Americans Supported and Inspired the Nazis

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Preface:  I am a patriotic American who loves  my country. I was born here, and lived here my entire life.

So why do I frequently point out America's warts?  Because - as the Founding Fathers and Supreme Court judges have explained - we can only make America better if we honestly examine her shortcomings.  After all:

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

Only when Americans can honestly look at our weaknesses can we become stronger. If we fail to do so, history will repeat ...

While Americans rightly condemn the Nazis as monstrous people, we don't know that America played both sides ... both fighting and supporting the Nazis.

Americans also aren't aware that the Nazis were - in part - inspired by anti-Semites in America.

Backing Nazis

Large American banks - and George W. Bush's grandfather - financed the Nazis.

American manufacturing companies were big supporters of the Nazis.   here are 6 historical examples ...

(1) IBM.  CNET reports:

IBM has responded to questions about its relationship with the Nazis largely by characterizing the information as old news.


"The fact that Hollerith equipment manufactured by (IBM's German unit) Dehomag was used by the Nazi administration has long been known and is not new information," IBM representative Carol Makovich wrote in an e-mail interview. "This information was published in 1997 in the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing and in 1998 in Washington Jewish Week."




IBM also defended Chairman Thomas Watson for his dealings with Hitler and his regime.




On September 13, 1939, The New York Times reports on Page 1 that 3 million Jews are going to be "immediately removed" from Poland, and they appear to be candidates for "physical extermination." On September 9, the German managers of IBM Berlin send a letter to Thomas Watson with copy to staff in Geneva via phone that, due to the "situation," they need high-speed alphabetizing equipment. IBM wanted no paper trail, so an oral agreement was made, passed from New York to Geneva to Berlin, and those alphabetizers were approved by Watson, personally, before the end of the month.


That month he also approved the opening of a new Europe-wide school for Hollerith technicians in Berlin. And at the same time he authorized a new German-based subsidiary in occupied Poland, with a printing plant across the street from the Warsaw Ghetto at 6 Rymarska Street. It produced some 15 million punch cards at that location, the major client of which was the railroad.


We have a similar example involving Romania in 1941, and The Sunday Times has actually placed the IBM documents up on their Web site.... When Nazi Germany went into France, IBM built two new factories to supply the Nazi war machine. This is the 1941-'42 era, in Vichy, France, which was technically neutral. When Germany invaded Holland in May 1940, IBM rushed a brand-new subsidiary into occupied Holland. And it even sent 132 million punch cards in 1941, mainly from New York, to support the Nazi activity there. Holland had the highest rate of Jewish extermination in all of Europe; 72 percent of Jews were killed in Holland, compared to 24 percent in France, where the machines did not operate successfully.




When Hitler came to power in 1933, his desire to destroy European Jewry was so ambitious an enterprise, it required the resources of a computer. But in 1933 no computer existed. What did exist was the Hollerith punch-card system. It was invented by a German-American in Buffalo, New York, for the Census Bureau. This punch-card system could store all the information about individuals, places, products, inventories, schedules, in the holes that were punched or not punched in columns and rows.


The Hollerith system reduced everything to number code. Over time, the IBM alphabetizers could convert this code to alphabetical information. IBM made constant improvements for their Nazi clients.




Our entry was of course precipitated by the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7. Shortly before that, with sudden new trading-with-the-enemy regulations in force--this is October 1941--Watson issued a cable to all IBM's European subsidiaries, saying in effect: "Don't tell us what you're doing and don't ask us any questions." He didn't say, "Don't send machines into concentration camps." He didn't say, "Stop organizing the military forces of Nazi Germany." He didn't say, "Don't undertake anything to harm innocent civilians."




He then bifurcated the management of IBM Europe--one manager in Geneva, named Werner Lier, and the other one in New York, in his office, named J.L. Schotte. So all communications went from Switzerland to New York. Ultimately there was a Hollerith Department called Hollerith Abteilung--German for department--in almost every concentration camp. Remember, the original Auschwitz tattoo was an IBM number.




IBM put the blitz in blitzkrieg. The whole war effort was organized on Hollerith machines from 1933 to 1945. This is when information technology comes to warfare. At the same time, IBM was supporting the entire German war machine directly from New York until the fall of 1941 ....




IBM did more than just sell equipment. Watson and IBM controlled the unique technical magic of Hollerith machines. They controlled the monopoly on the cards and the technology. And they were the ones that had to custom-design even the paper forms and punch cards--they were custom-designed for each specific purpose. That included everything form counting Jews to confiscating bank accounts, to coordinating trains going into death camps, to the extermination by labor campaign.


That's why even the paper forms in the prisoner camps had Hollerith notations and numbered fields checked. They were all punched in. For example, IBM had to agree with their Nazi counterparts that Code 6 in the concentration camps was extermination. Code 1 was released, Code 2 was transferred, Code 3 was natural death, Code 4 was formal execution, Code 5 was suicide. Code 7 was escape. Code 6 was extermination.


All of the money and all the machines from all these operations was claimed by IBM as legitimate business after the war. The company used its connections with the State Department and the Pentagon to recover all the machines and all the bank accounts. They never said, "We do not want this blood money." They wanted it all.

(2) Standard Oil.   The Nazi air force - the Luftwaffe - needed tetraethyl lead gas in order to get their planes off the ground. Standard Oil sold tetraethyl to the Nazis.

After WWII began, the English became angry about U.S. shipments of strategic materials to Nazi Germany. So Standard changed the registration of their entire fleet to Panamanian to avoid British search or seizure. These ships continued to carry oil to the Nazis.

(3) Ford.  Ford made cars for the Nazis.  Wikipedia notes:

Ford continued to do business with Nazi Germany, including the manufacture of war materiel.  Beginning in 1940, with the requisitioning of between 100 and 200 French POWs to work as slave laborers, Ford-Werke contravened Article 31 of the 1929 Geneva Convention.  At that time, which was before the U.S. entered the War and still had full diplomatic relations with Nazi Germany, Ford-Werke was under the control of the Ford Motor Company. The number of slave laborers grew as the war expanded ....

(And see discussion under GM, below.)

Wikipedia also points out that Henry Ford was one of the world's biggest anti-Semites ... inspiring Hitler, Himmler and other high-level Nazis:

In Germany, Ford's anti-Semitic articles from The Dearborn Independent were issued in four volumes, cumulatively titled The International Jew, the World's Foremost Problem published by Theodor Fritsch, founder of several anti-Semitic parties and a member of the Reichstag. In a letter written in 1924, Heinrich Himmler described Ford as "one of our most valuable, important, and witty fighters." Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf.  Adolf Hitler wrote, "only a single great man, Ford, [who], to [the Jews'] fury, still maintains full independence...[from] the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty millions." Speaking in 1931 to a Detroit News reporter, Hitler said he regarded Ford as his "inspiration," explaining his reason for keeping Ford's life-size portrait next to his desk. Steven Watts wrote that Hitler "revered" Ford, proclaiming that "I shall do my best to put his theories into practice in Germany," and modeling the Volkswagen, the people's car, on the Model T.
Grand Cross of the German Eagle, an award bestowed on Ford by Nazi Germany




James D. Mooney, vice-president of overseas operations for General Motors, received a similar medal, the Merit Cross of the German Eagle, First Class.




Testifying at Nuremberg, convicted Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach who, in his role as military governor of Vienna deported 65,000 Jews to camps in Poland, stated,

The decisive anti-Semitic book I was reading and the book that influenced my comrades was ... that book by Henry Ford, "The International Jew." I read it and became anti-Semitic. The book made a great influence on myself and my friends because we saw in Henry Ford the representative of success and also the representative of a progressive social policy.

(4) GM.  The Washington Post reports:

"General Motors was far more important to the Nazi war machine than Switzerland," said Bradford Snell, who has spent two decades researching a history of the world's largest automaker. "Switzerland was just a repository of looted funds. GM was an integral part of the German war effort. The Nazis could have invaded Poland and Russia without Switzerland. They could not have done so without GM."


Both General Motors and Ford insist that they bear little or no responsibility for the operations of their German subsidiaries, which controlled 70 percent of the German car market at the outbreak of war in 1939 and rapidly retooled themselves to become suppliers of war materiel to the German army.


But documents discovered in German and American archives show a much more complicated picture. In certain instances, American managers of both GM and Ford went along with the conversion of their German plants to military production at a time when U.S. government documents show they were still resisting calls by the Roosevelt administration to step up military production in their plants at home.




When American GIs invaded Europe in June 1944, they did so in jeeps, trucks and tanks manufactured by the Big Three motor companies in one of the largest crash militarization programs ever undertaken. It came as an unpleasant surprise to discover that the enemy was also driving trucks manufactured by Ford and Opel -- a 100 percent GM-owned subsidiary -- and flying Opel-built warplanes ....




The relationship of Ford and GM to the Nazi regime goes back to the 1920s and 1930s, when the American car companies competed against each other for access to the lucrative German market.




In 1935, GM agreed to build a new plant near Berlin to produce the aptly named "Blitz" truck, which would later be used by the German army for its blitzkreig attacks on Poland, France and the Soviet Union. German Ford was the second-largest producer of trucks for the German army after GM/Opel, according to U.S. Army reports.


The importance of the American automakers went beyond making trucks for the German army. The Schneider report, now available to researchers at the National Archives, states that American Ford agreed to a complicated barter deal that gave the Reich increased access to large quantities of strategic raw materials, notably rubber. Author Snell says that Nazi armaments chief Albert Speer told him in 1977 that Hitler "would never have considered invading Poland" without synthetic fuel technology provided by General Motors.


As war approached, it became increasingly difficult for U.S. corporations like GM and Ford to operate in Germany without cooperating closely with the Nazi rearmament effort. Under intense pressure from Berlin, both companies took pains to make their subsidiaries appear as "German" as possible. In April 1939, for example, German Ford made a personal present to Hitler of 35,000 Reichsmarks in honor of his 50th birthday, according to a captured Nazi document.


Documents show that the parent companies followed a conscious strategy of continuing to do business with the Nazi regime, rather than divest themselves of their German assets. Less than three weeks after the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, GM Chairman Alfred P. Sloan defended this strategy as sound business practice, given the fact that the company's German operations were "highly profitable."




After the outbreak of war in September 1939, General Motors and Ford became crucial to the German military, according to contemporaneous German documents and postwar investigations by the U.S. Army. James Mooney, the GM director in charge of overseas operations, had discussions with Hitler in Berlin two weeks after the German invasion of Poland.


Typewritten notes by Mooney show that he was involved in the partial conversion of the principal GM automobile plant at Russelsheim to production of engines and other parts for the Junker "Wunderbomber," a key weapon in the German air force, under a government-brokered contract between Opel and the Junker airplane company. Mooney's notes show that he returned to Germany the following February for further discussions with Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering and a personal inspection of the Russelsheim plant.


Mooney's involvement in the conversion of the Russelsheim plant undermines claims by General Motors that the American branch of the company had nothing to do with the Nazi rearmament effort.




At GM and Ford plants in Germany, reliance on forced labor [from concentration camp inmates] increased.




In a court submission, American Ford acknowledges that Iwanowa and others were "forced to endure a sad and terrible experience" at its Cologne plant ....


Ford has backed away from its initial claim that it did not profit in any way from forced labor at its Cologne plant.




Mel Weiss, an American attorney for Iwanowa, argues that American Ford received "indirect" profits from forced labor at its Cologne plant because of the overall increase in the value of German operations during the war. He notes that Ford was eager to demand compensation from the U.S. government after the war for "losses" due to bomb damage to its German plants and therefore should also be responsible for any benefits derived from forced labor.


Similar arguments apply to General Motors, which was paid $32 million by the U.S. government for damages sustained to its German plants.

(5)  Kodak. During World War Two, Kodak's German branch also used slave laborers from concentration camps. Several of their other European branches did heavy business with the Nazi government.

And Wilhelm Keppler - one of Hitler's top economic advisers - had deep ties in Kodak. When Nazism began, Keppler advised Kodak and several other U.S. companies that they'd benefit by firing all of their Jewish employees.

(6) Coca Cola. Coke made soda for the Nazis.  Fanta was specifically invented for Nazi-era Germans.

Leading American financiers Rockefeller, Carnegie and Harriman also funded Nazi eugenics programs.

And the U.S. government actively backed the Nazis in Ukraine 70 years ago.

Inspired By America

As noted above, Hitler and his top henchmen were inspired by Henry Ford's writings.

The American author Lothrop Stoddard was the source of the concept of "under-man (sub-human)" adopted by the Nazis in regards to Jews and communists.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the idea of killing Jews, communists and gypsies in gas chambers originated in the U.S. ... not Germany.

And Nazis were also apparently inspired by America's treatment of Native Americans.   Specifically, retired Major in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps, Todd E. Pierce - who researched and reviewed the complete records of military commissions held during the Civil War and stored at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. as part of his assignment in the Office of Chief Defense Counsel, Office of Military Commissions - notes:

Stories of the American conquest of Native Americans with its solution of placing them on reservations were particularly popular in Germany early in the Twentieth Century including with Adolf Hitler.

Finally, the Nazis copied American propaganda techniques.

Postscript: After WWII, America imported and protected many high-level Nazi scientists and spies, and put them into prominent positions within the U.S.

And many allege that we're supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

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Reaper's picture

Labels are meant to cause us to emote. All powerful government always is an evil. There never is, nor will be a good king, nor a good all powerful government. Any compromise with evil is evil. Most all have a price. The enduring fantasy of mankind is that any system can be trusted to not degenerate.

Americans were and are not exceptional. Americans are not above evil. Americans have a price. Evil exists because all mankind has a price and/or a lack of responsibility.

Abandon all trust and hope, ye who live.

Wahooo's picture

We seem to have devolved. Our corporations used to support our enemies. Now our president supports our enemies.

snodgrass's picture

This is a bullshit article. Americans died fighting the Nazis - remember? A few people in America got rich off WW II - like they always do. That doesn't mean Americans as a whole supported and inspired the Nazis.

George Washington's picture

You're making a good point.  I did NOT mean to imply that most Americans supported the Nazis.

You correctly point out that my title was bad ... I should have made it something like "TPTB Suported the Nazis" or "some jerks supported the Nazis" or something else which made that clear.

The common wisdom that writing the TITLE to an article is the hardest part bears some truth.

Thank you for your criticism ... I'll try to do better next time.

juggalo1's picture

I don't find this shocking or upsetting. Multi-national corporations do business in all sorts of countries, and Germany became a rogue state very quickly.  It's very cavalier to pretend that multinationals could have pulled out their factories (remember it's the factories that count not the capital) in a rapidly militarizing state.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

As posted below - try reading Edwin Black's book on IBM and WWII. In short, all those camp tattoos were coded to an IBM punch card. The holocaust museum in DC included an IBM machine.

This doesn't mean more than what it is - but it is

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well it is just a game to bankers and Corporate Executives isn't it?

- "Both General Motors and Ford insist that they bear little or no responsibility for the operations of their German subsidiaries, which controlled 70 percent of the German car market at the outbreak of war in 1939 and rapidly retooled themselves to become suppliers of war materiel to the German army."

- Work in progress for Averting War.

- Just have one main idea so far

- Teeth's War Responsiblitity Resolution -

World War Resolution from People to the Funders of War, Weapon Funders, Our US & EU Leaders (Congress & Parliament), Central Bankers, Diplomats, Negotiators, State Department Executives, and those that take Political Contributions from War Profiteers:

- Pass Legislation to Make State Leaders, Diplomats, and Banking Executives & their Families stay outside of Bomb Shelters, Underground Bunkers, and lose their seats as Leaders or Private Banking Executives... in the Event of Massive Invasion, Massive European War or Nuclear War.

- Banking is power, Secret Banking is power, Shadow Banking is power, Foreign Investors are power, we all know this, and we know Political Figures have a Hidden Agenda they take from the Very Wealthy & Powerful

This is the only way to make big money people Responsible for going to war.

- Teeth's War Responsiblitity Resolution -

Rhal's picture

Good article ZH. If our history does not remember this, we are bound to repeat. Oops, I see we already are.

I've been saying for a while that the Nazis won WW2. Germany was not the home of Nazism, but its first victim. Unfortunately, not its last victim. The notion that all facets of life should be directed from a corporate board room is alive and well.

Don't forget the IG Farben connection. IG Farben was the group of German companies at the heart of the fascist core (remember the targets that were off-limits to allied bombing?). Behind Hitlers front they funded the war and studied and directed German life. At the Nuremberg trials the heads of the IG Farben companies were imprisoned for only about five years even though the prosecutor pointed out that Hitlers war would not have been possible without them.

After they served their sentences they regained their positions as heads of the IG Farben companies and then formed a joint venture with the Rockefeller group of companies. Not only did this lock down the direction medicine would take on both sides of the Atlantic, but in 1963 lead to the formation of Codex Alimentarius for the control of our food, completing their control of what we are allowed to put into our bodies.

It is worth noting that many parts of their plan have failed. In fact the more I watch this unfold, the more I see the elites plans falling apart.

Interesting times indeed.

stonehands's picture

Without cops and lawyers and judges and prisons and standing armies and fascists and capitalists and zionists and banksters what would support your notions of private property?

All of mechanical history boils down to this:

Might makes right; the victor writes history.



GreatUncle's picture

When you consider bankers or the elites start the wars normally for gain in some form. If it was solely for humanitarian reasons then the voice of dissent would be silent but with all the prefabricated deceit you just know it is for gain.

Realising the full scale of the power and influence of elites wirth no shackles to protect ordinary people this ...

I NO LONGER GIVE A DAM ABOUT HITLER, STALIN, POL-POT, SADDAM HUSSEIN, GADDAFI and all the rest. If they kill 6 million so what when you look at the harm the greed of elites has created. The real hypocrisy is not the elites they are who they are the ones that piss me off is religion as it preeches yet does nothing about it not even form a resistance against the elitist actions.


Monty Burns's picture

"While Americans rightly condemn the Nazis as monstrous people."

Were they? How many people have questioned the convenient Nazis-as-the-most-evil-people-ever meme? The meme that has provided millions with a free living for life at the expense of the unfortunate German taxpayer.

The Nazis wanted to recover lost German territories, get free of the Rotschild central banking system, expel Jews from the Reich and take land by force in the East for lebensraum. Not nice but this doesn't make them any more monstrous than those causing endless wars around the globe for the last 50 years. And far less monstrous than Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot.

Folks, the truth is there if you dare to check out the Unsanctified Sources and compare the evidence there with that of the Sanctifed Version.

omniversling's picture

'Victor-written history reviews well worth hearing:

WW2/NAZI Germany
Nicholas Kollerstrom - Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust Myth and Reality

Joshua Blakeney - Japan Bites Back: Allied Demonization of the Empire of the Sun

Fall of the Imperium

Jeff Gates - How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy and Public Opinion

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well that doesn't narrow it down for me to tell my father, cousin, uncle or the guy in the coffee shop.

"Folks, the truth is there if you dare to check out the Unsanctified Sources and compare the evidence there with that of the Sanctified Version."

We don't all have access to America Libraries, universities, national archives, or CONUS.

I guess you have a lot of History book. Good for you. Good man.

Swave's picture

Partial Transcript of Interview with Victor Gregg, WW2 British solder and POW:

INTERVIEWER: "Tell us how it was that you were in Dresden at that time."

VICTOR GREGG: "It was evil....thousands of firebombs dropping all over the place, heat, fire, people screaming, people burning, people alight. After about half an hour it started developing into something that was really bad....It was the second wave which really brought the tornado into being because then they started dropping the 4,000 lb bunker busters....It dehumanizes anything that you've experienced before. I've been through 6 years of war. I've lost all but 3 of the 28 blokes I joined up with in 1937. I've been in every battle in the Middle East...but nothing prepared me for seeing women and children alight and flying through the air. Nothing prepared me for that. Before Dresden, I could look at people get killed and they're dead. But after Dresden, I was a nutcase. It took me 40 years to get over it. I don't think I even laughed for 40 years. I couldn't even laugh at anything. You see people stuck in...they tried to cross over to us, a group of 'em. Cause I was on a bit of grass with these firefighters and we'd come back. And this group tried to cross this road. And the first lot of 'em got stuck in the middle of it, and couldn't get away. And in the end, they caught alight. They were still alive...and then they exploded. You can't talk about it....because nobody who hasn't experienced it, their mind can't grasp it."

INTERVIEWER: "Was it a turning point for you when you viewed how the Allies were tackling what was seen as an evil menace at that point?"

VICTOR GREGG: "I never blamed the airmen. I've never blamed them because they was the same as the same blokes in the merchant navy. They're putting their lives at risk every time they went up. And they lost a lot of men -- 50, 55 thousand. But I said and I still say, and I've said it in print and on broadcast, I'll never forgive the people who ordered those raids. And that goes for all of them, Churchill, Atley. All of 'em. Whatever they can say. Because as soon as it came through after about two weeks, and it started sinking in, because they were still carrying on bombing other cities like this. And then of course, they tried to put the blame on somebody else. But, ah, no no....we were supposed to be the good guys. We was going to war to rescue Europe from the evil of the Third Reich. And we finished up being worse than they were. And I'm not going to say "we" because what annoys me is that all of this was done in our name."

weburke's picture

there were 13 empires, the elites ww2 killed off at least 3 of the empires. lots of side issues, but power fighting amongst top families certainly should not be ignored.

El Vaquero's picture

All of the above mentioned plus Hitler were so bad that it's hard to say that one is worse than the other.  All of them caused a lot of pain, suffering and death.  IMO, Pol Pot would have caused a lot more than he did if he had the means.

radiobomb's picture

great post GW.

this is a rabbit hole that gets even deeper when you look at the JPM, and others, who financed ,the National Socialist party via the bank of international settlements in switzerland, which still exists today......

William randolph hearst and his purchasing of independant media calling for trading-with-the-enemy on the US multinationals involved. Which tanked freedom of speech and lead to the presstitution we endure today.....

& there's more......


stonehands's picture

Modern society is a disease. It is only fit for machines. Thats why humans get plastered and watch sports-it's their coping mechanism.

Shitgum Suicide's picture
Shitgum Suicide (not verified) Mar 29, 2015 4:10 PM

Here you go GW- just completing the circle for you

Obama was joined for his round of golf Sunday by Jim Crane, who owns the Floridian. Crane is a major Democratic donor who also owns the Houston Astros and golfed with Obama and Tiger Woods in 2013. He's also a major player in the Texas energy industry.

Also in Obama's foursome is Milton Carroll. He's on the board of directors of Halliburton, the oil company closely associated with former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

As a meaningless asterisk - the Floridian was formally owned by Wayne Huizinga of Waste Management fame. This company had the largest write down of profits in history before its auditor Melted down with Enron - Arthur Anderson (made the cover of Forbes no less). Wayne and his cronies also did Blockbuster, Boston Chicken and AutoNation. All of these imploded after being dumped to the public while enriching the issuers.

War is not the only racket.

kchrisc's picture

You forgot what they are doing to Swisher Hygiene Inc. and several companies/owners they have purchased with Swisher stock.

A friend of mine last year mentioned that Huizenga and friends (HaF) were using Swisher as a "write-off vehicle." Said something along the lines that they, HaF, could parley a few $million investment into $millions and $millions in tax write-offs against other sales and income. I forgot it until this comment and went and looked and found this:

I don't know if he is correct, but seems like a goose is cooking, with a side of tax write-offs.

The interesting thing for me is that I heard, or read, something similar in the 90s about Boston Chicken, and then they almost went tits up.

The banksters need to repay us.

kchrisc's picture

Great article, but a lot of words to say what was said so eloquently and succinctly by Smedley Butler:

"War is a Racket."

And I would propose that if one is so inclined, and digs a little deeper into the cracks in the walls, he will find that the Zionist banksters are the racketeers.

The banksters' inflationary thefts turn a society short term focused, turn a society's economic activity into a zero-sum game where the banksters hold most of the cards, and turn a society's governmnet into their voracious revenue extraction machine, and then ultimately fund both sides of the resulting conflicts.

One can see this in many ways in American society, but especially in the brutality of the DC US' gun and badge thugs behavior against the American people. Their mission is to extract wealth, and/or labor, so as to service the debt to the banksters, and obstacles and the recalcitrant in their efforts will be mowed down. That was the lesson of Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Kelly Thomas.

The answer is to stop, and then eliminate the racket and the racketeers, and Restore the limitations on government that is the Constitution. To not stop them is to be dragged down to the pits of death that is their destiny with them--they are doomed, but our choice is whether we go with them.

The banksters need to repay us.


End the rackets.

Macon Richardson's picture

Do you have a plan on how to do this? If so, will you share it with us? Otherwise, what you say is idle chatter.

kchrisc's picture

"Do you have a plan on how to do this? If so, will you share it with us? Otherwise, what you say is idle chatter."

Your comment highlights the problem--you, and the rest, are looking toward someone else to provide a solution, and someone to follow, to lead you. You, and the rest do NOT need to follow anyone, but only need to Stop following, and start leading yourself.

I can provide the map, but you must provide your own journey to Liberty from it. Regardless, I will also be on my own journey to Liberty, and will therefore be unavailable.

Your, and the rest's, first step is to Stop: Stop Paying. Stop Playing. Stop Obeying. Just Stop.

Good luck on your journey.

The banksters need to repay us.


The Map

The most powerful weapon the American people have is Rejection.
The system of fraud and theft that has been built up upon the backs of the American people is dependent upon our backs. Withdraw our backs, and the whole scheme collapses. This is our greatest weapon.

Stop Paying--Put it into food, and precious metals, etc. They stole whatever "debt money" they loaned you in the first place (fractional reserve banking) and soon you won't be able to pay them anyways, so Stop Paying.
Stop Playing--Stop being a tool for them to use, mock, and call "stupid." Stop Playing.

Stop Obeying--If they are in violation of the Constitution then they are not legitimate anyways, so Stop Obeying their unlawful dictates.

The Four Rs
Rejection: Stop Paying. Stop Playing. Stop Obeying.
Revolution: It is inevitable, so prepare, as they are.
Retribution: The guilty must answer for their crimes against the American people and the Constitution. No “truth and reconciliation,” but “trial and Retribution.”
Restoration: Restore the American people, country and Constitutional republic.

Monty Burns's picture

An article from GW explaining how and why the Bolscheviks in 1917 were financed by Jewish bankers (particularly Schiffs and Warburgs) would also be welcome.

weburke's picture

last name of the bush family is actually -schiff-.

Pickleton's picture

How on Earth do you write this and not scream from the rooftop 'The Progressives are coming, the Progressives are coming'?


This was the progressives and coincidentally their philosophy is endemic among some politicians today.



Usura's picture

See it all here:


JFK to 911 - Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

Macon Richardson's picture

Everything since the American revolution has been rich men's tricks. On the other hand, citing youtube is hardly what one would call an "appeal to authority".

shovelhead's picture

Well that pretty much ruins that whole "German efficiency" thing.

Good ol' American Ingenuity.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 29, 2015 5:33 PM

The concept of scientific management for what was then termed "society" was widespread and growing at the turn of the 19th century, but it ended up being an excuse for more of the same thing that has always gone on.  Aristocrats had always felt it was their responsibility to 'govern' the poor.  They presumed that they were elevated by their own natural superiority.  Once aristocrats as a concept were replaced by the idea of enlightened rulers, a new form of excuse was needed.

After it fell out of fashion to appeal to god and divine right, a new god was needed. So the false god "Science" was born in the public mind, along with the religion of scientism.  This statism-as-religion has served as the reason behind having a master class ever since.  In its final malignant form it eventually trickled down to form the rationale for the petty tyrannies of the bureaucracy that perform the day to day domination of the people.

People are treated as chattel slaves by governments, and cattle require a breeding program.  Hence eugenics.

People are stupid and require enlightened thinkers to 'lead' them, hence the intelligensia that forms the excuse for a ruling class.  And so forth.

The system is the same; a hierarchy with parasites at the top and slaves at the bottom.  Only the excuses have changed from time to time and place to place. 

In addition, every so often a strong personality would emerge as head of the state and temporarily act as a counterfoil to the predations of the oligarchy that actually owns everything.  This gave the people the false hope that there was a way out of the nightmare that always results from oligarchs achieving full domination in the see saw battle between the oligarchs and the king.  Ignoring this biologically-driven cycle in primates has created a lot of confusion in people trying to sort out the history of large primate groups.  Eventually something breaks and a new cycle begins.

Now that the religion of Statism is threadbare, the fearmongering has begun in earnest.  The only options given to the people by their slaveowners are:

1) Living under the yoke of the all powerful central state.

 2) Descending into a nightmare of utter chaos and damnation. 

This is a classic false dichotomy that is crafted to scare people back into their pens.  It is also the final form of the argument for scientific management.  Does it convince?

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richard gellen. 


operation paperclip

union bank affair ( hoover fbi ) 

colonia dignidad paul schaffer and cia drug transportation. 

origins of the bush family. 

the junkers and the fehme 

tuetonic knights and prussia.




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Just finished another book on King Leopold.  Is it true the US traded with Germany up to its invasion of France? Yes.  Is it true not all Germans were Nazi's? Yes.  Is it true many Europeans were Nazi's? Is it true there were pretty much zero American Nazi's? Yes.  Were there Jewish Nazi's?  Are there still Jewish Nazi's? Yes.


Is "George Washington" a Jewish Nazi?  Sure sounds, acts and bloviates like one.


Before the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, etc the USA had George Washington.


Take your bullshit and sell it somewhere else you fucking asshole.


Just fucking die already.

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Shitgum Suicide (not verified) Mar 29, 2015 1:03 PM

I don't recall seeing Obamas name mentioned next to the Muslim Brotherhood or anything about the Neonazis in Ukraine or arming of "freedom fighters in Libya or Syria or Iran or ISIS or whatever else THIS administration has done. Not even mention the Clintons or the Kennedy's and their traitorous behavior.

You just focus on George W Bush and the Bush family connection to the dreaded Nazis. This is why you are a shill and a Schmuck and why I will call you out on every single one of your bullshit propaganda bile.

Go lick Putin's balls like you get paid to do you douche!!!

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GW your excellent reporting with citations as proof is an historical achieves treasure of current events compiled by a true patriot to our country of the USA. You have the patience of a saint as you diligently read and compile your information before publishing.

The pack of shit bag, uneducated, Teabaggers like Shit Gum Suicide, Anal Prober and the rest of the jerks with bags on their heads that harass your posts with their pea-brained gibberish is reflected in the number of down votes they receive from the rest of the educated and civil readers that appreciate your posts. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Don’t let the big mouth, uncivil bastards get you down. Their pathetic practice is to disrupt any civil discussion of fact in any way they can.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

As a point of reference - most of the IBM info is taken from an excellent book on this (I would argue the definitive one ) by Edwin Black. Not to cite him is simply plagarism

disabledvet's picture

Shut your stupid fucking mouth asstard. This "GW" is a muzzie loving coward who thinks freedom is ramming his cock up another man's ass.

windcatcher's picture

In reply to disabled: You are the one that is anal obsessive and ramming something. Ha. Ha. Ha.

You should see a professional about your sex problem. Ha. Ha. Ha. Please show me again how abnormal you are. Ha. Ha. Ha.

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Shitgum Suicide (not verified) George Washington Mar 29, 2015 1:33 PM

Uuummmmm what? Did you put that link along with any in depth article about it?

No you didn't!

You could also update your anti-American template. The Nazis really?
There are many modern scandals connection you seem to never mention.

You especially forget to mention Jay Rockefeller and any connection of the democrat party with the Rockefeller family do you?

Or any dealings with letting terrorists go.
Fast and Furious and the arming of drug cartels all the while trying to use it as and excuse to curtail gun rights in America not to mention the killing of civilians in Mexico.
Ted Kennedy and his meeting with soviets to undermine a current president.
Or any other I could name but you won't.
I wonder why that is?
Could you possibly have an agenda?

George Washington's picture

I've written alot about Fast and Furious (), Obama backing Al Qaeda and neo-Nazis (), etc.

If you had actually clicked through and read the links in my previous comment, you would see that - while I think Bush sucked - I think Obama is much worse, and is in fact the worst, most dangerous president we've ever had.

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Don't bother.

His Special Ed. class will handle this.

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The proto-Nazis were also involved with and influenced by the Ottoman-Turkish expulsions and ethnic cleansings of Armenia and other Balkan/Trasncaucasia  non-islamic ethnic enclaves and populations..

The Americans knew what was going on: the US Ambassador to the Ottman Empire kept Washington well informed of the activities and documented his knowledge of the escalating atrocities publicly in newspapers and privately in personal correspondences..


"On 29 May 1915, the CUP Central Committee passed the Temporary Law of Deportation ("Tehcir Law"), giving the Ottoman government and military authorization to deport anyone it "sensed" as a threat to national security.[23]:186–8

An article by the New York Times dated 15 December 1915 states that one million Armenians had been either deported or executed by the Ottoman government.

With the implementation of Tehcir Law, the confiscation of Armenian property and the slaughter of Armenians that ensued upon its enactment outraged much of the western world. While the Ottoman Empire's wartime allies offered little protest, a wealth of German and Austrian historical documents has since come to attest to the witnesses' horror at the killings and mass starvation of Armenians.[38]:329–31[39]:212–3 In the United States, The New York Times reported almost daily on the mass murder of the Armenian people, describing the process as "systematic", "authorized" and "organized by the government". Theodore Roosevelt would later characterize this as "the greatest crime of the war".[40]

Historian Hans-Lukas Kieser states that, from the statements of Talaat Pasha[41] it is clear that the officials were aware that the deportation order was genocidal.[42] Another historian Taner Akçam states that the telegrams show that the overall coordination of the genocide was taken over by Talaat Pasha.[43]

Death marches

An Armenian woman kneeling beside a dead child in field "within sight of help and safety at Aleppo", an Ottoman city.

The Armenians were marched out to the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor and the surrounding desert. There is no evidence that the Ottoman government provided the extensive facilities and supplies that would have been necessary to sustain the life of hundreds of thousands of Armenian deportees during their forced march to the Syrian desert or after.[44] By August 1915, The New York Times repeated an unattributed report that "the roads and the Euphrates are strewn with corpses of exiles, and those who survive are doomed to certain death. It is a plan to exterminate the whole Armenian people".[45] Talaat Pasha and Djemal Pasha were completely aware that by abandoning the Armenian deportees in the desert they were condemning them to certain death.[46] A dispatch from a "high diplomatic source in Turkey, not American, reporting the testimony of trustworthy witnesses" about the plight of Armenian deportees in northern Arabia and the Lower Euphrates valley was extensively quoted by The New York Times in August 1916:

The witnesses have seen thousands of deported Armenians under tents in the open, in caravans on the march, descending the river in boats and in all phases of their miserable life. Only in a few places does the Government issue any rations, and those are quite insufficient. The people, therefore, themselves are forced to satisfy their hunger with food begged in that scanty land or found in the parched fields.

Naturally, the death rate from starvation and sickness is very high and is increased by the brutal treatment of the authorities, whose bearing toward the exiles as they are being driven back and forth over the desert is not unlike that of slave drivers. With few exceptions no shelter of any kind is provided and the people coming from a cold climate are left under the scorching desert sun without food and water. Temporary relief can only be obtained by the few able to pay officials.[44]

Similarly, Major General Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein noted that "The Turkish policy of causing starvation is an all too obvious proof, if proof was still needed as to who is responsible for the massacre, for the Turkish resolve to destroy the Armenians".[26]:350

German engineers and labourers involved in building the railway also witnessed Armenians being crammed into cattle cars and shipped along the railroad line. Franz Gunther, a representative for Deutsche Bank which was funding the construction of the Baghdad Railway, forwarded photographs to his directors and expressed his frustration at having to remain silent amid such "bestial cruelty".[23]:326 Major General Otto von Lossow, acting military attaché and head of the German Military Plenipotentiary in the Ottoman Empire, spoke to Ottoman intentions in a conference held in Batum in 1918:

The Turks have embarked upon the "total extermination of the Armenians in Transcaucasia ... The aim of Turkish policy is, as I have reiterated, the taking of possession of Armenian districts and the extermination of the Armenians. Talaat's government wants to destroy all Armenians, not just in Turkey but also outside Turkey. On the basis of all the reports and news coming to me here in Tiflis there hardly can be any doubt that the Turks systematically are aiming at the extermination of the few hundred thousand Armenians whom they left alive until now.[26]:349

Concentration camps

The original caption of photograph reads: "The Above Photograph Shows Eight Armenian Professors Massacred by the Turks"[47]

A network of 25 concentration camps was set up by the Ottoman government to dispose of the Armenians who had survived the deportations to their ultimate point.[48] This network, situated in the region of Turkey's present-day borders with Iraq and Syria, was directed by ?ükrü Kaya, one of Talaat Pasha's right-hand men. Some of the camps were only temporary transit points. Others, such as Radjo, Katma, and Azaz, were briefly used for mass graves and then vacated by autumn 1915. Camps such as Lale, Tefridje, Dipsi, Del-El, and Ra's al-'Ayn were built specifically for those whose life expectancy was just a few days.[49] According to Hilmar Kaiser, the Ottoman authorities refused to provide food and water to the victims, increasing the mortality rate, and Muslim men obtained Armenian women through recorded marriages, while the death of their husbands were not recorded.[50]

Bernau, an American citizen of German descent, traveled to the areas where Armenians were incarcerated and wrote a report that was deemed factual by Rössler, the German Consul at Aleppo. He reports mass graves containing over 60,000 people in Meskene and large numbers of mounds of corpses, as the Armenians died due to hunger and disease. He reported seeing 450 orphans, who received at most 150 grams of bread per day, in a tent of 5-6 square meters. Dysentery swept through the camp and days passed between the instances of distribution of bread to some. In "Abu Herrera", near Meskene, he described how the guards let 240 Armenians starve, and wrote that they searched "horse droppings" for grains.[51]

Confiscation of property

The Tehcir Law brought some measures regarding the property of the deportees, but during September a new law was proposed. By means of the "Abandoned Properties" Law (Law Concerning Property, Dept's and Assets Left Behind Deported Persons, also referred as the "Temporary Law on Expropriation and Confiscation"), the Ottoman government took possession of all "abandoned" Armenian goods and properties. Ottoman parliamentary representative Ahmed Riza protested this legislation:

It is unlawful to designate the Armenian assets as "abandoned goods" for the Armenians, the proprietors, did not abandon their properties voluntarily; they were forcibly, compulsorily removed from their domiciles and exiled. Now the government through its efforts is selling their goods ... If we are a constitutional regime functioning in accordance with constitutional law we can't do this. This is atrocious. Grab my arm, eject me from my village, then sell my goods and properties, such a thing can never be permissible. Neither the conscience of the Ottomans nor the law can allow it.[52]

On 13 September 1915, the Ottoman parliament passed the "Temporary Law of Expropriation and Confiscation", stating that all property, including land, livestock, and homes belonging to Armenians, was to be confiscated by the authorities.[26]:224

International aid to victims

Fundraising poster for the American Committee for Relief in the Near East – the United States contributed a significant amount of aid to help Armenians during the Armenian Genocide. See also: American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief

The American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief (ACASR, also known as "Near East Relief"), established in 1915 just after the deportations began, was a charitable organization established to relieve the suffering of the peoples of the Near East.[53] The organization was championed by Henry Morgenthau, Sr., American ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. Morgenthau's dispatches on the mass slaughter of Armenians galvanized much support for the organization.[54] In its first year, the ACRNE cared for 132,000 Armenian orphans from TiflisYerevanConstantinopleSivasBeirutDamascus, and Jerusalem. A relief organization for refugees in the Middle East helped donate over $102 million (budget $117,000,000) [1930 value of dollar] to Armenians both during and after the war.[55][56]:336 Between 1915 and 1930, ACRNE distributed humanitarian relief to locations across a wide geographical range, eventually spending over ten times its original estimate and helping around 2,000,000 refugees.[57]

The "Special Organization" Main article: Special Organization (Ottoman Empire)

The Committee of Union and Progress founded a "special organization" (TurkishTe?kilat-i Mahsusa) that participated in the destruction of the Ottoman Armenian community.[58] This organization adopted its name in 1913 and functioned like a special forces outfit, and it has been compared by some scholars to the Nazi Einsatzgruppen.[23]:182, 185 Later in 1914, the Ottoman government influenced the direction the special organization was to take by releasing criminals from central prisons to be the central elements of this newly formed special organization.[59] According to the Mazhar commissions attached to the tribunal as soon as November 1914, 124 criminals were released from Pimian prison. Little by little from the end of 1914 to the beginning of 1915, hundreds, then thousands of prisoners were freed to form the members of this organization. Later, they were charged to escort the convoys of Armenian deportees.[60] Vehib Pasha, commander of the Ottoman Third Army, called those members of the special organization, the "butchers of the human species".[61]

Massacres Mass burnings

Of this photo, the United States ambassador wrote, "Scenes like this were common all over the Armenian provinces, in the spring and summer months of 1915. Death in its several forms—massacre, starvation, exhaustion—destroyed the larger part of the refugees. The Turkish policy was that of extermination under the guise of deportation".[35]

Eitan Belkind was a Nili member who infiltrated the Ottoman army as an official. He was assigned to the headquarters of Kamal Pasha. He claims to have witnessed the burning of 5,000 Armenians.[62]:181,183

Lt. Hasan Maruf of the Ottoman army describes how a population of a village were taken all together and then burned.[63] The Commander of the Third Army Vehib's 12-page affidavit, which was dated 5 December 1918, was presented in the Trabzon trial series (29 March 1919) included in the Key Indictment,[64] reporting such a mass burning of the population of an entire village near Mu?: "The shortest method for disposing of the women and children concentrated in the various camps was to burn them".[65] Further, it was reported that "Turkish prisoners who had apparently witnessed some of these scenes were horrified and maddened at remembering the sight. They told the Russians that the stench of the burning human flesh permeated the air for many days after".[66]


Trabzon was the main city in Trabzon province; Oscar S. Heizer, the American consul at Trabzon, reported: "This plan did not suit Nail Bey ... Many of the children were loaded into boats and taken out to sea and thrown overboard".[67] Hafiz Mehmet, a Turkish deputy serving Trabzon, testified during a 21 December 1918 parliamentary session of the Chamber of Deputies that "the district's governor loaded the Armenians into barges and had them thrown overboard."[68] The Italian consul of Trabzon in 1915, Giacomo Gorrini, writes: "I saw thousands of innocent women and children placed on boats which were capsized in the Black Sea".[69] The Trabzon trials reported Armenians having been drowned in the Black Sea,[70] according to a testimony, women and children were loaded on boats in "De?irmendere" to be drowned in the sea.[71]

Hoffman Philip, the American chargé d'affaires at Constantinople, wrote: "Boat loads sent from Zor down the river arrived at Ana, one thirty miles away, with three fifths of passengers missing".[72] According to Robert Fisk, 900 Armenian women were drowned in Bitlis, while in Erzincan, the corpses in the Euphrates resulted in a change of course of the river for a few hundred meters.[38]

Use of poison and drug overdoses

The psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton writes in a parenthesis when introducing the medical experiments during the Holocaust, "Perhaps Turkish doctors, in their participation in the genocide against the Armenians, come closest, as I shall later suggest".[73]

Morphine overdose: During the Trabzon trial series of the Martial court, from the sittings between 26 March and 17 May 1919, the Trabzons Health Services Inspector Dr. Ziya Fuad wrote in a report that Dr. Saib caused the death of children with the injection of morphine. The information was allegedly provided by two physicians (Drs. Ragib and Vehib), both Dr. Saib's colleagues at Trabzons Red Crescent hospital, where those atrocities were said to have been committed.[74][75]

Toxic gas: Dr. Ziya Fuad and Dr. Adnan, public health services director of Trabzon, submitted affidavits reporting cases in which two school buildings were used to organize children and send them to the mezzanine to kill them with toxic gas equipment.[76]

Typhoid inoculation: The Ottoman surgeon, Dr. Haydar Cemal wrote "on the order of the Chief Sanitation Office of the Third Army in January 1916, when the spread of typhus was an acute problem, innocent Armenians slated for deportation at Erzincan were inoculated with the blood of typhoid fever patients without rendering that blood 'inactive'".[76] Jeremy Hugh Baron writes: "Individual doctors were directly involved in the massacres, having poisoned infants, killed children and issued false certificates of death from natural causes. Nazim's brother-in-law Dr. Tevfik Rushdu, Inspector-General of Health Services, organized the disposal of Armenian corpses with thousands of kilos of lime over six months; he became foreign secretary from 1925 to 1938".[77] "

shovelhead's picture

Fuck's sake.

Just post the link. Cut & pasting an encyclopedia does not make you look smarter.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

Some people are too damned lazy to click a provided link.

Some people are too damned lazy to scroll past a long citation.


disabledvet's picture

History is an ugly thing.  Especially in the East.


The military history of the USA is mostly one of failure. The three major exceptions are the Revolutionary War, the Mexican-American War and World War II.


Not so with the Germans.  Until the 20th Century save for the Napoleonic era they hadn't lost a war since Roman times.  Teutonic Knights maybe.


The Nazi's could absolutely have won World War II. Germany World War I as well.   How Great Britain survived either War really is beyond imagination.


Hitler's biggest allies were France, Italy and Poland going into Barbarossa.


When Nazi Germany attacked Russia Russia only had one ally...Great Britain.


That was it.


June, 1941.  The month no one talks about.


If Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor that might have remained true for some time.

El Vaquero's picture

" How Great Britain survived either War really is beyond imagination."


No real mystery there.  Geography plus superior radar plus one fatal German mistake:  They started bombing the cities instead of keeping the pressure up on the RAF, which allowed them time to refit their supplies and equipment.  Had the Germans tried to invade England, there was a very high chance of a complete blood bath in the English Channel without complete German air superiority.  That they are an island nation was an advantage.  Geography.  It is the same with Russia, being so far north.  Cold winters.  Geography. 

Shitgum Suicide's picture
Shitgum Suicide (not verified) Mar 29, 2015 12:55 PM

This is what I mean GW. It's also why I still hound and haunt you. Why don't you ever bother to give the broad scope of what this country is facing and understand some things are done even though I don't agree wth them.

You never make the complete argument that someone who uses the avatar of George Washington and meant it would.

If you've never heard it you should. You might just learn something about why you are so despised, and not just by me.