Dramatic Explosion Footage: Warren Buffett-Owned Oil Freight Train Derails, Bursts Into Flames

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Back in March 2013 we wrote a post presenting "the new US petroleum pipelines" in which we explained "why crony capitalist #1, the "rustic" Octogenarian of Omaha, and Obama tax advisor #1, Warren Buffett has been aggressively attempting to corner the railroad market, while the administration relentlessly refuses to allow assorted new, and very much competing petroleum pipelines from America's neighbor to the north to cross through the US." The answer was shown on the chart below which showed the exponential increase in petroleum rail car loadings.


It also explains why after Buffett's purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) in 2009, Obama has been so staunchly against allowing the Keystone XL pipeline: because if there is anything that would allow Buffett to preserve the momentum of his soaring oil transit business, it is maintaining a veto on any competing pipelines. A veto which Obama implemented for the latest time just a few days ago.

Of course, it would be uncouth of the US president to say that he is against a pipeline because one of his crony backers, his tax advisor ("push income tax higher all you want, but don't you dare touch that capital gains and dividend tax"), and perhaps the biggest single beneficiary of the government bailout of Wall Street in 2008, tells him to. So instead Obama, to appease his progressive rank and file, decided to crack down on the "danger" of pipelines - after all, the world is riddled with horror stories about the tens of thousands of miles of US commodity pipelines spontaneously combusting, exploding or otherwise blowing up and destroying the pristine nature all around them.

Maybe not, but that's where the "unbiased" media comes into play. The same media which we doubt will have much if anything to say about the train derailment, crash and subsequent massive explosion which took place at 1:20 pm in a rural area where the Galena River meets the Mississippi.

The train in question? One of Warren Buffett's own: a BNSF Railway freight train loaded with crude oil.

BNSF said the train has 105 cars, 103 of which were carrying crude oil. The other two cars were buffer cars loaded with sand. A release from the Jo Daviess County Sheriff's Department confirmed it was Bakken crude oil.

“The report that came back to me from them is that eight tanker cars had left the track,” Galena City Administrator Mark Moran said. “Two of those were still upright. The other six were not. They observed at least one of those tankers smoking.”

Conley said firefighters had to access the derailment site via a city bike trail. He said two cars were smoking when they arrived on scene and they attempted to fight a small fire among the cars but were unable to stop the flames.

And since they couldn't reach the train, firefighters "had to pull back for safety reasons and were allowing the fire to burn itself out, Conley said. In addition to Galena firefighters, emergency and hazardous material responders from Iowa and Wisconsin were at the scene."

A press release from the Jo Daviess County Sheriff's Department sent just after 6 p.m. said the sheriff's department was in the process of evacuating homes within one mile of the derailment site.

This derailment, and resultant fireball, takes place just two weeks after another train hauling crude oil derailed and exploded in West Virginia on February 17, displacing up to 1,000 residents and contaminating the local water supply.

Ironically, one can't blame Buffett for not being honest about the threat that flaming trains post: it was exactly a year ago when he told CNBC that “It’s fair to say that we’ve found in [the] last year or so that it’s more dangerous to move certain types of crude than was thought previously. There’s no question about it."

There sure isn't.


And just to help the president with his next veto decision, which we hope will be to ban all oil transit via far more dangerous rail lines, here are some photos of today's explosion:

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knukles's picture

Ecology demands high speed oil freight rail

localsavage's picture

I hope he had better insurance than GEICO

ShorTed's picture

Wouldn't need it if it had been on the John Galt Line!

TruthInSunshine's picture

POS Warren "Thanks For The 17 Billion, Sucker Taxpayers" Buffet, the self-posing, genteel grandfatherly type, who's really a Welfare King Scumbag -

- this wouldn't have happened if he didn't get Obama to kill oil by pipeline.

In a just world, Buffet would be stripped of his wealth, put in prison rags, and tried for approximately 121 felonies in federal court, then imprisoned for life in a fuck-me-in-the-ass prison.

old naughty's picture

ah-hum, that fireball resembles a skull with two "spots" on "forehead", ah-hummmmmmmm.

COSMOS's picture

Does this mean all my Geico insurance rates go up, car, house, life insurance etc?

Manthong's picture

The Orifice of Omaha has a pretty big carbon footprint.

nmewn's picture


He's a different kind of greenie.

cnmcdee's picture

I figured that the pipeline companies refused to pay Obama's bribe fee - now I know the real reason that he keeps vetoing it.


Bilderberg Member's picture

The bright side for Warren is he'll be able to use the write off to fund more abortions.

palmereldritch's picture

Warren is original OG!...Oh so reminiscent of old railway interests (not 'can't let go' but more  'why would i ?')

Plus now he rolls with the new pimps.... Roc-A-Fella!!



According to various reports:

“Beyonce and Jay-Z named the second wealthiest man in the USA, billionaire Warren Buffett as the godfather to their daughter Blue Ivy.”


WhackoWarner's picture

Well the pipeline is wrong as well.  The Tar Sands are a crime against the world ( and that means more than humans).  Too move that crap via pipeline is folly.


If an idiot was going to harvest this garbage then at least keep the processing close to home.  Why does Canada need to ship this raw material via pipeline and tanker? 


I know I know Pick me Pick me.....object is to destroy nature and line pockets.

They want to ship this crap via pipeline through mountains of BC and across watersheds with no back up plan.  Through wilderness areas.  Then put it onto tankers running through some of the most pristine but also treacherous waters in the world,

Meanwhile Harper has just announced the closing of 3 Coast Guard monitoring stations in BC,  makes sense to me.  Shut down the response centres,  RAM the pipeline project through the review process...and let us all just hold our breath and wait for the next EXXON Valdez.  Hey who gives a care that the Kermode bear lives on the route.  Spirit Bears pay no kick backs,  Hey Stevie boy?


But I digress.



Dr. Everett V. Scott's picture

WackoWarner sez:

Well the pipeline is wrong as well.  The Tar Sands are a crime against...


They aren't "tar sands", they are oil sands, and they help the U.S. to be energy self-sufficient. More supply = lower energy costs: Basic econ.

This Greenie carp is getting old and busted. Drill baby drill! And I don't give a flyin' fart what no enviro-wacko thinks.  I'm tired of sending money to the A-rabs. They hate us anyway. &likewise me them...

Dr. Everett V. Scott's picture

Ah. Another enviro-wacko gets smoked out!

'Greens' are about 7/8ths what's wrong with society. <--word up, my friend. Do-Gooderism is for busybodies.

wrs1's picture

The oil sands aren't US, they are Canadian and we don't need a pipeline in the US for them to sell their oil.  The topic of this article is a burning train carrying Bakken Condensate which is US oil and highly volatile. The Keystone pipeline isn't for US oil and wouldn't change this situation.  Bakken needs infrastructure which will not get built with these low prices.  The Bakken needs pipelines to carry the oil to midwest refineries and until those are built, this will continue to happen unless the Bakken is shut down.

Dr. Everett V. Scott's picture

It is clear you don't understand even the basics.


A pipeline would have avoided this environmental disaster.

Cadavre's picture

Best 'accident' for pumping up pump prices so far this year. Won't juice it  anywhere near the best 'oil price spiker', other than lame stream news spews over the current state of some Forever War (Thanks FED!) hiccup, than the BP spill a couple of years back. Bay steps, Warren, baby steps!

johngaltfla's picture

Thank you Warren for renting this President and demonstrating the Atlas Shrugged railroad safety perspective.

WhackoWarner's picture

Beyond your comment (which is true).


mr. Genius of Omaha is not such a genius.  Almost any idiot with his portfolio since the 1980's could have generated his great returns,  There was the never ending march of the DOW that made his pot so large, You would have needed to be a complete fool not to have made a go of it,

This old fart rode the tide, and now thinks he understands how to mold a surfboard. 


My disgust is dripping off me.

johngaltfla's picture

Yes but he allegedly got to fuck hot CNBC bimbo hosts, which for a Viagra taking old fart is pretty damned impressive. I just wonder what flavor Blizzard he bought the bitches after the nightmarish experience of seeing his wrinkled old ass on top of them.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Best 'accident' for pumping up pump prices so far this year.

I'll bet Mexican food has caused worse 'accidents' in Charlie Munger's diaper.

Mepaulus's picture

It's probably insured for more than the current value, wink wink.

Thirst Mutilator's picture

Meh ~ That was like Billy Ray Valentine [Capricorn] playin' HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS with the Ming vase...

ihedgemyhedges's picture

Train derailment oil fires are safer for the environment than oil pipeline fires........pay no attention to the fact that the train burns a lot of oil product itself to get the oil to the place where it fireballs upon derailment.

Your choice of dumbass treehugger politician/lunatic

turnoffthewater's picture

So the tree huggers are going to be the next terrorists when trains start derailing?

Thank god, I thought it was ISIS, CIA, Mussad. Or that kid in Bostons distant cousin.

Well maybe DHS might prove themselves and finally catch some terrorists instead of harrassing airline passengers.

nmewn's picture

We should demand the Obama administration tax & print moar in order to "fast track" federal subsidies for a high speed bullet train for this crony endeavor!

Its just the right thing to do!

A Nanny Moose's picture

A 200mph fireball?!?! Fucking eh, I would pay to see that shyt. Where do I sign?

post turtle saver's picture

*yawn* ... 28.5k bbl spilled on rail routes... whoopty do... but it's Mother Jones and big numbers are oh so scary, so we show it in gallons...

and, this isn't even close to the worst spill in recent memory when it comes to rail transport... Graniteville, for starters, which didn't involve a single drop of oil, Bakken or otherwise...

this is all misdirection anyway, the real "killer" of Keystone XL is the price of oil itself... even if they allowed for the pipeline, it wouldn't get built because current oil prices don't justify it... this is all theatre, nothing worth getting blood pressure up about


A Nanny Moose's picture

1 Death is a Tragedy. 1 Million deaths is a statistic.

angel_of_joy's picture

Yep ! We need no stinkin' Keystone pipeline, 'cause our uncle Warren wants his profits...

Cadavre's picture

Ecology demands high speed oil freight rail


In the winter fuel oil cartage is serviced by rail. It may have something to do with temperature and viscosity - someone in the oil patch explained it to me back whenever - duh .. but I forgot the precise reasoning.

Does not Warren also own a bunch of rail systems. Rehypothocation through insurance claims is a great idea - did anyone see warren loading up the trunk of his Capris with sledge hammers and pick axes last weekend and wearing a cool pinstriped rail road engineer outfit and hat? Warren "Casey Jones" Buffet .. making the world a better place (for hisself)!

JuliaS's picture

The role of Atlas in Ayn Rand's latest movie adaptation will be played by Michael J. Fox.

Uncle Sugar's picture

Thank goodness Oblunder didn't sign the Keystone pipeline bill.

Midas's picture

I don't see a golf course nearby, so I don't think Obama gives a shit.

NOZZLE's picture

How many pipelines have exploded in the last 10 years compared to these rolling fireballs.  Fucking asshole Obangotan.

nmewn's picture

"It also explains why after Buffett's purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) in 2009, Obama has been so staunchly against allowing the Keystone XL pipeline: because if there is anything that would allow Buffett to preserve the momentum of his soaring oil transit business, it is maintaining a veto on any competing pipelines. A veto which Obama implemented for the latest time just a few days ago."

But what about how much his secretary pays in income taxes dammit!? ;-)

A Nanny Moose's picture

BNSF vs. Keystone easily overcome by the size and scope of Kim Kardasian's ass, given the Pewblik Edewkayted Pewblikz, who will forget about it all in 36 hours.

Warren's Bathtub companion is simply populist tax fodder. Wake me when Bathsalts Warren's actions speak louder than his words.

buzzsaw99's picture

owebomba would burn the whole fucking country down if buffett maggot told him to.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Holy shit this is scary! Wait, what's that? Oh it was in Mississippi, nevermind.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Actually it is near the Wisconsin border in Illinois..........near the Mississippi River.

Rock On Roger's picture

It looks like it is in the Mississippi River.


Rail On

nmewn's picture

Illinois you say?

Well, obviously some crazed Tea Party fanatic terrrrist-type monkeying around with the rails while making a political statement directly to The One and his adopted home state, a twofer!

If you see something, say something ;-)