Conspiracy Theorists, Bloggers Compared To ISIS During Congressional Hearing

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Bloggers, conspiracy theorists and people who challenge establishment narratives on the Internet were all likened to ISIS terrorists during a chilling Congressional hearing which took place yesterday.

The hearing, hosted by the House Foreign Relations Committee, was titled “Confronting Russia’s Weaponization of Information,” and accused Russian state broadcaster RT of weaponizing “conspiracy theories” to spread propaganda.

One of the speakers giving testimony was former RT host Liz Wahl, who made a public spectacle of quitting Russian state media last year in an incident stage-managed by neo-con James Kirchick, himself a former employee of Radio Free Europe – a state media outlet.

Remarking that the Internet provided a platform for “fringe voices and extremists,” Wahl characterized people who challenge establishment narratives as a “cult”.

“They mobilize and they feel they’re part of some enlightened fight against the establishment….they find a platform to voice their deranged views,” said Wahl.

Referring to comments made in January by US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) chief Andrew Lack, who characterized RT as a threat on the same level as ISIS and Boko Haram, Wahl said the comparison was justified.

“By using the Internet to mobilize people that feel displaced, that feel like they’ve been on the outskirts of society, and give them a place where they can find a sense of belonging, and maybe make a difference in their own way, and it’s a problem,” she said.

Wahl went on to bemoan the fact that conspiracy theorists were “shaping the discussion online, on message boards, on Twitter, on social media,” before asserting that the web had become a beacon of “disinformation, false theories, people that are just trying to make a name for themselves, bloggers or whatever, that have absolutely no accountability for the truth, that are able to rile up a mass amount of people online.”

Committee Chairman Ed Royce then proceeded to accuse people on YouTube of using “raw violence” to advance conspiracy theories.

Peter Pomerantsev, of the London-based Legatum Institute, followed up by claiming that conspiracy theories were no longer “fringe” and were now driving the success of Jean-Marie Le Pen in France, before lamenting the fact that conspiracy theories were challenging the “global order” and threatening to undermine global institutions.

All three individuals that gave testimony are staunch critics of Russia, leading Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) to wish “we had at least one other person to balance out this in a way that perhaps could’ve compared our system to the Russian system, to find out where that truth is, just how bad that is.”

Beyond the inflammatory rhetoric, the real story revolves around the fact that Washington was caught off guard by the rapid growth of RT, with Hillary Clinton and others having acknowledged the fact that the U.S. is “losing the information war,” which is why they are now desperately trying to denigrate the Russian broadcaster.

Without a doubt, RT puts out pro-Russian propaganda, but it also broadcasts truths about geopolitics and U.S. foreign policy that Americans will never see on mainstream corporate networks, precisely because those networks are also engaged in propaganda.

There’s no mystery behind why RT has become so big – telling the truth is popular – but because Washington finds it impossible to compete on that basis, it has been forced to resort to ad hominem attacks and ludicrous comparisons to ISIS in a desperate bid to level the playing field.

As linguist Noam Chomsky said, “The idea that there should be a network reaching people, which does not repeat the US propaganda system, is intolerable” to the US establishment.

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_SILENCER's picture

I love it when .gov shows their hand.


TahoeBilly2012's picture

The Zionist mind control machine can turn a human brain into a peanut. It's really not that hard. "Hi, I am a peanut brained, nitwit...and I am running for Congress..." (applause!)

Fukushima Sam's picture

You fucking bastards, you give me a version of events like "9/11" and the "Boston Marathon Bombing" that actually seem to jibe with reality and maybe then I'll stop being a "conspiracy theorist".

LetThemEatRand's picture

Let's not forget -- as reported here many times to the credit of ZH -- that the very term "conspiracy theorist" was coined by the CIA as a means of undermining anyone who would question the government.

nmewn's picture

It should also be pointed out that Bernanke is now "a blogger" at the Brookings Institute and one helluva "conspiracy theorist" in his own

I guess some nutters are more equal than others ;-)

RU-GAY2's picture
RU-GAY2 (not verified) nmewn Apr 16, 2015 6:24 PM

"bloggers trying to make a name for themselves".... pffft who'd waste their lives doing that?

Supernova Born's picture

Websites of Mass Instruction

(are internet sites that can educate and bring significant enlightenment to a large number of humans or cause great damage to the false government-scripted MSM narrative)

clymer's picture

Thanks RT for not thoroughly vetting that bitchy douche

Now if we could all go back to CNN like the nice little drones that we are...

(Lauren Lyster ended up at CBS - WTF is with RT hand-picking these opportunists - reminds of ironically of Yuri Bezmenov speaking of hiring jouralists:  - they didn't learn from their own program)

Captain Debtcrash's picture
Captain Debtcrash (not verified) clymer Apr 16, 2015 7:25 PM

Screw them, screw all of them.  I am a blogger, I do my own analysis, and try to figure out what BS they are going to try and pull next based on the information I have available to me.  It makes things so clear when they start speaking so hostilely about something you are involved in when you know are doing the right thing by speaking out.  She is making it seem like there is some nefarious motive behind what we do.   She is the one that is dangerous, not us.  She is trying to curtail free speech for god sake.

Bumpo's picture

The US Propaganda Machine has just jumped the shark


McMolotov's picture

It jumped the shark awhile ago. Like all corrupt governments, the government of the United States accuses others of behavior the US blatantly engages in itself. A few gems regarding our own "online troll army":

And let's not forget that the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 included a provision to repeal the ban on government propaganda being directed at American citizens:

Turns out Uncle Sam is a sociopathic, hypocritical asshole.

EDIT: Incidentally, folks, they always tell you what they're gonna do before they do it. This is a shot across the bow; they will be coming after the internet in one way or another at some point. It's too much of a threat for them to ignore it, and it's only a matter of time.

BLOTTO's picture

Ive post previously...but always a good read.


'What is a "conspiracy theorist?

The pejorative "conspiracy theorist" is meant to demean and ridicule skeptics of official stories.

Most so-called "conspiracy theorists" are really skeptics, by definition. They're skeptical of what the government tells them. They're skeptical of the claim that drug companies are really only interested in helping humankind and have no desire to make money. They're skeptical that food corporations are telling them the truth about what's in their food. And they're also skeptical of anything coming out of Washington D.C., regardless of which party happens to be in power at the time.

People who are not skeptics of "official stories" tend to be dull-minded.

To believe everything these institutions tell you is a sign of mental retardation. To ask questions, on the other hand, is a sign of higher intelligence and wisdom.'


ZerOhead's picture

Time to increase flouride levels in the water supply again...


UPDATE: As of February 2015, there are 43 studies associating fluoride exposure with reduced IQ in children. To see these studies, click here.

It's a Harvard study however and those guys are fucking morons...


philipat's picture

It's hilarious watching in the land of the free as they try to find a way around the First Amendment to ban RT.......

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

So let's get this straight... they believe that Russia is responsibility for ALLLLLLL the "conspiracy theories" on the Internet? LOL! How about the one where the NSA was spying on everyone and it turned out to be true? Is Russia responsible for that one too?

So who are the REAL paranoid, deranged, scared out of their wits about losing power, conspiracy theorists?

tarabel's picture



I'm not aware of any efforts to do so. Link, por favor.

tarabel's picture



Denigrate is not the same as ban.

Dexter Morgan's picture

You didn't say thank you.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

According to a dictionary, yes...but they can be closely related in reality and often are.

Just like ignorance and wilful denial, they're not the same per se but the outcome is very similar and both should be despised. The main difference is that the first state is just sad, while the latter is evil.

Which are you?

Element's picture

Like glib acceptance of any flaky old crap that drifts into your transom, you mean?

oh ... that's completely different ...


philipat's picture

Respnding to the above:

1. Link already kindly provided.

2. To repeat what I posted "As they try to find a way around the First Amendment to ban RT". Which I stand by. What the fuck else do you suppose they are doing holding Congressional hearings? Working out how to send a "Thank you" note to Vlad?

Element's picture
      Here's the coment I responded to, I have no idea what you're referring to.   ----   Fri, 04/17/2015 - 04:12 | 6002091 Dame Ednas Possum
Vote up!

Vote down!


According to a dictionary, yes...but they can be closely related in reality and often are.

Just like ignorance and wilful denial, they're not the same per se but the outcome is very similar and both should be despised. The main difference is that the first state is just sad, while the latter is evil.

Which are you?

---- Fri, 04/17/2015 - 05:28 | 6002151 Element Vote up!

Vote down!


Like glib acceptance of any flaky old crap that drifts into your transom, you mean?

oh ... that's completely different ...



If people buy into nonsense and BS stories of their own volition, this is hardly going to be changed at the stroke of a pen of a legislative chamber all agreeing on some policy of state action to ban or else accept some aspect of public discourse.

philipat's picture

Toutchy toutchy aren't we? My comment was directed to ALL of the above but, in particular, the comment by Tarabel. You should try to take yourself less seriously and increase the cigar quota. I would recommend Cohibas, which would be perhaps the only benefit of lifting the Cuban embargo for Americans? Although, and I buy mine in Barcelona, that will push the prices through the roof for everyone else. But I do have a good stock...

Element's picture

all of the above is different to just the above, right?

What do you expect when you neither quoted nor directed your comments? Are we mind-readers who must divine the meanings of your hip commentary and guess at its deep purposes?

philipat's picture

Elemental dear Watson. Follow the thread. And stop being such a pompous prick...

cro_maat's picture

Soon we will find out that Liz Wahl works for the CIA and was specifically planted at RT in order to create the current psyop.

DuneCreature's picture

Plus 1 for that observation.

One thing I noticed over the years is that covert plants with a psychopathic agenda have NO sense of humor at all.

One look at Liz’s scowl and I sensed hidden heinous fuckery in the works immediately.

As a side note – I’ll bet the gov list keepers a salivating over this thread. The comments are popping up way faster than I can read them! You know you are getting somewhere when the asswipes are holding a Congressional hearing about what a problem a little online grumbling is!

~ DC

Paveway IV's picture

Flouride acts like lithium and keeps the peeps from rioting (or asking too many questions). 

Main source of fluoride for most American adults: coffee and tea - moreso than daily tap water consumption.

Main source for fluoride for most American kids: tap water, soda and grape juice.

Element's picture

Apparently you believe that shit. I take it you don't and didn't brush your teeth each day with a fluoride enhanced toothpaste for most of your life?

Provide clear direct evidence that fluoride does any of the sordid wicked things the paranoid wingnuts claim as claims surprisingly don't actually cut it - except for morons.

And contrary to the many similar fluoride myths, I'm yet to encounter an American (or almost anyone in the developed world) who are not rambunctious, assertive, and more-or-less somewhat aggressive, and unlikely to submit or not question orders from on high.

Especially those who drink coffee (made with tap water).



Rock On Roger's picture

The Kool-Aid tastes grape!

JRev's picture

How about a study by Harvard in 2012, published by the NIH, identifying fluoride as a neurotoxin? The study in question examines the consumption of fluoride in drinking water. That "credible" enough for 'ya? 

Not sure if you're a troll or just a fucking idiot. Probably the fluoride.

Element's picture



Your link says:

Content Not Found

The content you are trying to reach does not exist or has been moved. Try these options for finding what you need:

• Search our site for content from 2009 to present.
• Visit PubMed Central to search for older EHP content.
• Contact our web editor, Dorothy Ritter.


Did you even bother to check that link was dead? Perhaps the fluoride got to it?

Eat enough salt and you'll have a stoke (and many other problems), but does it occur to you that salt is a deadly neurotoxic substance? Do you scream at the fast food proprietors about it?

Study some basic chemistry, it's been known for over a century that excess exposure to many chemicals and minerals creates toxic or counterproductive health effects, even where lower doses are demonstrably and measurably producing health improvements.

Your brain works on the basis of election-exchange mediated by essential electrolytes (salt), as do your muscles and nerves. Without enough salt you wither and die, with too much salt you also wither and die.

But I suppose you'd like to also discount and discard the fact that fluoride strengthens the crystalline structure of teeth, as a small number of fluoride atoms within the structure strengthens the mineral structure of tooth enamel (yes teeth are actually crystalline growths fool, as are your bones) as it's precipitated atom by atom during growth of teeth in children, and teens?

Such toughening of teeth makes them less prone to decay and slows it down, reducing the problems and costs of chronic disease and immune-suppression from tooth and gum rot, and abyss infections, which can actually kill a human being.

Eat enough big macs and you'll drop dead too, but I bet don't you cry and wring your hands like a sniveling little pansy every time you gobble one down.

Get a grip and a sense of proportion you befuddled hypocritical mouth-breather.



JRev's picture

Manually copy the link into your browser and it'll work just fine, provided that's not too much work for your fluoride-addled brain. After that, promptly go fuck yourself. 

Element's picture

So you can't even manage to post a link, but you want to disband the use of rationality and the sense of proportion and just resort to wacky knee-jerking babble, as you feel you prefer that sort of thing?

Go on ... admit it.

Ace Ventura's picture as long as the flouride is consumed in 'moderation'....its actually no longer a fucking poison, but now good for your teeth. Got it.

Lemme guess....same goes for mercury, right? I mean, they put it in vaccines and all, so its clearly not a toxic metal, because its such tiny amounts and stuff.

I brushed with flouride toothpaste for the first 38 years of my life 2-3 times a day, and the stuff did not prevent a single cavity. Instead, I ended up with multiple fillings and cracked molars.

Yet, oddly enough, I started brushing with baking soda 5 years ago and have not had a single cavity or tooth-related problem since. Weird.

Arnold's picture

Your teeth were obviously filled with a gold or silver amalgam.

Element's picture

Cracked molars come from impact transients, like being a smartarse and getting punched out regularly, or falling over, etc. Cavities result from sugar consumed. Like I said, do some basic chemistry and you'll see why you get cavities and stuffed teeth.

Yes, if you use fluoride and get punched or consume too much sugar, you are going to still get cracked teeth and cavities. Look above I said it makes them stronger and slows down the rate of decay that normally occurs. Not a theory, it is lab tested, repeatable and demonstrated to dental students beyond question in their first weeks of study.

But if you want to know how and why fluoride works in the way it does you need to look up the crystallography rules for substitution solid solution, and it'll take you down the path of understanding why a different sized cations (a positive atomic ion) affect the size and geometry of all ionic bonds, in any material's solid crystalline latice structure, and can either weaken or else strengthen a crystal, accordingly.

[obviously I'm not wasting my time writing this for your sake as you're plainly an idiot and will not be interested or benefit to find out about the material properties of matter of which you consist, but others may realize the merit of learning something about why these things are known to work]

Fluoride cations just happen to have an ideal atomic radius for strengthening the crystals teeth grow as, and it was observed in tooth enamel, within early geochemical atomic analysis studies of exhumed bones and teeth, that populations which received a higher natural background fluoride component in their consumed food, which were deposited in their bones and teeth, also produced visibly healthier unearthed skeletons with the most teeth remaining into older age, and the least decay present, and least evidence of chronic diseases in the jaw bone. When atomic analysis of the two populations were compared, fluoride was the observed cause of the difference in tooth decay resistance.

It was then tested and found to be the case in the lab animals and dose levels determined to obtain optimal tooth strength, which turned out to be a terrifically dilute quantity, regularly administered. It turned out it takes a tiny number of fluoride atoms to dramatically increase the strength of the crystals that form our teeth

So fluoride reinforcing of teeth was a natural health advantage of some geographical populations, which led to better health in general and longer life with less pain. 

Naturally scientists and doctors and dentists saw this and were very keen to increase the health advantage of western populations, even as sugar consumption was skyrocketing in the west, from the spice-trade of recent centuries, which were observed to be destroying teeth rapidly in regular (affluent) users of sugar.

Hence rapid universal fluoride adoption in the west at very low levels in drinking water. 


Alternatively, if you want to remain an ignorant deluded fuckstick, with no clue at all, but think ignorance is for you, then by all means continue as before.


philipat's picture

Ah, so you must be a dentist? Cigar smoke is bad for your teeth you know. Also, Dentists have the highest suicide rate, although Bankers are catching up...

Element's picture

Incorrect, a geologist, minerals are crystals and atom solid substitution affects all crystals, so it's pretty much the basis of geochemistry and mineralogy. Fluoride is just one of the clearer examples introductory geochemistry texts discuss.

I never suffer from depression, I'm OK with the world and well-adjusted to how it is, and my inconsequential geological instant in it. I'm not resigned to how it is, nor disturbed by it, nor even disappointed by how humans behave. I expect no less from a horde of egocentric anthropomorphically obsessed and hopelessly culturally deluded primates. Sorry if I'm not as neurotic or suicide tending as you might have hoped.

Occasional cigar smoke, as a proportion of degradation imparted to my teeth, runs an almost infinitesimally distant last to the single sugar in my cup of coffee. Nice that you are concerned though.


Ace Ventura's picture

Awesome scholarly-sounding retort. Hey so where can one get some of this super-healthy "natural background fluoride component in their consumed food"? And color me 'shocked' that first year dental students are taught that flouride is the shizznit when it comes to dental health.

You stick to your belief in the wonders of fluoride as a boon to dental health. When your mouth ends up full of cavities, you keep telling yourself it's 'normal' and probably because you ate too much sugar and stuff, as you scrub the shit outta those choppers with your favorite flavor of Colgate, and then wash it down with good ol' american city tapwater.

Me, I'll stick to baking soda as my preferred anti-cavity tooth health supplement. Funny I didn't see you mention baking soda once in your lengthy post. Oh well, probably too icky to even consider, coming from an idiot deluded fuckstick like myself and all.

Hey, I wonder how much flouride is in the municipal drinking water of the average British citizen? Too much? Not enough? Or is it that they're all wanton sugar-scarfing beasts?


Bumbu Sauce's picture

Medical Microbiology

Chapter 99Microbiology of Dental Decay and Periodontal Disease

Walter J. Loesche.

Bumbu Sauce's picture

Ethanol is a VERY powerful neurotoxin, but I bet you go out for Nightrain or Fireball just about every day.

Element's picture

It's a lot more than that too:


Ethanol -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Birth defects
Ethanol is classified as a teratogen. See fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
IARC list ethanol in alcoholic beverages as Group 1 carcinogens and arguments "There is sufficient evidence for the carcinogenicity of acetaldehyde (the major metabolite of ethanol) in experimental animals.".
However, the product of the first step of this breakdown, acetaldehyde, is more toxic than ethanol. Acetaldehyde is linked to most of the clinical effects of alcohol. It has been shown to increase the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver and multiple forms of cancer.


Bottoms up.

Element's picture

You're welcome, but I forgot brain atrophy from reduced blood flow to the brain in drinkers and head injuries and brain assaults from falling over and from getting into fights, and car 'accidents'. Plus: 

Death from ethanol consumption is possible when blood alcohol levels reach 0.4%. A blood level of 0.5% or more is commonly fatal. Levels of even less than 0.1% can cause intoxication, with unconsciousness often occurring at 0.3–0.4%.
Prolonged heavy consumption of alcohol can cause significant permanent damage to the brain and other organs. See Alcohol consumption and health.
Discontinuing consumption of alcohol after several years of heavy drinking can also be fatal. Alcohol withdrawal can cause anxiety, autonomic dysfunction, seizures, and hallucinations. Delirium tremens is a condition that requires people with a long history of heavy drinking to undertake an alcohol detoxification regimen.


But hey, why worry about the things that can permanently injure or kill you, at near to the normal daily consumption levels, when you can talk mindless drivel about fluoride in tap water!

Want another scotch?


Ghordius's picture

thanks, I'm a smoker and a lover, but not much of a drinker. oh, and my toothpaste is extra-strong in fluoride

If that stuff about fluoride in the tap water would be true, I would be a very, very placid conformist little lamb without any criticism for anything

Element's picture

I'm a coffee fan, drink no booze, don't smoke, but strangely really like a cigar on noteworthy occasions. I brush twice a day with the fluoride reinforced stuff, have all my life. No bizarre aversion to tap water consumption, never get sick, and I can report no tendency to not questioning things, quite the opposite. Nor any passive to inert state of drooling swoon.

Arnold's picture

Smokin' dope has similar non mutagenic effects.

Guess we're not genetically uniform after all.