"The Deck Is Stacked," Warns Populist Clinton, Will "Topple The Wealthiest 1%"

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Apparently appealing to more "everyday Americans," Hillary 'not truly well off' Clinton unleashed a populist tirade against the rich today. As The NY Times reports, having studied a chart on income inequality with economists, Clinton proclaimed the economy required "toppling" of the wealthiest. Seemingly mimicking Elizabeth Warren's 'rigged' angle, "the deck is stacked in their favor,” Hillary said of the wealthy and powerful, "my job is to reshuffle the cards."

As The NY Times reports,

For anyone who wondered what kind of economic message Mrs. Clinton would deliver in her campaign, the first few days made it clear: She is embracing the ideas trumpeted by Ms. Warren and the populist movement — that the wealthy have been benefiting disproportionately from the economy, while the middle class and the poor have been left behind. And the policies Mrs. Clinton is advancing, like paid sick leave for employees and an increase in the minimum wage, align with that emphasis.


In her first week as a 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton seemed to channel another high-profile Democrat. “The deck is stacked in their favor,” Mrs. Clinton said of the wealthy and powerful. “My job is to reshuffle the cards.”


The line echoed a phrase that helped make Senator Elizabeth Warren the populist icon of her party. “The game is rigged,” Ms. Warren often says. “Rigged to work for those who have money and power.”




Mrs. Clinton pointed at the top category and said the economy required a “toppling” of the wealthiest 1 percent, according to several people who were briefed on Mrs. Clinton’s policy discussions but could not discuss private conversations for attribution.

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Given the massive donations from the "wealthiest 1%" we can only assume Clinton's comments are populist drivel...

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localsavage's picture

If you are reading this and believe that she is serious...please do us all a favor and kill yourself.

Ms. Erable's picture

...because eight years of listening to nails on a chalkboard just isn't enough.

usednabused's picture

Like was mentioned above. The cunt is a fucking liar and that will never change. What she really meant to say was we will take every dime you 99% peons have left and give it to the 1%.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

shes changing the game!!!.... to Euchre - where you remove all cards under 8 from the deck entirely

NoDebt's picture

Topple?  If she "topples" the 1% as well as we've done "toppling" ISIS, the 1% should be just fine.  Better than fine, actually.  Thriving.

Aw, fuck it.  What difference does it make at this point?

knukles's picture

So says the Princess on the .01% NWO, extorting never before seen monies from even sovereign nations.
Gawed Almighty!

Y'all realize this is nothing more than posturing to raise taxes on the SOON TO BE EXTINCT MIDDLE CLASS, AGAIN, DO YOU NOT?

TruxtonSpangler's picture

"my job is to reshuffle the cards." - Is that a euphamism for wealth redistribution?

tarabel's picture



No, it's a euphemism for not understanding what the job of a President actually is.

Until we exile all the current educators and start over with a new crop that has actually read the Constitution, we will never get out of this mess.

whotookmyalias's picture

More like she wants to live the Ten Years After song.  Tax the rich, feed the poor, till the rich, ain't rich no more.


She will topple the 49% who pay all the taxes to support the bottom 50%. The top 1% will get richer.  Bookmark this, you heard it here first.

TruxtonSpangler's picture

I support you boldly calling your shot. I did that on the Ebola hoax and got ridiculed by ZH echochamber groupthink. Hats off to you for the unpopular approach.


Domt forget. she will shoot you in your fucking face if she doesnt want you around. Google "Arkancide"

mtl4's picture

I believe Karl Marx called how this is supposed to play out quite some time ago, but we'll give it to you this time..........  



weburke's picture

wtf.....the family decided that only members were to be president. that includes obama. 

I M DeMan's picture

he he he ... the most serious devastation in history of the "Everyday" Middle Class was carried out in the last 6 years by "Team Barry" and his fiends, oops, I mean friends -- Pelosi, Reed, Schumer, and lets not forget adrobale Barney Franks.



Four chan's picture

who is richer than her? the fucking queen?

Mr. Bones's picture

"Many of you are well enough off that ... the tax cuts may have helped you," Sen. Clinton said. "We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."- Hillary, in context


So yes, wealth redistribution from the 21st-99th percentile to the lowest quintile and the top fraction of a percent.  Same as the old boss.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Checkers games in the FEMA camps. I hope there's beer...or at least s'mores.

Arnold's picture

Moose poop is a threat to camp sanitation.

It doesn't flush and causes plumbing problems.

Mooseberry pie for you.

kliguy38's picture

the only thing she'll  stack is the fat on her big ass.

nope-1004's picture

She's an arrogant liar.  Like she gives a shit about the average person.

nmewn's picture

A 14 million dollar book advance for a book that hardly nobody read and she's talking about wealth inequality?

TruxtonSpangler's picture

@Kliguy dont forget her kankles!!!

ebworthen's picture

"We're going to win the war in Vietnam."

"I'm not a crook!"

"The buck stops here."

"Read my lips...no new taxes."

"I did not have sex with that Woman."

"Mission accomplished."

"I will close Guantanimo and bring Hope and Change you can believe in."

knukles's picture

Depends on what the meaning of the word is, is.
(dumbfuckers buying this shit lock, stock and barrel)

Max Cynical's picture

Is topple better or worse than being crippled or conquered?

Omen IV's picture



seek's picture

"Hilary is the 1%" - eh, you need to move the decimal point a couple places to the left.

I am the 1% and earned it. Hillary is probably in the 0.01% and stole it.

Mr. Bones's picture

Are you implying that she's not the world's greatest cattle futures trader?

ZerOhead's picture

Nice choice... Bauer was the original name of the Rothschilds

tarabel's picture



My understanding is that it was Og.

pauhana's picture

Take out gun, aim at head, pull trigger.  Solved it!

turnoffthewater's picture

Yeah she will reshuffle the deck, in her favor.

Hopefully she will have a heart attack or brain aneurism

blindman's picture

correction, she will give it to the top 3 percent, thereby
toppling the tyranny of the 1%. thanks for your vote and
have a smiley face good day.

fascismlover's picture

Her tax, or rather her paycheck provider's tax will eventually be just like the movie Vacation.  You ask TurboTax: "How much do I owe?" TurboTax: "How much you got?"

Weaponized Innocense's picture
Weaponized Innocense (not verified) Ms. Erable Apr 21, 2015 5:06 PM

Ah honey are u just 8 years old?

Weaponized Innocense's picture
Weaponized Innocense (not verified) Weaponized Innocense Apr 21, 2015 5:23 PM

I wrote that to the person saying another 8 years of nails in chalkboards

Ms. Erable's picture

Ah, douchenozzle, have you ever met a woman that didn't want to immediately kick you in the sack? Didn't think so.

prefan4200's picture

It's gonna be Giant Douche (Hillary) vs. Turd Sandwich (Bush).  No winner, just losers (us). 

blindman's picture

the two least qualified humans on the face
of the earth to usher in the death of the nation,
who said the universe does not respect poetic
justice? hilarious clown entropy circus,
coming right up. (it does not have to
be this way, but ...)

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture

It is absolutely a joke. Only people like us are the butt of it.

LibertyBear's picture

Shuffle the cards but not change the game.

no more banksters's picture

American voters = zero options

No hope for America and the world.

Gringo Viejo's picture

Spoken like the stone sociopath that she is.

ZH Snob's picture

Your job, my dear, is not to reshuffle the deck.  You are not president yet.

Diet Coke and Floozies's picture

What makes you think the next prez hasn't already been decided yet?

BullyBearish's picture

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"