"Disturbed" US Will Hold Syria Accountable For Chemical Weapons Attack, Kerry Says

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A couple of weeks ago, Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated that it might be necessary to invade Syria after all, and not only to rid the world of Twitter-savvy, Nutella-loving murderous terrorists, but also to effect a necessary regime change. Here’s what he said: 

“Military pressure may be needed to oust Syria's President Bashar al-Assad."

Now, two days after reports surfaced that the Assad government had once again decided to gas women and children and one day after the Syrian military said it did no such thing because it “doesn’t need to,” John Kerry wants you to know that the US will take whatever measures are necessary to hold Assad accountable for what other people say he might have done. Here’s more, from the Secretary of State:

The United States is deeply disturbed by reports that the Assad regime used chlorine as a weapon again, this time on March 16 in an attack on the town of Sarmin. We are looking very closely into this matter and considering next steps. While we cannot yet confirm details, if true, this would be only the latest tragic example of the Assad regime's atrocities against the Syrian people, which the entire international community must condemn.


What is clear is that the Assad regime continues to flout international standards and norms, including, if these latest allegations are verified, the Chemical Weapons Convention. The international community cannot turn a blind eye to such barbarism. As has been well documented, the Assad regime continues to terrorize the people of Syria through indiscriminate airstrikes, barrel bombings, arbitrary detention, torture, sexual violence, murder, and starvation. The Assad regime must be held accountable for such atrocious behavior.


A chemical weapons attack through the use of chlorine would not only be the latest example of the regime’s brutality towards the Syrian people, but also a direct violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2209, which specifically condemned the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon in Syria and made clear such a violation would have consequences. Any and all credible allegations of chemical weapons use, including the use of toxic industrial chemicals, must be investigated, and we continue to support the OPCW Fact Finding Mission in its continuing critical mission.


The Assad regime’s horrifying pattern of using chlorine as a chemical weapon against the Syrian people underscores the importance of investigating this allegation as quickly as possible, holding those who perpetrated such abhorrent acts in violation of international law accountable, and continuing to support the complete elimination chemical weapons in this volatile region.

While there’s no doubt that the use of chemical weapons is horrific, we would once again note that at the end of the day, this may well be about something different: 

Actually, the highest priority is not "Daesh" which is a populist distraction aided by some truly Hollywood-grade video editing and YouTube clips, but who controls the ground under Assad's feet: that all important gateway from the middle east into Turkey, and then, Europe. A gateway that is critical to the one nation that has all the natural gas in the world, and no end market to sell it to: Qatar.


Of course, Assad knows all of this: late last year, Assad told French reporters, “let’s be honest: Had Qatar not paid money to those terrorists at that time, and had Turkey not supported them logistically, and had not the West supported them politically, things would have been different. If we in Syria had problems and mistakes before the crisis, which is normal, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the events had internal causes”.


Assad continued, daring to call the staged US spade precisely what it was: he called its air strikes "merely cosmetic" and said that “terrorism cannot be destroyed from the air.” Assad added that “saying that the alliance’s airstrikes are helping us is not true." Which is why Time had to spin an unsourced article to "prove" that there was in fact a connection between the two.


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“Military pressure may be needed to oust Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to install a pro-western  regime and central bank, then we can move on to Iran"



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The fall of Amurika is going to be Epic; hopefully, the entire planet will not be sucked into it's event horizon.

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it will take something much bigger than isis vids to push american sentiment into syria.  keep your eyes peeled for double flashes

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Iraq with Iranian help pushed NATO / Saudi / Israel sponsored ISIS out of Tikrit.

Now Iran is bringing in additional weapons:


Solution - attack Iran:


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The "GREYS" Are Taking Over Planet Stupid (Otherwise Knows As Earth) ...

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You misspelled "gheys".

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They Greys/Grays will stick their Probes into anything worth probing or sampling, don't ya know.

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John and the rest of the crew are truly a historical embarrassment 

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That nasty Assad.. just as bad as that Saddam guy.

More Than 600 US Military Personnel Possibly Exposed to Chemical Weapons in Iraq

Chemical Secrets of the Iraq War

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After Germany, UK and the US sold all that stuff to Saddam.

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The short documentary above notes that Saddam’s weapons materials were European supplied and of American design. I don’t think we were too unhappy to see him use them on the Iranians.


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The US is disturbed alright. It's a distrubed sociopathic nation that invents false flag chem attacks to foster it's banker/oil wars.

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I'm not gonna believe it until I see the YouTube proof

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George Carlin commented on the irony of People readily believing in an invisible (and undetectable) "Guy in the Sky", and will angrily attack those who disagree, and yet look at suspicion at people who believe in Space Aliens (superior tech that appeared like 'Magic'** to primitive tribes). They might even consider them as entertaining 'kooks'.

Like I said many times before... "People don't want the Truth. They mostly want the truth that is consistent with their (prevailing) Worldview".

And let's not forget this gem: The simple and uninformed consider Religion to be true, the wise and learned do not, and Politicians consider it as 'useful'. I've moved from the first group to the second and third group.

** Arthur C Clark's 3rd law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Or 'Miracles'.

p.s. Which is more probably and easier to believe:

a. Jesus was born of Spontaneous or 'Divine' fertilization of a female egg, or...

b. Jesus was a Star-child. His dad ('Guy in the Sky') was a Starship Captain.

(There's also c: That it's all literary escalation/evolution of the original story, kinda like the Telephone Wire game. Like ALL ancient religious Literature, which turned out to be... 'Useful' (to shamans and rulers)

Kirk out.

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You've got to wonder why the Nasca Lines are so very clearly visible (as terrestrial objects) only from altitude. Combine these "artifacts" with the "as yet purpose unknown" 2 mile long "band of holes" in Pisco Valley (Peru), which some have suggested could be a "representation" of the old 3 + 5 punched tape system, and there's a lot out there which is suggestive of aerial contact at least, at a time when the only heavier-than-air flight was for the birds . . . . .


Dismissing those whose story doesn't fit the current dogma makes us no better than the Catholic Church at the height of the Inquisition era.

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The Christian Jesus never existed.   It was a 4thCE Construct by Constantine. 
There is no Gospel written before the 4thCE.  Josephus' entry was forged post 4thCE.

No dialogue supporting, denouncing, acknowledging the existence of a Jesus the Christ/Messiah and his followers in the 1st.
No Roman Writer ever recorded anything in the 1stCE either.

It's the "Crestus" (meaning the good, useful) Cult + Mithraism and others - tagged to Judaism much as like Mormonism is tagged to Judaism and Christianity.

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What a bunch or retarded shit you're spewing! Explain us Moshe why the talmud deals with Jesus and the outrageous invectives against Him if He is a fiction?

Jesus is GOD incarnate, greatest gift and our only hope. Chose wisely or go into eternal damnation for refusing the greatest gift that can be given and received.


IronForge's picture

Random Brain.

Goto jesusneverexisted.com

Goto the Jesus Birther Movement's Site; and take their Challenge. 
The Challenge involves a few criteria:

"Please provide ONE single person, along with their authentic writing, that can prove the simple living-human, historical existence of the claimed, christian New Testament jesus the christ of Nazareth, that meets both (A & B) of our 2 simple requirements listed below:

A.) A contemporary 1st century person that lived between the years of 1-36 CE, who was a first-hand eye-witness, who actually saw, met, spoke to, and knew jesus personally.

B.) Provide this person’s original and authentic: secular, non-christian, non-religious, unbiased, non-bible, non-gospel, and non-scripture writing, that is directly about jesus (with references/citations to prove that this person actually wrote the work in question), officially dated by science, between the years of 1-53 CE. Additional religious or christian writings that can’t be used: papyri, uncials, minuscules, lectionaries, didache, apocrypha, gnostic, catechism, and pseudepigrapha."

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Kirk you dog!  Been time-traveling to Nazareth again?  Was Mary really a virgin?

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Carlin understood a thing or two but he is dead wrong on the "guy in the sky".. Aliens are demons. Deal with it if you can handle the truth. The whole premise of ancient and constant visitation makes no sense. If a civilization is capable of inter-stellar travel they won't need 10k years (or more) to figure everything there is to know about our culture (and there's not much to learn in the 1st place). Also they would be capable of simulating our entire history and culture in a few weeks, no need for probes or actual crews spanning thousand of years.

Jesus is God incarnate. Deal with it.

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What about the countless MILLIONS impoverished from .gov's selfish monetary policies?  How are sanctions for the good of the people?  How about holding Wall Street accountable - John Corzine, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner?  How about Bush and his role in importing MASSIVE amounts of narcotics, clearly leading to chemical dependency and death?

Fuck you Kerry.

That's the problem with .gov.  Public relations is now based on saying the polar opposite of practice.  It has gotten so rotten and dishonest, so far beyond imaginable, that people actually believe it.

Reprehensible.  Die already.

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Usurious (not verified) Pinto Currency Mar 19, 2015 11:53 AM

.......''Kerry not so disturbed about 1+ million dead in Iraq''.......

its just foreign/monetary policy......

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Move on to Iran? As far as I can tell, we're on their side. Let's not forget that President Jarrett was raised in Iran. If we were going to invade them, it would have happened years ago.


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Sorry but this is absolute theater.  To think for one minute that this admins goals are any different then the neo-cons is absurd.  Please look at the actions and not the words. 

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Good heavens, as far as Iran is concerned, I am looking at their actions-- they've done absolutely nothing to effectively hinder or disturb Iran. Even Obama's talk is conciliatory lately.

Whether you think Iran is a threat or not, it is pretty clear that we are tacitly supporting Iran. Remember, US middle east policy has consistently allowed installation of Islamic fundamentalist regimes in place of secular governments in the middle east since 1979-- when Carter allowed the Shah to be overthrown. Our current behavior towards Iran is fully consistent with that 36-year-old policy.

It's why Obama and Kerry keep going back to Syria-- it is the next secular regime marked for death. After Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan (outside of Kabul of course), Libya, Egypt, and now Syria...all countries that used to have secular governments that we destabilized, undermined, or outright destroyed...ignore the rhetoric, the results speak for themselves.

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Absolutely bad Kabuki Theater.

There, fixed it for ya.

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what's this "Going" to be epic shit?

America fell in the 1980s when Reagan the traitor legalized criminal invasion, what we have now is post collapse turbulence. 

There is no "America" anymore it's just a place where they print dollars.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Reagan wasn't a traitor, he simply got duped as succeeding administrations never followed through on securing the border, which was one of the linchpins of the amnesty agreement. He freely admitted years later that the amnesty was the worst decision he made in office.

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Me thinks enriching the MIC, you know just because, when the Soviet Union had already rotted from the inside was pretty treasonous.  Good ol' Barack has yet to match Regan's increase of the debt in percentage terms.

NihilistZero's picture

The fall of Amurika is going to be Epic

I disagree.  I think it's going to be a protracted slow slog downward over the next few, possibly several decades.  Those in the top 20% who mistakenly thought they were in the "Big Club" will suffer the most.  More so by their percived station than the actual decrease in living standard.  Watching the hubris of the oligarchs sychophants be destroyed will be a fun.  

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This is even more disturbing..... fake gold bars filled with tungsten sold at local coin shop.....


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Please make your images a bit smaller. Lov'em but they are too big to view correctly.

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Sorry, Even if Assad did use chemical weapons I would not believe it, McInsane and miss Lyndsey ruined all credibilty...

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in my book, every sentence coming out of DC & Wall St is a big fat LIE

I believe nothing they say any longer

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I don't buy the "Chemical Attack" pretext -- given their massive removal and disposal.

A few of us here, feared with great suspicion that the US would (act as ongoing proxy for 'Eretz Ysrael') rekindle the old "WMD" meme -- as soon as these were disposed of and could not be actually used as a kind of a "Sampson Option" by Assad and his people.

When it comes to these vampiric and relentless Zio-Cons, never, ever confuse Pretext with Motive or Reason: "By Deception we shall..."

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Might just be detergent or  soap, in some parts of the ME.

Wash those hands! Especially that left one if you still have it.

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Yes about the WMD game. Take note that Putin was very involved in getting Syria to give up those weapons.  Just like Russia voted FOR sanctions against Iran.  But what was Syria to do?  If they refused then Putin would refuse to sell anymore weapons to Syria and Syria would become defenseless.  So Syria give up an important weapon to show they will play the nice while getting killed.  If Putin promised to shield Syria then poor Syria fell for it.

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business as usual

yet another USSA - Russia posturing exercise over Syria imminent

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Those running the US government are indeed disturbed

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Get the US out of this bullshit once and for all

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That's just the point, they never will because there are special interests involved that make alot of money from keeping the war machine going.


Guaranteed this whole false flag event was cooked up by the US to give them a feeble excuse to invade when they decide the time is right.

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"War is the health of the state" -- Randolph Silliman Bourne (May 30, 1886 – December 22, 1918) was a progressive writer and "leftist intellectual"[1] born in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and a graduate of Columbia University.


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Bike pedals were not designed for hooves.