Ukraine "Loses" Five Indian Airplanes, Shake-Up Of Secret Service & Army Underway

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Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via Acting-Man blog,

Indian Planes go Missing in Kiev

This is really too funny. As Sputnik reports, India has entered into a contract with a Ukrainian state-owned company to refurbish and upgrade its fleet of military transport planes. Now it has turned out that the company has somehow managed to “lose” five of them. Part of the fleet was to be refurbished in India, but that has recently stopped, because the Ukrainian engineers went back home and the required spare parts failed to turn up.

“India says five of its 40 AN-32 military transport aircrafts have gone missing “without a trace” while the planes underwent upgrades in Ukraine. “These five aircraft are almost lost as it is difficult to trace them and diplomatic efforts to find their whereabouts have failed,” the website Defense News quotes an Indian Air Force official as saying.


In 2009, India signed a contract with Ukraine’s state-owned arms trading agency, Ukrspetsexport Corp., to upgrade its 104 AN-32 transport aircraft at a cost of US $400 million, as the fleet had reached its life expectancy. The upgrade program started in 2011 and was set to run through 2017.


Under the deal, the modernization of 40 warplanes should have been completed in Ukraine at Kiev-based Antonov State Co. facilities, while the 64 others were set to be upgraded in India at the Air Force’s Kanpur-based base, under a technology transfer from Ukraine.




However out of 40 warplanes sent to Kiev, only 35 made their way back home. The remaining five have been “lost without trace”.


The local upgrade of the remaining 64 AN-32s has been halted as Ukrainian engineers departed and supplies of spare parts stopped, according to the Indian Air Force. A diplomat from the Ukraine Embassy said Antonov must resolve this issue with the Indian Air Force, and that the government cannot help.”



The Antonov AN 32. Admittedly, not the biggest airplane ever, but we would still find it difficult to lose one, let alone five.

Photo credit: Rohan

Interestingly, although Ukrspetsexport is a state-owned company, Ukraine’s government “cannot help”. We wonder if that rather unhelpful attitude has anything to do with India not imposing sanctions on Russia? In any case, it seems extremely short-sighted given the size of the order. It is a good bet that India – one of the biggest buyers of war materiel on the planet right now – isn’t going to make any deals with Ukrainian companies anymore.

Post-Kolomoisky Crackdown

At the same time, there actually seems to be a crackdown on corruption underway in Ukraine following the deposition of Igor Kolomoisky, whose state-within-the-state is now dismantled as well. Two high-ranking officials of Ukraine’s security apparatus have been arrested in the middle of a cabinet meeting – they stand apparently accused of profiting from illegal fuel purchases at inflated prices using public funds.

Sergey Boichkov and Vassily Stoetzky are arrested in the middle of a cabinet meeting

Well, they sure look guilty (and they also look line strip club bouncers! A common affliction of Ukrainian officials) and they probably are. Maybe they know where the “lost” Indian planes are hiding out as well?

President Poroshenko has in the meantime moved to undermine Kolomoisky’s private army as well – the Neo-Nazi battalions such as Azov and various armed units belonging to Yarosh’s Right Sector have reportedly been given an ultimatum: They either become regular army units, or they must leave their posts near the war zone and disarm. The trigger was apparently the murder of an SBU (secret service) officer by a bunch of right wing thugs as he happened upon a scheme of “trading with the enemy” (they were smuggling stuff to Lugansk and Donetsk).

A big shake-up of the SBU and the armed forces is underway, which according to Poroshenko need to be reformed according to NATO criteria. The SBU has a new head, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, who recently announced that a network of corrupt officers as well as politicians in the Rada (who are to be stripped of their immunity) will be arrested shortly. This seems to be a combination of following “suggestions” from the West (i.e., Washington) and getting rid of political competition.

Nevertheless, there is in fact a lot of corruption in Ukraine (reportedly it is so enormous that the jaw of the average Western observer would drop right to the floor were he to realize its extent), so any move to eradicate some of it must be cautiously welcomed (more color on this can be found at this web site, however we caution that it is written by supporter of the separatists, whose opinions are slanted accordingly – nevertheless, we know from experience that the information he provides often tends to be spot-on, so he represents a valuable source).

Most notable though is the fact that Poroshenko is beginning to distance himself from the rabid nationalists, as evidenced by a speech he held in context with the above mentioned murder of an SBU officer. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can make out his mention of “cynical Banderists” just after 1:00 in the short video below:

Poroshenko calls murderers of SBU officer “cynical Banderists” – In his speech in the video, Poroshenko apparently misspoke: he first said “cynical Banderists”, and then corrected himself to say “bandits”. A Freudian slip-up.

For those who don’t know: Stepan Bandera was a leader of the nationalist Ukrainian resistance to the Soviet Union during WW2 and beyond, and collaborated with the Nazis on the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This was unfortunate for any Jews and Poles that happened to live within grabbing distance of Bandera, as they were duly driven away and/or exterminated. His modern-day followers all deny that they are Nazis, but they do admire Hitler, use Nazi symbols and go on about the “Muscovite Jew cabal” they want to stamp out. Moreover, they profess to dream of an ethnically cleansed, all-white Ukraine and their economic views are 100% congruent with those of Hitler. Other than that, they are only harmless nationalists.



Stepan Bandera, leader of the Ukrainian resistence against the Soviets in WW2

Image author unknown

However, they were also the most effective fighting force Ukraine had on the Eastern front. From what we could find out so far, some of them have moved away from their previous positions in the Donbass without joining the army (yet). Whether they have actually disarmed is doubtful. Note also that prior to Kolomoisky’s deposition, there was talk of Right Sector leader Dimitry Yarosh being elevated to the army’s general staff, an idea that has almost certainly died now.

The question is what these armed groups will do next (some of their leaders call the recent moves a “betrayal”). Most likely they won’t do anything for the moment, and some may even join the army. After all, they are battle-hardened and need an income (although there will no longer be the extra pay provided by Kolomoisky). However, they have also frequently aired their growing dissatisfaction with the leadership in Kiev, and it cannot be ruled out that they will one day turn on those they are currently serving. As we know from the Maidan uprising, when it comes to deposing a sitting government, they can be very effective. Here is an article in Russian on these developments; a Google translation should be good enough to get the gist of it.



We previously mentioned that the appointment of a number of non-Ukrainians to important government posts appears to have been implemented as a move aimed at curbing corruption. This was almost certainly under “orders” of Western powers which are currently financing Ukraine’s government. The IMF wants to get its money back one day, and that won’t be possible unless some things change rather dramatically.

However, we believe this also means that the Minsk agreement will not hold forever. In US neo-con circles the idea of Kiev negotiating with the rebels in the East is detested – only unconditional surrender is held to be acceptable. Reading between the lines, President Poroshenko appears to be more pragmatic to us, but our impression is that he is frequently put under pressure in this respect (hence the constant back and forth). It will be interesting to see what happens next – hitherto the betting was on the next offensive being started sometime in April, and April has just begun.

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Millivanilli's picture

The Indians can fuck off too.  After kicking the Brits out the caste system only got stronger.  

Ghandi was another shit spewing politician.  Fuck em.

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Everything is going according to the USSA plan:  If we can't own it, steal it or control it, we destroy it. 

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crises or no crises they look very well fed...

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Unconditional surrender in Donbass may well be just around the corner for the US and it's Nazi proxies

gold-is-not-dead's picture

Whole region smells like 1941

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LOL how could the caste system get stronger when they got rid of an entire layer of the caste system, the British.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Everything is going according to the USSA plan:  If we can't own it, steal it or control it, we destroy it.

That's also the USSA plan for Europe, already in progress.

giovanni_f's picture

"The Indians can fuck off too."

Thus comments an Ukrainian on his government's theft of 5 airplanes from India.

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While Putin sends a message to NATO unofficially... Do not fuck with us... In Crimea, in Ukraine or the Baltics or else it'll get nasty

Vladimir Putin threatens NUCLEAR showdown over the West's interference in Ukraine

Also what will help the next ``real`` maidan...

Since April 1 : gas +330% heating +73% hot water +57% electricity +33%

demoses's picture

And is a trustworthy down to earth publication. Just check some other "NewsJems" headlines "Millie Mackintosh risks flashing EVERYTHING as she attends McQueen event in daring dress

" or the "Gust of wind sees Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo flash BARE bottom".


I will take a news article from that page any day. :D

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The people of Ukraine have withdrawn their support from the fascists installed by the US State Department. The Crimeans voted to join the Russian Federation and the people of eastern Ukraine are fighting a bloody war to withdraw from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.

  The US State department will lose the entire Ukraine to the Russian Federation before the IMF can bleed it dry.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Reminds me of Snatch and the "we've lost Gorgeous George" scene:

"He ain't a set of fucking car keys, is he? And it ain't as if he's incon-fucking-spicuous now, is it?"

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That's what happens when you try to cut deals with a CIA front-country. India should be happy it got 35 planes returned. The other 5? Look for them in a covert operation near you.

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Hell..I would scrutinize the 35 they did get back very closely.

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12,5% bakshish is a good rate for indian circumstances;)

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no high ground here: one set of criminals calling out another set of criminals, chicago 1930 style crime gang wars. at one time the usa was seen as the good guys, times have changed.

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Interesting... so Ukraine is almost exactly like Russia. Except the for the fact that in Ukraine, the corrupt guys get arrested.



Bioscale's picture

What about Chodorkovski? Folks who got arrested in Russia for corruption and murders are hailed in West as heros.

And Ukraine is a joke, Ukrainians fucked its own country and are proud about it. Sick people..

fudge's picture

Mar 7, 2015 Sakhalin Governor Alexander Horoshavin on arrested on bribery accusations, he will not be as lucky as Khodorkovsky ;-)

godiva chocolate's picture

Russia did deal with oligarchs = they all fled to UK,

The most influential and exposed oligarchs from the Yeltsin era are Boris BerezovskyAlexander SmolenskyMikhail KhodorkovskyAlex KonanykhinMikhail FridmanAnatoly ChubaisVladimir GusinskyVitaly Malkin and Vladimir Potanin.

Potanin, Malkin and Fridman are the only ones of the list to have made it to the Putin era. The others "have been purged by the Kremlin".  Not perfect record but in the US, it's criminals get pardons and new jobs.

Counterpunch's picture
Counterpunch (not verified) godiva chocolate Apr 3, 2015 9:15 AM

The oligarchs who raoed Russia under Yeltsin were almost all Jews - neat trick in a country that is less than 2% Jewish.


Of course, this is pure coincidence.


As for Ukraine, that 'Moscow Jew Cabal' crack was absolutely baseless, pulled out of absolute thin air, for no reason at all.  In fact, there are no Jews or Israeli agents in Ukraine at all, and when Bandera et al went after Jews, it had nothing to do with the leading role the Jewish minority played in the Bolshevik conquest of Ukraine, and the secret police which murdered thousands thereafter.


Nothing ever said about Jews, Judaism, or Israel which involves acting in their own group interest against a majority is ever even remotely true- its all irrational hate because Jews are burdened with being The Chosen of God.


The greek and roman writers regarding jewish atrocities in cyprus, libya, and egypt 2 centuries before Christ were merely filthy nazi liars.  Not a word by hundreds of scholars about the Talmud is true either.








Bokkenrijder's picture

Exactly, they are both corrupt kleptocracies where a few oligarchs and mafia buddies run the show!

Although I definitely understand and respect some of Russia's historical and ethnical claims in the Krimea, Novo Rossia/Donbass and the Ukraine, it's beyond me why Russia is constantly being promoted here as 'the good guy,' Putin as a strategical and tactical genius and Russia as an economic and hydrocarbon superpower, unless of course ZH is sponsored by the SVR... (which wouldn't surprise me the least!)

Go ahead with the red negative fiat kudos again! ;-)

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


it's beyond me why Russia is constantly being promoted here as 'the good guy,'

It certainly is. But hey, at least you can admit this shortcoming.

McCormick No. 9's picture

"Exactly, they are both corrupt kleptocracies where a few oligarchs and mafia buddies run the show!"

An apt description of the United States, I beleive...

Toolshed's picture

Your narrowly focused and repetitive posts have identified you as a .gov sponsored troll. I have some spare time and excel at talking crap, and was wondering what the rate of pay for your position is? And, are there any openings currently? Thanks.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Ah shit, yeah you got me, I've been exposed! Another conspiracy theory becomes 'fact' because someone on ZH said so, hahaha! Who are the real trolls now?

giovanni_f's picture

Doesn't work, troll. Need another avatar, hmmm?

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"it's beyond me"

well, that only you got right

rest is useless

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In Ukraine, Criminals arrest you!

In Ukraine, Crime takes bite out of you!

In Ukraine, Tourists Govern Citizens!

Visit sunny Ukraine.  Come as tourist, stay as Minister of Government. 


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Has Joe Biden's kid been installed as President or Finance Minister of Ukraine yet or he still just managing the looting the Ukrainian petrol company for Jaimie and the Squid Tones?

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So you are saying Ukraine is better than US too.

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The World needs more People like Stepan Bandera who know who the enemy is. Those fat Bankers and those mad muslims would be made short shift off. It's time the People retook their rightfull place that has been stolen from them and dont have to fear some mad muslim waiting in some dark corner wanting to have their Head removed from their Body.

Debugas's picture

Bandera was a nazi

according to you we need more nazis ?

McCormick No. 9's picture

There is no shortage of irony to go around. Kolomoisky, if I am not mistaken, is a Jew, who is financing the Right Sektor Banderists (Nazis).  I don't really want to take this any farther, I am simply mining this for the humor. Anyway, I pose a thought question: Who is more offended, a Jew accused of being a Nazi, or a Nazi accused of being a Jew?

Ginsengbull's picture

Hitler didn't like being called Shicklegruber.

Bokkenrijder's picture

"...and go on about the “Muscovite Jew cabal” they want to stamp out."

Hmm, sounds a lot like many of the typical redneck anti-semite ZH commentors who seize any opportunity to 'blame the Joowz or The Tribe.' Stephan Bandera and the new fascist regime in Kiev should be your heroes!

Bumpo's picture

Hitler wanted to remove the Jewish Banksters and the same depraved hollywood types that were pushing anti family messages back in his day - and he did. At the same time, Hitler saw Stalin as a major threat to all of Europe, who must be stopped from expanding his communist non-sense and destroying capitalism any further. Stalin murdered 40 million Russians and Eastern Europeans, all for the sake of his marxist dream. Ukraine alone lost 10 million during the Holodomar through starvation and half way implemented collectivism - its no wonder Hitler was seen as a friend and hero to many in Eastern Europe. Stalin and Communism was the greater threat during those days, but communism proved to be an abject failure, and the people rose up in the late 80's early 90's to put an end to it. Putin is more capatalist than communist these days (or at least a more effective communist in controlling state property), and has managed to remove most of the controlling Jewish Central Bankers who remained from the earlier Bolshevik era (Lenin and Stalin were Jews, as many of you know). So yes, time, memory and propoganda have confused who is the hero, the bankster jew and the racist controlling nazi, as the three have gotten blurred over the years, and for good reason

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

Bull. The banksters happily acquiesced to Hitler's rise to power and financed his war machine. All the Nazis who were serious about banking reform were sidelined or liquidated early in Hitler's reign. 

Hitler was a tool of the banksters himself. Only when the City of London found itself under continual attack by the Luftwaffe was anything of substance done to stop their Frankenstein's monster.

Max Steel's picture

what happened norwegian ? aint getting any welfare anymore ?

blindman's picture
Gary Null Show
Thursday, April 2, 2015 12:00 pm
Letters and Politics
Thursday, April 2, 2015 4:00 pm

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When people meet corrupt, wealthy "Russians" it usually turns out their are Ukrainian! Most westerners don't know the difference but yes, Ukraine is very corrupt.

Those Indians are never getting their planes back. They might get some worn out nags ready for the glue factory and some girls thrown in for fun but not their plane.s

messystateofaffairs's picture

Let me see if I understand this. A bunch of rabid elitist nazis are financed and directed by an elitist rabid jew? Is it a kindred spirit thing?

McCormick No. 9's picture

By Jove, old chap, I think you've got it!

godiva chocolate's picture

Just substitutie hatred of Russians for the old hatred of jews and you've got the new neo-nazis.  Jews financing russian hating neo-nazi's to promore the jew world order.

TheReplacement's picture

Since the word jew was invented to represent Judeans in the english version of the bible, is it really correct to call all these other people who are not from Judea jews?

I think it is not.  I think it is real disservice to Judeans.  After much research and, some crow eating, it seems that zionist is the best term to apply to the people to whom you are referring.

Ginsengbull's picture

Slavophobia is rampant throughout all ethnic and economic strata of America.

NoVa's picture

a lot of down voters on this thread -

hmmmm.   Wonder where they are logging in from - 


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Dmitri, are you telling me you lost another airplane?

Vell, mebbe four more airplane...

-paraphrasing one of the best lines from Red October.

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"In US neo-con circles the idea of Kiev negotiating with the rebels in the East is detested – only unconditional surrender is held to be acceptable."


Blaming bush make you look stupid. That's what your doing witht he "neocons" tag. Progressives are in charge and have been. Wrap your mind around the fact that nobody is bloodier than a state worshiping big government progressive criminal. Well, except their fellow travelers in tyranny, the bloody Islamists.

Embrace your progressive suck!