This Is Your Country On Drugs: NatGeo Documents "American Nightmare"

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On Wednesday, we showed that nearly a quarter of Americans use drugs to alter their moods and promote relaxation. We also outlined which states are the “most drugged,” and went on to show, via a series of maps courtesy of National Geographic, which parts of the US had the highest per capita rate of illegal drug charges.

Below is the NatGeo documentary which outlines the proliferation of illegal drug use in America. The startling finding: “...the most drug infested state in the most drug infested country is Vermont.” 

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Hence, the strategic location of Ben & Jerry's HQ

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To put Vermont in perspective, in 2012 Obama won a higher share of votes there than NY.

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Highest drug use, but low crime rate.

Thank you, Constitutional Carry.

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New Hampshire has the best of both worlds.

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Watched the video and they sure nailed it with Delaware being the highest per-cap for heroin busts.  I can believe that stat.  H has made a HUGE come-back in the PA/DE area the last 10 years.  You almost didn't hear about it 10 years ago- it had been off the radar for so long.  Now all the cool kids are doing it again.  For when stealing Mom & Dad's oxy pills just doesn't cut it any more, I guess.


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Didn't the huge heroine influx in this country coincide with the US invasion of Afghanistan? Weird.

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The CIA manages much of the world illicit drug trade.  Real weird.

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Why its almost like the government actively promoted drug use by EBT food for druggies, free medicaid care, free clean needles, US military protection for heroin production in Afghanistan...

Oh wait....

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Report with Kal Penn.

Kal is an expert on drugs due to his "position" with Obama in the White House.   And that position would be bent over and lubed.

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"Swallowing half an hour before closing time, that second dose of soma had raised a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds."



"I don't understand anything," she said with decision, determined to preserve her incomprehension intact. "Nothing. Least of all," she continued in another tone "why you don't take soma when you have these dreadful ideas of yours. You'd forget all about them. And instead of feeling miserable, you'd be jolly. So jolly,"



"When the Warden started booming, she had inconspicuously swallowed half a gramme of soma, with the result that she could now sit, serenely not listening, thinking of nothing at all, but with her large blue eyes fixed on the Warden's face in an expression of rapt attention."



"As soon as they got back to the rest-house, she swallowed six half-gramme tablets of soma, lay down on her bed, and within ten minutes had embarked for lunar eternity. It would be eighteen hours at the least before she was in time again."

It's a Brave New World.

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>To put Vermont in perspective, in 2012 Obama won a higher share of votes there than NY.


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Hey Dover AFB in Dover, Deleware.

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Oh look, its the "thrivalist" with the obligatory SOMA quote. Whatever would we do without your grizzled old white man point of view. Let us know when you get strong enough not to cross the street when you see colored people, won't you?

Fucking ancient knob-gobbler.

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Not really so  weird. It's at least as old as Vietnam, And the deals between the Mafia and the OSS for cooperation in WW2, well, really.

Remember, all operations funded by Congress are (theoretically) subject to the Senate Oversight Comittee. No .gov funding, no reporting requirement.

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Yeah, we sure nipped that trade in the bud when the US occupied Afghanistan. Nancy would be so proud. Besides not eradicating the poppies the same plant financed the Taliban. So US troops had that going for them. I just couldn't believe no one Ever complained.

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Yeah, well, the Taliban took over and started burning the poppy fields - made opium production a capital crime - opium production fell off a cliff.  That pissed off the IMF AND the CIA (they love the money-laundering and unlimited black-budgets) - so they painted the Taliban with a big red "Terrorist" brush and sent troops in to rid the world of those heathen anti-drug rag-heads.  The dogs go in, run the Taliban out, and the US installs one of the top drug dealer's brother as puppet president.  Heroin production soars.  We now have troops guarding poppy fields ..... and getting addicted.  Just another day in the world turned completely fucking upside down.....

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They came home from Vietnam addicted, too. The MSM never talked much about it, of course. Too busy calling them baby killers.

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That was swiftboat boy John Kerry calling them baby killers.  Anything goes when you have a narcissist's need for attention and a sociopath's craving for power.

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I don't remember anyone EVER calling any Vietnam Vet "baby killer". 

What I do remember is, "HEY HEY LBJ, HOW MANY KIDS DID YOU KILL TODAY?"  But LBJ was not a Vietnam Vet.  LBJ was the guy who lied about Tonkien Bay to send USA KIDS over to get killed, for no reason that I could ever figure, unless it was just to make Military Industrial Complex "War Pigs" rich.

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Not really - heroin was huge on the west coast back in the nineties - remember all the grunge rock star deaths?

I have a friend in a midstate NY emergency room and she says heroin is big again up there. It was PCP, then bathsalts, then synthetic marijuana then heroin.

Bottom line: For the love of all that's holy, HOW MANY times do you have to tell people not to do drugs?

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In the 80's and 90's the 'North Shore' above Boston was rife with smuggler's.

The 'quality' steed went to the people with money, Boston's financiers and their kids that lived from Swampscott and Salem or so on northwards.

From Revere down through Roxbury and on south and west was saturated with low-grade and dirty mixed nag for the poor irish and townies, students at Boston's many secondard schools, negroes, etc..


Berklee was like a magnet that sucked musicians into hell.  

I lived about a block away above The Pourhouse for awhile.   

Aimee Mann and Peter Wolf would sit together schtonkered fabsolutely ucking senseless, mute and half asleep, in a booth in there for days...


I know a lot of musicians that got hooked after a night of drinking at places like The Rat or Wally's.

So many guitarists idolizing Aerosmith.  So many horn players hung up on Coltrane and Davis...

Really just kids desperately trying whatever they thought would lend them credibility or inspiration...

There was a saying: "If you wanna rock 'n' roll you gotta pay the toll."

They paid alright.  Some of them paid with their talent and their sanity -and their lives.


Aimee Mann featured in the music video Time Stand Still in 1987 by RUSH

RUSH tours NA this summer celebrating 40 years.

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Hi-skool friend of mine ODd twice on bigPharm pills and once on the H. Pot isn't "the gateway drug"... those damn bigPharm pills are.

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In Soviet America, drug DO YOU!

Jackoff Smirnof

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A high school friend of mine really fucked himself up on them plus alcohol too.  The fucker would snort oxycontin like it was going out of style, then he started just walking into people's houses and going through their medicine cabinets.  He wondered why nobody wanted to hang out with him.  He's been in prison too, in and out of rehab. He finally almost killed himself with vodka one evening.  His blood alcohol level was just shy of 0.6, he was in a coma, and because all of the abuse he had put his body through, they had to remove parts of his lungs and keep him in the coma for a week or two. 


And this was all on drugs that were legal.  His use of them wasn't always legal, but they were government approved or regulated drugs.  He was fun to be around before he got so fucked up, which is a damned shame.  Had he been shot for stealing somebody's shit, I probably would not have blamed the person who shot him either. 


And despite all of that, I am still against the war on drugs.  There is no such thing as a perfect solution to people ruining themselves.  A lot of people I went to high school with did a lot of illicit substances and it didn't fuck them up like it did him. 

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As Jack Blood used to say (maybe he still does) "sometimes freedom is messy & sometimes people get hurt in a free society".  I'm poorly paraphrasing.  Point being;  a totalitarian police state is also messy. 


It comes down to - what type of "mess" do you prefer?  

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When they decriminalized drugs in Portugal use rates went up slightly (but less than the rest of the continent's use rates went up) and overdose deaths virtually disappeared. Portugal's drug use rate is about half of Spain's. War on drugs doubled our prison population and usage rates stayed the same. Same as prohibition, violent drug gangs were fostered. Same as prohibition, harder drugs become more used. Prior to prohibition, number one alcoholic beverage was beer, during prohibition number one was hard liquor, more bang for your smuggling effort.

I work in the ED in WV, people OD on heroin way more than they did when pills were the thing. Get them hooked on the pain pills, make pills expensive and hard to come by and they switch to heroin. Never know what you're getting. An 80mg oxy is always an 80mg oxy. OD is the number one cause of death nationwide 18-24. Not so funny, huh. BTW, in 15 years I can literally count on one hand the number of MJ related ED visits. Coupla anxiety, coupla bronchitis, one or two violence related (war on drugs related). I can easily see more alcohol and tobacco related in one evening.

And, to finish, I'm shocked DE is number one in heroin busts. There are a shit ton of heroin addicts here. We are number one in hep B per capita. KY is number one in hep C so take that, DE.

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Good pot gives you the best bang for the buck and if you run out it ain't no big deal. Me and Willie are here to tell you. It's going to be 4:20 in my neighborhood within the hour.


I want to be the first to open a Willy Nelson Bud franchise in CANADA. When Willy Nelson Pot hits the market Goldman Sachs will want to start another IPO. Willy Nelson Pot is going to be huge in terms of sales. I want in on the ground floor, Mr. Nelson!!!!


NOTE: Willy Nelson Pot is going to be the new oil boom of the future, Z/H.



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Could be the European Royalty and Old Money felt there was a big US Market wide open to a New Opium War in America.

Picking the Winners and Losers.

Maybe the Masons help facilitate finding the Leadership in US MIC, US Government, and US Private Industry for War in Afghanistan Opium.

Even Bill Clinton was Knight in some Masonic Order.

Skull & Bones.

"Hey if you mess around (say the High Level Masons), then you going to make yourself a Loser."

So the main Goals of the Afghanistan War:

- Control Oil & Gas Concessions, Mining, Pipelines
- Push Out Competing Powers
- Test US Forces, Test Weapons & Tactics, Gain Military Experience, Convert US Households toward Right Wing Military Republic
- Rare Earth Metals
- Control the Opium & Increase Crop Yield
- Destroy US Households, Create Under Class, Expand Prison Class, Bring Back Privatization of Prisons
- Capture Taxpayer Dollars for the MIC & Corporate Friends
- Create New Career Places for Former Military

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Same here in outer parts of NY. Reason is that obtaining legal opiates such as Vic or Oxys is impossible so kids turn to H. Friend of mine told me his neighbor lost both sons to H OD. Stuff is too strong for them. Again, gov't gets involved and law of us intended consequences kicks in

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...or instead of blaming the gov't for this one, your friend's neighbor should be blamed for doing a fuck-up job of parenting his sons, as evidenced by the fact that they are both (deceased) drug addicts.

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How involed is government in moving Horse? How many bankster bonuse depend on laundering Horse? What's up with that little old Lick Willie airstrip in Mena, Arkansa?

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Boris is recommend to much use of vodka, then is citizenry too sloshy for meth chef or prescription drug. There, is all solved!

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Holy shit, Boris, where you been?  I thought you had checked out or something I havent' see a post from you in so long.

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+1 With the Minsk Accord you must be back from the front lines.

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Give love to Natasha.  Give EVERYBODY love to Natasha.

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Boris, NOT "Dirty Boris" racing Vespa champion, yes?  Different Boris.

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I am too happy is seeing from you again, Boris !

Molotov time is now yes?

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I don’t know how you Russies do it. The Mexicans tell me they drink excessively every day to keep from getting a hangover. ………… Kinda Tequila QE.

~ DC

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Fine warrior that Magua was.



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Yes he was or is. (Is that the proper tense for a fictional character?)

He sums me up in the ‘tude department. …. Just think of me as thoroughly pissed off Huron with a Paslode.



Not that I would actually use it on anyone, mind you, but I might be willing to rent it out.

~ DC


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Russions do have a lot of practice

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Say, is it just me or do Russians talk little funny?

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Chingutchkiq and Magua we all speak funny.

But US Culture is so Maverick and independent we don't allow people to look or act different. We think we all should have the same hat, boots, hair cut, facial hair, blue jeans, and hand gestures.

Oh wait that is Fascism... never mind.

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It was a Russki rass. .. He’ll, know what I mean. I love Boris’ .. aaaaah ‘accent’.

I up arrowed him for ‘sloshy’  right away but it took me a minute on the ‘meth chef’.

Hell I even have a SU T50 high res screensaver with little red stars on the wings and I’m about to go long rubles.


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I repeat myself but, BORIS, kisses in a manly way and vodka on the house, good to see you again

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BORIS! I haven't seen you in forever! I was wondering where you went. Great to see you! Your post made my day!