Meet The Woman Who Attacked Mario Draghi: In Her Own Words

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The biggest star of today's ECB's press conference was not Mario Draghi but 21-year-old German feminist, Josephine Witt, an ex-Femen activist who jumped on Draghi's desk wearing an "ECB Dick-tatorship", a slogan she repeatedly screamed as she was led away by security guards. She threw paper copies of her demands at Mr Draghi, while showering him with confetti that were created from her finely chopped up manifesto.


As Nordea analyst Heidi Schauman wryly observed after the conference: "All those expecting an uneventful ECB press conference were so wrong."

Who is Josephine Witt and what is her message?

According to the Telegraph, "to gain access to the press conference, the ECB said Ms Witt "registered as a journalist for a news organisation she does not represent”. Ms Witt told The Telegraph that she ha d pretended to be working for Vice Media, knowing that they hire many young reporters. The central bank said that it is investigating the incident."

Ms Witt said she would continue to engage in "hardcore activism" in response to what she believed was an "undemocratic" ECB. She added that recent protests in Frankfurt during the opening of the ECB's new offices were a reaction to Mr Draghi's leadership. "[He] never got a mandate, never got voted for or elected," she said.


"He imposes policies on these societies that are completely undemocratic," she added. A friend of Ms Witt said she opposes what she describes as “European neo-liberalism”, and argued that the ECB cannot act “without a state of surveillance, of police and violence”.


The friend stated that Ms Witt wants “peace and happiness for our lives, for Greece, and for all countries around the Mediterranean sea.” Her aim is to introduce a new political order to replace the European Union, with “democracy, civil rights, solidarity, and no borders”, the friend said.

She criticized the ECB for believing itself to be “master of the universe”, warning that “you will hear our outcries louder, brighter, inside and outside your halls, everywhere, and you shall deserve no rest”. She nicknamed the letters "papillons", in reference to the messages distributed by French resistance fighters during the Second World War. Papillon is French for butterfly.

As can be read in her manifesto (below) she said: “I do not expect this illegitimate institution to hear my voice, neither to understand my message.” Making reference to her "butterflies" she continued: “Today I’m just a butterfly sending you a sentence, but be afraid more are coming.” The activist was dragged from the ECB’s press room and taken to a police station in Frankfurt. She claims she was held for around two-and-a-half hours before being released without charge.

She extensively documented her 15 minutes of fame on Twitter, which as of this moment had a total of only 33 tweets, the first of which is from February 25. The majority detail her intrusion into the Frankfurt bank's inner sanctum as follows:


This is her manifesto which she threw at Draghi while dumping confetti on him:

A closer read:

We own our own lives -

and in the face of the overwhelmingly powerful external
environment of the ECB’s monetary police,
sometimes it’s hard to remember.


We own our own lives -
and they’re not the chips in the ECB’s gambling game,
not to be played with, not to be sold, not to be devastated.


We own our own lives!
-will be the outcry of those who face repression,
when we begin to see our poverty not as personal defeat or unchangeable destiny.


master of the universe,
I come to remind you that there is no god,
but there are people, behind those lives,
and if you rule instead of serving,
you will hear our outcries louder, brighter, inside and outside your halls, everywhere, and you shall deserve no rest.


And while the ECB can only persist in its autocratic hegemony, depending on states of surveillance and police,
finally, the daily violence is enrooted here,
we will find our radical answers
and act with no violence against those human disasters.


Because we will not accept the insane narrative that the ECB wants to impose to all people wherein even freedom of speech and dignity can be sold to the bank in order to survive. Persisting in its arrogance against the people, the ECB increases perilously its own debt to them. A press conference is not enough to call it "democracy".
I do not expect this illegitimate institution to hear my voice, neither to understand my message,
it would be too much to ask,
but I know for a fact that a lot of people do understand very well the matter.
Today I'm just a butterfly sending you a sentence, but be afraid more are coming. We will take back the power over our own lives.
The ECB’s debt is not yet paid.

Surprisingly coherent for a 21 year old.

At the end of the day one Mario Draghi was surely delighted that what the protester rained upon him today was soft and does not cause bodily harm. One can only hope confetti is the only thing that ever rains down on Draghi and other unelected central planners.

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chilli sauce (not verified) Divine Wind Apr 15, 2015 10:02 PM

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TruthInSunshine's picture

I want to make love to her.

I don't say this in a perverse way, or for perverse reasons, but rather, because she has more courage & virtue than 99.9999999999% of her peers of the human race.

They say Helen's (of Troy) beauty launched a thousand ships that launched a major war.

It's like that when I look at Josephine Witt (and it doesn't hurt that she's freaking hot; gotta be honest here).

wee-weed up's picture



21-year-old German feminist...

Yep! We certainly cannot have a DICK-tatorship running the world as long as there are feminists in it!

(Disclosure - while I disagree with her feminist sentiments, I wholeheartedly agree with her angst & disgust against the ECB... and nice thong!)

JLee2027's picture

Most 21 year olds are hot. Man hating feminists, though, are a dime a dozen.

boogerbently's picture


Basically, she's saying what Nigel Farage has been saying for years.

Murf_DaSurf's picture



Butt, how much better does she say it ??!!


What a bright, ferociously sexy Woman ! 

chumbawamba's picture

Hey, fuck "feminism".

Ironically, she'll be remembered more for the whale-tail than her lofty ideals.


I am Chumbawamba.

kliguy38's picture

She's after the right target.....the bankers.......we need a lot more just like her waking go girl. Kick their asses.

ACP's picture

And her color of the day!

Honestly, red and white stripes or polka dots would've made more of a twitter splash...

ACP's picture

So she's actually a femen, one of Victor Svyatski's paid girls. Meh, not a real protest. But yes, nice tatties. She wouldn't be sent there is she didn't have them.

ZerOhead's picture

Ex-feminist activist it said.

She might not be a lesbin anymore...

ACP's picture

Hey, as long as she shaves and bathes.

ZerOhead's picture

She looks great in numerous pics on the second link...

And now she is famous and no doubt heading for a seat in the European parliament.

Good on you girl!

ZerOhead's picture

You really don't want miss those pictures at that second link.

I shit you not.

ACP's picture

SOMEONE is really enthralled ;-)

Crazy red-haired chick, maybe related to Katarina Witt (who knows, yeah?), she could break your dick off man!

ZerOhead's picture

You'll love her too when you see what Banzai does with that picture of Draghi cowering...

TruthInSunshine's picture

You know she's a firecracker in the sack & rides bareback.

Anyone who claims they wouldn't love her long time is lying or is under prima facie, rebuttable homo suspicion.

Supernova Born's picture

Mr. Yellen needs to teach this young trollop the meaning of the word respect.

50 Shades of QE.

COSMOS's picture

I love how at first Mario like all the thugs is "hands up dont shoot'

When he realizes he is ok he looks at her with dreamy eyes wondering if she will show him her tits.

ZerOhead's picture

"She claims she was held for around two-and-a-half hours before being released without charge."

Without charge nor even probably violently assaulted by 20 or so cops and charged with terrorism and sent to prison for life. This Europe place is going to be seeing more 'butterflies'.

Scarlett's picture

Here's a thought:  people should google bomb Bernanke's book title The courage to act towards this image.

jaxville's picture

  Good looking woman and good to see her acting against bankers. 

   Still.....something stinks about all this.  The perfect pics,  quick release,  no charges.

   Maybe I am a litttle too paranoid but this just seems fabricated though it looks as though they forgot to tell Draghi as he looks quite shocked.

old naughty's picture

Hey, don't knock it...

gives sheeples hope.

The hummingbird is arrived !!!

WOAR's picture

Well, it was a major press conference, with professional camera crews. It also helps that she literally jumped onto the stage that they probably spent all morning setting their cameras up to see.

When all of the cameras are already pointed in the right direction, how could they take anything BUT perfect pictures?

Lore's picture

Exactly. She advocates globalism as the solution to itself?  Nice circular logic.

She's more interesting than the guys who threw shoes.

She drips anger and desire for attention. People like that are easily manipulated. Wonder if she's on psychotropic medication.

Careful not to take this at face or thong value.

csmith's picture

Me too. Careful about signing up on Twitter as one of her "followers". Easy way for NSA to keep track of anyone who even THINKS about protesting in the future.

A gorgeous honey trap.

Urban Redneck's picture

You need to bang more feminists, or spend less time at WalMart protests if you think those are nice titties for a feminist.  

Since with this generation of activists- the ends always justify the means - anything is possible, but it is sad that this move against the ECB wasn't a bit more communal and organized.  It's not like it is very difficult to put together a compelling and concise argument against the ECB... before the press's predictable little circus.  The problem with most lone wolves is that they tend to be inarticulate, while war is a communal effort.  

Ted Kaczynski might have won a few more followers if his manifesto weren't so rambling, but I doubt circulating the document for feedback and doing a revised draft (by hand) were high on his list of priorities.   

Ghordius's picture

+1, but UR, if this would be true: "It's not like it is very difficult to put together a compelling and concise argument against the ECB..."

then why are 99.9% of the arguments used against the ECB complete bollocks? Peppered with bullshit, lies and false arguments?

Urban Redneck's picture

I could ask the same question of the criticisms of the BIS, or any of the other critical organs of the beast... I think the answer lies in the lack of education, organization, and leadership.  The system, and its defenses, have evolved over time, while the people have devolved.  The opposition needs to evolve, or at least grow up.  

There is a somewhat valid, but very misleading, criticism of the founding fathers of the United States- that they were 1%ers and the sons of 1%ers.  The actual elite, and their first born sons, wanted to live a life of leisure on the family estate in merry old England, not actually "work" in some colonial backwater, and the opportunities for traditional get-rich-quick plunder of low hanging fruit in North America were unappetizing and involved risk, very hard work, creativity and luck... especially when compared to the opportunities in South America.  

So for a very brief moment in history - a group of educated, skilled, and hardworking leaders (there is always a 1%, most people simply aren't cut out for it, even if they are born into it) somehow managed to set aside very serious differences in order to unite and organize against a common enemy and affect change of the existing order.  The chances for a rinse, repeat of that peculiar combination of circumstances seems rather remote at this juncture. 

Ghordius's picture

+1 not only, but that group of leaders were educated in the "Classics"

When they talked among themselves about terms of Commonwealth, Republic, Popular Assembly, Law and Principles of Constitution, they were in general able to quote Plato in Ancient Greek and Cato's criticism of Caesar's breaches of Jus_gentium in Gaul (i.e. the ancient "International Law") in Latin. And often, they even studied Ancient Hebrew. And sometimes added Arabic to the list

They regarded themselves as gentlemen, in the old sense of the word. Which included hard work to learn during the whole life from the Classics

And they debated, if I remember correctly, the question if they should constitute a formal Aristocracy. And, lo and behold, they did not

Urban Redneck's picture

The decision to forgo the formality of aristocracy probably shifted the curve of the decline of culture and citizenry in the US by a few generations, which when boosted by industrialization and the spoils of WW2- allowed the US to climb to the top of nation-State scrum, instead of dissolving into oblivion after the War of Northern Aggression.  

But the mechanics of the de facto aristocracy, as implemented, are just as lethal.  They are just a slower acting cancer upon the body politic.  Both Bush and Obama were admitted to Ivy League universities on the basis of legacy, and then not even taught how to read and reason properly by those institutions.  

The current opposition in the US isn't any more enlightened- witness the name calling and division between OWS and the Tea Party.  Neither side, nor their leaderships, can be bothered to even read an English language Wikipedia entry for divide et impera, much less reason their way of a paper bag as to the contemporary manifestations and implications.  It's not as if that notion hasn't been well documented and debated since time immemorial, be it in Ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Dutch or English... or anyone in this lazy day and age has to even get off their fat ass and travel to a physical library and locate actual books if they do not possess that luxury at home.  

And yet here we are- the richest, fattest, dumbest, and laziest flock of sheep in human history.   

McMolotov's picture

Thanks to this young woman, we learned that European feminists don't crush a table when they jump on it, unlike their American counterparts. I'd like to take her out on a date. Have some chicken, maybe some sex... you know, see what happens.

ebear's picture

"Ironically, she'll be remembered more for the whale-tail than her lofty ideals."

What, you think that was accidental?

Brilliantly executed agit-prop, I'd say.  Got you talking about it.

Unholy Dalliance's picture

You may be 'Chumbawamba but your remarks are fatuous in the extreme. Did YOU jump on Draghi's desk? No, you just sat at your desk and made snide comments about the one bravest, wittiest, caring young wman who speaks a Truth to the World that NO ONE ELSE HAS HAD THE COURAGE TO DO SINCE THE ECB AND THE SO-CALLED 'EURO' WERE CREATED.

So, instead of sniping at her, follow her lead so we can finally rid the WHOLE PLANET OF PEOPLE LIKE MR. DRAGHI.



Damn right, Jessica! Our lives are sacred and were created by a sacred contract between our immortal selves and the Creator OF ALL THINGS! THEY ARE NOT SOME OTHER HUMANS' PLAYTHINGS!!!

And that is what I SAY! 

Frankie Carbone's picture

 You want Chumbawamba to show Yellen his man-boobs?

TheMerryPrankster's picture

"Ironically, she'll be remembered more for the whale-tail than her lofty ideals."

and that says more about us than it does about her,doesn't it?

Frankie Carbone's picture

Uhhm, I thought we exterminated that creature. Let's hope not or pretty soon you'll see German troops occupying Athens. 

ebear's picture

"Man hating feminists, though, are a dime a dozen."

Yeah, but they're seriously outnumbered by feminist hating men.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Most 21 year olds are hot?! Visit a WalMart or a hockey game. Most of those 21 year olds have giant gunts. And feminists enjoy getting their pussies pounded out just like the next gal. You just can't finish on her face or put it in her ass. GIRL POWER!