US Navy Sends Aircraft Carrier, Warships To Intercept Iranian Weapons Shipments In Yemeni Waters

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Update: Because the report from AP does not play well with "Everyday Americans", US CentCom is denying:


The 'proxy' war is escalating very rapidly. As AP reports, Navy officials confirm that the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is headed to Yemeni waters to intercept an Iranian weapons shipments. Just as we warned 10 days ago, the probability of a major escalation over the latest proxy Middle Eastern civil war escalated substantially when Iran parked two warships off the Yemeni coast.


As AP details,

U.S. Navy officials say the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is steaming toward the waters off Yemen and will join other American ships prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi (HOO'-thee) rebels fighting in Yemen.



The U.S. Navy has been beefing up its presence in the Gulf of Aden and the southern Arabian Sea amid reports that a convoy of Iranian ships may be headed toward Yemen to arm the Houthis.


The Houthis are battling government-backed fighters in an effort to take control of the country.


There are about nine U.S. ships in the region, including cruisers and destroyers carrying teams that can board and search other vessels.


The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the ship movement on the record.

*  *  *

As the following Naval update map shows, the two Iran warships will now be located in the immediate vicinity of not only two US aircraft carriers, CVN-71 Teddy Roosevelt and CVN-70 Vinson, but well as the big-deck amphibious warship Iwo Jima which as reported before is providing marine support should the situation demand it.


All of this means the odds of a naval "accident" involving one or more warships in the Red Sea just went up substantially.

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Mister Delicious (not verified) Apr 20, 2015 1:31 PM

i.e. Iran is trying to help the good guys defend themselves from Salafist terrorists.

and the US navy is, of course, tasked with stopping that.


Hail Hydra.

Fun Facts's picture

The world was better when the USA were the good guys.

nuubee's picture

I thought the Yemeni "terrorists" were natural enemies of Saudi Arabia... if so, wouldn't Iran be on the terr'st side of things for this one, as they are longtime enemies of Saudi Arabia?

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture

Doesn't it stop being a proxy war when the superpower of one side steps in?

kaiserhoff's picture

Obozo makes new friends,

  so we will never run out of enemies.  WTF?

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

What exactly does “intercept” mean? Boarding the ships and confiscating cargo? Sinking them? Because those things are acts of war.

czarangelus's picture

I think it means impressment, Royal Navy style

Publicus's picture

World War 3 here we come. Remember the only way to survive a nuclear blast is to not be there when it happens.


God willing, I shall see you all on the other side.

nuubee's picture

I think you mean "Allah Willing"

nope-1004's picture

Another banker war.  Hegemony at risk, obviously painted differently to the unknowing couch crowd.  Save me .gov from that country on the other side of the planet!!

The Juggernaut's picture

I can feel a USS Liberty/Gulf of Tonkin event.

Xibalba's picture

The Navy invented the False Flag...just sayin'.  I mean, what do you think all those 'nuclear' meetings were really about???

SilverIsKing's picture

This is a job for Superman

QQQBall's picture

definitely worthy of second Peace Prize.

Urban Roman's picture

Weren't they a band in the '00s? Houthi and the Blowfish?

COSMOS's picture

Of course there will be weapons on those Iranian ships, they are warships after all !!!

Fish Gone Bad's picture

CVN 76 the Ronald Reagan is still in port.  As you may recall, it took a hot iodine-131 bath off the coast of Japan when Fukushima blew up.  The sailors that filed suit got kicked to the curb as well.  Looks like their health records all mysteriously "got lost".

SWRichmond's picture

Intercepting ships on the high seas is an act of war.  

Acts of war = US government standard operating procedure.

Thought Processor's picture

I keep forgetting which terrorists we're supporting.


And I refuse to turn on CNN to find out.

disabledvet's picture

The ones we just signed a peace agreement with!

chunga's picture

The USS Cole got blown up right in that neighborhood.

knukles's picture

By a rubber dingy loaded with C4 manned by a couple employees with serious workplace grievances screaming "Allah Ackbar, motherfuckers!"

BTW, whose side are we on this time? 

chunga's picture

I can't keep track of whose side the US is on anymore. Sometimes it seems like full throttle for and against everybody.

I'f I remember right the USS Cole got patched together for ~250 million sheclkelrs.

mkkby's picture

The way to tell whose side we are on, just ask a saudi prince or Israel.   

To tell who we are against, ask who Russia or Iran support.

HowdyDoody's picture

The only certainty is that the US is not on the side of the US.

waterwitch's picture

No doubt we're on the side of the U.S. munitions manufacturers.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

This is a many sided war.  In this case: The enemy of my enemy is probably my enemy as well.

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

With friends like Saudi Arabia and Israel who needs enemies!   Fuck all those fucking fuckers!


Username_Taken's picture

"BTW, whose side are we on this time?"

I don't think the Banksters have told our Hessians yet.

New Kid's picture

BTW, whose side are we on this time?


We are on all sides. On the side of war.

cnmcdee's picture

Maximus: Three weeks from now, I will be harvesting my crops. Imagine where you will be, and it will be so. Hold the line! Stay with me! If you find yourself alone, riding in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysium, and you're already dead!

[Cavalry laughs]

HowdyDoody's picture

That's an interesting map. It seems the US claims that the land-locked Caspian Sea is part of the US 5th Fleet AOR. How does that work? Do they air-drop a carrier or maybe a nuke sub when needed? Maybe Amazon can do a special deal on overnight deilvery.

August's picture

The Iranians will do just about anything to avoid an "incident".

Not that what the Iranians do will have much effect on the likelihood of there being one.

Consuelo's picture

'Oh-oh-oh - I mean, uh - Allah Damn-it'...



I KEEL You...



Paveway IV's picture

So what has really changed in the last two weeks?

The U.N. security council prohibited shipment of weapons to any rebels opposing Hadi (two-thirds or more of the country) last week. Now that all the legal groundwork has been laid, the only thing left to do is bribe the captain of some poor Iranian-flagged ship to try to get to Yemen. The U.S. or some ZATO stooge navy WILL intercept said vessel and will use it to either scuttle the nuke talks, prolong sanctions or start an all-out war with Iran. The supposed Iranian flotilla of supply ships is an unsourced rumor thanks to world-class journalism by the AP, but good propagandists know to plant the seeds of the narrative early and often.

Nothing has changed off the Yemeni coast. The Iwo Jima is still bobbing around in the Gulf of Aden. The Teddy Roosevelt is being relieved in the Persian Gulf and probably going home - it will simply pass by the Yemeni coast on its way to the Suez Canal. The Carl Vinson just passed around Yemen on its way to relieve the Teddy Roosevelt in the Persian Gulf - it didn't stop in the Gulf of Aden and apparently had nothing at all to do with Yemen. 

Another thousand or so dead Yemeni civilians.


What has NOT changed in the last two weeks?

The majority of Yemenis want the U.S. puppet Hadi out. The years of U.S. drone strikes on al Qaeda have not only failed, but Yemeni al Qaeda seemed better organized and armed than before. Al Qaeda still controls all the oil and gas fields being developed in Yemen. Oddly enough, they have seized and control the port of Al Mukalla. The Saudis and the U.S. have not touched Al Mukalla, almost like they're protecting al Qaeda there. Worse yet, the port of Al Mukalla is were ISIS, al Qaeda and maybe Egyptian troops have been entering the country.

The U.S. has not stopped ANY shipping moving troops and weapons through Al Mukalla for al Qaeda and Hadi loyalists. Not even a token drone strike or two. Apparently, U.S. is no longer at war with al Qaeda in Yemen, but is actively supporting them (and Hadi loyalists) with weapons, targeting intel and unhindered shipping. 

Oh yeah - the Saudis killed about three thousand Yemeni civilians so far. About two million at risk of starvation in the next few weeks. ZATO Mission accomplished - who needs ovens!

disabledvet's picture

Four Iranian ships is not a "flotilla" in my book.

RiderOnTheStorm's picture

If I was on an Iranian ship I would be a little nervous right now about my soon to be aquainted 72 virgins not being as pretty as originally advertised!

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Nowhere does it state that the virgins are women, let alone pretty women.

Counterpunch's picture
Counterpunch (not verified) RiderOnTheStorm Apr 20, 2015 6:49 PM

You dumb, brainwashed fuck. Go back to drudge.




Calmyourself's picture

How dare that brainwashed fuck have an opinion of virgins, especially virgins with camel like labia. amiright..

Deathrips's picture

They must protect ISIS at all costs..  Telaviv commands it.



the phantom's picture

And the Iranians receive delivery of the Russian S-300's in 3-2-1...

nuubee's picture

No no, it's more like this:

"U.S. recession mitigation is top priority. War is intended to prevent recession. All other personnel expendable. End of Message. " --- Weyland-Yutani (A future division of Goldman Sachs)

Bastiat's picture

Krugman (while stroking his pussy):  I approve this message.

BeaverCream's picture

I think nuclear weapons are a good case for the nonexistance of anything resembling a "God".

willwork4food's picture

Right, and super dangerous electricity should have been outlawed along with gunpowder and withcraft vaccines. God forbid we should learn how to fly, if he wanted us to fly we would be born with wings.

BeaverCream's picture

Wow what hyperbole.  I really don't see how nuclear weapons bear any resemblance to the things listed.  Are you saying that nuclear weapons have other uses besides mass destruction and mutilation of living things and the environment?

RiderOnTheStorm's picture

I think we can all agree here that Iran would look much more appealing as a gigantic nuclear blast crater anyway . . . Allah willing.