German Comedy: Yanis Varoufakis "Puts The 'Hell' In Hellenic"

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While we noted their 'nein'-ness with regard Greece earlier, it appears the Germans have take to satire to make their point... The following brilliant clip begins with a confident man exclaiming "We are Germans... we truly are a fearless bunch of mother-f##kers..." who then quakes in his jackboots  "except for one man... V for Varoufakis."


"He puts the 'hell' in Hellenic"


"Dear Greeks, the time has come: we surrender! Take all our money! But please keep this financial Hercules off us."

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PartysOver's picture

Whatever  Its 11:00 AM NY Time.  Do you know where your morning Dip was.  Did you buy it?

Xibalba's picture

"HELL" in Germany, is a beer. 

XRAYD's picture

an AMERICAN "beer" bud!

astoriajoe's picture

Obama should have just have had a beer summit with Greece and Germany. Problem solved.

I wonder if Obama's phone wallpaper is a picture of the Nobel Prize.

Heavy's picture

If only leaders had real bud summits things would probably be a lot easier on everybody.

yrad's picture

Avg rating of 3.4? What is wrong with you people. That is some funny shit!

I still love you ZH...

HardAssets's picture

Agreed !

That's some hilarious stuff. I needed a good laugh this morning and that video was welcomed.

Monetas's picture

"Helmut" .... a popular German name .... means "Blonde Courage" .... but Hitler and Stalin killed them all ! Neinty Nein bottles of beer on the wall !

Wolferl's picture

"Hel.." = "Heil" = healthy or large. Helmut means some like "a lot of courage".

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) Wolferl Feb 26, 2015 12:16 PM

Hellesmut .... is that better ? LOL  (Typical German .... nitpicking words .... 20 million Germans dead .... nein problemo !)

OilCaptain's picture

Where's Williambanzai7 when you need him?

Pool Shark's picture



Was this video produced before or after the Greek capitulation?...



HardAssets's picture

" Instead of not paying you now (because we're broke), if you give us more money (claims on real physical goods) - we'll wait another 4 months till we don't pay you (cause we're broke)."

Yep, sounds like capitulation.

N2OJoe's picture

Because it's better to delay, extend, and magnify pain instead of just getting it over with and moving on.


angel_of_joy's picture

Yes, if you just came out (like a week ago) from some general elections. 4 months is NOT 4 years.

kliguy38's picture

All of the scumbags are in on it

Silver Short Seller's picture
Silver Short Seller (not verified) kliguy38 Feb 26, 2015 11:14 AM

This video is the least ridiculous post on ZH today.

Coldfire's picture

Keep this financial Hercules off of us. And out of us...

kaiserhoff's picture

Greece is so..., 5th century BC.

Martial's picture

A central banker lying??? Get out of here.

Bear's picture

Yellen caught telling the truth would be much more accurate news

NotApplicable's picture

Technically, that's not a lie, as the Fed IS the market at this point.

Serfs Up's picture

As long as the no-volume melt-up in US equites can proceed uniterrupted, along with the ever-present selling of paper gold during every fucking minute of the US """market""" open, then who TF cares?

A Lunatic's picture

Alrighty then.....

Bear's picture

The Persians are coming ... Where's the 300?

youngman's picture

He was funny yesterday..he told the EU just to pay the IMF dirrectly....the Greek assume he is not happy with what they agreed to....wonder why they did...pretty much running home with your tail between your legs...

LawsofPhysics's picture

Simple question, does or does not all this debt matter?  Because it is now pretty fucking clear precisely who is benefitting from ZIRP, NIRP, and QE...

tick tock motherfuckers.

Commodore64's picture

Haha i was just seconds away of posting this here haha


I thought it was a little Jack Black alike :)


youngman's picture

Its obvious the Central Banks gameplan is just to print to oblivion....and to never in ten years we will have 100s of trillions in debt....and it will just become a joke the Cental banks heads will be more important than the President....and 80% of the people will work for the governments....

N2OJoe's picture

I propose a new bill. I call it "Behead the Fed." I would post the bill here in it's entirety but it's only one sentance long.

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Sort of off topic..Anyone else having problems 'following' comments.  I keep getting the forbidden page.

PartysOver's picture

We are all being tracked as prospects for the re education camps.  But no worries as I am Shultz will be there. (Probably only those of us over 50 will know who Shultz is)

IPURDOM75's picture


At least germans have the sense of humour

ANestIOS's picture

Is it their sense of humour that votes for Angela Dorothea Merkel? (btw Dorothea in Greek means "gift of/from god")

G.O.O.D's picture

Soon it will be exactly as the Soviets were. Mr President tear down these walls and let the U S citizens visit Mexico and Canada again. I tell you, it is getting as clear as mud how this shit is working out.

jarana's picture

lol!!! hahaha

All of you who thought Varufakis, Podemos and all this lefty shit will take you to somewhere... you've got it now... germans are on their knees... hahaha... my ass.

Wake up, work a little bit, don't bite more than you can chew and, why not, trade your own fucking labour for some gold instead of claiming your government to pay for your "rights" with the money of others.

You gave the power of negatiaton in your name to an asshole. Enjoy it.

Here in Spain, sooner than later we will understand our own grade of stupidity too.


G.O.O.D's picture

How in the hell can anyone working a real job for real wages buy anything but the basics after the robbers get their 1000 pounds of flesh off the backs of the proles? If there is a few bucks left over after taxes Obama Care eats it. Fuck it, I am going to flee to Mexico.

Dr. Engali's picture

"Our finanace minister doesn't even have legs"......


That's some funny shit.

Panic Mode's picture

Once I was talking to a German economic PhD student who researched in transaction tax.

I asked him, "What do you think of Euro?".

He didn't take a second to think and replied to me, "I am a German. Of course, I have to support the Euro."

I didn't reply and walked away but I was thinking. If you don't use your fucking brain to think about my question and try to explain your reason. Why the bloody fuck you study a PhD, fucking numb nut. So much of education.