufactureres and dealers engaged in a licenced and taxable business occupational privilege that affects the health and saftey of the public. These powers (taxing/ commerce) thru the G C A are being extended against the public itself.DIf you understood the courts, then you would understand that Iit makes NO Difference who is involved in the chain of transfer with firearms or ammo. The powers mean the same as they are applied to whomever fal, s within the scope of the law. In other words, your standing to reach the protections of the secong amendment is exactly the same as manufactureres and dealers again to which the second A has no application.

What does this mean? It means the public itself is under an absolute prohibition and Congress can tax to infinity or bann all ammo at will. The courts have already confirmed this. The problem is that NO One has attacked the legislative Act that has extended this class specific plenary prohibitory power into an area of regulaion (police powers) outside of context.

MarketAnarchist's picture

I feel sorry for you if you believe that the problem is somehow the wording of a law or a loophole or some court ruling.

The problem is that government exists.  I don't give a f**k what any legal text says. No one is going to take away my liberty and my right to defend myself.

bloostar's picture

Don't they know it's small pastry business owners to blame? It's not like the goons running the country have anything to do with it all!

Lore's picture




2handband's picture

Capitalism is the problem just as much as socialism. Either one is going to turn into an oligarchy every single fucking time unless and until you can come up with a realistic mechanism to prevent wealth from being leveraged into political power. I think we're fucked... Big systems equal tyranny and ever since the agricultural revolution happened small systems equal "about to be conquered". I think the answer is thousands of more years of pain until humans get smarter, because we haven't even scratched the surface of all the possibilities for badly designed big systems.

nicxios's picture

Five goofballs giving themselves the moniker ANTARSYA is Greece?

The funny thing is these goofballs are the bored sons of the comfortably wealthy from Ekali.

Anusocracy's picture

So that all the slaves have some skin in the con?

Damn, nature sure makes it hard to think out-of-the-box.

maskone909's picture

over 18 pay tax return...


sheeit obama care makes you aquire insurance for you and your dependents....  way more than 100 bucks


thamnosma's picture

I want free cupcakes.  End pastry austerity now!  Sheesh....anti-authoritarian protesters my ass, ZH.

Skateboarder's picture

Someone say free cupcakes?

kaiserhoff's picture

Go out and burn your neighbors' cars and DEMAND FREE CUPCAKES!

Why didn't I think of that?

Handful of Dust's picture

Which tax are you talking 'bout?

Property taxes?  Obamascare taxes?  Capital gains taxes?  State taxes? Income taxes?  Sales taxes?  FATCAT taxes?  Estate taxes?


Which ones do you think > 18 y.o.'s should pay moar of?


"A Record Number Of Americans Renounced Citizenship In 2014"



GoldenGeezer's picture

Roundabout way to go after the insurance companies??

ukspreads's picture

Pastry shop targetted, obviously because SYRIZA took the biscuit

El Vaquero's picture

$100 tax for everybody?  Fuck that.  Get rid of the Fed, nix the 16th Amendment and go back to much more localized economies. 

stewie's picture


Anything BUT more tax, for fuck sakes!!!!  



cossack55's picture

Fuck you and the taxes you rode in on!!

agent default's picture

Civil servants effectively pay no tax and under this scheme they are put on the same level as the private sector.  Simple solution if you are on the government pay roll or pay no tax or receive welfare or if in any way you are a net expense to the public funds you don't get to vote.  We should get this going in the US ASAP as well.  I have had it with parasites voting on how much they think I owe them.

agstacks's picture

and an old one too.  Try putting it to a vote though, lol. 



Up until 1850 only property owners and taxpayers voted.


Harbanger's picture

That doesn't sound fair.

Overfed's picture

It sounds perfectly fair to me. Only people with skin in the game get a say in how the money is spent.

Harbanger's picture

I'm kiddin, jeez.  We got to where we are today by the promise of fairness.  And safety.

somecallmetimmah's picture

Don't delude yourselves. Only congress votes. The rest of us are just jerking off in public.

NotApplicable's picture

Not me. I'm the one pointing and laughing at their foolish naivete for thinking they can make the world a better place via fighting for control of the metaphorical gun to our heads.

GoldSilverBitcoinBug's picture

Totally agree, and no QE and "too big to save" parasitism.

Let free markets and true capitalism roll'in !

Private gain but private losses.

stewie's picture

"Need to make everyone over 18 file a tax form and pay minimum $100"


I downvoted you for your short sighted solution of more tax will solve the problem.  Really???

Iwanttoknow's picture

And hedge funds and investement banks have skin in the game?

Farqued Up's picture

Cannot have that, it would be anti-communist. Amazing how people will voluntarily stick their head in the lions mouth or up their ass and insist it belongs there. Good riddance to them and this bunch of parasites here in the defunct USA.

Doña K's picture

<<<make everyone over 18 file a tax form and pay minimum $100, this will change attitudes.>>>

In Peru, you can not vote if you did not pay taxes and you can not renew your national ID if you did not vote. You need ID to travel, to get drivers license, to bank and other .gov functions.

Harbanger's picture

They need a liberal professor or an Al Sharpton to explain discrimination.  I guess the poor don't count there, huh?

Jethro's picture

Needs more Riot Dog