Leader Of Ukraine's Neo-Nazis Appointed As Advisor To Army

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With Greece on the verge of either getting kicked out of Europe or suffer through yet another government overhaul, one which many suggest may usher the "last" option for Greece, the ultra nationalist, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party into governance, some wonder if it is not Europe's ulterior intention to force a populist shift toward right wing, nationalist parties (perhaps best observed in France where Marine le Pen's dramatic rise to power has left many dazed and confused) one which will lead to social instability and shortly thereafter, war (because in a world in which every Keynesian voodoo trick to revive the economy has failed, war is the last remaining outcome).

So while we await to see if Europe's turn to ultra right wing movements accelerates in the coming months, we just learned of a very disturbing development in just as insolvent Ukraine, where moments ago the website of the local Ministry of Defense reported that Dmytro Yarosh, i.e., the person show below...


... leader of Ukraine's "Right Sector" political party, whose adherents are shown in the photos below...


... and whose political ideology has been described as nationalist, ultranationalist, neofascist, right-wing, or far right, was just appointed as Advisor to Chief of General Staff.

From the Ukraine ministry of defense:

Dmytro Yarosh appointed as Advisor to Chief of General Staff


Dmytro Yarosh, leader of ‘Pravyi Sector’ (Right Sector) political party, appointed as Advisor to Chief of General Staff. Yesterday, Colonel General Viktor Muzhenko, Chief of General Staff, and Dmytro Yarosh agreed the format of cooperation between ‘Pravyi Sector’ and the Ukrainian Armed Forces.



Colonel General Viktor Muzhenko stressed the Ukrainian army had become one of the strongest armies of Europe; the Ukrainian soldiers proved they knew how to fight and appreciated the contribution of volunteer battalions to defense of Ukraine and said: “We understand the needs of changes and increase of efficiency at all the army levels. We also consider various models of formation of the army reserve. We are developing the reforms and will implement them. We gathered all the patriots and defenders of Ukraine under single leadership. The enemy understands our unity and that its attempts end in failure. We have one goal and the united Ukraine. The Army becomes stronger each week”.


Dmytro Yarosh underlined the unity was the key precondition for further successful fighting and demonstrated the readiness to establish the cooperation and integration of volunteer battalions to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


‘Pravyi Sector’ is ready to be subordinated to military leaders in issues related to defense of state from the external enemy.

In other words, the leader of Ukraine's Neo-Nazis will, as a local "patriot and defender of Ukraine" be advising, i.e., fighting for, what little remains of Ukraine's army.

Sadly the parallels with Europe of the 1920s and 1930s, not to mention the decade just following, grow more visible with every passing day.

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Before the summer is over we get to see cool videos of the Russian Air Force obliterating the Ukrainian Air Force and Russian T-90 and T-94 tanks rolling to Kharkiv and Kiev just like the ran Hitler out of town in the 1940's.

Can't wait to see the US Emperor's response to that.

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Leonard: Jim, where is the Ukr NAZI Air Force?
Jim: I told you to hold off going to the men's room. They are already shot down.
Leonard: All? All I did was take a leak. Now I missed it!
Jim: You took too long, Bones.

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Yarosh is just following orders from his USSA masters. 

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In other news…….

The Pentagon’s $10-billion bet gone bad

“It should never have been built.”

“They don’t know the nitty-gritty of what it takes to make something work.”

“They are totally off in la-la land,”




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If your are wondering why the USSA is so determined to start WW3, using Ukrainistan as one of many pretexts, read on:


The Fed’s agent banks have a problem, which cannot be solved. They have liabilities on their books, weapons of financial mass destruction, in the form of foreign exchange derivatives, interest rate swaps, and credit default swaps. The banks sold these products to their customers as insurance on underlying commodity risk on bonds, interest rates and foreign exchange. These financially engineered products have a face value in excess of three times the worlds GDP in excess of USD700 trillion. If the banks and the Fed allow the underlying financial interest derivatives with which they have insured their worldwide customers, to move to around 5 to 6%, from the current 10-year rate around 2.55%, then their stated capital would be obliterated. As noted above the bank’s customers worldwide were sold US Federal Bonds, US State Bonds,
US City Bonds, European Bonds and worldwide Corporate Bonds.
The biggest risk to the banks, USA Fed, and world central banks and Global economy is rapidly rising interest rates. This risk will bring down the entire global financial system.
Most people think that rising interest rates are the problem because the US government would have to pay much more interest on the national debt. And yes, if the average rate of interest on US government debt rose to just 6 percent (and it has actually been much higher in the past), the federal government would be paying out about a trillion dollars a year just in interest on the national debt. But that isn’t the main game, and nor does the primary reason have to do with the fact that rapidly rising interest rates would impose massive losses on bond investors.
At this point, it is projected that if US bond yields rise by an average of 3 percentage points, it will cause investors to lose a trillion dollars.
Yes, that is a 1 with 12 zeroes after it ($1,000,000,000,000). But that is not the number one danger posed by rapidly rising interest rates either.
Rather, the number one reason why rapidly rising interest rates could cause the entire global financial system to crash is because there are more than 441 trillion dollars’ worth of interest rate derivatives sitting
out there just with the US banks, and another 260 trillion dollars with other banks worldwide. This number comes directly from the bank for International Settlements the central bank of central banks. In other words, $700,000,000,000,000 has been bet on the movement of interest rates. Normally these bets do not cause a major problem because rates tend to move very slowly and the system stays balanced. But now rates are going to skyrocket from the third quarter of 2015, and the financial models used by derivatives traders are not set up for this kind of movement. They are not designed to handle the hard up position of all the 120-year cycle and all it’s sub cycles. Today, the yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds is around 2.0 %, the move to a historical average around 5 to 6% will wipe out the US banks and their global counterparties.
When rates start shooting up, there are going to be some financial institutions out there that are going to start losing absolutely massive amounts of money on interest rate derivative contracts.
So exactly what is an interest rate derivative? A financial instrument based on an underlying financial security whose value is affected by changes in interest rates. Interest-rate derivatives are hedges used by institutional investors such as banks to combat the changes in market interest rates. Some Individual investors use interest-rate derivatives as a speculative tool – they hope to profit from their views about which direction market interest rates will move.
Just imagine walking into a casino and placing a bet that the yield on 10-year US Treasuries will hit 2.75% in Sept/Oct.
If it does reach that level, you win. If it doesn’t, you lose. That is a very simplistic example, but I think that it is a helpful one. At the heart of it, the 700 trillion dollar derivatives market is just a bunch of people making bets about which way interest rates will go. And normally the betting stays very balanced and our financial system is not threatened. The people that run this betting use models that are far more sophisticated than anything that Las Vegas uses. But all their models are based on linear models of the last cycle, and not able to capture the outliers associated with rates that are?? going to skyrocket from the 3rd qtr of 2015.
Table 3: The Banks’ Derivative Exposure
??JPMorgan Chase 1.95 trillion dolla ??71 trillion dollars
???Citibank ?1.3 trillion dollars 60 trillion dollars
???Bank Of America 1.4 trillion dollars ????42 trillion dollars
???Goldman Sachs ?113 billion dollars 43 trillion dollars, you read that correctly

We are potentially talking about a financial collapse far worse than anything that we saw back in 2008. Remember, the US national debt is just now over 18 trillion dollars, and over 100 trillion dollars when taking into account future unfunded liabilities. So when you are talking about 700 trillion dollars you are talking about an amount of money that is almost unimaginable.
The banks above have a larger share of the US banking industry than they have ever had before. So if having banks that were too big to fail was a problem back in 2008, what is it today? Meanwhile, the too big to fail banks just keep on getting even bigger. In fact, the six largest banks in the United States (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley) have collectively become 37% larger over the past five years. If even one of those banks collapses, it would be absolutely crippling to the US economy. If several of them were to collapse at the same time, it will plunge the world into an economic depression unlike anything that has ever seen before.
• The US banking system has 14.4 trillion dollars in total assets. The six largest banks now account for
67 percent of those assets and all of the other banks account for only 33 percent of those assets. JPMorgan Chase is roughly the size of the entire British economy.
• The four largest banks have around 1,000,000 employees.
• The five largest banks account for 42 percent of all loans in the United States.
• Bank of America accounts for about a third of all business loans all by itself. Wells Fargo alone accounts for about one quarter of all mortgage loans.
• 12 percent of all cash in the United States is held in the vaults of JPMorgan Chase. As you can see, without those banks we do not have financial system.
• Four of the too big to fail banks each have total exposure to derivatives that is well in excess of 40 trillion dollars.
• The entire US economy is based on debt, and if those banks were to disappear the flow of credit would dry up almost completely.
• Without those banks, we would rapidly enter an economic depression unlike anything that the United States and the world has ever seen before. That is essentially what our relationship with these big banks is like at this point. Unfortunately, since the last financial crisis the too big to fail Banks have become even more reckless.
• The US GDP for the entire year of 2013 was 17 trillion dollars and the US national stated debt is just 17 trillion dollars.
• According to the Bank for International Settlements, the global financial system has a total of $350+trillion dollars’ worth of exposure to just interest rate derivatives. When that Ponzi scheme finally comes crumbling down, there won’t be enough money on the entire planet to fix it.
So when you are talking about four banks that each has more than 40 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives you are talking about an amount of money that is almost incomprehensible. Goldman Sachs alone has derivatives contracts, which are more than 381 times greater than their total assets. Most Americans do not understand that Wall Street has been transformed into the largest casino in the history
of the world. The big banks are incredibly reckless, and if they fail it will bring down the world’s economy. The biggest chunk of these derivatives contracts that the Wall Street banks are gambling on is made up of interest rate derivatives.
We had our warning back in 2008.
The too big to fail banks were in the headlines every single day and our politicians promised to fix the problem. But instead of fixing it, the too big to fail banks are now 37 percent larger and our economy is more dependent on them than ever before. And in their endless greed for even larger paychecks, they have become insanely reckless with the worlds monetary stability.
There is going to be a derivatives crisis. When it happens, we are going to see these too big to fail banks obliterated. At that point, there will be absolutely no hope for the US economy. The Fed and the US Government willingly allowed the too big to fail banks to become the core of our economic system, and now the world’s monetary system is going to pay the price. The banks derivative monster will start unraveling from the 3rd quarter of 2015, when interest rates start rising quicker than most economists thought possible. QE 4 WILL START WITHIN 60/90 DAYS THE US HAS NO ALTERNATIVE.THE FALSIFICATION OF STATISTICS BY THE BLS IS COMING TO AN END.

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Good thing the Latina Lover didn't post the whole report.

Latina Lover's picture

Sorry for the length but I thought it would be useful.  No public  links available.

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Who run Batertown? Larosh run Bartertown.

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latina lover who said that ?

Latina Lover's picture

A brilliant man by the name of Paul Marks.  I am a subscriber, closed to new customers (i believe)

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Looks like the Pollacks are fully in charge of Ukraine.  Polish-Lithuanian-NATO Commonwealth 2.0 ready to make another go at Russia.

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The question is why would there ever be a rate hike.

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Kolomoisky, the Israeli citizen and owner of Ukraine's largest bank and airline, plus TV stations and other businesses, was recently removed from his position as Governor of Dniepropetrovsk, where he has also established the world's largest Jewish Center outside of Israel - financed out of his own pocket. He also recently lost his veto as a minority owner of the state-controlled pipeline operator Ukrtransnafta, following a change in the law by the parliament in Kiev.

The Right Sector, which is his private army, has been running around perpertrating atrocities all over Ukraine with impunity. Now they are being subordinated to Kiev, which can begin to control their actions, and, in the longer term, transform the organization into whatever it likes, even disband it.

While attention has been focused on the military front in Donbass, there has been a behind-the-scenes battle between Kiev and Dniepropetrovsk. Kolomoisky is losing.

HowdyDoody's picture

Kolomoisky made a deal with the US after the Uknafta affair. He had been banned from entering the US beacuse of allegations of money laundering etc. That ban was rescinded a short while ago. He has now got a visa to the US, where he has gone 'to watch basketball matches'.

WOAR's picture

Of course he went to 'basketball matches'.

He's got that March Madness going on.

COSMOS's picture

He has a speaking engagement in front of AIPAC to attend.

By the way here is a good comment from yahoo...

I am sympathetic to all the Ukraine, Russian and other ethnic people involved in this mess. Two superpowers vying for dominance over what is perceived as a strategic port. The people don't matter. They are of no more value to the NWO than cattle, in fact, even less so. Until humanity stands its ground, declares true liberty and is prepared to fight for it, these goat ropers will continue to use money, media and military to dominate the globe. This is precisely what people just can't get through their thick skulls. The land, the areas you are fighting for, the places you call home...belong to this very clandestine group of goat ropers who have secured their control over it via something called Capitalism which is a pretense of ownership rights...until the military marches through and burns everything you own to the ground. Then you get to see how much genuine ownership you actually have of any specific place on this globe.

I have said this over and over and over and will continue to say it till the day I die. When a small clandestine group of super wealthy individuals form an organization determined to control the assets of the globe they do so using three major assets:

1. Money...these people own the banks that print the money regardless of the currency. Currency means diddly to them. They have their own standard of value they assign to things they deem of value. This standard is as foreign to you and I as the East is from the West, but you can see it emerge in the types of skirmishes that ensue when they decide to take physical control over a particular area. They designed this system called Capitalism that is far from perfect but also far better than slave/master labor extraction. But since they own the game pieces, the board and the players...they decide who ultimately wins and loses. But in reality they are the only winners. They are very generous to those who agree to help them but they are equally brutal to anyone or group who stands in their way.

2. Media...this same group owns and or controls all major media enterprises in everything pertaining to information dissemination, from scholastic to rumor mill they are sheer artists at keeping the masses in the dark about anything except what they want the masses to believe is real. And they are so good at it that the reporters and data gatherers are even being duped. They tell the masses what to think, believe, say, and do on a high enough percentage of the time that you cannot help but acknowledge they control the minds of mankind.

3. And finally, (usually as a last resort but not always) Military...via this deadly mechanism of soldiers, police, spies, prison guards and everything else supporting them the NWO has the ultimate response to any major challenge of their dominance of the world.

Someone once said the greatest trick the devil ever pulled off was to convince the world he doesn't exist.

Well, I can't say anything to the existence of the devil but I can say that this group/Organization has duplicated the devils trick with such efficiency and perfection that I have already been dismissed as a conspiracy theorist before I even left the gate. And that, too, they spent many fake dollars perfecting for just that purpose.

The only thing that gives value to money is our collective agreement to accept it as such. No one is forcing you or me to use their choice of a substitute for blood, whips and guns. Isn't it about time we...at least...force them out of the closet?

But that would turn them into the biggest bullseye on the planet. Immediately. So it is always in their best interests not to allow exposure of their very existence because that would lead to their demise...eventually. It would most certainly end the ease with which they now push us around like the proverbial pawns we all are. So sad...but ever so true!!!!!!!

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LatLov, that's precisely why the 10 year will not jump to 6% any time soon.

junction's picture

I like best the "Airborne Laser, envisioned as a fleet of converted Boeing 747s that would fire laser beams to destroy enemy missiles soon after launch, before they could release decoys."  The Missile Defense Command spent $5.3 billion on this project before realizing the jets would have to get real close for their lasers to work, well inside the range of enemy missiles.  Boeing must have been laughing all the way to the bank when they got this boondoggle contract.

Parrotile's picture

Seeing as the 747 isn't exactly that fast, and is a pretty good thermal / optical / radar target, AND the system was based on a chemical laser technology, anyone willing to fly that sort of mission would have had quite the "Death Wish"!

The "Laser" thing was obviously of interest to the Russians, and their solution was pretty simple. Cover the missile outer surface with a suitably efficient reflector - I believe 3M Reflexite was at least considered!! :-). Can't find the article, but this was available via the Internet some years ago (around the time of Ronnie Raygun's "Death Ray" ideas . . . .)

conscious being's picture

Macholatte re. The LA Times link to the article on SBX.

In reality, the giant floating radar has been a $2.2-billion flop, a Los Angeles Times investigation found. Although it can powerfully magnify distant objects, its field of vision is so narrow that it would be of little use...

The article is like a cover story. Extremely powerful, narowly focused radio waves because according to Dan Wigington, its true purpose is it is a mobile version of HAARP.

Here's a link to the video where he discusses this. Checkout the amazing NOAA national heat maps he puts up.

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

conscious being's picture

Sometimes, you gotta have a front man. What do they cal it? ... a beard.

COSMOS's picture

We now all know that J-mafia funded the Nazis and then perpetuated the holohoax to make themselves look like victims instead of working for the losing side.

Latina Lover's picture

Quoting aPlayer: "is Yarosh Jewish"


Does it matter? They are all fascists despite any purported religious differences.

HowdyDoody's picture

No but the other party leader, Borislav Bereza is. And he is proud to be Jewish.


AlaricBalth's picture

From a recent article in Der Speigel:

... Yarosh denies that anti-Semitism is part of that ideology. But in a book, he has written: "I wonder how it came to pass that most of the billionaires in Ukraine are Jews?"

The Right Sector is in favor of legalizing gun ownership in order to develop a "country of free, armed men."


COSMOS's picture

Simple Yarosh its called forming CLIQUES to the DETRIMENT of Christian nations and businesses.  That is how they became billionaires.  It all starts with large organizational bodies like the World Jewish Congress.  He should read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, he would understand then and stop asking lame questions.

Jack Burton's picture

Good point Latina. The US advisors sent to train Ukrainian soldiers are actually beginning with battalions of these Right Sector, or NazGuards Battlions. So in effect, a young kid from the heart land of America, patriotic and anxious to serve his country, will find himself rolling out of the rack in the morning and getting his NaziGuard troops into muster for training. The patriotic American solider will train up volunteer nazis whose goal is to cleanse the east of Ukraine from all ethnic Russians, to suppress the RUssian language, to cleanse the towns and cities of unmanted minorities of all kinds. If I were one of those US Soldiers ordered to train Nazis to carry out crimes, I would think back to my classes in the UCMJ, which we all had to learn, where we learned about illegal orders. Would you, as a vet, think is possible that the UCMJ would apply to training known Nazis, with proven war crimes committed over the last 12 months +?

I guess an illegal order is one that constitutes a "war crime". It seems to me that training Nazis is a war crime, but technically, since the US troop is NOT pulling the trigger on any single event, it is impossible to claim this job as illegal under the UCMJ.

palmereldritch's picture

Wouldn't  "...enemies foreign and domestic..."  be a twofer in this scenario?

step72's picture

This is what zerohedge seem to want to see as well

Volkodav's picture


T-90 will not see use there

Kharkiv is 90% anti Kiev



johngaltfla's picture

Ya gotta eat and refuel. Keep that in mind.

TheReplacement's picture

Most unlikely.  If anyone is driving through those places it will be rebel troops.  Any Russians will be behind the scenes.  The real fighting/die has/will be done by the natives.

3Wishes's picture

Planning for Obamas visit.

DipshitMiddleClassWhiteKid's picture

Russia ought to just INVADE that place and take over Ukraine


They're not stupid though,they are waiting to strike when the time is just right!



lakecity55's picture

No, that is just what the Zionazis want, for Vlad to take the bait.

Let's wait and see what happens with the AIIB and poor lil black sambo wants to join up.

Xi will kick him to the curb while Vlad laughs!

Max Steel's picture

Polish Mercenaries and Arms Flood into Ukraine as Media Looks the Other Way : http://russia-insider.com/en/politics_ukraine/2014/11/07/01-04-44pm/poli...

Ethnic cleansing expert speaks

Clark: Ukrainian soldiers should be trained like Croatian for operation “Storm” : http://inserbia.info/today/2015/04/clark-ukrainian-soldiers-should-be-tr...

Urban Redneck's picture

If they are "not" in Ukraine, then they are not subject to the protections of the Geneva Conventions.

The (very) tricky part is how to take advantage of that without offending the sensibilities of the civilian population of the country from whence they came...

It's not like the Russians don't have bootlegged copies of the databases of Ukranian DMV and Passport Control - so if there were foreign prisoners or casualties, they would have the means to actually identify them as foreigners, so some government or loved one could claim them, so why don't they?

Parrotile's picture

> It's not like the Russians don't have bootlegged copies of the databases of Ukranian DMV and Passport Control - so if there were foreign prisoners or casualties, they would have the means to actually identify them, so why don't they? YET.

Timing. Despite US / NATO provocation, Russia intends to retain full control of the situation, and so will do what they need to do, at a time that suits them. If they simply responded to each "provocation" then the West would in effect "manage" the conflict (since the West would be initiating Russia's response, at a time of the West's choosing). By "appearing" to be "in a position of weakness" by NOT responding to provocation, Russia retains situational control.

When the time is right, Russia WILL respond, and in such a manner that they will gain situational control, so they will "manage" the ensuing conflict to their advantage.

You have to wonder how much intelligence was gathered, "friends" established, and preparative groundwork achieved, during all those humanitarian convoy missions (now completely forgotten by the Western MSM).

Once Russia has "collected" sufficient mercenary fighters, with solid proof that they ARE a "paid-for" army, AND solid proof of just who's paying (that'll be the USA), they will certainly use this information (trials certainly, maybe pressure to have the US "neutered" in terms of International influence?)

Whatever, it'll be interesting.

conscious being's picture

There was a video interview with a Ukrainian officer describing the nightmare of running away from Deblatsevo under fire. One thing he mentions in passing is that at one point, he and his remaining men caught up to a Ukie flagged tank running away as well. They were shocked to discover the tank crew was all black, as in African Black.

TheReplacement's picture

Or maybe what the rebels claim is true.  They kill them.

Jack Burton's picture

Under the Minsk accords, some back deals have been made regarding the Polish volunteers. On several occasions, large numbers of Poles have been trapped in rebel encirclements, called cauldrons by the rebels. More than once a cease fire has been called, and a corridor opened whereby rebels allow western mercinaries and especially the Polish fighters to withdraw and escape the encirclement, while Ukrainian army troops are left to be destroyed or captured in the rebel attacks. The West has been successful in saving their mercianries and volunteers on at least 3 occasions. It seems the West approaches Moscow, and then Moscow orders the rebels to allow these troops rescues, before they launch offensives to wipe out encirclements. Nobody seems to know what Moscow is getting or asking for when they save the West's foreign fighters in Ukraine. The ability of Poland to save hundreds of their fighters by negotiation means the Poles must be conceding something.

Debaltsvo civilians reported on serveral different interviews seeing Blacks soldiers and other foreign troops leaving the cauldron before the final battle. One woman reported an Infantry Fighting Vechicle drove past her house with a number of obviously drunk blacks, riding out of the battle area. Reports of trucks full of Poles were also made by residents of the Debalatsvo area before the final battle.

At the airport in Donetsk, when the rebel captured it, they found masses of western infantry wepaons, medical supplies and food stuffs, all with English and Polish labels. After on of the summer battles, the rebels delivered 50 bodies of foreign fighters, most of them poles, to a Ukrainian checkpoint. In other places, the rebels contacted Kiev asking for them to come pick up over a hunderd dead foreigners, but the Ukrainian army never came to get them. Eventually train cars with refridgeration were sent on towards Kiev with the bodies.

NaN's picture

Who manages the mercenaries? Ukrainians or CIA?

will ling's picture
will ling (not verified) lakecity55 Apr 5, 2015 3:57 PM

'bout right. course we at this moment know more 'bout all this than the esteemed potus; he's makin' the rounds at the bathhouses as we speak.

TheReplacement's picture

And does that make you feel better or worse?

I only ask because it is unclear if his knowledge would make it better or worse.  Who the hell knows anymore.

Goat Roper's picture

Waiting for the right time??

I don't think so...they already have the best part of Ukraine with their Crimea acquisition...which by the way, was misunderstood in many circles. Crimea was it's own country with it's own constitution, it was Kruschev that bundled them with Ukraine for Soviet administrative reasons. They would rather have an independent but NATO free Ukraine to keep some separation between itself and those that would vilify Russia.

There isn't going to be a "right time" unless this Right Sector Nazi Fest gets right out of hand.