Lord Rothschild Warns Investors: "Geopolitical Situation Most Dangerous Since WWII"

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For Lord Rothschild, preserving wealth has "become increasingly difficult," recently, as he warns, rather ominously, "we are faced with a geopolitical situation as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II." Furthermore Lord Rothschild summarizes his thoughts briefly, eloquently, and ominously... as he touches on the global debasement of fiat currencies, disappointing growth (in light of massive monetary stimulus), and extreme stock market valuations. As Rothschild Wealth Management noted last year, equities are not well supported by current valuations, while monetary policy is limited by high debt levels and interest rates that are already close to zero... exposing equities to a potentially sharp correction.

Lord Rothschild summarizes his thoughts briefly, eloquently, and ominously...

Our policy has been clearly expressed over the years. Simply put, it is to deliver long-term capital growthwhile preserving shareholders’ capital; the realisation of this policy comes at a time of heightened risk, complexity and uncertainty. The economic and geopolitical environment therefore becomes increasingly difficult to predict.


The world economy grew at a disappointing and uneven rate in 2014 after six years of monetary stimulus and extraordinarily low interest rates.


Stock market valuations however, are near an all-time high with equities benefiting from quantitative easing.


Not surprisingly, the value of paper money has been debased as countries have sought to compete and generate growth by lowering the value of their currencies – the Euro and the Yen depreciated by over 12% against the US Dollar during the course of the year and Sterling by 5.9%.


In addition to this difficult economic background, we are confronted by a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II: chaos and extremism in the Middle East, Russian aggression and expansion, and a weakened Europe threatened by horrendous unemployment, in no small measure caused by a failure to tackle structural reforms in many of the countries which form part of the European Union.

*  *  *

Lord Rothschild's comments appear to confirm the concerns that Rothschild Wealth Management noted last year, that more muddle through was most probable but depression possible:

Notably, equities are not well supported by current valuations, while monetary policy is limited by high debt levels and interest rates that are already close to zero...exposing equities to a potentially sharp correction."


Four main scenarios


We have identified four different scenarios that, in our view, are the most likely to occur.



For each scenario, the position of the bubble shows the combination of growth and inflation that we expect to see in the next one to three years.


The size of the bubble illustrates our view on the likelihood of this scenario occurring – this is subjective, and is intended just to illustrate our thinking.


Growth is expressed in relation to the potential for each country. For example, a growth rate of 4% would be low for China but very high for Europe. Similarly, inflation relates to a country’s individual inflation target.


We have adjusted the size of the bubbles to reflect our view that conditions in the global economy should continue to improve in 2014. We believe the world could begin to move away from our core “muddling through” scenario towards “economic renaissance” and that the “new monetary world” situation has become less likely.


(click image for huge legible version)



Implications for returns from asset classes


The table summarises the expected returns of the major asset classes under each of our four main scenarios.


The circles in the boxes show the expected return over the next three years, relative to the long-term expected returns*. Light green means higher than long-term expected returns*, while light red means lower.


These figures are an illustration of our thinking. They are based on an informed interpretation of our fundamental valuation models.


(click image for huge legible version)




Maintain portfolio hedges


Although we believe the “depression” scenario is the least likely, its impact would be so disruptive that it must be considered within our investment strategy. Notably, equities are not well supported by current valuations, while monetary policy is limited by high debt levels and interest rates that are already close to zero.

*  *  *

Back to Lord Rothschild to conclude:

The unintended consequences of monetary experiments on such a scale are impossible to predict.

And yet it appears every talking-head on mainstream media knows better.

*  *  *

Full RITCapital Partners Fund Report below:

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Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:05 | 5859568 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Thanks for the heads up, Jew.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:08 | 5859576 COSMOS
COSMOS's picture

Although we believe the “depression” scenario is the least likely, its impact would be so disruptive that it must be considered within our investment strategy.


Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:08 | 5859580 Self-enslavement
Self-enslavement's picture

Chosenites are insane.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:10 | 5859583 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

WTF? Since WWII, the damn Rothschilds have been the architects of this fucked-up world we now find ourselves in.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:15 | 5859596 kliguy38
kliguy38's picture

nothing like hearing it from the source and I'll still be called a conspiracy theorist....hehehehe.....it really hurts my feelings too

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:17 | 5859608 I MISS KUDLOW
I MISS KUDLOW's picture

i saw hi

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:22 | 5859619 Self-enslavement
Self-enslavement's picture

"Lord" my ass...

The old scumbag couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:23 | 5859627 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture



""Lord" my ass..."

Oh, he will!

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:26 | 5859640 TahoeBilly2012
TahoeBilly2012's picture

Hide your kids!

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 21:48 | 5859712 Vampyroteuthis ...
Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Inflation is bad for any honest person. It benefits thieving banksters only!

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:00 | 5859740 Thirst Mutilator
Thirst Mutilator's picture

LOL ~ Fucking Hell!!! I haven't laughed as much as I did reading this first burst of comments in about a decade!!!


Thanks TYLERS!!! :-)

props to TahoeBilly who sealed the deal!

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:05 | 5859761 Squid-puppets a...
Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

I know - attempted plausible deniability from a ROTHSCHILD of all people. good lord.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:18 | 5859797 cnmcdee
cnmcdee's picture

OK ZH'ers here is a question.

If the Federal Reserve is a private entity OWNED by private corporations and banks - who are the owners?  Is this not a collusion of interest of the federal government as I understand it the 'owners' are banks in italy and europe or something.

It used to be known in the 1960's I remember a very old conspiracy documentary about it - listing names that since were hidden.

I do know that the Federal Reserve secretly loaned $16 TRILLION to European banks in 2008, but nothing is on the books since.. 

Maybe Royal Num Nutts knows..?

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:25 | 5859818 Self-enslavement
Self-enslavement's picture

If you want to know who controls the Federal Reserve, look at who we are supposedly not supposed to talk about...

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:27 | 5859822 Thirst Mutilator
Thirst Mutilator's picture

Look at a list of "folks" who have been kicked off ZH...

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:56 | 5859844 Pinto Currency
Pinto Currency's picture



The Rothschild's representatives were key architects of the debt-based Federal Reserve money system - present even at Jekyll Island.

After running the LBMA off the rails rigging gold and silver - and therefore global interest rates -  for decades leading to a global debt bubble and economic collapse, he now gives warning. 

Must be nerve racking getting caught with your thumb on the scale.


Can also throw in Rothschild lackie Soros finances the Ukrainian insurrection and coup on Russia's border, lackie David Cameron sends UK military advisors into the Ukraine, and Rothschild is warning us about Russian aggression.  Nice.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 23:25 | 5860005 jbvtme
jbvtme's picture

monte burns

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 01:37 | 5860316 zhandax
zhandax's picture

@cnmcdee, if you are simply speaking of stock ownership, the federal reserve corporation is owned by the member banks.   The largest number of shares is owned by JP Morgan.

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 06:40 | 5860526 GetZeeGold
GetZeeGold's picture



Lord Rothschild...



Take me to your leader.


Or we can just wait....it shouldn't be to much longer now.

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 09:01 | 5860727 Four chan
Four chan's picture

i hear he wears an "and its gone" tee shirt around the house.

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 02:25 | 5864090 Self-enslavement
Self-enslavement's picture

WWII never ended, it's a continuum. Now Russia and China are joining the side of the non-Jews.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 23:59 | 5860112 tired1
tired1's picture

FWIW, I came across this the other day. about US-Russian cooperation against the Rothchild clan under Tsar Alexander I. Sorry I can only offer machine translation. I might add that such discussions are perhaps uncommon in the US culture, but be sure that this is common knowlege among Russians (and probably most of the rest of the world).



Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:08 | 5860120 fleur de lis
fleur de lis's picture

The Rothschilds were very generous contributors to the French Revolution/takedown, several smaller 19th century revolutions/takedowns, the Russian Revolution/takedown, the Chinese Revolution/takedown, WW1, WW2, and will most likely have a lot to say in the course of WW3, and those are only the big past ones.  The Rothschilds are walking talking parasites. 

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 08:09 | 5860644 doctor10
doctor10's picture

Existing as one of the last nations on the face of the earth that has not allowed itself to become subservient to a privately-owned central bank, Syria now finds that national financial independence does not come without the price of presenting oneself as a preferred target for the banking cartels and the nations they control.


Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:34 | 5859846 SafelyGraze
SafelyGraze's picture

"Sith Dark Lord Rothschild Warns Investors .."

tyler's speaking in metaphors here


Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:05 | 5860127 Squid-puppets a...
Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

and can we pipe down on the Jewish issue? There's oly one war, the class war - all others are a divide and conquer distraction. All the tools you need to fight the oligarchy are at your disposal without the need to enter a race debate, and doing so all you do is lose support from those who would otherwise be your allies. So what if Jews happen to be overly represented in the oligarchy? Its arbitrary and incidental - next millenium it'll be the kalahari fkn bushmen. 

Wise up.

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 01:59 | 5864048 Self-enslavement
Self-enslavement's picture

Fuck you parasite.

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 04:04 | 5864158 Johnny Moscow
Johnny Moscow's picture

I'll admit the hate gets a little bit much at some times but hear me out.

~20% of US senators are tribesman. The Fed is like 60%, including most of the last few chairmen (er, chairpersons). You've got AIPAC and the lobby controlling much of our ME policies. Large swathes of the media are also under their purview (Sulzbergers at the NY Times, all the networks, CNN, even Ailes at Fox (who are staunchly pro-Israel & neo-con, if right-leaning on financial issues) + all of Hollywood.    

Look at the PE and Wall Street world and who donates and it's no surpise that guys like Soros wield so much power. And the Hollywood complex of anti-family, anti-Christian far left "Progressive" values is so corrupt and disingenuous it's almost evil - they fill the common man's world with their lies and half truths day in, day out. 

It would be naive to think that all of the above when combined doesn't have a major effect on the US (and UK) world view that your mainstream media, academia and culture espouse. It's one big bright shining lie and the corruption and ethnocentrism is pretty bad and it's amazing how it's been allowed to carrry on in supposed "democracies". 

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 19:34 | 5865637 RagnarRedux
RagnarRedux's picture

Sure, as soon as the venomous, predatory, and hypocritical Jewish collective stop with their ubiquitious over the top HATE and attacks on everyday white folk, their nations and cultures. So what's the matter, the "Culture of Critique" can't take some of their own medicine?



Fri, 03/06/2015 - 23:53 | 5863871 cornflakesdisease
cornflakesdisease's picture

Citibank, Chase Manhatten, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bankers Trust Company, National Bank of North America, and the Bank of New York (Mullins, p. 179). Together, these banks owned about 63 percent of the New York Fed's outstanding stock. Mullins then showed that many of these banks are owned by about a dozen European banking organizations, mostly British, and most notably the Rothschild banking dynasty. Through their American agents they are able to select the board of directors for the New York Fed and to direct U.S. monetary policy. Mullins explained,

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:14 | 5860153 RagnarRedux
RagnarRedux's picture



* Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
* Goldman Sachs Bank of New York
* Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York/Shearson American Express
* Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
* Israel Moses Sief Banks of Italy
* Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam
* Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
* Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (David Rockefeller)

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:46 | 5860232 cnmcdee
cnmcdee's picture

Wow thank you better yet where did you find that answer?

Israel Moses Sief Banks of Italy..?

Ok now I am curious how much US currency was loaned to these same banks in 2008.. That would be easy to triangulate


Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:48 | 5860241 cnmcdee
cnmcdee's picture

I found this list at : http://www.rense.com/general85/feddrec.htm

$1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin.
$2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris.
$3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy.
$4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam.
$5. Lehman Brothers of NY.
$6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express).
$7. Goldman, Sachs of NY.
$8. National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank - Equitable Life - Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders).
$9. Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders).
Fri, 03/06/2015 - 16:29 | 5862529 SHRAGS
SHRAGS's picture
Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence. Staff Report,Committee on Banking,Currency and Housing, House of Representatives, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, August 1976



Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:36 | 5860215 WhackoWarner
WhackoWarner's picture

Very easy answer sir,  cncdee.


Just look into the origins of the FED.  Will not take you too long to find the trail.  Nobody can spoonfeed you facts.

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 08:55 | 5860717 Fun Facts
Fun Facts's picture

The modern financial system [ponzi scheme] we all endure today was hatched in a pawn shop in Frankfurt Germany by M.A. Rothschild [the house of the red shield] which was the symbol for revolutionary jews in Europe at the time.

Within 2 generations, his offspring [15 of whom married their first cousins to keep it all in the family] were running every single central bank in Europe.

Then they sent warburg over to create the FED and enslave the USA donkeys.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:14 | 5859748 BLOTTO
BLOTTO's picture

The House of Rothschild is one of biggest ruling beasts on this planet. One of the biggest pieces of shit lineage on this planet - inbred, perverse, liars, deceivers. Satanists.


Their soulless lap dogs control the world’s media, education, business and politics.


They will have a hand in ushering in the Antichrist.


1972 Rothschild party


Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:42 | 5859872 Fun Facts
Fun Facts's picture

keep your kids away from that faggy old pedophile.

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 07:38 | 5860611 GetZeeGold
GetZeeGold's picture





inbred, perverse, liars, deceivers. Satanists.


You had me at hello.



Thu, 03/05/2015 - 23:08 | 5859957 weburke
weburke's picture

fuck you and your evil associates for adding the word "lord" to your damn name you despicable evil fuck. 

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:19 | 5860171 weburke
weburke's picture

they rule, they have killed enough guys to rule, and so they do. 

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:55 | 5860260 Condition 1SQ
Condition 1SQ's picture

Distubing link you've got there.  Makes you wonder why that didn't get more media attention .. (hah)

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:10 | 5859771 scottch
scottch's picture

If you have a loan then you are paying it back with inflated dollars.  That helps the banks exactly how?

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:21 | 5859806 COSMOS
COSMOS's picture

Well for one thing your pay doesn't keep up with inflation so it takes a toll on your finances.  The banks benefit from all the cheap money printed, they get to fund mergers and acquisitions for the old boy network.

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 22:28 | 5859825 Self-enslavement
Self-enslavement's picture

Only the parasites "wages" rise faster than inflation, although they contribute absolutely nothing. To the contrary, they destroy everything of real value.

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 06:31 | 5860520 Eirik Magnus Larssen
Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

A dynamic that is closely connected to white privilege. The business world is, by and large, run by upper (middle) class white males, and the media is, by and large, deferential to upper (middle) class white females. In both cases, this status quo exists at the direct expense of people of color and of minority groups.

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 09:20 | 5860758 Jonesy
Jonesy's picture

what is ya, ignerant?

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 18:21 | 5865445 Dearlydeparted
Dearlydeparted's picture

@ Jonesy

This Larsen Troll is basically brain dead. Any attempts at resuscitating the few neurons left in his skull are vain. He loves coal and everything White to him is evil even himself. Self-flagelation is his preferred method of dealing with his issues, that & self-righteousness.

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 04:07 | 5864159 Johnny Moscow
Johnny Moscow's picture

White privilege doesn't exist. 

Stop trolling.

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 16:03 | 5865110 UselessEater
UselessEater's picture

Oh let him enjoy simplifying the issue to a general creed, the white men in my family faced racism because they were white in Europe in the 70's from the wrong country...they just do not weep incessantly about it, they got on with building a future for their family. They did not behave like an Oprah guest.

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