Apple Watch May Be DOA As Cook Admits Battery Life As Low As 3 Hours

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The Apple Watch may be pretty... but you are going to need up to 8 of them to make it through a full day. While Tim Cook proclaimed 18 hours of "all-day battery-life" - itself not particularly impressive compared to competing products, hidden deep in Apple Watch's product page is a little admission that battery life (in use) could be as low as 3 hours...

As The Telegraph reports,

The admissions are significantly less than the 18 hours that Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced in the glitzy launch on Monday.


They could prove a major problem for users who will have to charge up multiple times in a day using the magnetic clip-on charger.




He claimed it would be "revolutionary", but now it seems that the battery might be what one tech website described as its "Achilles Heel".


On its website, Apple gave figures for battery life based on the smaller 38mm (1.4 inch) version. The 42mm (1.7 inch) version will last longer, though no figures were given.


Leaving it in reserve mode will last up to 72 hours, and leaving it in "Watch Test" mode will last up to 48 hours.


But should you use any of the features Mr Cook talked about in his press conference, it will last significantly less.


Apple tried to make the figures more impressive by giving an example of a typical user chewing up their 18 hours of battery life as follows: 90 time checks (five per hour), 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout with music playback via Bluetooth.


But on the product page of the watch website, it also gave the lower figures for talking or using it to workout.

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Remember Google Glass?

Battery life had been an issue with Google’s Glass eyewear - now discontinued - and when connected to the Internet it lasted just 30 minutes.

And here's Bloomberg to explain the problems with the $10,000 edition...

There has been no mention yet at all of the biggest elephant in the room: what do you do with a solid gold watch when it becomes obsolete? One would hope for some kind of trade-in or recycling program that prevents all that gold from sitting unused in a drawer, but it will likely be a while before we know of anything real. (Many $10,000 mechanical watches actually rise in value after you purchase as the years go by.)

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Can last up to one week if powered off.

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Remember when NASA augured that probe into the surface of Mars?


It's something like that.

philipat's picture

I must be missing something. I already have a watch powered by a battery which lasts for, oh, about 2 years.....although I admit that I cannot recharge it and must then replace it at a cost of about 5 bucks.

jaap's picture

Well, that is also an indication of time.

And with 4 watches on every arm, You will make it around the clock too... (and be very very hipster as a bonus).


Scoobywan's picture

Who the fuck looks at thier watch every 12 minutes for 18 hours?

GeezerGeek's picture

The same people who look at their smartphone every 5 minutes for 18 hours per day. You can tell them by their distended necks.

nuubee's picture

This is hilarious people. I have on my wrist a watch of a design that might as well be 100 years old. It is analog, and self-winding... and as long as I wear it every day, it winds itself up.


Yet Apple... the worlds highest valued technology company... couldn't find a way to build a watch that self-charges to some degree? Amateurs, the lot of them. It's like their engineers have never heard of electromagnetism.

Pairadimes's picture

Battery technology was always going to be the limiting factor in putting a computer on your wrist. I see the Apple strategy is to ignore the issue completely, resulting in a product that works only if it isn't used.

In their favor is the fact that consumers have not proven themselves to be too terribly bright.

nuubee's picture

That's true, battery life is always going to be the limiting factor... But consider how much motion a wrist makes each day, I'll bet you could squeeze another 3 hours out of the device with a counterweight-spun generator, or more than one. AFAIK they're already considering doing something similar with some other wearable electronics.

Silky Johnson's picture

LOL that nigga is tryin to sell a watch. What a fag!

Automatic Choke's picture

Nubee hit it on the nose.   The iwatch (and android equivs) won't take hold till they become self winding.....if I wear such a beast, I don't want to EVER have to charge it.

Also (point 2)...why the hell did they constrain themselves to make it look like a watch?  They could have a strap on wrist gizmo about 3-4 times the size that don't need a phone in your pocket....full phone functionality and iphone size screen. 

My prediction:   in 5-10 years, most cell phones will be worn on wrist, have screens closer to present cell phone size than to watch size, be flexible and comfortable, and be self-powering (by wrist motion).


zaphod's picture

Regarding the quetion on why did they constrained it to look like a watch, I think another question is why they did not utilize the entire form factor for battery.

I look at the wrist band as wasted space, they could have turned the wrist band into a larger battery to have all day battery life. But that would be real innovation.

Automatic Choke's picture

zaphod - sounds like you and i need to talk about forming a startup.....

Abbie Normal's picture

or have a built-in mini-nuke, a la the Predator watch.

Save_America1st's picture

The watch may be DOA, but that seemed obvious from the first i heard about this a week ago.

Just the price point alone showed it wasnt worth it.

What i think is that it was actually a loss leader type excuse to justify buying over 700 tons of phyzz gold and they probably got it fairly cheap.

They just scooped up more gold than most countries own.

I think Apple is hedging themselves w/ phyzz against the imminent collapse of the dollar and the stock market. 


czarangelus's picture

heh. I don't think they're that smart but maybe you'll right. What'll that mean? In 10 years after society has collapsed into warlordism, it'll be the gold-funded hordes of hipsters and metrosexuals ravaging the landscape under Lord Humungus.

max2205's picture

I am selling solar power recharger hats......that's the ticket....

Bilderberg Member's picture

No Tyler, he said the extension cord was 18 YARDS

de Cosmos's picture

You could also cater to the wind power community with a propeller-beanie version.

HardlyZero's picture

They could "body mould" the battery for a convenient cavity location...with a 6 foot cord the possibilities are limitless !

It would be funny to "find the cord" or need to go to a water-closet to swap-out your battery.

(this situation goes there)

PhysicalRealm's picture

and this is the worst part IMO - you have to have an iPhone within 10' to make the damned watch work!

fuck all iCrap.

SilverIsKing's picture

There's a version of the iWatch that runs on propane.  You need to run a hose from a tank but you can easily get about three days of use before having to refill the tank.  That's in the fine print.

Freddie's picture

Maybe Christy Turlington-Burns can give out handjobs with each watch.

This thing is a iClusterf**k. 

They need to clone Jobs or reanimate him.

Chauncey Gardener's picture

It's clear that the Gay One is no Steve

AnonymousCitizen's picture

But the battery is easily replaceable, right?


HardlyZero's picture

You must be Genius certified to touch the battery.


mkkby's picture

I plan on wearing a normal watch so I can tell time when my apple watch and phone run out of juice.  This isn't a silly idea at all.  I already look like a techno dork for even having apple products, and walking around staring down at my hand all day.

I've never been laid in my life.  I'm sure it's because all the ladies are jealous that I'm so hip with my apple products.

Citxmech's picture

If I can't service the battery - I won't buy it.  Period.

Fuck Apple products.

Fun Facts's picture

the first itouch, iphones and ipads were visionary revolutionary Steve Jobs products.

The apple watch not innovative, revolutionary or great in any way, it's gay and awkward looking. Go figure.

Timmy Cook will run [is running] Apple into the ground like every other CEO except Jobs did.

flapdoodle's picture

NOW we know why there was a $17 billion dollar drop in AAPL on announcement.

All the insiders were bailing out like crazy taking advantage of the run up the previous day (and the run up from the gold iMac)

If it only gets 18 hours charge, that means you must charge it TWICE a day, not once! MASSIVE fail!

Even the fanbois will get tired of that... they'll only wear it when they go out on a date with other fanbois...


glenlloyd's picture

Hmm...unless the watch actually told you it was same gender attracted it's all just speculation.

random999's picture

Dont really want to get myself into a iSheeple argument, but I cant resist!

Please tell me in what way iPhones where revolutionary! As far as I know the only new invention in it was the inability to multitask and the blocking of non apple bluetooth devices. And oh i forgot, it was also released with only a GSM antenna, thats a really cool feature. Why put 3G in a smartphone?

But yeah, ur right they did a good job comes to helping the FED/ECB push for inflation by raising the overall pricerang for cellphones!

loonyleft's picture

I upvoted and I hate apple products. Apple didn't 'invent' anything. They took existing products and either through their fanbase and / or improvements in the previous design they became popular items. 

The pocketPC was around, but the ipod touch made it easy to use by getting rid of the stylus and going to a thumb based, simplistic OS that was easy to use and functional. 

mp3 players were around, but apple made it easier to download songs. Their massive marketing campaign compared to other companies and their fanbase made it 'cool' to own one. 

Apple never really does sell innovation, but sells the sizzle. 

lunaticfringe's picture

Apple finally jumped the shark. Only a couple gay hipster douche bags will buy that POS.  

juantrades's picture

They'll be the only ones able to afford the $10,000 price tag (even though hipsters are suposed to be poor).

Whoa Dammit's picture

The watches will still somehow wind up on the wrist (perhaps in multiples) of every EBT user you see at the corner grocery. 

pods's picture

Nah, I bet you that they are pretty popular at Starbucks and in college libraries though.


KingGenius's picture

OOO iwatch bringing the watch back. I thought actual time would come back in style one day.


I'll stick to my Luminox 200m carbon case. I tend to break cheap ass shit

Canoe Driver's picture

Does your Luminox have a sapphire crystal? Try IWC for an upgrade.

PhysicalRealm's picture

KingGenius sez: 'I'll stick to my Luminox 200m carbon case. I tend to break cheap ass shit'

As for me, I'll stick to my old Longines wind-up watch...


maxblockm's picture

4 Edition editions on each arm... It's a good idea to have a couple of ounces of phyzz "on hand", but there's other options with much less premium involved... 

valley chick's picture

My 1940's Hamilton wind up watch works just fine and quite a classy watch. :-) 

DavidC's picture

The older ones are nice watches.


DavidC's picture

Yeah, but did Christy Turlington advertise it?


valley chick's picture

Better mother. Was given to her by my father when they got married. Priceless. Seeing the icrap model in gold has nothing on the gold Hamilton.