Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 93.2 Million As Participation Rate Drops To February 1978 Levels

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So much for yet another "above consensus" recovery, and what's worse it is, well, about to get even worse, because while the Fed keeps baning some illusory drum that slack in the economy is almost non-existent, the reality is that in March the number of people who dropped out of the labor force rose by yet another 277K, up 2.1 million in the past year, and has reached a record 93.175 million.

Indicatively, this means that the labor force participation rate dropped once more, from 62.8% to 62.7%, a level seen back in February 1978, even as the BLS reported that the entire labor force actually declined for the second consecutive month, down almost 100K in March to 156,906.


Why is this important? Because as long as the true employment rate, that of the civilian employment to total population, remains at depression levels, there will be no incrases in average hourly earnings.

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Working is overated.

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I was alive in sucked.


Now I get to do it again.....lucky me.

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Again, every month the number just seem to go up and up.

Can't call this a recovery



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Winning the war on "unemployment". (By waging a war of attrition, lol.)

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What is this?

Unemployment rate is way down since 2010.

Oh, yes it is.

Just look @ the #!!

Get a job!!

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Fewer jobs and more free time for everyone!  Thanks Dear Leader Obama!!!

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beaners galore, will work for less than skillset value BECAUSE we are moar numerous than jobs available due to the corporation outsourcing manufacturing to lowest common labor cost and mexico is way worse...

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Stay home moms are coming back!

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Talked to a hedge fund manager on a gondola ride up to the peak of Killington.  He said the number of people not employed,as a direct result of Fed funny money, is "Absolutely great!!!"  I shit you not.  Those guys have no soul. 

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Back to the Carter years. This will turn out well.

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Carter must be estatic because Obama is making hiim look like a fucking genius.    The only thing that worries me is eventually we'll get a President who makes Obama look good. Shudder.

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We will, and a lot sooner than we all hope.  Wait till we get to the guy who actually says that SS and Medicare cannot possibly pay out the $120 trillion in future benefits.


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1978...i was driving at 10:30 pm in podunk massachusetts on the way to the cape.  case of heinekin in the back seat freshly cracked.  ounce of bud in the glovey and a gram of coke over the visor.  we show a local cop car our tail lights at 30 over and soon we're at the side of the road in the confessional booth. license and reg he says with eyes and flashlights all around.  he sees the dope, beer but not the gram above.  "know how fast you were going"?   several contrite phrases later he hands me my papers and sends me on my way. "slow down and drive careful" he says.  not even a written warning.  i have to change my shorts every time i tell that story.  if it was now,  i'd be servicing a dozen prison gang members at the local for profit house of correction.  if i was lucky...

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Not necessarily.  Today they'll just beat you and take all your shit and may let you go...but definitely take all your shit and money.

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prison nation with militarized police.

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We unemployed some folks.

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So I guess this isn't because we're doing so well that mother's can again stay at home...

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"Idiocracy" is now reality...Look for President Camacho in 2020 to bring your worries to fruition....

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Hitlery is coming to the rescue.

She will make the golfer in chief look like an Abe Lincoln.

Glad I don't live there. :)

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Since Carter TM 



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We unparticipated some laborers.

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The QE effect on main street seems to have made regular people with decent jobs obsolete.

In hedge fund manager parlance that's probably called something catchy like "synergy".


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On the other hand, Dick head, at the risk of lla bunch ofd down arrows, what the fuck were you doing on "a gondola ride up to the peak of Killiington"?

When I was in college, the rich kids all went off to ski on the breaks in winter - I stayed and worked. Killington, last time I looked, Killington was a ski resort:

Although lift ticket prices are still reasonable, albiet for a east coat 'mountain' that is a hill on the west coast.

So fuck you so feeling so superior to the hedge fund manger - you are fucking priveliged enough  to go skiing, which is a very up-scale entertainment. 

Next post, put down the rednecks that ride snowmobiles. 

Anybody can lack souls... 


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That's exactly right. That makes these numbers even worse. Women weren't in the work force like they are today. 

On a realted note, this is why they pushed so hard for women's rights. They wanted them in the work force to hide the inflation theft by the Fed. One man, who wasn't college educated, could provide for his family and still save up for retiremnet. Now college educted couples work themselves to the grave....or, of course, they just soak up the welfare and steal from our future generations. 

Instead of leaving our children and grand children with debt, we should leave them with wealth. Real estate and precious metals are a great way to ensure the wealth is preserved. Personally, I am giving these candles with silver coins as gifts for Easter:


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The process is called "asset-stripping"

In Europe and the USA it works as follows

Income taxation and the IRS reporting requirements provide the road map; targeted tax increases and regulation provide the mechanisms of extraction. 

When vote time comes the immigrations gates are opened to drown the native opposition to being raped yet again

Rinse Repeat


The guys enabling it all make out pretty good


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Mom (or Dad) needs to stay home and raise her brood instead of outsourcing. The whole working mom meme was spawned by the bankers to compensate for inflation and the proles bought it hook line and sinker and even defended their own prolonged ass fucking. America fuck yea!

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More free time living in moms basement, jerking off to internet porn and eating stale cheetos underneath couch cushions. Hope and change bitchez!

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Mom's basement, aka the bitcoin salt mines.

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I think moms basement will eventually morph into a cosy encampment under a freeway ramp.


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As long as the overpass has wifi today's youth will be good to go.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I think you may have stumbled on the key to the revolution's unfolding.


PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

.."If you like your underpass"....

I imagine that was a lie as well.


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works makes me not get tha free money.

[rolls over and goes back to sleep]

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you can have your job and keep it too,. its the "living wage" part that most modern jobs cant supply

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This is why they can't mandate a digital currency as many of these people part of the underground cash economy.

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May we call it "the GREAT recovery"?  :^)

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No you may not. It's labelled, "The Robust Rekovery" according to Barry.

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Those days are back! At least they are not living in the basement.......yet

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I remember buying silver back parents looked at me like I was crazy.


I was like.....just two more'll see. Then we dump it and run like hell.

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listening to one of the most under-rated rock bands = Be Bop Deluxe

Bill Nelson is one of the greatest guitar player singer songwriters EVA


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Way ahead of me, I was working two jobs so i could afford to help my parents AND party.

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Does this mean disco makes a comeback?

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Disco is fucking awesome compared to popular "music" today. Can you imagine exposing somebody from 1977 to the autotuned shit-sandwich that passes for music today? You would get punched in the face.

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Better!! Go back to 57 and dig Parker, Miles, Getz, Coltrane,, amhad Jamal Basie Kenton, Ella Sarah, Sinatra. Only thing I heard inthe last 20 is Quincy doing was "Juke Joint"           Milestones

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The BeeGees "Stayin' Alive" was the #1 song ....... so yeah, that part sucked.

We had cheap, stinky weed and expensive gas. But at least we were young. And we were in the fucking labor force too, I might add.


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And the women were thin, feminine, and tattooless.

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And the men were strong from all the manual labor. The cars were fast.