Dollar Flash Crashes: Currency Market Pulverized As Dollar Implodes After Close

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Complete Currency Carnage...


At 1604ET - the FX world went crazy...


Here is the close-up...


As The Dollar flash-crashed...



It wasn't just the FOMC move - this something more right after the bell


led by JPY and EUR... 2 big figure collapse in JPY!!! 400 pips in EUR!!!!


And Swissy the biggest move of all...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Bryan's picture

Tyler, you act surprised.

Ignatius's picture

Don't be a killjoy.  Enjoy the drama.

CClarity's picture

This is what war looks like.   Skirmishes, salvoes, quick retreats, agressive advances, and then all out insanity as eveyone throws what they have at trying to win the trade wars with currency devals ... until it's nuclear option time - that's when to head to the caves with your PMs

davidalan1's picture

and gude luck when you get to your cave, Eating, and wiping with your pm's....just sayin. Not a critique, just a realization if/when TSHTF..we wont be in Kansas anymore.


kaiserhoff's picture

Efficient markets.

Thanks, Old Yeller.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

This is just short term noise. Long term Dollar investors aren't going to be swayed by this, and neither should you. A strong dollar is a fundamental part of our Federal Reserve's dual mandate, and we're lucky to have a Federal Reserve chariwoman that understands this. We also need to dispel this myth that lower interest rates mean a weaker dollar - this empirically isn't the case. The reason our economy continues to grow is precisely because of low interest rates fueling aggregate demand, which in turn strengthens the dollar. These are some basic elementary economic facts that Zerohedgers just cant seem to understand. 

Save_America1st's picture

I wonder what those charts would have looked like if the "markets" were 90% human like the olden days rather than 90% algo-bot vaccum tubes?

And how about prior to the good 'ol interwebs....hardly anyone would have known about a nothing day like this with a not so impressive FED statement.

We barely would have noticed a blip.

SofaPapa's picture

Wow... just Wow.  This floor we are standing on is getting really creaky...

SamAdams's picture

Martin Armstrong mentioned this was a possibility just this morning, and voila!

knukles's picture

I buy my pork chops in USD.  So my ONLY non-dollar position has been for a while, the PM's. 
That's some neck breakin' shit goin' on in the FX markets.
Betcha some "folks" "got margined" real bad.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Doomers on this site should consider the enourmous cost of their pessimism and far-right ideologies. There are some incredible health benefits to believing in government, which many of you would be wise to consider. People who believe in government have more peace of mind, produce less cortisol (the stress hormone), worry less, and are far more likely to enjoy their lesuire time. All of these benefits reduce the risk of stress related diseases. Just look up the statistics - if you look at the disparity between government employees and private sector employees the effects are even more exreme.

Al Huxley's picture

You are in fine form today, well done.  I'd rate this as one of your most clever posts ever - 'the health benefits of faith in our masters', I don't think I'd ever have come up with that angle, much less all the supporting pseudo-medical bullshit.  Again, well done.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

indeed. my favorite part was the nuanced way he alluded to the low stress levels of govt employees who don't do jack shit and can't ever be fired, even if they just look at porn all day, compared to private sector employees. I would really like to meet this guy, he is fucking hilarious

svayambhu108's picture

I don't understand anymore is that bad or is that good is it fen-shui or is the end of the world ?

Manthong's picture

Rotate that top chart 90 degrees to the left..

PRO.223's picture

Million$ I'm kind of like the government too, I feed my pigs, give them a place to stay, they come running when I walk up to the pen becuase I'm their benefactor. But sometimes I come with a .22 and put a bullet in their head and butcher them for bacon and pork chops. I think I'll stay wary of the government, thanks.

Temporalist's picture

Is there a correlation to how many views ZH gets on stories and much deeper the depression gets?


Recently a few ZH stores have been in the 100ks...



Macchendra's picture

Here comes the new moon. :-D  Time for some awful magic.

J S Bach's picture

"Flash!"  "Crash!"  "Pulverize!"  "Implode!"

My God... by the headline, you'd think you were watching the Battle of Stalingrad or something.

gold-is-not-dead's picture

MDB is back, all good now, I thought FED fired their bots.

Cadavre's picture

Is it just me, or does the mirror-ish like chart pairing EURUSD::CHFUSD look like a, "at the ready with shorts on backwards, and soon meat on a spit slow roasting over the embers of the hatched Phoenix", white shoed CSPAN dandy's chocolate love tunnel?My assessment is that a short fat love muscle, likethe  Blankenstein's, has enjoyed most penetrations.

A couple of month ago an FX trader was bitching about the SWISS counterfeiting / devaluing gambit. He was unaware that several month's before, SWISS public servants had passed a bill that paid SWISS citizens a good income, even if they did not work. I thought it was cool, finance full time creativity for a possibly really good return down the road. But anybody who doesn't have their noodle plugged up with topic like Kim Kardashian's sex tape, had to know what was going to happen next. It was the loudest public FX indicator ever to hit the LED hypno-tube screen - and my FX trader bud didn't know squat `bout it. 

ThirteenthFloor's picture

Manthong -> Better yet Rotate top chart 90 degrees to the right & stick it in the purple dip of the chart below .

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

I've seen plenty of fat assed government employees in my day. And they usually never have a smile on their face either.

conscious being's picture

If .gov workers don't get stressed, what's 'going postal al' about? I think government workers are full of stress, having some inkling of the contradictions inherent in their situation.

drdolittle's picture

If you're not a sociopath, stealing feels bad, stressful. most aren't they just join up cause the deal seems too goodto be true. Which is an indication that it is. You have to rip off your fellow countrymen to get so much dough out of a worthless job. Deep down inside you'll know that. The VA pays more tahn my job, half the patients per hour but am I signing up to deal with red tape and shortchange veterans? No thanks, I'll do something I can at least mostly believe in.

VisionQuest's picture

Here is a picture of AFLCIO president Richard Trumka. Richard Trumka is the big boss man of U.S. bureaucrats:

Richard Trumka made his bones bossing the United Mine Workers. Richard Trumka got out of private sector work and into government work because that's where the money is. Government employee membership = big dues.


Payne's picture

government employees though are overweight which is a greater factor to longevity and insurance costs.

bowel collapse's picture

yeh, thats great....I call it thumb in bum..mind in neutral

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Just look up the statistics - if you look at the disparity between government employees and private sector employees the effects are even more exreme.

Helpful hint: make sure the statistics are from an accredited source.

agstacks's picture

I'd enjoy my leisure time too, if I made twice my market wage by being a parasite. Well done, MDB, very well played.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Twice the market wage?? Try about 100 times the market wage. Most of these people wouldn't have jobs if there was no such thing as a government job. They are nothing but big grey wood ticks stuck on a dog.

Bananamerican's picture

MDB is one of the top ZH's left almost perfect creature of snark; regurgitating the absurd .gov bromides which are tossed at the amerikan sheeple, day in/day out, like so many cow chips.

We live in this insane epoch in which the prudent have been crucified while the foolish have been rewarded with .gov largesse...6 years of absolutely corrupt economic BULLSHIT and counting...

and yet, if MDB were a true Lefty /.gov troll and you HAD "listened to him" and'd be rolling in fiat.

THAT'S what gives MDB his annoying bite to the retarded dullards on ZH (all Rightists by the way...) who STILL DON'T GET THAT MDB IS A PUT ON.

Look at those reds he gets. EVERY down vote he gets was put there by a DUMBSHIT


NeedtoSecede's picture

Stooge, too bad there is no such thing as an "accredited source" any longer. They seem to be about as rare as the honest politician or the honest central banker...

Anybody heard from Corzine lately?

californiagirl's picture

In California they publish actual compensation for municipal government workers by position, by municipality. In the Silicon Valley town where I work, the administrative assistants are making in excess of $70k and getting additional large contributions to their pension plans. In Oakland the tree trimmers are making in the $80ks and $90ks, plus additional annual 5-figure pension contributions. Yes, I would say there is quite a disparity between the private sector and public sector.

Tapeworm's picture

I got a belly laugh from your last and it likely relieved some stress.

Ruffmuff's picture

Belly laugh before or after you shat your pants?

tarabel's picture



Excellent point. We should institute universal conscription immediately. Not only will we all be happy because we work for the government, but then we can spread our happiness all around the globe in short order.

Now back to my bunker plans...

weburke's picture

hmm, the point I was thinking about.......folks that belive the govt lose their boys.

FreeMoney's picture

Obviously the few unhappy are in need of re-education to recognize the benevolence of the camps with them.

August's picture

Indeed, the health-and-happiness benefits of faith in government cannot be overemphasized.

For instance, my own brother-in-law is an upper-level administrator in the EPA, and Obama voter and, man, that guy lets the good times roll... every weekend. No worries! 

Bill of Rights's picture

I'm as calm as the driven snow, now shut the fuck up... Pretty please.

Condition 1SQ's picture

MDB is on fire today!!  Love this humor.

RabbitOne's picture

“Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” ? Mark Twain


Then my wife with 37 years in the government said “Yep he’s the idiot…”

Secret Weapon's picture

Thats why Post Office employees are so happy.  Going "postal" is really a sign of contentment with slave status. 

Temporalist's picture

"and are far more likely to enjoy their lesuire time"


You are so right MDB and not just their leisure time but those employees watching porn on taxpayers dimes are enjoying their "work" time just as much.

Zigs's picture

Just a little pinprick . . .

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture


Belief is the province of religions.

Are you admitting that government is a CULT?

That would explain a lot!

P.S. You keep forgetting to use the \SARC tag.