Visualizing The American Water Crisis

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Water is the lifeblood of humanity; it turns out it is in short supply. Like any other commodity high in demand, you should keep an eye on it for investment purposes as we get closer and closer to “peak water.” Right now, the average American consumes about 100 gallons of water per day both directly and indirectly. This is a problem of conservation and efficiency as much as it is supply, as the aging water infrastructure had its last upgrade during the Reagan era.




Source: Last Call at The Oasis via Visual Capitalist

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no we have plenty...the ice caps are melting

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People treat water like they think it falls out of the sky.

Oh wait....

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Not too bad here around Lake Ontario - and nice snow melt this week so far . . .

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A couple of points...


Water is a 100% renewable resource, so the hysteria in this article is a bit far-fetched.  Here in the Great Lakes region, water is obviously plentiful.  If one chooses to live in a desert or arid state, they should expect to have water shortages.


Secondly, they say it would take $1,000,000,000,000 to "upgrade" the existing infrastructure.  That, too, seems a bit far-fetched.  But, the irony is that the sheeple swallow so easily the lies of weapons of mass destruction and accept useless trillion-dollar wars without end for Israel as a result... but would scream bloody murder if such a sum were suggested to be spent on a domestic project that would actually benefit them.  Surreal.

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The good news? The places that have natural water surface supplies ONLY have to worry about fixing their decaying infrastructure. it will cost a lot and is worth doing BUT if I may make a cost savings proposal - first HANG all the local politicians of both parties from light poles. WHY? Because in the corruptocracy we NOW live in, this life and economy growing boon will just become another way to STEAL money.

The bad news?  The places pumping water out of aquifers in what a normally deserts are completely, utterly and irretrievably FUCKED.

That's TOO optimistic ... they are PROPER FUCKED.

First of all, aquifers are underground water supplies that can be DRAINED far faster than they REFILL- in California,the government's solution the 500 feet deep aquifer wells going dry? Let the farmers drill 1,000 feet deep NEW aquifer wells.


One other little problem for California? Water supply networks are NOT earthquake proof!

All those pretty buildings that WON'T fall down in an earthquake?  They are going to be completelty fucking USELESS without a water supply.

Let's see what did I miss?

Oh, yeah - water trapped in rock 400 MILES DOWN - it would be cheaper and quicker to build a new space industry importing ice from comets - somebody nudge Elon Musk on that one.

The last bit of good news? if we seal the border with California, the millions of people who will die after the Big One will help raise the national IQ by an easy 10 points.

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Read about primary water and how that water comes to surface.

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The water in the Great Lakes would cover the North American continent in 5 feet of water.

The problem isn't infrastructure or water, it's the trillions wasted on wars and making the puppet masters as rich as gods.

Wind busted ice on Lake M.

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Cool pics.


Most problems can be solved with analysis and time.

The goal is to keep people afraid, compliant, and dependent.


"...The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. ..."


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Secondly, they say it would take $1,000,000,000,000 to "upgrade" the existing infrastructure.  That, too, seems a bit far-fetched.

Actually if they say it'll take 1Tril, then it will end up at 4Tril after budget overruns, Union overtime, and political corruption.

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Seriously, who makes up this infoporn crap? Probably the same ecoMarxists who would criminally charge an Oregon land owner for a rain catchment system.

Is clean water an issue? Yes.

Does our water infrastructure suck? Mostly, but it depends on where you look. Some places are in a lot better shape than others.

Are earthquakes a big threat to California's water infrastructure? Well yes, as are war, civil unrest, EMPs and drought.

Is water consumption an issue in California? Not as much as it use to be. Of the 350 gals. of daily use quoted in the infographic, that number isn't accurate any more, at least not here in Southern California. The only places I've seen with green watered lawns around here are over in the Palm Springs area where they have money and water to burn. The rest of us have gotten on with giving up the British Lords and Ladies wet dream, (hehe, I made a funny), of a luxurious acre of mown lawn out front of our tract houses.

But enough of this demonizing infocrap. The world has been fucked since Adam & eve got the Heavenly boot. Fresh, clean drinking water has always been an issue for most of the world. That isn't going to change anytime soon. Deal with it. When the pipes break we get them fixed. When the waterways get polluted we clean them up. When we run low on water we employ conservation. So what's the point of the infographic? Wah, wah, wah! Cry me a fuckin' river.

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Thank you for proving the value of sealing the border in case of the Big One.

Only Californians BELIEVE they  have a God given RIGHT to everybody else's MONEY to rebuild THEIR oasis in the desert after the Big One hits.

Reality is a bitch,  ENTROPY is a REAL MOTHERFUCKER & STUPIDITY is meant to be FATAL.

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Two things,
First, great post.
Second, up arrow for the. " .. they are PROPER FUCKED" quote from movie 'Snatch" and like Tyler Durden Was also played by Brad Pitt.

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Each person uses 99 gallons... INDIRECTLY.  I was wondering how I could call BS on that, and right below -- a 100 watt light bulb uses 5 gal per hour. Got it -- thanks!

So the whole thing is a fraud.  No worries unless you obviously live in a desert, in which case you deserve what comes.

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"The Good News?"

California is next to the Pacific Ocean, which has lots of water.

Instead of building a high speed train that, practically, no one will ride, specially with driverless cars "around the corner", build de-salination plants.

That would be a good use of solar power and windmills, but a "nice nuke" would do the job better.

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If desalinization were easy ... the Saudis wouldn't have deserts any more.

Four decades ago I worked on Saudi projects building "military facilities" in the Kingdom. It was hard to get exact numbers ... but somewhere back then, they passed the armored revetment total for Peak NATO.

When our PM asked, "Why so MANY?"

His Saudi counterpart answered with his own question, "Are they ever going to cost LESS to build?"

The Saudis think LONG term and energy COSTS mean NOTHING to them.

People don't think about it but there is a relative shit ton of salt in seawater -  where are you going to put all that sea salt?


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Once again Israel shows the world how it can be done.  They now gerenerate 2/3rds of their drinking water from deslination, including water for the entire city of Tel Aviv.  They also recylce 80% of their treated water for crops.

But how many clueless haters are there on these very boards?

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1 upvote for the information and 1 downvote for the tribe butthurt.

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A little addendum to your Israeli laud...


"They now gerenerate 2/3rds of their drinking water from desalination, including water for the entire city of Tel Aviv - using billions of free dollars extorted from Western nations."


There... that's better.

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Try to find a pump that can lift water a 1000 feet....

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I am sitting not too many miles from a pumping complex that could pump the Ohio River at flood stage backwards.

People around here are clueless it even exists.

1000 feet of head isn't all that difficult - it's not cheap, but it's not difficult

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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.  400 miles is awfully deep.  I wonder just how much energy and water it would take to drill that far down.

Anyway, for the water falls from the skies crowd, the graphic included info about pollution.  Just because it is wet doesn't mean you can drink it.  Fukawhat?

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Cue Sam Kennison on living in deserts.  

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There used to be enough water when we didn't have 7 billion people + billions of live stock drinking at the tap.... 

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I don't understand how we could have a water shortage long-term. Short-term, sure. But we don't "consume" water. We drink it, piss and sweat it out, then it returns to the earth. None of it is ever irretrievably lost. It doesn't escape out to space or get irreversibly bound with other elements. Is this another fake scare story?

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Most water supplies are controlled by the government.  Remember, if the government controlled sand in the Sahara desert it would soon become scarce.

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This is the smartest thing i have heard in a long long time .

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Until we're all wearing still-suits ala DUNE, we will always be dependent on the availability of potable water.  Too bad so many in the world choose to live where the supply is dwindling.

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Saw a 2008 documentary last night "Flow: For the love of water".

It turns out that the world's supply of drinkable water is dwindling, while the ownership of public water supplies are shifting into private hands -- of a small group of umbrella corporations that control it all via a series of subsidiaries. 

Check it out.

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One familiar name amongst that group of high rollers.......good ol' T. Boone Pickens. Look up his efforts at buying up majority rights to the biggest acquifers in the USA. As previous posters have noted, the issue is NOT a physical shortage of water, but rather the ACCESS to water that is slowly becoming a problem for the average joe. Like everything else on the planet, the hellspawn vampiric fuckwads at the NW0 are moving to establish control over all resources. Their job is pretty much done, as most of us are chained to the water/power grid already....even out in the suburbs.

You may laugh, but don't be surprised if at some point in the not too distant future, these same asshats move to establish control over the very air we breathe. Cuz shortages, global warming, and stuff. Oh yeah, and terrorists.

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Sponsored by CNN.COM EPA.GOV.

We have one gallon toilets as mandated by the State of California.  A trip to Del Taco can result in two or three flushes, per shit, just to get it all down.

With that, being a desert kid, I'm naturally conservative with water.  Anything that grows in my yard manages to do so without a drop of water from me (other than a midnight piss...pee makes the desert green!).  Neighbor planted grass and it's beginning to encroach into my yard, once it's annoying enough I'll dig it up.

We had a pool, um, fire-fighting reservoir but I got rid of it once it filled with polliwogs (where the hell did they come from out here?).

NoVa's picture

NoVa does not have Del Taco here, but I grew up in Orange County (HB) and clearly understand the natural environment in So Cal.  It is plain and simple DESERT.  

I spent lots of time in Havasu and Joshua Tree as well as HB, Leucadia, La Jolla, San Clemente, etc...   it is all desert.  If the weather patterns revert to the geologic mean (it will), those people are in a big hurt.  There is not enuf water to support that society - basically Calabasas to San Diego and East to Phoenix - they are all at risk.




Rootin' for Putin's picture

Im not sure you can call them polliwogs anymore.

Hulk's picture

I'm purty sure polliwog is raysis...

Kprime's picture

I bet they are black polliwogs.

Buster Cherry's picture

Polliwogs= ok

Golliwogs= ok unless yer a UK negro

suteibu's picture

Sponsored by CNN.COM EPA.GOV.

...and Nestle's.

glenlloyd's picture

Old toilets might use 7 gallons of water per flush but at least they do their job. I've not seen a new one that can flush on 1 gallon although they probably exist. Problem is it takes at least two flushes of a low flow to do the same job as the older one.

Out in CA where it's undoubtedly the capital of low flow there was a big problem because low flow wasn't pushing enough water through the system to actually move the shit...the sewers were full and it stunk. They had to flush the sewers with a lot of water just to move it through. I wonder if they calculated how much additional water it took to actually flush the shit away.

I'd rather have an old toilet that actually did something versus a new one that just swirls it around and then stops.

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When taking a shower, put a 3-gallon pail between your legs.  It will usually fill up if your shower is five minutes or longer.  That's enough grey water for two flushes and will save you about 2-4 cents on the water/sewer bill.

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How do I know our country is fucked? People still laugh when I tell them they should invest in water rights.

IndianaJohn's picture

They all invest in water rights. By buying bottles of plastic tasting water.

WillyGroper's picture

These evil fVckers are purposly diverting the jetstream.

I hope they watch their kids die in a fire.

oddjob's picture

They should give the operation a really kool name such as Project Indigo Skyfold.

TBT or not TBT's picture

"They" also control Reynolds Aluminum and once they control your tinfoil they control your reality.   Long regular hat materials.  

TheReplacement's picture

Yeah kill the kids and let the evil doers live.  If they are evil then do you think they will really be all that broken up about fried prawns? 

IndianaJohn's picture

Very poor timing for this contrived scarcity. With the current snowmelt much of the corn belt is swamped. So now excuse me while I go piss the creek.

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That's how a Croc does it; in the water.