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Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

You know that we talk a lot about the insane level of government interference in our lives. About what we can and cannot put in our bodies. The amount of interest we’re entitled to receive on our savings. Etc.

But I’m noticing now even more ridiculous trends of governments wanting to get involved in people’s sex lives.

Last year the Danish government promoted an initiative called “Do it for Denmark”, encouraging Danes to travel abroad and have sex while on holidays. They even have a pretty racy Youtube video featuring a scantily clad gorgeous blonde waiting to do her duty for her country and procreate.


Singapore as well has a catchy jingle about going out and making babies, brought to you by the same guys who did the Mentos theme song.

The Swedish government actually spent taxpayer money on its new genitals song, so it can start indoctrinating children early on how they can make babies.

Here in Japan, which has one of the lowest birthrates in the world, the government is desperate to find solutions to what it calls its libido crisis.

According to their data, Japanese men aren’t terribly interested in sex and the women find sex to be bothersome.

Japanese being expert process engineers are coming up with a government solution to reengineer sexual desire in their country.

(I have to imagine that if this solution reached US soil, the government option would include the smooth sounds of Barack Obama whispering some pillow talk: “C’mon, lemme give you this big tax cut, baby…”)

Easily the most ridiculous solution they came up with is to impose a ‘handsome tax’ on attractive men. I thought this was a headline from the Onion, the greatest news source in the world, but it turned out to be true.

The idea being that if you tax handsome men, then less attractive men would have more money and hence be able to attract women.

Zerohedge covered this in fantastic detail—I encourage you to check it out. This is not a joke.

The thing that many of these countries have in common, Japan, Denmark, etc., is a rapidly declining birthrate.

A declining birthrate is disastrous for an economy, particularly for an ageing place like Japan.

Ironically, the oldest person in the world turned 117 years old yesterday—and no surprise that she’s Japanese. In fact, Japan is home to one of the oldest populations in the world and has one of the longest life expectancies.

Curiously they also have one of the largest pension programs in the world. You put all that together and you have fewer and fewer young people paying more and more of their income to support a disproportionately large population of retirees who are living for decades after they stop working.

Each one of these governments is trying to find a solution to fix this unsustainable fiscal problem.

In Denmark they seem to think that people aren’t going on vacation enough. In Japan they think it’s a problem of sexual desire. But in actuality it has everything to do with cost of living.

Month to month, year to year, it’s hard to notice the subtle changes in costs of living and standards of living, but after a long period of time it’s easy to look back and remember how things used to be.

You used to be able to support a family on a single income. You used to be able to afford medical care and higher education.

It’s often said that the greatest expense that someone will have in their life is his or her home. That’s total nonsense.

Now, I’m not saying it’s not worth it, but the biggest expense most people will have is family, and particularly children.

And after years and years of suffering through pitiful, destructive policies that have chronically made people less prosperous, it’s no surprise that they’re coming to the conclusion—you know, we can’t really afford to have a child right now.

There are consequences to conjuring money out of thin air. There are consequences to destructive policies.

So destructive in fact that central bankers and politicians even have the power to make a population disappear.

How ironic that they try to fix their own problem by trying to introduce themselves into our bedrooms.

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junction's picture

Politicians are all whores, so they are the experts on selling out.

doctor10's picture

spiking the foods with all those testoerone reducing additives has consequences for politicos/bankers.

It makes them a little more secure-in the short run-


SWRichmond's picture

Want children?  You need families, with a place for women AND MEN.

How to fix this?

  1. Go back in time.
  2. Murder Simone de Beauvoir

Too bad, too late.

knukles's picture

Wait a sec.  The deal is to go on vacation and procreate abroad.  What the fuck's wrong with domestic screwing? 
I am getting sooooo confused with some of the goobermont mumbo-jumbo

Manthong's picture

Gay rights..  abortion., .price inflation of necessities and education,  tax and government fee increases..

Adios, white man.

knukles's picture



                          Pssst ....  does she come with nipple clamps?

bwh1214's picture This site moved but the History and Intro is a great read and perfect for anyone who is new to our very sad monetary system.

NoDebt's picture

Well, since we're all-in on Keynesian insanity what would be wrong with just PAYING women to have babies?

If we're gonna go retard, why not go FULL retard?  Yes, I know you never go fall retard, but we've tried everything else and it's failed.  

bania's picture

How about just paying women for sex? It's a novel idea and might just work!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Kids cost a lot of money---they are the most expensive toy you can buy.  And it takes time and responsibility to raise a child.  Most young people today are too selfish to want to give up anything like Xbox or TeeVee.  And if you end up with a brat or two, how is it worth it?

Government trying to keep the slave trade going.

saltedGold's picture

Kids don't have to cost a lot of money, but they should cost a lot of effort and energy to raise them properly.  I know too many people that don't want kids because it'll cut into how they spend their time and money.  I appreciate their honestly and the fact that they just don't have kids anyway because they think they should.  But it's also a shame because they are smart and hard working and the type of people you'd want raising the next generation. 

jbvtme's picture

how does this jibe with the georgia guidestones and the soros/gates/rockefeller eugenics program?

cifo's picture

So Simon Black lives in Japan?

(I expected Chile.)

knukles's picture

So this Danish chick goes to her doctor for a follow-up visit after the doctor had prescribed testosterone for her. She was a little worried about some of the side-effects she was experiencing.
"Doctor, the hormones you’ve been giving me have really helped, but I`m afraid that you’re giving me too much. I’ve started growing hair in places that I’ve never grown hair before."
The doctor reassured her. "A little hair growth is a perfectly normal side effect of testosterone. Just where has this hair appeared?"
"On my balls."

Skateboarder's picture

Watch closely at the 1:00 minute mark. BOING! That's not a co-inkydinks my friends. :-)

Oh regional Indian's picture

Can you say obvious Captain? Too funny! :-)

neidermeyer's picture

The decorative fabric wall covering at 00:37 is a premonition of the Eiffel tower at 01:00 ,, lots of phallic easter eggs here...

jeff montanye's picture

imo there are entirely too many humans on the planet now.  exponential growth of most things for very long is a bad idea.  it won't seem as difficult once the baby boom dies.  

TruxtonSpangler's picture

But if everyone else is doing it why not win at it? Just like the race to debase.

Save_America1st's picture

and please...if you have children.  Don't let them grow up to be sociopath government scumbags hated by all but the lowest of the creepiest low. 

Raise them right and keep them away from the influence of these mutants.

smlbizman's picture

i lied yesterday...i lied....i dont come here for the articles...i come here for the brazil ass shot and the hookers...

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

Wait a minute.  Europe, and Denmark, especially, are ultra-politically correct.  Do they have a companion "have gay sex abroad" and "have farm animal sex abroad" commercials for their peoples of other sexual preferences?  Seems like a major lawsuit, and government hammering, should be brewing here.

Stuck on Zero's picture

The easiest way to get lots of babies is to make them profitable like we do with our welfare system.

Handful of Dust's picture

Tax credits for each muncher you poop out. It does wonders in the USA.



Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Fuck yeah! Do it for Denmark!!! (They've got a bitchin' welfare system.)

Abitdodgie's picture

Why do you think you don't need a licence for a child.

neidermeyer's picture

Do three hail mary's and 4 scotch and soda's and your sins will be forgotten.

Crisismode's picture




This stupid story somehow equates having sex with having children.

Insanely idiotic assumption.

Anyone can have sex.

Raising a child from birth to college graduation is a crazy huge committment.

Monetarily especially.


Who is going to pay for that? The government?

Yeah right.


Creepy A. Cracker's picture

"And it takes time and responsibility to raise a child."

Please...  Since when does **any** inner city Obama voter do either of these to raise their little gang-bangers?  And we tax payers (not tax takers) pay for it to boot.

TBT or not TBT's picture

It takes a village to raise a gang banger.   

RichardParker's picture


A large portion of young people are unemployed or underemployed living in their parent's basements.  Can you blame 'em for not wanting to have kids under those circumstances?

Arnold's picture

Yep, there is really a limit to what you can learn from the inter webs , despite killer ap development.

tarsubil's picture

Little shits come from big shits - Yoda

Socratic Dog's picture

Pay women for sex?  How about paying men?

Another option would be to remove the absurd taboo on good, healthy, population-increasing rape.

jeff montanye's picture

yes you might be paid for sex.  and someone, probably, would be willing to rape you.  but you have to put yourself out there.  just typing stuff on a blog isn't enough.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Denmark could charter rape flights to Syria and Iraq.   ISIS is laying pipe down there, bitches.

armageddon addahere's picture

They are already paying women to have babies. I'm not saying what kind of babie, but babies.

capitallosses's picture

We're already paying women to have babies big time with our welfare system.

knukles's picture

Kinda like 50 Shades of Grey being banned by Indonesia. "We cannot condone this depravity," said Muhammad Adul, accompanied by his 9-year-old wife.

MontgomeryScott's picture


Enslavement comes in many forms. The chick in 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' chose hers freely, but 9-year-old children have NO CHOICE in the matter (female OR male).

Your comment reminds me of a song by the Eurythmics.

Does Indonesia have the Bomb yet? Pakistan does, and so does India. Something like 37 countries have the Bomb (but NOT Israel! NO WAY! {sarc}).

LOTS of sick synchopathic mother fuckers are in places of power in the leadership in all the nations, I think. Iran has been weeks away from getting a Bomb since 1981 (officially). Saddam COULD have bought (or built) a bomb, you know (and so could have M'oh'amar) YELLOCAKE URANIUM from NIGER, and ALUMINUM TUBES; and (*gasp*) CENTRIFIGES! HEY, maybe NIGER has one! I mean, you NEVER KNOW about this stuff...

If Syria or the Eastern Ukraine get one, then OH, SHIT! Lurch and Billary have BOTH had wet dreams (oops, I mean 'BAD DREAMS') about this scenario. HELL, Bibi has taken to wearing 'adult incontinence products' (as has most of the duly-unelected selections in the U.S. Congress, who were forced to stand in order to let their Depends have a chance to absorb their fecal matter, simply discussing IRAN).

Do you think Kim Jong Un (or whoever) in N.K. likes 9-year-old girls? Are they Taoists, or secular Taoists, or reformed Taoists, or radicalised Taoists, over there behind the Bamboo curtain? HE has a BOMB, you know.

Al Tinfoil's picture

A few years ago the government of Quebec, Canada, concerned that its low birthrate would lead to its French-language status within mostly English-language Canada being lost, started paying women to have babies.

I light of the immense costs of having children - financial, emotional, lifestyle and time - paying people to become parents makes some sense.

But there are inner-city communities in the USA that are willingly copulating and procreating, with nary a care about financial or lifestyle consequences, or about parenting or marriage.  Chicago with its 85% of children being raised in single-parent homes comes to mind.  

Modern welfare systems allow a woman to marry the state for support.  Who needs a man for anything other than sperm?  The Danes have a cradle-to-grave social safety net.  Why not promote its use to increase its population, if population growth is the aim?  

One thing puzzles me though.  Why are Danish women being told to go on vacation to copulate?  Are there no Danish men willing to copulate or able to impregnate?  Or are the Danes so lacking in energy, or otherwise occupied, in their daily lives that they cannot find the energy or time to copulate?

Then there are the concerns about chemical pollution, plastics giving off artifical estrogens, birth control pills disrupting natural pheromone signals, and other concerns about our environment and food supply decreasing sperm counts and interfering with natural bodily functions, including sexual activity.  Maybe the Danes are trying to send their young women to unpolluted places to find higher sperm counts and natural rhythms.

Or maybe the current generation of young Danes has taken in the message of the feminists that men are unnecessary (and smelly, uncouth, violent, and generally not socially acceptable) .  If a man is seen as not necessary or desirable, why should a man or woman bother to have relations with the opposite sex?  Are young Danes on a sex strike?

Arnold's picture

Eliminate convenient abortions, and watch populations skyrocket in the lower quartile demographic.

AssN9's picture

They tried that in Australia, the parents received a $5000 "baby bonus" for every child born. They ended up with a lot of children born to the wrong parents and for all the wrong reasons which became a massive drain on the welfare state. Full retard !

Dearlydeparted's picture

Same here in Canada with the same deplorable results.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

You can raise and train a LOT of jihadis on $5000.