NYC Residents Pay $2-3,000 A Month For “Micro-Apartments” As Luxury Car Sales Outpace Regular Car Sales

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From Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

NYC Residents Will Pay $2-3k a Month for “Micro-Apartments” as Luxury Car Sales Outpace Regular Car Sales

In the past five years, global registrations of the seven largest ultra-premium car brands–a group that also includes Aston Martin and Lamborghini–have surged by 154 percent, far outpacing the 36 percent gain in overall car sales worldwide.


Rolls-Royce registrations have risen almost five-fold. Almost 10,000 new Bentleys cruised onto the streets last year, a 122 percent increase over 2009, while Lamborghini rode a 50 percent increase to pass the 2,000 vehicle mark.

      – From the Bloomberg article: Hyper-Luxury Cars Are Now Selling Faster Than Normal Ones

It’s an oligarch’s world, you’re just living in it.

One of the main reasons that hyper-luxury cars are outselling regular cars, is because all of the wealth gains from the oligarch recovery are going to, well, oligarchs. This has been a regular theme here at Liberty Blitzkrieg, and is further evidence that global policies implemented since the oligarch created financial melt-down, have been used to cover up its criminality, and further advance the status quo’s consolidation of wealth and power. A continuation of this trend presents the greatest threat to liberty, free markets and an evolution of human consciousness on the planet today.

First, let’s take a look at how the average standard of living in my hometown of NYC is being impacted by the oligarch recovery. From the New York Post:


To combat the city’s housing shortage while serving its high number of single adults who may share apartments with multiple roommates in this ridiculously expensive town, a new housing complex is set to come to the rescue. Consisting of 55 prefabricated, modular studio apartments, My Micro NY is now being assembled in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, with the units to be stacked atop one another, forming a 10-story building on East 27th Street in Manhattan.


Each pad, designed for single humans and even pairs, measures just 260 to 360 square feet — or about the size of a Hollywood starlet’s walk-in closet. The developer was granted a waiver from the city’s zoning and density laws to create living spaces smaller than the already tiny minimum of 400 square feet, set in 1987.


It gets worse.


The apartments are to rent for $2,000 to $3,000 a month! (Less if you score an “affordable” space.)


New York City head shrinker Dr. Alan Hilfer, who recently retired as the chief psy­chologist at Brooklyn’s Maimonides Medical Center, told me the micro-apartment idea has been tried in Japan.


Of course, that nation had the world’s seventh-highest suicide rate in 2013, behind Greenland, Lithuania, South Korea, Guyana, Kazakhstan and Slovenia. (The United States’ suicide rate was pegged as 30th in the world in 2012.)

Don’t forget that as we learned in the post, The Face of the Oligarch Recovery – Luxury Skyscrapers Stay Empty as NYC Homeless Population Hits Record High, 30% of NYC’s most luxurious apartments sit empty so as to serve as money laundering proxy bank accounts for foreign oligarchs.

That’s what the peasant victims of oligarchy have to contend with. What about that tiny group of people which benefits disproportionately from the oligarch money spigot. We learn from Bloomberg that:

Things have grown ever more extraordinary for the one percent on four wheels. The fancy cars seem to be multiplying and taking unexpected shapes. Bentley moved to build a sport utility vehicle in 2013, a decision matched by Rolls last week. Ferrari brought out a 963-horsepower supercar with an electric motor, which has since been joined by an $840,000 Porsche with two electric motors. Orders and eager deposits have been pouring in.


Thanks to a bullish economy and a burgeoning crop of multi-millionaires all over the world, the handful of carmakers catering to the very richest have finally started to figure out that they have been drastically underestimating demand for six- and seven-figure vehicles. That realization has fueled a new generation of interesting machines whose eye-popping price tags have widened the ultra-premium market. At the moment, unlike in decades past, the fastest-selling products in the auto business are also the ones that cost the most.

Gotta love how the author conflates “bullish economy” with a growing number of extremely rich people.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.10.57 AM


In the past five years, global registrations of the seven largest ultra-premium car brands–a group that also includes Aston Martin  and Lamborghini–have surged by 154 percent, far outpacing the 36 percent gain in overall car sales worldwide. Much of the growth has come from Maserati and Porsche, two companies that sell many of their vehicles for less than $100,000. Even excluding those brands, however, the swanky car segment has swelled by 62 percent since 2009.


Rolls-Royce registrations have risen almost five-fold. Almost 10,000 new Bentleys cruised onto the streets last year, a 122 percent increase over 2009, while Lamborghini rode a 50 percent increase to pass the 2,000 vehicle mark.


The boom in business, for the most part, comes from a simple supply-demand relationship: Growing ranks of wealthy consumers want more opulent toys. At the end of last year, about 211,000 people had a net worth of at least $30 million—a 13 percent increase from 2011, according to UBS and the research firm Wealth-X. 

Meanwhile, average real wages have barely budged. Further proof that this isn’t a recession, it’s a robbery.

The supercars that don’t aim for the top end of the speedometer, meanwhile, have focused on offering custom options. Four out of five Rolls-Royces sold last year went through what the car maker calls its “bespoke process.” The coaches can be had with hand-engraved picnic sets, embroidered headrests, lambs-wool floor mats, and light-up hood ornaments. Rolls-Royce craftsmen will even stitch hundreds of diamonds into the ceiling lining to resemble a night sky—not just any night, but the constellation pattern evident on a specific date.


IHS expects the super-premium car market to expand by an additional 21 percent in the next two years, and blue-blood carmakers may blow past that target if their plans pan out. 

In my opinion, money should primarily be seen as a tool. A tool that can be used for an almost infinite amount of projects and endeavors. While I completely defend a super rich person’s freedom to spend his or her fortune as her or she pleases, the fact so many are primarily employing this tool as a means to stroke one’s ego and narcissism is not only unfortunate, but serves as a perfect reflection of the mindset and consciousness of the global oligarchy and its religion of consumerism.

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cossack55's picture

Where does one sign up for oligarchacy?  I'm closer to the cat on the steps and need to upgrade.

Sanity Bear's picture

You're in luck, there's a recruitment station just blocks from there, right in the middle of Times Square.

walküre's picture

The old man probably has twice as much meat on his legs than any of the 3 twats. His downfall are drugs which are peddled by the oligarchy to keep the population subdued and in a neverending coma. Without drugs, we would have had that revolution long ago. What this army of potential street fighters needs are 3 meals a day, a place to rest, no access to drugs whatsoever and strong leadership.

FYI, luxury cars make for good target practice

omniversling's picture

What is a home worth? What would you pay to not be executed on the street? (not that these corporate assassins give a fck anymore. Anywhere, could be next)


World be still...

dreadnaught's picture

i see 3 dead people.....and a homeless man-they have not a clue as to what is coming down-as they mesmerize over Kim Kardashian

Syrin's picture

You mean without EBT, welfare, unemployment and disability checks, we would have had this revlution long ago.

Squid Viscous's picture

back in the good old days of west 33rd street those chicks would have been rape-bait dressed like that


now they can laugh, gulp their prozac and saunter back too their $4500/month one bedrooms empty and broken souls

mkkby's picture

I see 3 average looking skanks who have 5-10 years max of being pumped/dumped by the rich people they so admire and aspire to be. After that they will be has-been hags -- more invisible than the homeless dude they now step over.

Headbanger's picture

There's gonna be some great buys on all these luxury cars when they get repossessed!

And it reminds me of a sweet old song

cornfritter's picture

you don't want the risk dude.. these people are major dumbasses, they'll likely be sacrificed at the alter by the mob in about a heartbeat... lucifer will just laugh :-)

sun tzu's picture

Everybody is out renting $4000 apartments and buying luxury cars. More proof that the economy is booming. All hail Obama and Yellen.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

That guy went short the S&P in 2010.

Bastiat's picture

. . . and he's got a bunch of gold buried - he's waiting.

ChanceIs's picture

You have to take the basic psychological empathy test first.  If you are the type of person who winces when you see a dog hit by a car, then i suggest that you don't even try.  If you cried Dorothy got back to Kansas, then you are clearly hopeless as well.  If you and your girlfriend watched ISIS beheadings five times over on the couch while drinlking champagne, then I think you will pass with flying colors.  As a matter of fact, that is probably all you need.  College education is a disadvantage.  It shows some conscientiousness and that you do foolish things like set goals and delay gratification today in oprder to have moar tomorrow.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

You need to buy your way in, e-mini S&Ps go for about 5,000$ US each.  Buy as many as you can afford, ideally on a dip.  As they appreciate take the newfound gains and buy more.  We have probably already seen all the real selling for this year so instead of waiting for them to hit 2200 next month and backing off a few percent you may be best served just buying here at the all time highs.


There are only a few things guaranteed in this life, death, taxes and new highs in the US equity markets. 

sun tzu's picture

Buy now or be priced out of the market forever

sun tzu's picture

Buy now or be priced out of the market forever

Chupacabra-322's picture

just paid off my 2007 Mazda. Also own a Toyota MR2. I'll never pay another cent to these Criminal BANKSTERS ever again.

dreadnaught's picture

yeah they have you over a barrel when owning a car; Ive been thinking of a 2014, now that the 2015s are in, but owning a car is a license to steal to the state, and we live in a Republican one -so they appear to go along with the scam/robbery

turnoffthewater's picture

Always pay cash for everything, including a house.

Debugas's picture

robotic factories' owners trade with each other goods produced by their robots

the rest of society is going to die off

NoDebt's picture

You have to admit this conveyor belt of money from the lower and middle classes to the very top is about the most unstoppable juggernaut that's ever been devised in modern times.  With plausible deniability that it even exists, no less.  In terms of structural elegance, it's a 10.  In terms of evil it's also somewhere around a 10.


omniversling's picture

Why does that vivid analogy bring the Pacific conveyor of the Fuku Juggernaut to mind, (though cranked up past 11). Wish it was O/T, but it's now the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink, whilst we go about ALL our other business....Cant stop it, can't contain it, can't fix it. GE, Made in the USA, and now coming home. Cradle to Grave profit, from the purveyors of death. From reactors to cancer scanners...cute.

Reality check here:



dreadnaught's picture

cradle to grave guaranteed profits, not from honest work, or service, but from the Government making sure you and your Industry alone get your cash? Id call that Corparate Socailism

cossack55's picture

Thats why I don't quit smoking.  I am already getting chemo and radiation treatments daily.  Win-win.

inhibi's picture

We just have to wait until they start feeding off eachother, because the way the world's been headed, the lower and middle classes wont have any money, hence no profits, hence collapse of economy. 

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

As I keep saying---the ultimate goal is to design robots that make the lower and middle classes completely unnecessary, because the robots can do anything a prole can and do it much better. A well-programmed and well-maintained robot will happily work 24/7, will never go on strike, will never screw up your drink order, and will never fuck your trophy wife behind your back (unless that's what you're into). They'll make far better New Socialist Men than humans ever were likely to.

Then, being relieved of the necessity of tolerating the lower orders of humanity at all, they will order their new robot underlings to exterminate any proles who haven't gotten the message to stop reproducing.

Profits? Who will still care about those? Those are how you keep score in the game that's the human economy. By then the game will be over and our masters will have won, conquerors of the planet and everything on it, leaving them only with the necessity of finding a new game to play to amuse themselves.

Conquest of the galaxy might do it. They could use new planets as a backup when the earth finally dies.

Fun Facts's picture

they're going to use us all until we're used up

HardAssets's picture

'unstoppable juggernaut' ?

Imagine a miracle where everyone goes to sleep tonight and when they wake up in the morning, every one of them understands that they've been lied to.

The current slave system wouldn't last the day.

Extremely difficult to transform ? Yes.

Impossible ? No.

davidalan1's picture

Who the hell would pay 3k-4k a month to live in a shit hole within a shit hole?


Salah's picture

this is a sideshow...NYC commercial real estate is where the next bust will occur, and it's not far off.  Transiting Pluto has just entered their natal 4th House (R/E), and it's in their natal Sun's derived 2nd.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Your house is a place to keep your stuff, while you go out and get...more stuff

Stuck on Zero's picture

That little shit hole is around $100 a day.  A hotel room of comparable quality would cost $300 a day. 

Jaspergers's picture

"It's not a studio - it's a micro-loft!"


pudge94's picture

And the men who rent those places have only "micro-lift" in their junk.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Dow 20,000...


KnuckleDragger-X's picture

NYC reminds me of several third world hellholes that I've travelled to over the years, same type of people with the same type of ideology....

cornfritter's picture

a glorious achievement of our enlightened leadership - a hell hole (with some good restaraunts)

davidalan1's picture

The view of NYC as you move onto Long island is a pretty depressing site, the urban sprawl of old organge brick structures.

My thoughts are always, who the fuck would live here? It exudes implosionary forces..old, decreipid, overcrowded.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

The question is who would pay that much money for the privilege of living in a hovel. At least the shacks I saw in the third world were cheap.

cossack55's picture

Went back and followed Perimetr's link from a previous article. Ah, one can only wish.

Mister Minsk's picture

My biggest splurge was buying a YUGO. 

hoist the bs flag's picture

I have a four door's called the WEGO.

hoist the bs flag's picture

just messin with ya...crappy attempt at a joke. Im here on Sunday too , try the veal.

IridiumRebel's picture

I had one of those "apartments". It was a box in "East Williamsburg" AKA Bushwick. 1700 a month FIVE years ago. You couldn't go out after dark. Neighbor was murdered. NYC is great if your a finacializing fuckface making six to seven figures. Otherwise you get what we got. I now have a half acre, veggie garden, huge place on a safe beautiful street for half that in OH. We are much happier.

Wahine's picture

As a former NYCer, just having closets and a kitchen counter in my home feels luxurious.

IridiumRebel's picture

I have a dog run, garden, huge front yard with flowers. You can walk to stores and downtown businesses that have festivals and bars. Our home has an office, babycave, living room, kitchen, eating space and three bedrooms with full basement for my band with prepper storage. Kids ride their bikes unmolested and the cops are local and nice as long as you are compliant. Two speeding citations thrown out cuz I'm their neighbor. It's amazingly better. Everything is cheaper. I quote folks average NYC price for GMO shit beer at 10 bucks a draw and they laugh! Here, local brew is four bucks and well crafted, but I don't drink anymore. NYC is fun to visit for three days, but that's it.

hoist the bs flag's picture

that ginger on the left is HAWT!