Is It Racist? Starbucks Gives Up Trying To Solve America's 'Other' Great Divide

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Just as The Fed folded this week on ending the nation's booming income inequality problem (by reinforcing the Yellen put for longer), so Starbucks has folded in its effort to fix the other growing divide in America - racism. Careful not to admit that it was due to pressure from the avalanche of less-than-positive social media reactions, AP reports Starbucks baristas will no longer write "Race Together" on customers' cups. "Nothing is changing," Starbucks claims it was all part "of the cadence" of the plan - hhmm. "Most people come to Starbucks for coffee," concludes one young African-American, adding "race is an uncomfortable thing to bring up, especially in a Starbucks."


As AP reports,

Starbucks baristas will no longer write "Race Together" on customers' cups starting Sunday, ending as planned a visible component of the company's diversity and racial inequality campaign that had sparked widespread criticism in the week since it took effect.


The coffee chain's initiative will continue more broadly without the handwritten messages, Starbucks spokesman Jim Olson said.


The cups were always "just the catalyst" for a larger conversation, and Starbucks will still hold forum discussions, co-produce special sections in USA TODAY and put more stores in minority communities as part of the Race Together initiative, according to a company memo from CEO Howard Schultz said.


The campaign has been criticized as opportunistic and inappropriate, coming in the wake of racially charged events such as national protests over police killings of black males. Others questioned whether Starbucks workers could spark productive conversations about race while serving drinks.


The phase-out is not a reaction to that pushback, Olson said. "Nothing is changing. It's all part of the cadence of the timeline we originally planned."


He echoed the company memo, saying of the Race Together initiative, "We're leaning into it hard."

As one commentator noted, "I've not read a single positive Tweet or commentary on the @Starbucks #RaceTogether effort."

At a Starbucks in Pittsfield Township, Michigan, near Ann Arbor, two customers said on Sunday they didn't think a coffee shop was the right place for race relations dialogue.


Ninette Musili, a junior biomolecular science major at the University of Michigan, said the campaign seemed to her like an insincere publicity stunt that wasn't executed properly.


Like many who criticized Starbucks, she goes to the shops either before class or later in the day to study. At neither time does she want to discuss race relations.


"Most people come to Starbucks for coffee," said Musili, who is 19 and African-American. "Race is an uncomfortable thing to bring up, especially in a Starbucks."


She said such discussions are important, and that Starbucks should have set aside time during the evenings for race discussions and invited people to attend.


Another customer, Shane Mulholland, 46, of Ann Arbor, also said Starbucks isn't the venue to talk about race.


"They're here for coffee. They're not here to push their political agenda," he said. "I even contemplated not coming here because of it."


He said Starbucks should remain neutral on such topics because it's an established brand, rather than risk alienating customers. "There are other ways you can go about doing things to stimulate interest in what you're doing," said Mulholland, who is white and runs an edible mushroom-growing business. "They must be doing so well they don't have to worry about losing customers over that," he said.

*  *  *

As Bloomberg concludes, suffice it to say that Starbucks' Race Together initiative has not yet solved the vexing problem of racism in America.

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That's a fine cartoon...

Truther's picture

As one commentator noted, "I've not read a single positive Tweet or commentary on the @Starbucks #RaceTogether effort."

What did you fucking expect?

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Mocha Latte = Nigga Cracka. Stop the madness.

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Don't tell them the Mexicans are about 1000X moar rayciss than the brutha.

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Starbucks "New Coke" moment...

Yet another classic corporate "what the hell were they thinking?"

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ive never been to starbucks, but i was looking so forward for my first visit and ordering my usuall balck coffee...than chatting with im sure the well prepared server...damn....back to never going to starbucks policy...

BuddyEffed's picture

I'm looking at this as a possible marketing ploy.  Are their sales noticeably dropping in neighborhoods with an ethnic customer base?

With a soft economy in restuarants and such, soft sales might be expected on the low end.

So it might have been a strategy to give those customers a reason to get back in their stores

smlbizman's picture

his plan is and has effectivly on a sunday night we are talking about niggers, jews, spics, whoops , slopes  et. al.. ...i guess it is a sensitive issue we should all talk about more....


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"Black" coffee ... mmm ... I'm sure Eric "Fast & Furious" Holder would jump on that as rayciss and appoint a team to investigate.


Politically correct is "Coffee with no milk and no cream."

SilverIsKing's picture

Shouldn't that be African American coffee?

Whenever I order my vanilla Frappuccino and a black coffee, ahem...African American coffee, I make them give me two separate cup holder trays just to keep the peace on my way home.

/sarc for those who need to know

Bunghole's picture

Somebody should ask the barista why there are no Starbucks in Ferguson, MO, Selma, AL or any inner city black neighborhood.

Then watch the uber hip Gender Studies major squirm and stutter their way through some corporate explanation.

Fuck Starbucks and the horde of stupid that populate their establishment.

sleigher's picture

I had a $50 gift card for starbucks.  I think it was a christmas gift or something.  I gave it to the mail carrier that serves my neighborhood.  She is black.  Although I gave it to her before any of this race baiting shit happened.

Pool Shark's picture



Here's a thought for a new Starbucks campaign:

Barristas should start writing: "Share Profits Together" on coffee cups to get customers talking about how wealthy corporate overlords subject their employees to slave-level wages while they themselves rake in billions selling coffee for $5/cup and inventing stupid political gimmicks...


Abbie Normal's picture

Or ask Mrs. Schultz if she prefers white or red this week -- reference is to the color of flowers she wants their home decorated in before her return.  She is known to change her mind hours before arrival, necessitating the replacement of thousands of dollars in flowers.

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"African American coffee,"


Nope, "Coffee of color".

cornflakesdisease's picture

You forgot about jibowohbs & fluters.

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Bah, bah, bah, I'm luvin' it!

Here we go again. He's tryin' to poach the brotha's from Mickey D's.

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winchester (not verified) daveO Mar 23, 2015 5:00 AM

problem is now to avoid any conflit with baboons you act like 1984 to reshape vocabulary...

a nigger is a nigger, a coffee is a coffee, a cunt is a cunt... i do not see any problem of saying that a nigger hating to call a simple coffee "black coffee" is  just a fucking cunt...


to your own reflexion, have you ever realized in spain, negro means black, so population  talking about nigger, talk about negro... 

depending of the location in the world, mentalities are definitivly not the same...


what the fuck happened, ffs...


gonna take times on the barman " hi, i want the simple liquid, usually hot but not systematically,  we can add sugar or milk to it,  is called coffee, the basic one, the...  B***** one...


come on....

sonoftx's picture

Thanks for the laugh before going to bed.

SmokinMonkey's picture

Im surprised Starbucks would give so much attention to blacks, when one pastor went on a rampage about them adding seman to their coffee, which they get from gays.

ebworthen's picture

Dumbshits.  Jumping the shark trying to "anticipate" what most people other than than the most dull and biased got over a long time ago.

When we're all Dingo's, what the fuck will it be then, eyebrow length and how much hair you have?

The race card is so tattered - and so obviously a tool for the elites to foment division - wake up you tools.

On second thought, don't wake up, keep doing stupid shit until people figure you leeches out and lynch all of Wall Street and Washington and reboot this sad sack society.

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Blacks sexually assault 35,000 white females every year in the US. Including 2-4000 gang rapes lol. White men are such beta-boy sheep.

daveO's picture

Twitter backfire!

Schultz, from wiki; 

Howard D. Schultz was born to a Jewish family[7] on July 19, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1998, Schultz was awarded the "Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award" from the Jerusalem Fund of Aish Ha-Torah for "playing a key role in promoting a close alliance between the United States and Israel".[26][27]

BLOTTO's picture

Starbucks is full of shit like other big occult owned companies.


Look at the Starbucks logo - a mermaid serpent holding up her legs and spread, ready to take it. Also, the classic black and white duality motif you see on masonic floors and other occult symbolism. 


Hows that for your morning java?


Im baked.

conscious being's picture

Where do Starbuck's profits go? To fund settlement expansion in Occupied Palestine. Howard Shultz, is that racist?

lost money's picture

hitler was right - it's all the fault of the JOoooooossssss

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if i hate only 1 nigger am i raycyst?

wee-weed up's picture

What about not-so-Sharpton & Jesse JackAss?

Antifaschistische's picture

How about this for a "race" discussion.

The whole concept of "races" is a relatively recent human invention.   The bible never mentions "races" at all...because the notion didn't exist.

People have different melanin concentrations.  so what.  sure...we all know Asians are smarter. :)  I don't know why, but I don't think it has anything to do with melanin.   People from different areas of the world look different.   It's genetic variation...get used to it.

everything else about "race relations" is something POTUS doesn't really want to discuss because there are some very inconvenient truths he would have to accept.

DFCtomm's picture

You're too stupid to realize you're making the Eugenics argument.

Antifaschistische's picture

that's kind of funny.  Not because you called me stupid....but because I believe everyone on the planet believes there is value in "eugenics".   Everyone on the planet would want more of the people they like and desire and less of everyone else.

The only thing left after that is agreed to, is who gets to decide what is or isn't desirable. 

DFCtomm's picture

The only thing left after that is agreed to, is who gets to decide what is or isn't desirable.




That one is easy. It's usually the person with the most firepower. The other little problem is just what to do with all those 'undesirable' people. If you have a solution do tell.

Buster Cherry's picture

They are the cultural leaders of "African-Americans". 

Shining examples of what all blacks should be.....these stellar epitomes of integrity....

s/off for now

Rikky's picture

Occupied Palestine?  If you mean by a bunch of squatters of Arab descent than yes.

HardAssets's picture

Their coffee sucks, so I missed the commentary.

I much prefer to support the locally owned places.

Much better coffee & their counter gals are much hotter.

Freddie's picture

McDonalds seems to address race every day with a riot or fight or wilding.

Chuck E Cheese be doin a good ass job too!

daveO's picture

These images of happy, modern day America brought to you by the DC welfare state. 

dsty's picture

might add a couple of cops running out of the building in that scene.


junction's picture

"Race together" sounds too much like "raise together," as in all Starbucks baristas get a pay raise.  Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz gets the runs thinking about giving his peons hourly pay raises.

Truther's picture

It's Racist, I tell you. I am fucking tired of these fuckers.

lakecity55's picture

It certainly is rayciss! Bucks? Bucks? like big strong black slaves on the plantation?

I'm starting a coffee shop called Crackerbux!

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

Let's talk about ridiculously overpriced cups of coffee.

OldPhart's picture

While I hate to admit it, my younger son is an, apparently prominent, 'barrista', whatever that is.  All I know is he pours bad-tasting coffee into a cup and adds weird shit to it.  I'm not such a poof to even consider paying $5 for fucking coffee, and prefer the cheap shit out of convenience stores or simple Folgers.

Last week, when this idiocy was initiated, my son had attended some bullshit motivation meeting for starbucks barristas in Los Angeles where the president of starbucks launched his line of bullshit.  Son came back to explain, while it had already started to spread on the internet, and I let him know that he, as a white kid, had better keep his mouth shut and hold all opinion to himself because this could have gotten real ugly, real fast.  And, in reality, the morons that actually want to pay $5 for a fuckin' coffee just want their super expensive coffee and really don't give a shit what some under-30 thinks of the world.

I will never understand the attraction to Starbucks.  Their base coffee tastes like shit, it's over-priced, and there's some sort of ritual of adding shit to it instead of it's natural state, fucking black.

Dearlydeparted's picture

Starbucks adds MSG in it's coffee in order to enhance the flavour.  It's cheap, overpriced and basically caters to the hipster crowd. I  prefer independent coffee shops that offer quality coffee instead of this ersatz product.

Grosvenor Pkwy's picture

MSG in coffee? That explains why people get addicted to Starbucks!

I prefer to consume my MSG in chicken fried rice.