NASA Scientist Warns "California Has One Year Of Water Left"

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Authored by NASA Senior Water Scientist Jay Famiglietti, originally posted Op-Ed at The LA Times,

Given the historic low temperatures and snowfalls that pummeled the eastern U.S. this winter, it might be easy to overlook how devastating California's winter was as well.

As our “wet” season draws to a close, it is clear that the paltry rain and snowfall have done almost nothing to alleviate epic drought conditions. January was the driest in California since record-keeping began in 1895. Groundwater and snowpack levels are at all-time lows. We're not just up a creek without a paddle in California, we're losing the creek too.

Data from NASA satellites show that the total amount of water stored in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins — that is, all of the snow, river and reservoir water, water in soils and groundwater combined — was 34 million acre-feet below normal in 2014. That loss is nearly 1.5 times the capacity of Lake Mead, America's largest reservoir.

Statewide, we've been dropping more than 12 million acre-feet of total water yearly since 2011. Roughly two-thirds of these losses are attributable to groundwater pumping for agricultural irrigation in the Central Valley. Farmers have little choice but to pump more groundwater during droughts, especially when their surface water allocations have been slashed 80% to 100%. But these pumping rates are excessive and unsustainable. Wells are running dry. In some areas of the Central Valley, the land is sinking by one foot or more per year.

As difficult as it may be to face, the simple fact is that California is running out of water — and the problem started before our current drought. NASA data reveal that total water storage in California has been in steady decline since at least 2002, when satellite-based monitoring began, although groundwater depletion has been going on since the early 20th century.

Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. California has no contingency plan for a persistent drought like this one (let alone a 20-plus-year mega-drought), except, apparently, staying in emergency mode and praying for rain.

In short, we have no paddle to navigate this crisis.

Several steps need be taken right now.

First, immediate mandatory water rationing should be authorized across all of the state's water sectors, from domestic and municipal through agricultural and industrial. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is already considering water rationing by the summer unless conditions improve. There is no need for the rest of the state to hesitate. The public is ready. A recent Field Poll showed that 94% of Californians surveyed believe that the drought is serious, and that one-third support mandatory rationing.


Second, the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 should be accelerated. The law requires the formation of numerous, regional groundwater sustainability agencies by 2017. Then each agency must adopt a plan by 2022 and “achieve sustainability” 20 years after that. At that pace, it will be nearly 30 years before we even know what is working. By then, there may be no groundwater left to sustain.


Third, the state needs a task force of thought leaders that starts, right now, brainstorming to lay the groundwork for long-term water management strategies. Although several state task forces have been formed in response to the drought, none is focused on solving the long-term needs of a drought-prone, perennially water-stressed California.

Our state's water management is complex, but the technology and expertise exist to handle this harrowing future. It will require major changes in policy and infrastructure that could take decades to identify and act upon. Today, not tomorrow, is the time to begin.

Finally, the public must take ownership of this issue. This crisis belongs to all of us — not just to a handful of decision-makers. Water is our most important, commonly owned resource, but the public remains detached from discussions and decisions.

This process works just fine when water is in abundance. In times of crisis, however, we must demand that planning for California's water security be an honest, transparent and forward-looking process. Most important, we must make sure that there is in fact a plan.

Call me old-fashioned, but I'd like to live in a state that has a paddle so that it might also still have a creek.

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Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

I/m sure all the hollywood liberals will gladly stop filling up their swimming pools and watering their lawns and gardens to help share the burden with the plebs..... better get ready for some food items to get a lot more expensive.

Headbanger's picture


They have an ocean right next to em!

So it's a little salty.

What difference  does it make!?


Bastiat's picture

Delsal plants might be a better use of money than high speed rail, ya think?

El Vaquero's picture

Killing off golf courses and other shit that is not necessary and moving to more drought tolerant crops while paying attention to keeping their soil healthy and how dry farmers do things would probably do a lot for them.


But that doesn't fit into the business model of large agricultural companies, so it won't happen.  They will reap what they have sown, and it looks like they won't be sowing much at all. 

poor fella's picture

Nonsense! There's ground water everywhere - the way I see new drilling rigs popping up and hundreds if not thousands of acres of new almonds - there HAS to be, right?

JoeSexPack's picture

Wake me when rice paddies go dry & illegals get deported.


Ag uses over 80% of water here in CA, because they pay discounted rates.


Charge them market rates & this stops.


Maybe pay rice & cotton farmers to switch to tree crops, with drip irrigation.

El Vaquero's picture

Seriously, they could bring tepary beans back.  Indians dry farm them in the Sonoran desert.  Water them once ever two or three weeks and you get a shitload of yield from them, and I like them better than other dry beans.  I also have melons that I watered once during the month of July last year, and we got about 2" or rain during that month.  They still started to split when it was time to harvest.  They could use a lot less water just by changing their practices and using crops that are adapted to the southwest.

boattrash's picture

Anybody ever hear of Geoff Lawton, and Permaculture?
Here's a video link, longer than most will watch (37 min) but it can be done in your own back yard, or on a large scale.   "Greening the Desert"

Publicus's picture

California can vote to join Mexico for the water.

OceanX's picture

The U.S. has a dozen aircraft carriers, a couple of those have enough power to make lots of water!

NoDebt's picture

IT'S A FUCKING DESERT, OK?  That's what deserts do- be dry.  20 year "mega-drought"?  It could go on for 200 years in that area of the country and it wouldn't be without historical precedent.  And you know what that area of the country will be even after this drought finally breaks?  IT WILL STILL BE A FUCKING DESERT.


benb's picture

Wrong! The preeminent cause for the drought is that weather weapons are being used against us most especially in California. I am here, and a California native and what is going on is total bullshit. There are droughts and there are phony bullshit droughts like the one going on right now. In almost every case as a weather system approaches and rainfall is predicted about three to four days in advance of the precipitation, the CIA/AF tankers flying in the stratosphere spray the hell out of us with the aluminum oxide, barium salts and god knows what other toxic shit. By the predicted day we either receive next to nothing, or nothing at all.

Rain was predicted for the weeks end. It was so heavy yesterday the suspended chemicals made a haze/fog partially obscuring the mountains all around. When I listen to the fucking brainless tripe comments being posted over and over on Z/H referencing “historical droughts” or ‘NASA says’ it’s enough to make a sane person puke. NASA is one of the lying, criminal institutions running the weather war against the people. I’m nauseated to hear some of the nice people hear quoting ‘facts’ from CIA controlled propaganda fronts like National Geographic or Time Magazine to support their ignorance.

This Agenda 21 human extermination program has been running strong for at least 12 or 14 years now. When half the adult population out there is so stupid they don’t even know what the sky is supposed to look like or too cowardly to face up to what’s going on then… it’s just about over.

benb's picture

When I see some of the ignoramus comments being made on this issue every time it comes up, ( and I'm referring to most every comment starting with the greensskeeper fool) the value of these comments threads goes down the toilet. People here understand the markets are rigged but apparently are too big a hicks to understand that the weather is rigged as well.

Suggestion- instead of blurting out comments, talking out your asses, go read up on weather modification. read about Ben Livingston, the Father of Weather Weapons. Read about the US AF controlling the Weather by 2025.

Let the man tell you how stupid you are.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Blame Canada!  Blame Canada!

Or jet stream manipulation...

macholatte's picture


I think it's interesting that there is a "blame the farmers" tone to the water problem. 


People don't want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their mess cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown.

Chuck Palahniuk

nmewn's picture

How bout a little perspective on what southern California is and many parts of the west are:

"But ancient clues in the landscape show this is not the first time the American West has been severely parched. It's unlikely to be the last. And the recent spate of dry years is nothing next to the ancient "megadroughts" that have occurred multiple times in human history. "What research shows is a roughly 50- to 90-year cycle of wet and dry periods over the last few thousand years, with some droughts lasting over a decade. But between 900 and 1400 A.D., during the 'Medieval Warm Period,' there were a couple of droughts that were over a century long," said B. Lynn Ingram, professor of Earth and planetary science and geography at the University of California, Berkeley, and co-author of the book The West Without Water: What Past Floods, Droughts, and Other Climatic Clues Tell Us About Tomorrow.

"The 20th century was a relatively wet time, and a time when all of our modern societies were built," she said. "We've had centuries where it was far drier. We're not prepared."

So what was the first clue that California recieves little precipitation among people who choose to live there? The tumbleweeds, the lack of trees without irrigation, wut? ;-)

Hulk's picture

The Jack Rabbits standing along the highway with tin cups extended  was my first clue !!!

Poundsand's picture

4. Sell your farm land in California NOW.

5. Invest in BNSF, because soon they will be paying to load all that water onto rail and ship it to California.  In Oregon, the Columbia River dumps over 260,000 cu ft/s into the ocean.  I am sure that the we can make some type of arrangement.  I am sure that Warren is right now securing the rights to load that water up into rail cars as both states have democrat Govs.


Poundsand's picture

4. Sell your farm land in California NOW.

5. Invest in BNSF, because soon they will be paying to load all that water onto rail and ship it to California.  In Oregon, the Columbia River dumps over 260,000 cu ft/s into the ocean.  I am sure that the we can make some type of arrangement.  I am sure that Warren is right now securing the rights to load that water up into rail cars as both states have democrat Govs.


Citxmech's picture

Great - water with some "Hanford surprise" in it.  Yum.

bonin006's picture

Isn't anybody going to blame Putin?

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

If this drought is so catastrophic why do they keep building homes?

Somehow there is an implicit belief the the water will always flow no matter what. It's a right doncha know and Jah will provide.


Jtrillian's picture

A few comments on your post. 

When you make personal attacks instead of argue facts, then you make yourself look like a fool. 

Correlation is not causality.  Until someone can prove that planes are spraying chemicals in the air, then the aluminum/barium/strontium could be from another source.  It's not hard to get in a plane and take an air sample after the so called chem trails are spotted.  Why has this not been done? 

Where are the lab samples that prove beyond a resonable doubt that aluminum is being sprayed?  I have searched and while I find lots of references to such studies on conspiracy sites, I have not found any verifiable studies on this subject. 

Finally, QUESTION EVERYTHING.  It seems to be human nature (for at least some of us) to assume some sort of global conspiracy with regard to every single black swan event (false flag) and everything that happens to main street is part of the plan of the illumaniti.  The problem with this thinking is that it is lacking in rational thought, plays on people's emotions, is backed by pseudo science, and most importantly, lacks the facts to back it. 

Having said all this, I do not deny something could be happening.  But the proof is lacking.  Many real problems today start out as conspiracies and slowly the truth comes to light.  The key is to be able tell to the truth from the lies.  And until I see the evidence that something is intentionally being done, then it is nothing more than hate filled paranoia and self fulfilling prophecy, both of which are rampant in this country. 

Those with critical thinking skills and rational minds have the evolutionary edge.  The rest are apathetic sheep and emotional/irrational thinkers... both of which will be led to the slaughter. 

Just my to cents. 

gonetogalt's picture

I didn't down vote you, but just a bit of open-minded observation, or a short time using a non-MSM search engine blows your shit completely away...the evidence is compelling.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Post it then, or link it.  

weburke's picture

silly me,  I thought NASA stood for =never a straight answer=. 


pods's picture

I used to "believe" in the whole chemtrails thing. By saying chemtrails, I mean the deliberate spraying of materials into the air.  

It is easy to spot a plane in the sky with a trail behind it. That is when you notice them and it reinforces your belief.  
I started watching these patterns and lo and behold, the grid lines seemed to follow the winds and normal travel lanes. So one plane goes by and a trail is laid, then gets moved by the wind. Another comes by and another is formed. Makes lines. Seems like a pattern.

But, these planes are always going up and down those lanes. Sometimes the trails persist, sometimes they don't.  I have now come to the realization that these planes are always flying by, only sometimes do the trails persist.

Persistent contrails might be a goal, or it might just be a natural occurrence due to many conditions (pressure, humidity, etc).

I don't mind if people believe in chemtrail spraying or not, just like I don't care if people believe in Global Warming. It is a belief.  When they state them as facts, well, then there better be some supporting information about them, not conjecture.  It is not that difficult. You spot a plane in one area "spraying", check to see if commercial flights match up, and move from there.  

It could be many collaborating effects that cause these contrails to persist. Deliberate spraying seems to be way down the list of possibles though.


buyingsterling's picture

Contrails didn't behave this way a few decades ago.

Probably related; why in the hell is the sun bright white now? It had a distinctively yellow tinge when I was a kid.

pods's picture

I never noticed them behaving this way either. Of course, I was a kid and never gave a crap.

Still does not mean they are spraying. Could be improved efficiency of jets?  Fuel additive?  Additive removed?

I am not saying contrails do not persist on some days, that is clear.  What I am saying is that if you say they are spraying, you have to show proof.

Yellow tinge could have been airborne particulates filtering out higher energy waves (blue) and leaving more or an autumn or evening sun appearance.



Here is a link I found that has pics from way back when of hazy skies or persistent contrails.


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Meh. Looks like a disinformation site. Any jackass who has used Photoshop for longer than a few hours can scan some old photos and fuck with them.

pods's picture

Could be. A quick google of WWII photos shows persistent contrails though.

Are they ALL faked?  


giggler321's picture

They are always on about follow the money - surely one could just follow the strontium mines or what not since someone has to supply this stuff and thus inventories exist

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Anybody older than 35 who liked to watch airplanes as a little kid knows that contrails changed dramatically sometime in the late 20th century. There simply is no comparison.

sleepingbeauty's picture

Ummmm, no. Maybe others noticed but not my hubby. His dad was an RCAF pilot and so he was obsessed with airplanes. He has not noticed a major change of contrails. 

He said that they seem more permanent on hot days and he thought there might be a study saying that they could be the seeds of rainclouds. 

I don't know squat about this issue but your statement is wrong in my husband's case.

SilverDOG's picture




Same memory.

I mean implant, but same here.



pods, you say " I don't care if people believe in Global Warming. It is a belief.  When they state them as facts, well, then there better be some supporting information about them, not conjecture. "

yet presented with the IPCC AR5 which; took over 5 years to produce, was based on some 30,000+ published science papers, and received over 150,000 professional comments (not blogosphere type comments)

you reject it out of hand because...


So humanity's best effort to provide supporting evidence for something that could possibly be leading to the 6th mass extinction (chemtrails/haarp is THE MOST FEARSOME TOPIC EVER FOR EVERY LIFE FORM ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!! - youtube) isn't worth the time of day to you? What, because Pachauri? Himilayan glaciers? emails? Unicef? Rawanda? Democrats? Elon Musk?

Well there won't be any better information available that policy makers can use before meeting in Paris this December. Well, maybe. Let's see what happens with the Arctic ice cap this summer.

Here's what I believe. At the first hint of Paris going the way Copenhagen did (thanks Hitlery!), certain parties are going to walk out and never come back to the UN. It will become UNINO.

Radical Marijuana provides a good description of what to expect in a UNINO world.



benb's picture

Just a response to your post. Did you read up on weather modification? Read about Ben Livingston, the Father of Weather Weapons? Or read about the US AF controlling the Weather by 2025?

Because If you did not you are just blowing smoke up your own ass as well. No matter how polite or civilized your demeanor.

This same nonsense goes on and on with regard to this very serious subject time after time  on Z/H with the people thinking they are being sensible without ever researching or doing any sort of due diligence.

So I will not apologize for ripping on these lazy fucking slackers who by swallowing the propaganda have become part of the shield protecting the very pernicious forces which are destroying humanity.

conscious being's picture

benb - I had to scroll down through a lot of nonsense until I found someone adressing the obvious, that being you benb.

Pods, big disappointment. The programming is strong in the Homeland. Maybe you live in some remote place like Western Canada where the sky is not being painted white? I used to live in CA. I watched the sky change. I now live in SE Asia. Nothing lkke that going on here [yet?]

All these "thinking" sheeple act like someone lying on the ground having a hard time breathing. Why the problem breathing they wonder. Is their diet OK? Did they get enough exercise? They wonder. Are there genetic factors? They never address the obvious problem about the boot stomping on their face because its just too f'n scary.

benb's picture

“…Pods, big disappointment. The programming is strong in the Homeland…”

Yes, Pods is one the most clever and funny commenters here as well as likeable. He gets special dispensation this one time. (But I was disappointed as well.) As far as the programming… yeah, that’s the damn holding us back. I have to ask how many of the ‘deniers’ here watch TV or do not understand that all major publications in the US are CIA controlled… or that the public school curriculum is designed to destroy a kid’s ability to think and be dependent on the state?...Or that 100 million people are already dead having been soft killed by the intentional spiking of the polio vaccines with the simian cancer virus SV-40 and are still dying at a rate of 1 ½ -2 million people a year from the government vaccine?...Or that most of the municipal water is spiked with chemicals to incrementally chemically castrate them? Maybe they wouldn’t think it was so funny if they listened to this interview with Edward Haslam -

BrosephStiglitz's picture

Chemtrails are real.  Lizardmen run the government and Justin Bieber is an Illuminati plant to pacify the sheeple.

If you think I am wrong, just go look at all the evidence on Youtube.  How can so many people be wrong?  Riddle me that? 


conscious being's picture

Yeah, my idiot, kool-aid drinking East Coast brother used to say the same thing about the black helicopters, that can run close to silent, that CAMP used to stuff with goons and M16s to go after my freinds and neighbors. /^sarc

petkovplamen's picture

QUESTION EVERYTHING huh? So RT IS correct then?

Implied Violins's picture

You want some proof? I'll give you some fucking proof.

I am a Biologist working in central California. I unfortunately can't say where, because the information I will provide here would get me ass-fired in a microsecond if it were traced back to me. Even then I can only give general information, as to give specifics could put me in JAIL. Fuck the fucking FUCKED whistleblower 'laws' all to HELL but I have to watch my ass.

Anyway: what I do is test river and wastewater for its effects on fish. For the last several years, my fish (fathead minnows) have been dying when exposed to a combination of river water (Sacramento River) and wastewater, when historically it wasn't so bad. It seems that something is scoring the fish's gills, and secondary infections are occurring where the original injury occurs.

Doing an internet search, I came to find an article that shows the pathology of fish that have been exposed to aluminum nanoparticles. Lo and behold, it matches the pathology of MY fish. So, I look at our data for metals testing (done for a separate program, but the same water samples are used).

What do I find? Spikes of aluminum, as high as the GRAMS PER LITER. There is no correlation to river flow volumes, and other metals tested at the same time (by ICP) don't show such a wide disparity either so whatever is putting it there is something not endemic to the river itself.

Looking further into this, I realized that the fish I test are analogous to the delta smelt, which is a big can of ass-rape for water diversion to the delta as water is being appropriated from farmers and us to supposedly keep these damn fish alive. Well, guess what: the last assay for these fish in the delta found only 22 fish total. So, the water being diverted isn't saving them at fact, what is probably killing them is aluminum in the river water - because the same damn conditions that kill my fish in my tests exist in the river itself just south of our plant.

So, keep disbelieving, people. If anyone really wants to know the truth, go to and see some of Dane Wigington's videos. I am an absolute believer now. This shit is HAPPENING, and needs to be exposed...I would do more, but fuck if I'm ready to spend life in jail just for simply exposing the TRUTH.

benb's picture

Glad you posted. Wiggington is a good guy but not 100%. That doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are some other good sites to look at as well.

The snow pack on Mt. Shasta as independently tested 6 years ago was over 40 times the allowable limit of aluminum. As I’m sure you know, from the city park in Shasta City, begins the headwaters for the Sacramento River. Tons of travelers used to stop at that location to fill up water containers for some of the cleanest water obtainable… not any more.

The Agenda 21 drought in my area (Northernmost CA) has caused terrible suffering in the wildlife. And along with years of intentional mismanagement last year, the worst forest fires on record, which were criminally exacerbated by USFS management. At one point USFS Law enforcement were arresting CAL-Fire guys (Who did a great job) to stop them for attempting to put out some of the fires. It was personally disturbing to see the wildlife retreating from the west of me for over a month especially when you knew specific managers at USFS were making it happen.

A lot of people up here are wise to the balony.


RobD's picture

You wouldn't happen to be getting your samples south of where Hyw 32 crosses over the Sac River would you(Hamilton City)? The reason I ask is because that is where the biggest, most totally awesome river tubing used to be done(fucking no fun police have pretty much stopped it) and there must be a butt load of aluminum beer cans migrating south from there. Hell the beach were all the drinking was done was call Beer Can Beach I kid you not! Was normal for 100's of Cal State Chico students to tube that stretch of river every hot weekend all loaded with cases of beer(me and my friends dragged Kegs when we went, we were quite popular hehe) and most of those cans never made it out of the river. Just a data point you might want to look into.

emersonreturn's picture

loved that you posted, take away however is Long Live Snowden and all those that bravely take a stand. but thank you for coming this far....

Tall Tom's picture

I would do more, but fuck if I'm ready to spend life in jail just for simply exposing the TRUTH.


You can write it into a fictional work in order to circumvent disclosure laws.


This was done with the initial exposures of child rape as a form of torture being employed against terrorist suspect parents. They followed through by creating the film, "Unthinkable".


You can be clever about it.