The Stage Is Set For The Syrian Invasion

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One week ago, when reporting on the latest bizarre plan presented by the Pentagon, namely providing Syrian rebels (but only the moderate ones, not the jihadists like al Nusra, or, well, ISIS) with B-1B Bomber air support in their attacks on ISIS, when we wrote that this "means in the coming weeks and months look forward to a surge in false flag "attacks" blamed on the Assad regime, aiming to give Obama validation to expand the "War against ISIS" to include Syria's regime as well."

We didn't have long to wait: in an entirely unsourced Time article written today by Aryn Baker, the Middle East Bureau Chief, the stage for the second attempt at invading Assad regime is finally set.

The article, titled "Why Bashar Assad Won’t Fight ISIS" is essentially an essay that, as the title suggests "proves" that the Syrian leader is, in fact, quite close with ISIS and derives strategis benefits from his relationship, which is why he won't attack them, and thus by implication is just as bad as ISIS and worthy of America's wrath.

How does Baker build up her propaganda? First, she cits a "Sunni businessman who is close to the regime but wants to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions from both ISIS supporters and the regime" and who "trades goods all over the country so his drivers have regular interactions with ISIS supporters and members in Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold in Syria, and in ISIS-controlled areas like Dier-ezzor." According to this Syrian version of Amazon:

The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has long had a pragmatic approach to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria. Even from the early days the regime purchased fuel from ISIS-controlled oil facilities, and it has maintained that relationship throughout the conflict. “Honestly speaking, the regime has always had dealings with ISIS, out of necessity.”

"Honestly speaking" of course being used quite loosely, considering that it is by now no secret that ISIS, in the words of General Wesley Clark, "got started through funding from our friends and allies", most notably Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and according to some even the CIA is involved so, no: honestly speaking, if anything, the Assad regime has been doing its best to stay away from ISIS, which at least on paper, was created as a result of extremist Al Nusra factions, who were fighting Assad in 2013, and were funded and weaponized by the US.

Of course, none of that is mentioned. What is, however, duly emphasized is the goalseeked conclusion that Assad and the Islamic State are like two peas in a pod:

Assad does not see ISIS as his primary problem, the businessman says. “The regime fears the Free Syrian Army and the Nusra Front, not ISIS. They [the FSA and Nusra] state their goal is to remove the President. But ISIS doesn’t say that. They have never directly threatened Damascus.” As the businessman notes, the strikes on ISIS targets are minimal. “If the regime were serious about getting rid of ISIS, they would have bombed Raqqa by now. Instead they bomb other cities, where the FSA is strong.” That said, the businessman does not believe that the regime has a formal relationship with ISIS, just a pragmatic one. “The more powerful ISIS grows, the more they are useful for the regime. They make America nervous, and the Americans in turn see the regime as a kind of bulwark against ISIS.”

Actually, the "Americans" see ISIS as the perfect false flag placeholder to build up yet another case about invading Damascus, after the humiliation of the bumbled attempt to use a doctored YouTube clip showing paid actors following what the CIA guaranteed was an Assad "chemical weapon" attack as a pretext to launch an invasion on Syria in the first attempt to topple Assad. It took an escalation that involved numerous Russian ships side by side with US cruisers in the Mediterranean before John Kerry realized that building Qatar's nat gas pipeline to Europe is not worth rising World War III over, and promptly backed off.

This time, ISIS is the bait.

Back to the Time article, where next we get the next "source" of information:

A senior Western diplomat who specializes in the Syrian civil war agrees that ISIS is seen as an asset by Assad. “They will do whatever it takes to devalue the opposition, even if it means strengthening ISIS. They know that if it comes to choosing between the black flag [of ISIS] and Damascus, the international community will choose Damascus.” And the strategy has worked extremely well. “The way it’s going now, it’s a matter of months, not even a year, that the moderate opposition is so weakened that it won’t be a factor anymore. So in just a few months from now the regime will be able to achieve its strategic goal of forcing the world to choose between Damascus and the black flags.”

Actually, according to that logic, the "international community" will choose both Damascus and the "black flags", in fact the community will be delighted to have the "flags" as a cover in an invasion, both air, sea and ground, toppling Assad and replacing him with yet another US-puppet regime (whose fate, following such sterling examples as Egypt, Libya and Iraq will be just spectacular), one which will be glad to accept Qatar and Syria hush money, while thousands of kilometers of pipes are laid under the territory in attempt to dethrone Gazprom as the provider of first and last resort to Europe... which as a reminder is what it is all about.

The anonymous "western diplomat" continues:

... by ignoring the conflict between the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime to focus purely on ISIS may solve problems in the short term, says the diplomat, “but there will be more problems to come. These are the ingredients for a further escalation of the conflict — alienating large parts of the Sunni population, so that they have no choice but to join ISIS. Not for ideological reasons, but because they will do whatever it takes to overthrow the regime in Damascus.” Not only that, it will widen the geographical boundaries of the conflict by making this a fight of all Sunnis. “It’s a clear recipe for further escalation well beyond the geographical boundaries of the current conflict.”

Which is why in order to prevent further escalation in the future, the US will be delighted to provide much more escalation right now.

And here is the piece de resistance of the article that may as well have been written by a 6th grader who is about to flunk propaganda class:

Damascus believes that once it has neutralized most of the opposition, it can then defeat ISIS with ease. “ISIS alone, the regime can deal with them. What Assad wants is international recognition of his legitimacy as Syria’s President,” says the businessman. “When the war is over, he can easily handle ISIS with the help of Hizballah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.”

So let's get this straight:

  1. A "terrorist" group which was created and funded by US allies in the middle east (there are many) is fighting a war on behalf of a regime that the US and its allies in the middle east are desperately trying to topple; a "terrorist" group which until recently did not exist and which, inexplicably according to the author, Assad refuses to fight because.... unlike the US he has not seen the dreadful beheading movies which lead to so much daily water cooler talk across the US?
  2. Ths US now believes that "ISIS is seen as an asset by Assad" and that the moderate (this distinction is key: their flag has a pink skull and crossbones as opposed to the red one used by the "non-moderate") opposition which spawned ISIS in the power vacuum following the incomplete first US invasion of Syria in the symmer of 2013, is about to be destroyed by the same ISIS.
  3. Assad is confident he can "defeat ISIS with ease" once he has destroyed his so-called moderate enemies; the same ISIS which the US has been "fighting" now for half a year, and achieved absolutely nothing.
  4. We know all those due to an essay of amateur propaganda caliber, which derives its entire narrative and conclusions based on two anonymous sources.

At this point we probably speak for everyone when we say: just invade Syria already, and let's proceed to the inevitable, and quite understandable, Russian retaliation, because frankly this endless propaganda and false-flaggery is now as obvious and pathetic as the Greek default which is also about 5 years overdue.

* * *

P.S. from Aryn Baker's LinkedIn profile:

  • Producing breaking news, features, analysis and investigative stories from the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan for the world’s most influential English language weekly newsmagazine.
  • Frequent reporting travel to countries affected by the changes of the Arab Spring, from Syria to Saudi, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya, as well as continued reporting in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which I have been covering since 2003.
  • Managing a widespread network of stringers, fixers and translators to enable thorough coverage of a rapidly changing region for both the magazine and the associated website.
  • Maintaining contacts with diplomats, politicians, think tanks, influential actors, activists and intelligence sources in all regions in order to provide context and analysis for on-the-ground reporting.
  • Working with world-renowned photojournalists on story development and logistics.

Among her previous articles one can find "The YouTube War"

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COSMOS's picture

They already have invaded, they got ISIS there.

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Welcome to the End Times!

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Please say it isn't so...

Obola won the Nobel Peace Prize for cryin' out loud!

Surely, he wouldn't do such a thing!

The Juggernaut's picture

LOL so wait... CIA, Saudis and Qatar create ISIS then blame Assad for not fighting them so USA can send mercinaries to go invade and steamroll through.  Russia ie China will be very upset.

Wake up America!  Your gov't is fucking you and your military over!


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

I don't see the insane rhetoric like the buildup to the Iraq 2.0 ground invasion (but then again I don't watch teevee). Most likely they're planning a "quick" but fierce air campaign so the CIA-asset-of-the-month can "mop" up everyone. That will obviously fail, but The Great Circle-Jerk around DC can not be broken once in action.

The Juggernaut's picture



The biggest question is why doesnt the USA just invade Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  Fuck SA & Q!


Manthong's picture

Boys will be boys
and psychopaths will be psychopaths.

knukles's picture

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hold the fucking boat.
We, the Western powers, also remember that the UK already committed some troopies here, or was that next door or across the street, I get confused, to invade who, who is already being invaded by them who is supported by us alongside them and who which are we're not sure.  So, could somebody please fucking tell me which side who is or is not on with or against us for which what and why what were doing here or there with or without who and them whom ever either of them are, please.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend if I can figure out who's my enemy or my friend.


Manthong's picture

Just look for the moderate rebels.

They are the ones that use dull blades for their beheadings.

Keyser's picture

All of this has been in the works for years and would have happened in 2012 had Kerry not given Assad an escape-clause by stating that invasion could be avoided by handing over their chemical weapons... Since then, we have had the ruse in Ukraine to occupy and tie Putin's hands with regards to Syria... Now that Putin is tied up and China has their own issues, Syria will be the next to topple in Saudi Arabia's grand plan... Same as it always was... 

TruthInSunshine's picture


Judith Miller (ala Scooter Libby, Curveball, Nigerian Yellow Cake) "reporting" redux!

Ya think the New York Times & Time and other such rags could be a Front for Missed/CIA???

WWIII will be started by Ziocons.

BaBaBouy's picture


Ahhh What The Hell, We Totaly Fucked Up Iraq, Aphgan, Libya, Lets Finish Up With Syria Why Not...
......And Next ...Will Be Serving TURKEY On The US Fuckup Pllater...

Thirst Mutilator's picture

 "We will establish ourselves in Palestine whether you like it or not...You can hasten our arrival or you can equally retard it. It is however better for you to help us so as to avoid our constructive powers being turned into a destructive power which will overthrow the world." (Chaim Weizmann, Published in "Judische Rundschau," No. 4, 1920)."

Cadavre's picture

Before the latest and greatest shill for US and Western War Exchanges to genocide more brownies in a new and fresh virgin target board, Syria, the f-wad self anoints claiming they are our leaders (little man complex common in the self indulgent white shoes, who in reality, are nothing more than employees of the people they claim to be leaders of). Public servants working as dispatchers and administrative types, and not, by any stretch of the loosest limp wrist-ed neo-solicalist fasioligarch-ish gad-flying CSPAN dandy's jaded prepubescent  K-Street Kiddie Brothel fantasized interpretation of our constitution and adherence to the rule of law.

To do Syria ya gotta first bully Russia. Have a caption under an image of Putin that prhits Jihadi Johnny. Blame Putin, not the Russian people he works for, for alls sorts of unattributed BEX new releases. Downing of planes, cutting the uteruses out of 8 month old baby girls and bad breath and jailing Pussy Riot for destruction of private property and all that shit.

Crimea was Russian. And given that the angelic darling of the EU and US's lame-stream,  a felon who did hard time for corruption, was yet, and despite, under the new absence of Ukrainian rule of law, qualified to to run for PM visa vi another very recent US sponsored coup, good old ready for prime time porn, ta da daaaa - Yulia Tymoshenko, who was caught on tape saying  ..

saying that the ~8 million Russian speaking citizens in her country;should be ‘nuked’.

Makes sense that Crimean's, just another hovel of Russian Speaking Ukrainians, who didn't want to be nuked,  voted to be annexed by Russia. If the Maiden Brownshirts, compensated with billions of America's commons credit can kill their way out from under Ukrainian law, by doggie, Crimean's can vote there way out. Just like Guantanamo, over the objections of the Cuban commons, enjoy's autonomy through a Batista Lease Agreement, Crimea's poet area was leased by Russia. The only invaders in Ukraine are the right wing nut fasioligarch-ish girly boys who call 'em selfs  (not kidding) "maiden" (if de shoe fit ,,) and comped by billions of our treasure, crowd whankers and talliwackers were racking in 50 - 100 bucks an hour for trashing assets, extortion killing treason etc etc etc. 

Carter's boss of the CIA, Turner, once responded to a typical Larry King softball, on CNN, that the "job of the CIA was to buy treason"

Our Diebold selected political class employees are alway hot for the blood to gold alchemy involving small theater genocides of brownie countries that cannot defend themselves, for example:

The list of US military involvements is long, but not very impressive when considering the strength of the adversaries (dates mark start of conflict):

  • Grenada - 1983
  • Libya - 1986
  • Panama - 1990
  • Gulf war - 1991
  • Somalia - 1992
  • Bosnia - 1993
  • Haiti - 1994
  • Kosovo 1998
  • Afghanistan - 2001
  • Liberia 2003
  • Iraq - 2003
  • North-West Pakistan - 2004
  • Yemen - 2010
  • Libya - 2011

But fucking with Russians is another matter completely. Common sense, as well as recent statements and commentary from the sane countries across the pond suggest Europe would prefer local commerce, commerce with Russian. Uncle Sam just can't get it up anymore,\.

What about our investment in the ISS? Should we throw that away for few more "hoped" shekels from an over supplied oil and currency market. Will US Astronauts have to walk the plank wearing ablative reentry spacesuits cause the CSPAN neo-libs sanctioned out the cost to Soyuz them back to earth? I say, look for a reason to invade Fiji. Safe bet. No defense ro speak of. The Genocide exchanges could re-hypothecate trillions from the 2 or 3 hundred billions that would be charged to the common's credit card. Yeah that it - forget Ukraine - Fiji is a drone accessible terrorist incubator. Fijians are considering using submarines to infect the US with land crabs. Now that is something worth a righteous mass murder of godless brown people if there ever was one.

GetZeeGold's picture



Welcome to the End Times!


Been studying the manual.....let's do this thing.


Moe Howard's picture

Panama was December 1989. It continued into 1990.

cnmcdee's picture

a) In 1998 as I understand it a fellow dating his girlfriend noted that she would wake up in a trance and talk about future events and then fall back to sleep.  She detaled the September 11 attacks in some detail.  However she also talked in detail about a Chicago dirty nuke that would take out 5 city blocks around the Sears tower, and burn the portrait of the farmer's daughter.  Iran would be blamed commencing with a full on nuclear strike of the country.

b) Guccifer a Romanian Hacker who is serving a 7 year prison sentence for hacking the accounts of the likes of George Bush and Colin Powell agreed to an interview with the Rolling Stones in return for the publishing of his Manifesto, which they very reluctantly did because in it he claimed the elite are planning to detonate a nuclear warhead in Chicago in 2015 and use it as a pretext to start WWIII.

Here is what a false flag of that manitude will accomplish.

- Gun control under UN mandate.

- Nuclear Strike inside Iran, Syria will be easy to mop up after.

- Russia looses one of her largest allies (outside of China).

- "You can invade Ukraine, well we can invade Iran!"

- Martial law anyone who will not cowtow or bow to government and the DHS can be disappeared.

- Totall Chinese style internet controls forced upon people.

- Military rings around all major cities.

History is in the words.  If you look up the meaning of the word 'blood bath' - it was actually the royalty in their sickness would kill a local villager child with it's blood being put in the bath, under the believe it would make them look healthier and younger.  Nothing has changed except the levels of propaganda.  The elite of the world will do <anything> to maintain their grip of power, and sadly we are about to enter a dark chapter in history.  The plus end is in 25 years from now all major governments will no longer exist. 


cnmcdee's picture

Oh sorry I forgot to add that this is probably the  excuse to initiate the coming  "Obama freeze" where everyone get's their bank accounts frozen and seized by your loving government in some Cyprus like fashion (aka you can have $100 / day from your ATM) but no more sorry.. and your 401k, they used that to 'buy' bank certificates because their 'billion trillion' derivative exposure just blew up.

The real elites will be well positioned ahead of the event so look for 'quiet periods' just prior things like billionaires going short in the stock market etc. Lack of volume etc.

Calmyourself's picture

CNMC would it not be easier to have bamsters magic wand declare all derivatives null & void...

zhandax's picture

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend if I can figure out who's my enemy or my friend."

We are almost out of friends.  There is still the UK.  Imagine.

HowdyDoody's picture

The US has the best friends money can buy.

El Vaquero's picture

No no no!  You've got that wrong.  Sharp blades cause less pain, faster bleeding and a quicker death.  When talking beheading, fast is less cruel and more moderate.


I think.


Fuck, what was the question?

indygo55's picture

The Brits already got a plane shot down delivering American and Isreali weapons to ISIS. Caught red handed just this week.



Reader1's picture

Check your source-Veterans Today appears to be an Iranian mouthpiece.  This is counter-propaganda propaganda. 

Cadavre's picture

Hate to rain on the pararade, but Veteran's Today is a gate keeper. Stealthy, for sure, but nonetheless, gate keepers and disinformation distributors.

The last chief editor was claiming the towers were nuked. Strange. Cause NYC is a lace work of rad meters. They are so sensative that Xray therapy patient can set them off. The Harley guy didn't mention he heard the rad alarms beeping.

Oldwood's picture

the power of chaos.

who is our enemy?

who is our friend?

what are the rules?

who makes the rules?

Fun Facts's picture

Please see "Securing the Realm", a policy paper written in 1996 by Douglas Feith and Richard Perle for netanyahu for details.

This is America fighting Israel's wars for "greater Israel from the tigress to the Euphrates"

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries

Paveway IV's picture

"...P.S. from Aryn Baker's LinkedIn profile:...   ...Frequent reporting travel to countries affected by the changes of the Arab Spring, from Syria to Saudi, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya, as well as continued reporting in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which I have been covering since 2003."

Whuuuh? Did I miss the effects of the Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia? That's a country where women get lashed for the heinous crime of DRIVING. An Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia means overthrowing the House of Saud. That quickly results in a bullet in your skull. Arab Springs are not allowed there, nor would they be funded by their ally, the U.S.  No, there will be no uprisings or influences of other uprisings in Saudi Arabia. Maybe sharply-worded petitions for crazy stuff like allowing women to vote (without mandatory lashing).

An Arab Spring in Qatar? Are you kidding? The only function of the state there is to fund radical Islamic revolutionary groups to overthrow OTHER Arab country's governments. Besides, political unrest would threaten the largest U.S. military base in the region located there. Qatar doesn't want any Arab Springs nonsense from their indentured servant citizens, and the U.S. won't allow any.

And Bahrain? Wasn't that failed Arab Spring uprising brutally suppressed by the Bahrain government far worse than Assad's actions against the U.S.-led Syrian Arab Spring? Bahrain makes Assad look like Gandhi.  As a matter of fact, I'm surprised that we're not freedomizing and liberitating them - they have oil, don't they? 

OK, so Aryn covers the Middle East, and probably wrote about the mostly failing/failed Arab Springs in SOME of those countries. Got it.

Investigative journalism? Well, her first source for this story is a businessman who cites two solid examples of Assad 'working with' ISIS: he keeps the cell phones working and allows food deliveries into ISIS-occupied Raqqa. I suppose it never occurred to Aryn that there's a quarter-million Syrian citizens living there that might need food in addition to the thousand or so ISIS clowns. Assad probably figured out that starving a quarter million Syrians to kill some ISIS guys is not worth it. Most of those ISIS clowns are, in fact, ex-Syrian-rebels once supported by the U.S. - they all switched sides to ISIS. I don't think they pal around with Assad on their days off, swap emails or 'friend' each other on Facebook.

There's some convoluted logic about how Assad isn't attacking ISIS because they serve to devalue the role of the rebels! Uh... sure. How about because Syria's closest and most immediate threats are the U.S.-backed headchoppers in Damascus and Aleppo and the Israeli-backed al Nusra headchopper attacks in the Golan?

Aryn cites an unnamed senior Western diplomat who suggests this is all an Assad strategy to weaken the rebels so much that the fight is only between Assad and ISIS. I'm guessing the U.S. strategy of being on the wrong side and sucking so bad at motivating and paying the 'moderate rebels' means they're quitting in droves to join ISIS because it's a better, more well-equipped army that feeds and pays its hired soldiers. Or how about because a substantial number of the original rebels have switched back to Assad's side after seeing all the senseless death and destruction for no purpose other than to carry out a foreign-backed coup that will not benefit them one bit? Hint: nobody wants to work for the U.S. because we SUCK. They would rather go back to Assad. Ouch!

"...What Assad wants is international recognition of his legitimacy as Syria’s President,” says the businessman..."

He was lawfully elected and is the legitimate president. Recognition?? I think he'll be quite satisfied if the United States just stops trying to kill him.

“When the war is over, he can easily handle ISIS with the help of Hizballah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.”

Oh... I see. The unnamed businessman is nothing but a shill for Israel. That is, if Aryn didn't just make the guy up so SHE could shill Israel's agenda. Why didn't she say that up front so I didn't have to waste my time reading her worthless article?

Funny about that lack of international recognition though. A Fars article just reported that "...French Lawmaker Jacques Myard said that President Bashar al-Assad is a part of the solution in Syria..." He said that during a visit to Assad in Syria along with a couple of other French lawmakers. That's going to piss off someone in Washington. Does horseface know about these sneaky French?

And another odd story that keeps coming up in Middle Eastern reports: Official: US Planes Continue Dropping Weapons Supplies for for ISIL in Iraq. Now why would we do that? So was that just a freak accident in Kobane when 20 pallets of stuff made it to the Rojava Kurds but the only two remotely-controlled steerable parachutes with boxes of ammo and grenades went straight to the ISIL compound?

Why would we bother invading Syria now? The Shia and Sunni Syrians hate us. Assad and the Alawites hates us. Al Nusra and ISIL hate us (mostly for our heads). Foreign jihadis hate us. If we went in there, we would have to kill EVERYBODY - they all hate us. Well, except for a few thousand Kurds in that one little town - Kobane. The one we leveled to liberate it from ISIS.

Motasaurus's picture

They're not allowed to. London signed a deal with the House of Saud Wahhabits that, in exchange for their support in the fight against the Ottomans no English (or their financial servants') army would ever invade.

It got a little bit more complicated in the 70s when Nixon renegotiated the deal involving oil, military projection and dollars, but remains essentially the same. 

FeralSerf's picture

Because Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the USA are all Rothschild puppets.

old naughty's picture

Now see no sides, shall we?

Only us and them.

harposox's picture

Because they're still useful as proxies. Plausible deniability, and all that. 

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

Qatar is going to get their NG pipeline to Europe if it takes WWIII to do it. This little gem goes back to Henry the K - we "defend" Saudi (including Qatar) and they will use the dollar. It all depends what the meaning of "defend" is! The petro-dollar must survive regardless of who and how many are sacrificed.

jughead's picture

No, you do see the insane hype and rhetoric over Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS, whatever f'ing name they like today), which is the pretext for the build up of our forces in the region.   Once we get all our pawns in place, then we'll come up with some other pretext to go after guess it will be because Daesh infilitrates and kills him, of course leaving us no choice but to destroy the country so we can save it.

Calmyourself's picture

If I was Assad, I would have been on a continuos digging campaign.  Every arty piece, every tank, every AA battery, every platoon would have 5-10 holes dug for it.  Take years to bomb them all.. Ala N. vietnam tunnel system. Besides we try this Russia will fly in the entire SA line of AA missiles with advisors if we bomb them woe to us..

donhuangenaro's picture

I'm afraid it's another way around: US government is a puppet of the US military-industrial complex...

Joenobody12's picture

That is right. Obola will not do such a thing but his master will, using US resources.

Took Red Pill's picture

As Wesley Clark said, this has been planned for at least 15 years now;seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran

cynicalskeptic's picture

PNAC and the neo-cons made up the hit lise a few decades back.   Bush got the ball rolling, Obama's continued it and so will the next Prez (doesn't matter who it is).....   if only it wasn't so difficult jumpstarting War with Iran....

All hail TPTB pulling strings from the shadows.....

Thirst Mutilator's picture

 "We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan; Syria will fall to us. We then bomb and move on and take Port Said, Alexandria and Sinai." David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978."

rubiconsolutions's picture

"We shall establish a Christian state there,...."


Good one. First kill Jesus Christ and then "establish a Christian there". That's like Charles Manson establishing the Sharon Tate Memorial Fund.

El Oregonian's picture

"Vengence is mine" thus saith the Lord.

These goblins on earth playing like they are gods.

They're going to be giant piles of strewn Luciferian carcasses just waiting to burn in hell.

Eternity is an awful (and I do mean AWFUL) long time. Hey miscreants, I'm not sure the roasting you'll personally be in forever is worth the vapor of time you're wasting on mindless satanic worship now...

willwork4food's picture

It is written that HELL is eternal, not necessarily the person in it, although they have that choice. Ever read Dante or CS Lewis?

knukles's picture

No, but when I was young I used to look at the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog under the covers with my flashlight and got the idea that there was some pretty neat stuff in hell.

El Vaquero's picture

Goddamn knucks (pun intended,) but that was some funny shit right there. 

homme's picture

You were a lucky kid. All I had was ye olde Sears Roebuck catalogue.

OldPhart's picture

One wonders if she proof-reads the material anonymously handed her before publishing.

sidney sloth's picture

Proof reads for what?

Veracity? lol

Sanity, perhaps?

Any day now, the level of reason required to read will eclipse the threshold of reason below which it possible to follow the war mongers narrative.

Then they all just start barking like dogs, and the kennel state will be exposed.

Thirst Mutilator's picture

Donning his new canine decoder, Professor Schwartzmann becomes the first human being on earth to hear what barking dogs are really saying.

fleur de lis's picture

Who is this Aryn chick? For a journo she seems to have a lot of info on secret military invasion plans. Does she have a bio? A real one.