Vladimir Putin Proposes "Eurasian" Currency Union

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While the distraction that is the stock market continues to enthrall most Americans, the big shots in the global monetary which for now are taking place behind the scenes, are getting ever louder. Several recent cases in point:

One person who is paying attention to the failure of the US to grasp that the unipolar world of the 1980s is long gone, is Russia's Vladimir Putin, who earlier today proposed creating a "Eurasian" currency union which would have Belarus and Kazakhstan as its first members, which already are Russia's partners in a political and economic union made up of former Soviet republics.

As Telegraph reports, Putin made his proposal at a meeting with the Belarussian and Kazakh presidents which highlighted the challenges facing the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union following the fall in global oil prices and the decline of the Russian rouble.

"The time has come to start thinking about forming a currency union," Mr Putin said after the talks in the Kazakh capital Astana with Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Not surprising, considering both Belarus and Kazakhstan have spent a lot of time in the past year alternatively devaluing, and scrambling to prop up their currency.

Putin gave no details of the proposal but suggested it would be easier to meet economic challenges by working closely together. Mr Lukashenko and Mr Nazarbayev did not immediately respond to the proposal in public, but analysts say it is unlikely to get off the ground.

Additional information from RT:

“I would suggest moving step by step, exactly as all EU member states enter the eurozone, gradually creating all these common financial institutions,” Likhachev said, adding that if such an order comes from the member leaders, all the sides will immediately start negotiations.


"That means any slightest fluctuation in national currencies of today’s four and of tomorrow’s five [Kyrgyzstan is about to join the EEU – Ed.] EEU countries, that are related neither to trade nor to demand, create a huge trade imbalance,” he said, adding that officials are looking for ways to smooth these problems out, and trade and industry institutions are in a constant dialogue.


"In the same enclosed space, where goods, services, capital and labor are constantly moving, the existence of different currencies exacerbates the risks," Likhachev said. Apart from the economy, there are also political and social issues that are yet to be discussed, he added.

If and when Russia does succeed in launching a regional currency, and recreating a monetary block in the process setting the foundations, the only question we have is after Greece, which European country will come knocking on the Kremlin's door, asking to be let in?

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lost money's picture

sure if you want Russia to "bail in" your money 

localsavage's picture

Well, he either has the blessing of the Rothschilds or he will be dead soon.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Sorry -- this just seems like a bad idea. Then again -- I don't know anything about these nations ability to compete with one another.

SimplePrinciple's picture

Agreed, the world does not need another euro.

pendragon's picture

some lessons are just never learned. this time it's different

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

Ahhh... but when the superpowers of Belarus and Kazakhstan are involved one **knows** it's serious.  Has Grenada signed up as a founding member as well?  Cuba?

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Pravda previously announced the new Eurasion currency union with the acceleration of implementation of the 'Altyn' currency unit in April 2014:


BigJim's picture

Yes, because the euro worked out so well!

Guafb, Tyler.

Tall Tom's picture

It seems, after reading the lines of crap posted by so many after your post, that most have missed the point....again.


An Economic Union which is followed by a Currency Union ideally, to the planners, to the architects, just will lead to a Political Union.


That is the model currently being followed in Europe. With a centralized Brussels government dictating law to sovereign states of Europe it seems to be working to the plan.


Now Russia wants to adopt it to restore the Political Bloc of the former Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics...and then some. This is not occult (not hidden) and is one of Putin's desires...whether or not you consider it "good" or "bad".


It is one further step down the trail to a One World Government with the blessing of the Rothschild beast.


And most other comments, especially below, have just served as a distraction from this proposal.

winchester's picture
winchester (not verified) Tall Tom Mar 21, 2015 4:12 AM

An Economic Union which is followed by a Currency Union ideally, to the planners, to the architects, just will lead to a Political Union.


 it may work for ex soviet union countries who have some same fondamentals, but this cannot work with europ because over centuries we fought each others , we do not have same mentalities, we do not have same culture, neither same  lifestyle.


eurozone was designed as a tool to enslave european countries by their respective governements. period.


Tall Tom's picture

The Soviet Union was designed to enslave not only the Soviet Republics, but also the post World War II Eastern Bloc Nations.


Furthermore you are going to suggest that the Nordic Nations have the same culture as the Roman Nations in the South? That is denial.


The Soviet consolidation of Eastern Bloc Nations was quite effective as war in Europe was unheard of until after the failure of the Soviet Union...sans Greek Civil War when the power consolidation was still weakened by a recovering USSR...and brief uprisings in Satellite Nations which were subsequently squashed by the Iron Hand of Soviet Oppression.


The inclusion of former Eastern Bloc Nations as well as the planned expansion to include the former Western Bloc NATO Nations willl have the same affect.


History does not repeat but it rhymes. The Russian sphere of influence waxes as the Anglo-American sphere of influence wanes.


Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which team that you support (as it is a Hegelian Dialectic after all) a new incarnation of the USSR will appear once again...more powerful...much more powerful...than the last incarnation.


I can see it already developing. Are you intentionally blind or are you willing to look at it objectively without choosing a brand?

jyl's picture

You can see it any way you like, but who would join the soviet bloc without military persuasion? which government would have the death wish to subject it self and its people to Russia? 

Tall Tom's picture

Nations that will agree to Putin's proposal???


Is Putin's proposal any different from America's hegemony?


United States Economic Policy has ensured the demise of the Euro. What will replace Europe's fractured economy? Nature abhors a vaccuum.


And as for military persuasion? That may not read as far fetched as I would prefer. Rumors of World War II fill the alternative media.


Regardless of whether you want it or not, the oligarchy has planned a one world government and is setting all of this up.


They have claimed as much.


I do not support what I report. But it does not change it.



Volkodav's picture

might not be so ignorant and look at what's left net worth....after fire sale..

rather than gross, while forgetting debt, hidden debt, obligations, derivatives, etc.


Belarus, though much demonized, has very small debt per citizen..

prolly explains why they get nasty marginal treatment....

spieslikeus's picture

I hear that Anguilla is contemplating ditching Mother England in favor of this....so it must be seriously awesome

kananga's picture

Monetary Union is a ruse used by those who secretly covet political union...

IronForge's picture

Something tells me that "if" "any" organization tries to harm Team_RUS' and/or Team_CHN's Senior Officials, I think the repercussions will be catastrophic for them.

That includes Nation-States, Ziocons, NWOs, Neocons, Lefties, PrideParaders, Illuminati/Freemasons, Vatican, Corporate Oligarchs, et al. 

That's why Team_USA has been belligerent against RUS.  CHN owns too many USTs, outsourced factories, and USA-vested Lobbying Money for the Propagandists.

jyl's picture

Whatever you say, but Chinese's system works fine without so called Union, or miltary intervention. It is not about to change.

IronForge's picture

Good Point, Jyl,

My response was for those who commented that the Fiat Lords would be tempted to kill off Mr. Putin; and I tangented into an analysis expanding how/why RUS; but not CHN is being so villified. 

There have been a few movements in the USA (Lincoln, Kennedy) towards less Interest-oppressive Monetary Systems that led to their Murders (allegedly by the Five-Eyes/TransAtlantic Bankers).   Ellen Brown's Web of Debt provides a swift (pun intended) read on the subject - as well as refreshing our collective memories to the Political message embedded in the Wizard of Oz Allegory.

I concur CHN's system is fine on its own.  It's interesting to see how the Eurasian/SCO/BRIC Sector work out their Systems outside of the Anglo-American/Five-Eyed System, since we all now know that's rigged and violated by the Five-Eyes.

fleur de lis's picture

@ localsavage--If the Roths try anything stupid on Putin and he finds out they will be so sorry. 

cossack55's picture

How is the weather in Kiev?

pendragon's picture

what colour are puutie's shorts?

cossack55's picture

Interesting spelling of "color". 

I don't know what color his shorts are. Perhaps you can tell me what color are Himmler's shorts?

pendragon's picture

yes curiously it's english. but interesting if that sort of thing floats your boat

cossack55's picture

My boat floats over an ocean of dead nazis gratis my father and numerous uncles.  

pendragon's picture

congratulations but of zero relevance to the story

cossack55's picture

Yes, I noticed underwear was mentioned often.

Fight club, baby.  Put em' up or run

conscious being's picture

Ran already! Cossak you've short-circuited his algo.

COSMOS's picture

Its not like they didn't have monetary union for the past few thousands of years.  Recently under the Mongol Empire, the several succeeding Khanates and finally ending with Soviet Union a continuous history.  So I would say the chances of success are very good considering they were under a monetary union for most of the history in that region.  Union goes back to the Scythians/Sarmatians around Persian times BC.


pendragon's picture

currency union - let's hope it ends well.

COSMOS's picture

You add nothing to the discussion here, all you do is hiss.

pendragon's picture

currency union is the apparachik's wet dream. they rarely make sense particularly if you're tying yourself to the falling anvil that is the ruble.

SimplePrinciple's picture

Gold is the one world currency union, the only one that makes honest sense.  Did I just use that word "honest"?

COSMOS's picture

Your wet dream in the USSA is reality in that part of the world for thousands of years.  But I guess you dont read much, I take it your geography sucks as much as you do.

Iwanttoknow's picture

Madeleine Albright"It is not fair that anation should control so much laand and resource".It means  enemy my enemies may be a friend.

zhandax's picture

"in english pls."

Outsourcing their trolls wasn’t enough, now the cloud version is asking for clarification??

ctiger's picture

currency union working real well for Greece....

COSMOS's picture

Overpopulated country, with no real natural resources except for sandy beaches, basically a Caribbean Economy in the Mediterranean.  No major manufacturing etc, no matter what currency they have they have some major flaws that need to be addressed.

pendragon's picture

greece overpopulated...talk us through that concept.

COSMOS's picture

 A pussy like you just needs to look at its litter to understand the concept.

pendragon's picture

face it zero. the only currency union puutie wants is a ruble hryvnia union and that ain't happening in your lifetime lol.

NoDecaf's picture

"puutie"....so clever. makes you sound authoritative and manly.

pendragon's picture

let me help you with the population density stats as you appear to be struggling.



COSMOS's picture

For barren rocks they are overpopulated.  You dont seem to have a concept of arable land.  I guess because you stick to sand to bury your crap.

pendragon's picture

barren rocks...have you been to greece....? [rhetorical]

COSMOS's picture

A Greek legend has it that God distributed soil through a sieve and used the stones that remained to build Greece. The country’s barren landscape has historically caused the people to migrate. The Greeks, like the Jews and the Armenians, traditionally have been a people of diaspora, and several million people of Greek descent live in various parts of the world. Xeniteia, or sojourning in foreign lands, with its strong overtones of nostalgia for the faraway homeland, has been a central element in the historical experience of the Greek people.


Your hissing is getting annoying, you  know absolutely nothing.  Shut the F#$ck up already.

My grandparents left the place exactly for those reasons, they were farmers and it was impossible to make a living because of the poor soil dumbshit.  With your geography I take it you went to the UK and you thought you were in Greece.  Either that or you stepped on a golf course in Greece with Obama and thought that was what the entire country looked like.

pendragon's picture

ok best if you stick to legends. more your cup of tea. have you been within 2000 miles of greece [rhetorical]?