300 US Paratroopers Arrive In Ukraine After Russia Says Its Missiles Will Target NATO Member States

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While the escalation of the second Cold War between Russia and the US over their proxy conflict in Ukraine has been relegated to the back pages due to the lack of any flash points in recent months, events in eastern Europe continue to build up to an increasingly unstable equilibrium. Just yesterday, Russia again accused the United States of "seeking political and military dominance and sought to put blame on the West for international security crises, including the conflict in east Ukraine."

It didn't stop there. According to the WSJ, Russia’s top general warned European countries planning to host installations for a U.S.-led missile-defense shield that Russian forces would be forced to target them.

“Nonnuclear powers where missile-defense installations are being installed have become the objects of priority response,” Gen. Valery Gerasimov said, referring to Poland and Romania.

It was unclear if Russia would use conventional weapons or tactical short-range nuclear missiles for deterrence purposes.

The comments came at a defense conference in Moscow where a series of high-level Russian leaders repeatedly warned of perceived threats that the U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization posed to modern Russia.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, according to Reuters, that a drive by the United States and its allies to bring Kiev closer to the West was a threat to Moscow and had forced it to react.

"The United States and its allies have crossed all possible lines in their drive to bring Kiev into their orbit. That could not have failed to trigger our reaction," he told an annual security conference in Moscow.

General Valery Gerasimov, chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, reiterated Russia's warning: "Considering themselves the winners of the Cold War, the United States decided to reshape the world to fit its needs."

"Aiming at complete dominance, Washington stopped taking into account the interests of other countries and respect international law."

When asked about the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Shoigu "blamed the violence on Kiev and sought to dismiss Western criticism that Russia was forcibly remaking European borders, pointing in turn to Western military involvement in Serbia, Iraq and Libya."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the conference attended by envoys from China, Iran, Pakistan and some of Russia's regional allies, that Kiev had to deliver on its obligations under peace agreements reached in Minsk to "safeguard unity of the Ukrainian state".

The problem is that at this point it doesn't matter who started what, where and how: just like the Intifada, or any other regional, thousand year-old conflict in Europe or any other part of the world, all that remains are the escalating steps, and how long until one of the two adversaries snaps and engages in an action from which there is no return.

Yet despite Russia's very clear threat that its missiles are now armed at two more NATO countries, and numerous previous warnings that the official dispatch of US troops in Ukraine, besides the countless ones who are there on a mercenary basis, will lead to a flash point in the second Cold War, earlier today 300 hundred US paratroopers arrived in Ukraine - a non-NATO country - to "train its forces fighting pro-Russian rebels" according to the US army website.

As AFP notes, the move could "destabilize" the war-torn ex-Soviet country, which clearly is the intention. Because as we have warned on numerous occasions, the entire world is now headed into an event horizon in which the neo-cons have bet that only regional (or not so regional) war can be the economic stimulus that pushes the world out of its global depressed funk. Just like the first Great Depression.

According to AFP, the troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday in Yavoriv, western Ukraine, to spend six months training three battalions of Ukrainian troops, the army said in a statement.


"We will have about 300 soldiers from the brigade on the ground providing the training that will last over the next six months," said US army spokesman Donald Wrenn.

Moscow was obviously displeased: "The participation of instructors and experts from third countries on Ukrainian territory ... of course, does not help to resolve the conflict," president Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Pekov said, quoted by Russian news agencies.

"On the contrary, it can seriously destabilise the situation."

Just as Russian troops training Mexican Federales would be sternly frowned upon by the Obama administration. 

But that's doesn't matter: what matters is that US troops will now train the National Guard of Ukraine, a reservist force that was reformed in 2014 to bring volunteers and militia under government control. They will do so literally within meters of the Russian border.

"We will be conducting classes on war-fighting functions, as well as training to sustain and increase the professionalism and proficiency of military staffs," Major Jose Mendez, operations officer for the brigade, was quoted as saying on the US army website.


Ukraine had asked the United States to send the training mission, dubbed Operation Fearless Guardian, according to an article published by the US army on April 11.

This is what paratroopers, from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, arriving at Lviv International Airport on April 11, 2015 look like courtesy of the US Army's website:

According to the US Army the brigade, as the Army Contingency Response Force in Europe, is conducting continuous operations in six different countries. 

"This is the new norm for the 173rd," Mendez said. "The 173rd is in a special position, as the only forwardly-positioned airborne brigade in Europe, we have the ability to be anywhere in the U.S. European Command area of responsibility in 18 hours or less."

The brigade has trained with Ukrainian forces in international exercises throughout Europe, as well as within Ukraine, most recently last September in the Rapid Trident series of exercises, an annual U.S. Army Europe-led exercise designed to promote regional stability and security. The two forces are scheduled to participate in Exercise Rapid Trident 2015 later this year.


Paratroopers, from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, arrive at Lviv International Airport in Lviv, Ukraine, April 11, 2015, in support of Fearless Guardian, a program to train Ukrainian national guard troops.


A ground convoy drove all the way from the brigade's base in northern Italy to the Ukrainian military zone in Yavoriv near the Polish border, with vehicles and equipment.


The US and Ukrainian armies stressed the equipment was for use by the US brigade in the training and is not to be issued to Ukrainian forces. Fifty paratroopers travelled with that 25-vehicle convoy, which arrived on April 10, while further troops arrived on April 14 and 15, the US army website said.


Ukraine's defence ministry said in a statement that the training would begin with a ceremony on April 20.

What happens after will likely assure the second consecutive very "volatile" summer. The good news for economists whose GDP predictions will be dead wrong once more, is that they will have yet another aspect of that thing called "reality" to blame it on.

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Hongcha's picture

Just another training run; camera-ready on the tarmac.

Burt Gummer's picture

Meanwhile armed national guard troops march through ontario california.....


TruthInSunshine's picture

All drama.

Paratroopers are antiquated when used against anyone possessing even remotely new gen weaponry and are akin to shooting clays.

We'll next see SEAL Teams arriving via submarine underwater insertion, with condoms on the tips of their M4s as they wade unto the beachhead.

wee-weed up's picture

Obozo's just itchin' to start WWIII.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Nuland-Kagan-ZIOCON-PNAC Special Forces TEAM 666.

nope-1004's picture

300?  What is the border like 6 miles long or something?  This is ridiculous and obviously just a photo op.


StupidEarthlings's picture

Exactly what I was thinking. 

300..meh..gonna be a quick 'war' i guess.

nope-1004's picture

Nobody has a camera ready showing troop numbers, detail, and location if invasion or war is close at hand.  This is so fake.


Latina Lover's picture

More cheap theater by the USSA neocon idiots, doubling down on a losing hand.  Having lost Crimea to Russia, and Donbass, they are stuck pretending they are still relevant.  In a few years, the USSA will get bored, and the Ukies will be the discarded used up whores.

knukles's picture

Well listen y'all.  That makes sense.  See Pootie says that Rooskie missiles are targeting NATO countries so moving the paras to Ukraine is safer for our men in uniform since Ukraine's not a NATO member.
See see see I todja so.  You heard it here, first.  Impeccable logic.

Latina Lover's picture

Are you sure you are not a senior policy advisor for the MIC? (LOL)

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Monetas (not verified) TahoeBilly2012 Apr 17, 2015 7:25 PM

I'm proud of our paratroopers .... Putin, Obama and Latin Lover .... not so much ! Latin Lover .... fix Latin America .... then you will have some credibility .... to fix our problems !

Latina Lover's picture

You mean the Ukie Paratroopers?  I feel sorry for them because they will die horribly to further enrich USSA banksters.  Their deaths will be meaningless.

Manthong's picture

It’s just a good thing that the huge number of trillion fiat units wasted on sociopathic pipe dreams will never be repaid to anyone.

..but it’s a bad thing that the collateral damage to human civilization will cost so much more.


Manthong's picture

Crap.. I didn’t know about compressibility burble until I saw six blades on that C-130.

It looks at home on that former Soviet turf.

Element's picture



No biggie, these are just bored soldiers on leave who volunteered to help out, so there are actually no US military forces in Ukraine today, at all ... no really ... it's all true! ...

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

if you asked the us troops why they are there? most likely the ans would be : fuck if I know , sarg said we go there that's where we go. and then they would tell you they have no ammo for the weapons, much like the marines in lebanon on guard when the mad bomber drove thru the check point..never given ammo.

military loves sitting duck and bait games, to get the feel of putin's intent..300 targets.

viahj's picture

someone tell the CIC that this isn't Sparta

fleur de lis's picture

"Nuland-Kagan-ZIOCON-PNAC Special Forces TEAM 666."

@TruthinSunshine--they are 'beggars on horseback' and do not have the guts to fight. They would all get killed in a barfight. They get everybody to do the fighting for them then they show up for the looting. This is what happens when borderless political nomads control entire nations.

WhyWait's picture

US Trainers will be in the line of fire when the Ukie Army collapses after their next defeat.  They don't have to be effective to do their job, they just have to get killed.  

A trip wire is usually a force put in place to deter an opponent with the threat of setting off something bigger.  This is more like a booby trap. A sacrifice.

Latina Lover's picture

Yes, they will be sacrificed to enrage the USSA masses into another war.  If I owned property near Yellowstone, I would be selling.

trulz4lulz's picture

And if I had property in el Salvador, I'd be moving there, pronto.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I hear this all the time. This is a horrible miscalculation and you are putting your life and that of your family at risk for the opportunity to watch the end of the world while wearing a sombrero drinking margaritas and laying in the sun. Latin America and her governments will only keep smiling and calling you senior as long as the USD is king. As soon as your purchasing power evaporates you have a lot of countries that have been on the receiving end of the US's shit for decades will "return fire" on stranded expats.

agent default's picture

Remember Nassau.

It not a miscalculation it is delusion plain and simple.  Some people think that they will move to a totally foreign land and usually unstable, usually with a substantially lower standard of living and survive there when everything else collapses.  Get real and in a hurry.  A few questions to ponder before making such a move.  If things get so bad that the US collapses, what will the economies of these countries become?  How will you as a foreigner with zero ties to the local population, just living off your cash intend to make it?  Will the local population tolerate you, of will they turn against you at the first sign of trouble?  Will you become the target of crime because you are perceived of as better off than anybody else?  How do you intend to make ends meet if our funds abroad become inaccessible for whatever reason? 

Also there have been some articles here from time to time about second citizenship programs.  You are fooling yourself big time with this one. You will be spending (a lot)money of on something that at best, will be useless when you really need it, and/or spectacularly backfire on you at worst.  For one thing, good luck getting through the compliance department of any major bank with one of these.  White guy from Dominica (WTF right there) wants to make a substantial deposit??? Don't think so, not in today's banking environment.  They will tell you to cut the crap and produce your real identification, assuming they don't show you the door outright.  You will also need to own some property there as proof of address.  Sure, real estate in St.Kitts nice place never mind the crime rate (home to the murder capital of the world BTW).  Your  place will get looted  the moment  you turn your head away.   These are the easy problems. 

The serious backfire:  In the not so distant future,  the US government sighting terrorism threats (just to name the obvious) demands an immediate hand over of the names of all US citizens that participated in second citizenship programs. I know they exclude the Middle East, but get real here.  Think Dominica and St.Kitts will stand up for you and say no?  How do you intend to handle the scrutiny from the DHS and not to mention the IRS?  What happens when they freeze the assets of every person of those lists globally on the grounds of terrorism/money laundering/tax fraud?  Notice that in all of these offenses there is presumption of guilt today.

Go for the expat option if you want to stay in another place you enjoy more than the US.  But if you are counting on it as a survival option, you are probably stepping into a death trap of epic proportions (literally a death trap).  When you really need, it you will have even less than nothing.  You will be a refugee in a third world country, that has probaly take waaaay too much shit from the US government for waaaay too long.


Latina Lover's picture

As an expat American living in a south american country, I agree with many of your observations, but you take it to an extreme.  Expats that marry into the community, or have long standing work ties, will do just fine.  For most gringos, however, they are safer staying home.

agent default's picture

By extreme I think you mean the "death trap" part.  Well if you are talking about running away from the burning US, you are already in extreme end of the spectrum. You are right it is extreme.  Every other point I have made, most of it is common sense and experience about how the world works.  Especially if you have visited these parts of the world.  The second passport rant comes from true horror stories of the private banking world as witnessed by me and several others.  It was suspect for banks even before FATCA and even before 9/11, when  most countries stopped their second passport programs. 

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

ask edward snowden if he wishes he had a second passport

btw, your questions to ponder are idiotic, i don't know where to begin

agent default's picture

So you could answer/deconstruct every single one of them right?  Ok, I am waiting.  I am also very keen for an explanation about how Snowden would have no trouble if he had second citizenship. Your ignorance of the existing laws and procedures is really stunning and terrifying at the same time. 


willwork4food's picture

A trip wire is usually a force put in place to deter an opponent with the threat of setting off something bigger.  This is more like a booby trap. A sacrifice.

Exactly what I was thinking too.

Werekoala's picture

First thing I thought too - wonder which one(s) will get killed first...



Freddie's picture

The majority of Ukrainain men do not want to fight for the Z-scum dual shitizens running Kiev/Ukraine.

American soldiers, like American citizens, are lower than illegal aliens and have few rights than illegals.  Keep dying and getting blown up for the bankster scum like chumps.

sam i am's picture

US-NATO war on Russia (March-April 2015) Grasp the scale of the conflict that is creeping up below the radar: The US stealth preparations for attack on Russia


The Russian politically correct title for the NATO maneuvers in Europe is "trying to scare a hedgehog with a naked butt."

US powerbrokers are convinced that America’s economic slide can only be arrested by staking a claim in Central Asia, dismembering Russia, encircling China, and quashing all plans for an economically-integrated EU-Asia. Washington is determined to prevail in this existential conflict, to assert its hegemonic control over the two continents, and to preserve its position as the world’s only superpower. But first, the US has to win in the war with Russia.

The following is an incomplete list of US-NATO preparation for the war in Europe.

1.         24 February: Dutch Fighting Vehicles and the Dutch 43rd Mechanized Brigade ArriveIn Estonia http://www.defence24.com/news_dutch-fighting-vehicles-arrive-in-estonia


2.         3 March 2015:  The United States Will Fund Equipment Purchases And Training For The Ukrainian Army



3.         4 March 2015:  Canadian Armed Forces deployed to the Mid-Eastern Europe region http://www.defence24.com/news_canadians-reinforce-the-nato-eastern-flank

4.         10 March 2015: 750 pieces of US Army military equipment like tanks & helicopters, arrived in Riga, Latvia; US Mission to NATO

5.         13 March 2015: 13 000 Soldiers Involved In Training Within The Estonian Firing Ranges – “Equivalent of Mobilisation”



6.         13 March 2015:          NATO “Spearhead” NATO Quick Reaction Forces Will Be Stationed In Poland



7.         19 march 2015: Abrams Tanks – Again In Poland


Soldiers of the 1st Brigade of 3rd Infantry Division arrive to Poland

8.         20 March 2015:    US Army Patriot Missiles In Poland  http://www.defence24.com/news_us-army-patriot-missiles-in-poland

9.         21 March, 2015:  British Military Instructors Arrive In Ukraine http://www.defence24.com/news_british-military-instructors-arrive-in-ukraine

10.       22 March:  Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force with US NAVY Forward Deployed Naval Forces started Multi-Sail 2015

11.       24 March:  The US  Brigade is stationed in Romania, only 10 kilometers from Odessa region



12.       24 March, 2015:         Dragoon Ride Operation In Poland. US Armored Vehicles Passing Through Mid-Eastern Europe NATO Operation Atlantic Resolve



13.       25 ?????: USA started the military drills in Romania and Bulgaria... Romania -- Operation Atlantic Resolve South has landed. -- the USA preparations to attack Russia approaches the point of no return;

14.       26 March:   Romania -- UH60s arriving at Mihail Kog?lniceanu Air Base to support Operation Atlantic Resolve South

15.       25 March 2015: The joint exercise of Swedish, Finnish and US air forces in Baltic Sea, with the Americans being stationed in Estonia


16.       26 ?????: Trains with heavy American weaponry move across the neutral Austria

????? ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ??????? ? ???????????? ?????????????

17.       26 March 2015: The US A-10 attack aircrafts Deployed To Powidz Air Base, Poland http://www.defence24.com/news_a-10-deployed-to-powidz-ab-warthogs-support-the-dragoon-ride-operation

18.       26 March 2015: Armored HMMWV’s Delivered To Ukraine http://www.defence24.com/news_armoured-hmmwvs-delivered-to-ukraine

19.       27 March:  Latvia -- Exercise Summer Shield in ?daži with Royal Canadian Regiment troops and US NATO Allies Latvia -- Operation Summer Shield: 1100 forces from Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, US in ?daži

20.       27 March:   The US Threat Reduction Agency Stands Up Nuke-focused Directorate http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=128481

21.       28 March:  12 F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft, 200 Airmen to Europe for Atlantic Resolve

22.       27 March 2015: The US Air Force launched two more Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles over the Pacific Ocean.


23.       28 March: The Black Sea, US UH60 conducting water training in Operation Atlanti Resolve South

24.       29 March:    NATO started drills in Romania for Operation Wind Spring, multinational US, UK, Romania security cooperation

25.       29 March:     US-Dutch training on Javelin anti-tank missile in combined defensive live-fire exercise at Grafenwoehr Training Area

26.       29 March 2015:          British Royal Air Force held their largest air combat exercises in 13 years


27.       29 March:       A column of Dragoon Ride had a delay of 7 hours at Harrachov because a US Army Stryker armored vehicles broke down

28.       31 March:       US Soldiers To Reach Ukraine In April. the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade will be deployed to the Lvov District


29.       April 2015:      The Bundeswehr’s units will start using of the Puma IFV’s as parts of a part of the NATO quick reaction forces



30.       April 2015:      The Defense Department starts training the Ukraine National Guard beginning in late April

30.       April:   The USS Porter will arrive to NAVSTA Rota port on April 30

31.       1 April:             the US is rebuilding the Iron Curtain along a thousand mile stretch from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea


Tanks, armored vehicles and artillery are being sent to the region to reinforce a buffer zone around Europe in order to isolate Russia and to create a staging ground for future US aggression.


32.       April:   Operation Saber Junction Phase 2 begins in April

Will see nearly 5,000 participants from 17 nations train at Army Europe's Joint Multinational Training Command Hohenfels Training Area Germany and at distributed locations in Italy, Lithuania and Romania.



33.       April  1:   Research Report: "Nuclear Implications of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict" by NATO Defense College


Very important publication missed by many stating that the US and Canada stand in favor of  nuclear weapon use in Europe.  

34.       April  4:           US Fighter Jets Send Message to China With ‘Emergency’ Landing in Taiwan


35.       April 7-9         NATO’s Anti-Russia Spearhead Force Conducts First Exercise

 The Spearhead Force is part of the Alliance’s larger NATO Response Force, which is being increased to a force level of around 30,000 troops



36.       April  7:           America Will Lose Patience with European Appeasement http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/natosource/america-will-lose-patience-with-european-appeasement

America is running out of money and time before the financial collapse and wants Europe to hurry up and start "sacrificing" itself in war with Russia.

37.       APRIL 8:           Belgian F-16 Fighters Will Stay In Poland Until August


38.       APRIL 7:           Russian Su-27 Intercepts US Spy Plane Heading Into Russian Airspace      


39.         APRIL 9:         A joint declaration, the defense ministers of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland said Northern Europe must prepare for possible crises with Russia.



40.       APRIL 9:           Polish Border Guard Acquires 1.5 Million 9x19 mm Parabellum Rounds. Observation Towers To Be Erected Near The Russian Kaliningrad Oblast Border.



41.       April  10:         many countries have American nuclear weapons on their soil that make them nuclear nations but these countries would never be allowed to fire them without permission from the USA…       just like “Britain’s” nuclear deterrent…           Trident!



42.       April   10:        NATO Reduces Size of Russian Delegation After Internal Reports of Espionage



43        April   11:        NATO ships arrive in Scotland for massive joint exercises




44.       April  12:         Estonia President Toomas Ilves seeks permanent Nato force


45.       April  12:  TTIP set to become the economic arm of NATO

46.       April  12:  At Stanford, key diplomat describes changing face of NATO


47.       April  10:  Russia slams NATO’s ‘odd’ plans to cap partner-states missions



48.       April  10:         Rosomak APCs Deployed To Hohenfels – 700 Kilometres Covered To Reach The German Base



49.       April  12:   NATO via faznet to publish the warning to Russia: If Kiev junta resumes hostilities, arms will flow.  NATO will not tolerate further territorial expansion by anti-NATO anti-junta population  in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine „Separatisten haben mehr Waffen als zuvor“



50.       April  12:         NATO Official's Derisive 'Geography Lesson'  for Russians Gets Maps Wrong


NATO spokesman Lt. Col. Jay Janzen got his foot caught in his mouth over the weekend after posting a tweet mocking Russian Foreign Ministry statements that NATO exercises in Romania were considered "confrontational."


51.       April 12:  US protests 'unsafe' intercept of reconnaissance plane by Russian fighter jet over Baltic Sea



52.       April 12:          Russia's space defense troops spot foreign spying satellites



53.       April 13:          NATO Drills Begin in Lithuania on Monday

According to Lithuania’s Defense Ministry, NATO exercise Fire Thunder using US Paladin M109A6 artillery systems has begun in country



54.       APRIL 13:  Ukrainian Crisis Prompts European Countries to Boost Military Spending



55.       April 13:          Inquiry Dismisses Sighting of Russian Submarine Near Stockholm

Last October’s allegations that a Russian submarine had been spotted in the waters around Stockholm have been proven to be false by a Swedish Armed Forces' investigation.



56.       April 13:  First Anniversary of Kiev’s Military Operation in East Ukraine

On April 13, 2014, Kiev decided to launch a military operation against independence supporters in eastern Ukraine.



57.       April 13:          Mysterious Ukrainian Company Sells NATO Equipment

VT Group offers consumers more than 2000 different items and has over 40,000 pieces of equipment ranging from road, construction, and track passenger machinery.



58.       April 13:   US shows muscles right at the Russian border

USA viser muskler rett ved russergrensa



59.       April 12:          General Secretary CSTO Nikolay Bordyuzha: NATO Engages into the Civil War in Ukraine

NATO's command centers in 6 countries along the Russian borders is the direct preparation for war with Russia.

???????: ???? ??????????? ? ????? ?? ???????

???? ??????????? ???????? ? ???????????? ???????????? -

Collective Security Treaty Organization CSTO


Related to this interview:  NATO to Set Up Command Centers on Eastern Flank



60.       April 13:          100 Additional Leopard Tanks For The Bundeswehr



61.       April 14:          Russians arrive in Scotland to inspect NATO exercise



62.       April 14:          Romania -- A-10 Thunderbolts II fly above Campia Turzii, April 14, Operation Atlantic Resolve  - 10kilometres from Odessa region and 200 kilometers from Crimes, Russia.


63.       April 15:          NATO will use all its power against Russia if necessary - head of the NATO military Committee

? ???? ???????????? ???? ???????? ????? ????? ??? ???? ????, — ????? ???????? ???????? ????


64.       April 16:          Joint Romanian-American-British army drills this month in Romania


? ??????? ??????????? ????????? ???????? ????


 65.      April 16:          Europe 'At Hybrid War' With Russia, Says Former Nato Chief


Even the Western madmen of NATO started expressing nostalgia about the "predictable USSR."  The good 'ol USSR now seems "safer"  than new, dynamic, and patriotic Russia. Hmmm... 


66.       April 16:          More German troops in Baltic Countries by 2016

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen kicked off a two-day visit to the Baltic states on Tuesday



67.       HOHENFELS, Germany, Saber Junction 15  NATO military drills runs April 1-30, 2015.


Saber Junction 15, which includes more than 4,700 participants from 17 countries, prepares NATO and partner-nation armies for offensive, defensive and stability operations.

see more here http://thesaker.is/ukraine-sitrep-april-16th-by-scott/

trulz4lulz's picture

That list reads like an old dog, begging his new master to put him out of his misery and end his suffering.

SilverRhino's picture

Holy Shit.  They are way further along than I expected.

Latina Lover's picture

Let them invade Russia,   5 tactical nukes ought to do it.

TheReplacement's picture

Kill the grunts.  Yeah, like that will solve anything.  The people who sent them to die will still be alive to send more.

Try to think for a change.

Latina Lover's picture
“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

? Henry Kissinger

viahj's picture

just because Kissinger's huge ego led to this sort of hubris, doesn't make it true.  they are a lot of very bright and promising people in our military, they just need to be led through the haze of propaganda. 

viahj's picture

it's the responsibility of the citizenry to handle the politicos who sent our troops to die in yet another illegal war.  this is why it continues.

Tigermoth's picture

Sam: Here is another one for your list:


"Military instructors from the USA, Denmark, Poland, Germany and other countries arrive to the Ukraine to help Kiev.

The Ukrainian hackers-activists have published the list of western instructors’ names. These people are reported to plan provocations in the south-eastern the Ukraine.

We, the CyberBerkut, warn the people of Donbass and inform the people of the Ukraine: in the nearest future the criminal government of the Ukraine is planning to take up some set of provocations at the boundary with Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Moreover, Kiev Junta is planning to extent and expand the escalation of military conflict in the south-east of the Ukraine. This is what our agents report from Kiev: from 12th April till 6th May a group of western military instructors arrive in the Ukraine and start their anti-national activity” – this report is cited by RIA Novosti.

As you can see from the scans of documents the coup regime in Kiev is supported by military experts from different countries: the USA, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Turkey, Norway, Latvia, France, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Albania, Portugal, Croatia, Iceland and Slovakia. The majority of experts come from the USA."

The full list of the advisors' names is in the post and the letter. I would be more worried about these people than the 300. I remember Vietnam (and some others) started something like this.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

All that NATO hardware works great against third world countries. NATO's strength is its weakness, tactical nukes and EMPs would devistate these armies. This war will be differant.

Add one more to the list fishing trawler nearly dragged under by unknown sub caught in it nets off SW Northern Ireland. Let me guess Russian sub patrolling near UK Faslane nuclear base.

Milestones's picture

Night jump at say 800 ft.Tthe shute is deployed at 100 ft, Count to two and your on the ground. You must be one hell of a shot,     Milestones

tony wilson and saturn zion devils's picture
tony wilson and saturn zion devils (not verified) TruthInSunshine Apr 17, 2015 8:28 PM

i wonder what these transgender change agents think of the cia killing all the guys from seal team 6 fake bin ladin paki take down.


these heroes of hebrew histories look tired probably had a but crack vodka hazing party on that flying  usaf cock.

cnmcdee's picture

<-- War by Summer
<-- Peace, prosperity and skittles shitting unicorns by summer and more QE/BTFD/Bullshit...