These "Everyday Americans" Endorse Hillary

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Presented with no comment.


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Is that Monica Behind the Y ?

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How awesome would it be if Hillary becomes President and some aide jizzes on her dress while banging her with a cigar? I would fucking die.

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 The messages are so confusing nowadays..

It is after noon in my parts, so another dozen shots or so are appropriate.

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I want to know how many of them did Hillary pay to sleep with ?


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That is such a disgusting thought.

In my most perverted dreams I could not imagine such a horrid whore that could stoop so low.

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"horrid whore"

very poetic

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Gosh, thank you.

The alliteration was spontaneous,  the prose device was, I guess,  just instinctive, but to further the main point..

I could not imagine such a horrid mal-formed, sticking, syphilitic, bug infested whore that could stoop so low.

..and don't ask me about the dripping pus that is above a Clintonian station.


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Hillary's response: Those poor exploited women crying for help

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Oh Jesus H Fucking Christ on Pogo-stick.  Never let Anything go to Waste.  Poor misguided, bug infested syphilitic damsels in distress in need of social services from Mother Government.
Your vote counts.  Make it count.  We'll count your vote.  No matter how you vote.


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I do not think they are syphilitic.  However there are certainly some fat chicks there. 

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Politicians are the biggest prostitutes of all, and as prostitutes go, there's no bigger whore than Hitlary Cunton (or Shrub "Dumber Than Dogshit' Bush, or Barack "For The Banks & Warren Buffett" Obama, etc.).

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Ain't that the truth, Truth. You could say that these "soiled flowers" are just extending a professional courtesy, as it were.

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Ha!  I literally rode past that place today.  I didn't see the ho's outside endorsing the Cuntess though.

I am Chumbawamba.

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poor women, some of them, yes. 

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Bill "Been there done them"

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rather : poor women, a subset of them, yes

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"How awesome would it be if Hillary becomes President and some aide jizzes on her dress while banging her with a cigar? I would fucking die".

Not a chance. First she's too fat to get into a dress and second Huma doesn't smoke cigars. Also, unlike certain other consorts, Huma doesn't have a c**k?

Also, as we know, Hillary's "Everyday Americans" are all pre-screened and selected. This particular group were probably "Screened" by Hillary herself?

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Damn... "syphilitic, bug infested"
Dealing with la creme de la creme, what?

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From one whore to another.  How apropos.

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Those are just the lobbyists that work the halls of Congress.

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At least that kind of work is honest.

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Dishonest: they pretend to like the 300 lb harry guy with bad breath fucking them.

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Does your doctor like you? Or your insurance agent, your lawyer, mechanic or plumber? How about your family, do they like you? They too provide a service in exchange for money. Everything else is manners or theater.

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Yup.  If you get screwed for a living, Hitlary is a logical choice.

"And...she has a vagina!  First Vagina in charge of the Oval Office!  It will change everything!"


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"And...she has a vagina!"

Well, I guess I'll have to take your word for it. I assume she's shown it to you (or someone that you know)...

Has anyone checked to see if the Wookie has one?


'SKANKS FOR HITLERY'. Stupid, ignorant bitches that don't know how to do anything else but fuck, selling their bodies to earn a living, want 'Miss Whitewater' (who got kicked off the Nixon prosecution team for 'ethics violations'); who was the first to propose before Congress the idea of a 'NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD'; who got  (let) Stevens and the others get murdered and said 'WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?', to be 'president',; SOLELY due to the fact that she ALLEGEDLY has a functioning vagina. There are at least THREE AND A HALF BILLION OTHER FEMALES on this planet, but HILLARY is somehow 'worthy'. I suppose it's because of the way she used to beat the living shit out of Bill, back when he was Governor of Arkansas. 'MINA AIRPORT', anyone?

I'm waiting for the next photoshoot (from the trailer park outside city limits), where the creepy-looking guys are holding up signs saying 'CHO-MOS FOR HITLERY'. Hell, she'd probably drive the 'Mystery Machine' Scooby van out, just to be in the shot. FUN FOR ALL AGES! BRING THE KIDS!

No, seriously, bring the children. Bring them NOW. It takes a VILLAGE to use/raise/break in/use up a child, you know. They are NOT YOURS, ANYMORE.

The theme for the photo-op party will be 'Dress Up like An Owl' (featuring Hillary Rodham as 'Cat-woman'). 'Bunny Ranch' women will be on hand as well, as hostesses.

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"From one whore to another.  How apropos."

Takes one, to know one...

And they would really appreciate one who can hustle for the kind of money Hillary can.

That there is inspiration (and aspirational) shit...

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"horrid whore" is pretty good. But earlier this week another ZH poster had the best description I've seen... "warthog hag".

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or "insipid lying harridan"

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They don't know. But it took three wheel barrows to get her ass through the door...

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Either they were paid to hold up the letters or they are f'ing idiots.  No difference.

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"How awesome would it be if Hillary becomes President and some aide jizzes on her dress while banging her with a cigar? I would fucking die."

What can be believed anymore came up at dinner the other night, and "the dress" thing became part of that discussion.

Basically, in light of what has transpired the last few years in the land of false-flags, and the knowledge that Clinton, like Obama, was really a CIA asset, was "the dress" incident real? Or was it a head-fake to create a morality scandal that would rile up the "hearts and minds" of the right-wing, neo-con, evangelical Christian sheeple for the 2000 sheeple census?


The banksters need to repay us.


Look for the coming CIA-Obama morality scandal involving his homosexuality. It's coming soon, but not on a blue dress.

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"not on a blue dress"

Pink chiffon with matching pumps?

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Pink chiffon or tiger print, makes no difference. 

Skanks for Swankstm

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Well, now that it's past Easter, I suppose not.

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No, a Devil with a Blue Dress On!

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"How awesome would it be if Hillary becomes President and some aide jizzes on her dress while banging her with a cigar? I would fucking die."
That would never happen because she's a post menopausal lesbian more interested in the death and destruction of innocent people than filling her void with young dick. BTW wtf is wrong with you?

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Thats what they say, her and Huma, errr um, swear.

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"How awesome would it be if Hillary becomes President and some aide jizzes on her dress while banging her with a cigar? I would fucking die."


Huma already has.  (Huma if you recall is the wife of Anthony "Crotch Shot" Weinner).


Huma and Hitlery

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Fukushima Fricassee (not verified) debtor of last resort Apr 18, 2015 3:45 PM

Mooch has a dick. Fruity barack is a catcher.

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with support like this, she's a shoe-in.


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They are used to getting screwed.

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Damn. All of them together don't add up to 10.

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^^^  Today's winning comment.

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There was a 10 at one time, but two of them ate her.