This Is The Chinese Documentary That Got Over 30 Million Views In One Day

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While the citizenry of America remains transfixed by the ever-changing color of some Scottish wedding dress; this weekend saw an even more massively viral social media phenomenon as tens of millions of Chinese watched, gripped and outraged, a 104-minute video entitled "Under The Dome" exposing the ugly truth about Chinese air pollution. What is perhaps most stunning - aside from the fact that something so 'important' can go viral without Kim Kardashian's ass all over it - is that the Chinese government, so far, has not shut off the documentary, and recently appointed minister of environmental protection, Chen Jining, even praised the video; suggesting a growing conflict between Beijing and the Chinese industrial complex.


Full documentary here - with English subtitles (with over 35 million views since its release yesterday on YouKu)


English audio translation of the first section can be found here.


As The NY Times reports, the documentary, funded and narrated by a former Chinese TV reporter,  recounts her journey of discovery, hunting for the sources of China’s bad air and inquiring why repeated government promises have done so little to clear it up, while coping with a daughter born with a tumor...

[In 2013], she did not pay much attention to the smog engulfing much of China and affecting 600 million people, even as she traveled for work from place to place where the air was acrid with fumes and dust.


“But,” Ms. Chai says with a pause, “when I returned to Beijing, I learned that I was pregnant.”


Since its online debut on Saturday, Ms. Chai’s documentary, “Under the Dome,” has inspired an unusually passionate eruption of public and mass media discussion.  Many messages were from Chinese parents identifying with Ms. Chai’s fears that pollution has imperiled their children’s health.


“When I heard her heart beating, the only thing I wished for her was good health,” Ms. Chai explains of her then-unborn daughter in the documentary.


“But she was diagnosed with a benign tumor and had to have surgery after birth,” she adds. “I’d never felt afraid of pollution before, and never wore a mask no matter where. But when you carry a life in you, what she breathes, eats and drinks are all your responsibility, and then you feel the fear.”


On Youku, a popular Chinese video-sharing site, “Under the Dome” had been played more than 14 million times by Sunday afternoon. The Paper, a Chinese news website, estimated that by Saturday night, the documentary had been opened more than 35 million times across various websites.


Many Chinese viewers praised Ms. Chai for forthrightly condemning the skein of industrial interests, energy conglomerates and bureaucratic hurdles that she says have obstructed stronger action against pollution.

*  *  *

While the documentary has gripped almost 40 million Chinese so far, what is perhaps more intriguing is that the Chinese government has not shut it down yet...

So far at least, the government has not shut off the documentary, and some officials may welcome the chance to build greater support for cutting pollution. The website of People’s Daily, the ruling Communist Party’s main newspaper, was one of the first to post “Under the Dome.” And the recently appointed minister of environmental protection, Chen Jining, praised the video. He told, a Chinese website, that he had watched it and sent a message to Ms. Chai.


“Chai Jing’s documentary calls for public environmental consciousness from the standpoint of public health,” Mr. Chen said. “It deserves admiration.”

Does this suggest there is a growing conflict between Beijing and the Chinese Industrial Complex (as the corruption probe grows and impacts multiple industries). Further, this of course, means even more Chinese growth slowdown if and when there is a crackdown on pollution/rampant industrialization.

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ekm1's picture

Civil war among elite in China long time brewing.

Jinping has no time to ally with Putin or oppose USA. He has his own issues over there.

JohninMK's picture

He may have issues but he will need to watch his back. Expect closer ties with Russia.

90's Child's picture

Yet here in the states they are trying to ban wood burning stoves....

Thirst Mutilator's picture

By the way... Which one's PINK?


"Run, rabbit run
Dig that hole, forget the sun
And when at last the work is done
Don't sit down
It's time to dig another one"

ml8ml8's picture

I'm running!  I'm running!


They allow class action lawsuits in China, don't they?

quintago's picture

Looks like the Chinese lawyers have learned a thing or two from our friends in JYC

Bokkenrijder's picture

But but wait! Aren't the Chinese are so smart because they apparently buy so much gold?

I've told you guys here time and again: the Chinese couldn't organize a binge drinking party in a brewery.They can't plan ahead, they don't think about any medium or long term consequences. The only thing they can do is follow order and the only thing they're interested in is an even quicker Buck than most Americans and they're willing to poison their entire country and bribe any corrupt official in the process. With every problem they 'solve,' newer and bigger problems emerge;

student protests in 1989? --> jobs and factories

cheap Yuan and massive trade surplus <--> accumulate Dollars and Treasuries

uncertainty about the Dollar? --> buy gold

massive housing, stock exchange and credit bubbles? --> massive QE

Just like Japan, the Chinese have also reached the end of that very same 'let's-turn-our-nation-into-an-overnight-export-economy' dead end street. They've cheapened their currency, they've inflated their economy, they've ruined their envirnonment, they've pimped and maipulated the ecnonomic data, they've accumulated trillions of USD and Treasuries, they manipulate and spy on their own citizens in a way that would make the NSA jealous and now they desperately want to prop it all up with massive amounts of QE.

GetZeeGold's picture



Maybe if we tax the people in Kansas.....we can stop this Chinese air pollution problem.

inhibi's picture

To make such ignorant remarks of an entire race...yup must be some asshole on ZH.

China has 4x the population of America in less than half the space. The have to be a lot more maleable to the times. In the long run, they will dominate America for the simple reason that, regardless of whether or not China can survive without the US, or their ability to augur future events, they are much more efficient because their culture/lifestyle demands it. 

Their research, especially in nanotechnology, is greater than the US. They publish more peer reveiwed papers, etc. Walk into any engineering department in any top ten US university and half of the PhD's and graduate students are Chinese. 


They are distancing themselves from the US every day. Why is buying gold in your opinion a bad idea? Or stimulating their manufacturing? Sure they have pollution, but a massive amount of their research has gone into environmental engineering. 

Remember, only when things become dire do countries really sink money into R&D. Its like the Japanese car industry back in the 80's when they thought that the US would overtake them with hybrid tech. The US automakers were just BSing the gov into getting grants, while the Japanese actually furthered the tech, and now they are the 1st in hybrid technology. China is on the same path. While we take for granted clean water, and air, they will be pouring billions into R&D.

You think America can plan ahead? The only thing America is interested in is maintaining the status quo, which is pumping dumb money through a more horrible by the day bureacracy.

DipshitMiddleClassWhiteKid's picture

Right on.


If you're a white kid  from America in a STEM field, you're the minority .


Most American kids are not gettng good jobs when they grow up.


That job is for Zing Li and Kumar Patel

The Gooch's picture

"You're a righteous soul who went down the rabbit hole discovering everything is manufactured everyone is bought and sold"

detached.amusement's picture

makes me love my old analog board

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

I'm more worried about inhaling a molecule of plutonium, than a little wood smoke.  Unless you stick your head in the chimney, wood smoke isn't going to kill you.

NoDebt's picture

One microgram of Plutonium can ruin your whole day.

JuliaS's picture

A mere presense of Obamium within a 50-state radius may ruin your whole life.

0b1knob's picture

57 states.  Obama has said so.

BurningFuld's picture

The real problem with Obamium is that it may break down into Hillarium soon. Then watch out.

jonjon831983's picture

24/7 air pollution is terrible... with my softer western lungs I was being a tourist in a polluted third world country and within a week I was hacking and coughing every time I went outside.  I don't think their buses have air filters either so coughing continued within the bus.  Weaksauce!!!

NoPension's picture

We need to export our EPA. Give them something to do. Fresh fields to work with. Imagine the fines. Imagine the overflowing .gov coffers. And imagine what a thumping, thriving place China would be. They can offshore their heavy industry too... too...Mars, yeah Mars. Coal, steel, aluminum, ships, heavy tooling and machinery, white goods, electronics. Who needs that shit.

Snark, not sarc.

Bokkenrijder's picture

With diminishing returns for all those billions 'invested' in 'Green Technology,' a LOT could be achieved for very little money in China!

drdolittle's picture

I went for a run in LA and coughed for a week afterward. My white t shirt had a brown tint to it as well. Flying out the low clouds were brown. At least in the midwest it's too windy to accumulate much crap.

detached.amusement's picture

a little quality control would be great also - ya know, like when they dig up a bunch of coal with uranium in it and burned it anyway, the cloud descended on the city and my buddy was blowing crap out his nose that appeared to suggest he had a yellow highlighter up there

knukles's picture

Yes, the one and very same people who not many years ago encouraged using wood burning stoves because it was sustainable, now want to out law them because it is sooty.  Same folks, BTW who protested big government intrusions into every facet of life and the Vietnam War back in the '70s now at the Vanguard of Progressive Fascism ...
Whoda thunk a buncha self-centered megalomaniacal anally retentive folks of the "me" generation woulda turned out like. (Silence on war)

NoDebt's picture

Very true.  When it's all about "me" why shouldn't it be "me" who gets to decide everything and tell the much less important "you" what they should be doing?


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

NIMBYism at its finest, is when you get these 'environmental' types whose TRUE concern is keeping wind turbines out of their neighborhood.  Oh its not that they have a problem with wind energy, or wind turbines.  Only when it is in their backyard do they suddenly find a reason to oppose (any and all) development...

90&#039;s Child's picture

What's funny is my county recently had an open forum on banning wood burning stoves.

When our county is in fact located where US Magnesium is located roughly 15 miles away.

The amount of chemicals they spit out is insane, I work right next to US mag, We walk around with resperators just incase the wind changes and the chlorine drops down with the wind. 

Scary shit when it does.

cornfritter's picture

wood burning stoves are not the problem, arguably they are part of the solution.  there are ways to manufacture the worlds trinkets in an environmentally friendly way, it's just that the elite would only get 70% of the worlds wealth instead of 90%... apparently they feel that the earth is acceptable collateral damage for sitting on humongous piles of gold and precious jools... retards

The_Prisoner's picture

Agreed. Increasing agrarian self-sufficiency, especially in developing countries in a valid way to counter the Empire.

When you see "well-meaning" folk like Bill Gates say they want to end poverty in Africa. What they mean is that they want to turn them into debt slaves.

Againstthelie's picture

And the same politicians fall into depressions when Boeing and Airbus sell less planes or if less planes are flying.

It's a smoke and mirrors world.

That's even the good news.

The bad news is that the majority of people do not recognize it.

nmewn's picture

"Keep your hands off my body!"

But my, how they're all grown up now.

"Put your hands in my neighbors pocket, gimme my Fareeeee! ObamaCare!!!"


zilztrain's picture

Did you just compare the anti-war movement with the anti-"soot" movement?  Talk about a drama queen.

nmewn's picture

The scientific consensus is in, we need soot to stop AGW!

Anusocracy's picture

That is a threat.

The average for February here was nearly 15 degrees below normal.

nmewn's picture

Clearly this calls for yet moar Executive Action. I'm thinkin skies filled with drones over the poles, with soot filled Hellfire missles, the science is in!...oh wait, a humanitarian expedition to evacuate the polar bears first.

Long polar bear cages, tell CNBC analysts everywhere...go long polar bear cages and kitty litter and short corded dildo's! ;-)

detached.amusement's picture

of course that means entirely stop talking about the east coast since its colder and snowier than since the late 70s, and absolutely definitely focus on the great depression dust bowl happening in california.  it must be because the co2 concentration is higher, that's the ticket.


fuggin facepalm....   all for cleaning up the environment.....entirely against pseudo science that relies entirely on poor applications of statistics to attempt prove its point.

cheech_wizard's picture

All martyrs for a cause need to die first...

Exponere Mendaces's picture

So basically its all knukle's generation's fault.

Actually, it makes sense, they're retired and have their "fuck you" money, so they could care less what happens to anyone else.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

The enviro-freaks are militant, intolerant, and unsatiable.  That wood-burning stoves is the current battlefront shows how successful they have been.

lincolnsteffens's picture

We can't allow wood to compete with imported oil, fracked nat gas, and filthy coal. That just wouldn't be sustainable.

I burn wood for part of my heat. Been doing it for 40 years. Payment for the wood goes right into the pocket of the guy that delivered it. I cut and split it myself for about 25 years with just muscle, time and equipment maintenance. What the hell are you supposed to do if it is 10 below and there is a power failure? Complain to a regulator and freeze?

cnmcdee's picture

The solution to pollution is LFTR's - and that needs to be pointed out endlessly until it becomes politically mainstream

 - 1-2 cents / kwh

- Can be used to eliminate waste Uranium (Fukushima)

- Will power the entire earths energy needs for the next 1000 years.

- Will eliminate dirty burning coal.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors - google LFTR in 5 minutes..

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

The nuclear power of 30 years FROM NOW will be much different than the nuclear power FROM 30 years ago.  Here's to hoping it all comes to fruition.

ekm1's picture

He can do nothing until he eliminates the opposition.

He is now turning inwards, like all chinese leaders end up doing historically

FrankDieter's picture

I can't breathe !!

homme's picture

We earthings are a massively screwed up species.

Fun Facts's picture

"if the planet dies, they die, but if they die, the planet lives"

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Something to think about in that plot.