Caught On Tape: Cop Grabs, Smashes Phone Of Woman Recording Him

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"He told me that I had to go. He said I was interfering with their investigation and I told [him] that I was on a public sidewalk and I had the right to film them.." And then this happened...



As MyFOXLA reports,

Beatriz Paez says she was doing nothing wrong taking video of U.S. Marshal executing warrants on San Juan Avenue Sunday. She saw people in handcuffs. “Around 8 people including women were held at gunpoint on their stomachs with their hands held behind their back,” says Paez.


But, when one marshal saw her recording, “He told me that I had to go. And, I told him I had the right to film and he said I was interfering with their investigation and I told them that I was on a public sidewalk and I had the right to film them.”

As The Washington Post notes,

...the courts have consistently held that the First Amendment protects citizens' right to record the police when they're on the job. The police can't stop you unless you're interfering with their work -- and they can't take away your smart phone or delete the recordings just because you took video.


Police need a warrant to mess with the content of your cell phone.

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Apparently not...

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Welcome to the JewSA

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That guy looked more merc than cop. Assclown either way.

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Don't last very long...

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The All Seeing Eye if Sauron  Works Both Ways, Bitchez

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<-Shit seems to be getting real. More cops are snapping and doing dumb stuff.

<-Or maybe this is same as it always was and they are just being recorded doing it now.  

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Once again the reporting on this site is somewhat biased and problematic. Respected media outlets need to get in on the alternative media revolution. I believe traditional media could really increase its popularity by having alternative media style four-way Skype discussions with real people. Traditional media needs to get cool again - and people need to feel that they are having an impact on the news that is covered. What makes alternative media so popular is the feeling that it is driven by a community - we need to emulate this if we are going to survive and thrive in the digital age. Traditional media has failed to tap into the internet revolution, but it's not too late to turn things around.

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someone please film fire-persons making 150K/year sitting around the station bbq-ing and playing dominos

or just follow one for their 3 day shift and see how little they do.

open up their jobs to college grads at $50/k a year and see millions line up

fireman is the cush---teet sucking---club

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The only thing that stops this behavior is being able to personally sue a cop and get his assets as oppossed to settlements with tax payer dollars.


Being able to sue the cops pension fund, so his buddies then bust his chops!

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The same needs to happen with commercial software Giants like Microsoft and Oracle. These companies need to start going for the open-source grassroots look and feel in order to get young smart programmers to use their technologies. Microsoft is losing the 'cool' battle with young technologists and although the impact may be minimal now, in the long term companies like Microsoft could find themselves on the sidelines.

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But Officer Slager in S.C. getting 'caught on tape' for murdering someone and then planting evidence - just stares at the camera in silence as he is being recorded...

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Will cell phone insurance plans cover the the cost of a replacement phone due to damage caused by police brutality?

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The phone’s screen was shattered and the device stopped working, said Paez’s attorney, Colleen Flynn. They plan to try to recover the video Paez was recording from the phone’s chip, Flynn said.

Paez said she began recording when she saw the law enforcement presence, their military-style weapons and a line of people being detained. ***She said the officers started letting the people they detained go soon after she pulled out her phone and started recording.***

Why did the officers started letting the people they detained go soon after she pulled out her phone and started recording?

Why get so upset/violent of someone recording you - if you are just letting people go anyway?





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Tylers-  It's time for an article on the Wisconsin "John Doe" raids.  Seriously.  It's time.  I'm hearing bits and pieces of it everywhere but on here.  And it's 10X more chilling than a bad cop doing bad cop stuff all on his own like smashing somebody's phone.  

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We only have a right to photograph "their good side"

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looks like heisenberg toasted a

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RU-GAY2 (not verified) jbvtme Apr 22, 2015 2:28 PM

If it were the we would smash that dumb b**** face in.

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The cop later confessed, " I thought she was holding a chocolate glazed donut filled with cream." The officer's lawyer said, " It's a normal law enforcement reaction to an 'attractive nuisance' like this so I'm sure the jury will acquitt him."


The lawyer said he'll follow the odl legal rule, "If the donut doesn't fit, you must acquitt!"

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Red laser siight dot was bouncing all over that building if you cared to notice.

Was gonna be a one-sided turkey shoot with the "bad guys" she interupted.

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Guess the shit bag pigs like to beat defenseless women now.  It would be a real shame if they were shot on sight.

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That link from earlier was chilling.  Holy fuck was it chilling. Not only what they did, but to have it where it criminal if YOU discuss what you saw?

Clearly we are not operating under the rule of law.  And people are going to start acting accordingly.  Well, more often than they do.

Interesting as a case study, whenever one of these assclowns catches a bullet you see how the media circles the wagons around them.  

So shooting them with cameras instead of bullets, and making people see as much of this as possible is going to be the only effective way of dealing with this. 


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The only problem is.... no videos.  If there was a video it would be the top gray block article for 2 days straight.

pods's picture

Yep, no chart porn for that one. 

Although the chart porn has become pretty much irrelevant. Maybe ZH could reinvent itself by taking a wider look at tyranny?  Over the last few months there has been very little during the day about anything other than Hindenburg Omens and Worst Since Lehman articles.  Only at night do the "God we are so fucking fucked by organized tyranny around the world" come out. By the time I see them the next morning they are already second page.

I miss fonz too.  Man there were some fun times.

Hey, since I have you here, lemme tell you one more thing about the Negro.  Funniest thread, EVER.



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Yeah, that was probably the best period of time since I was on the board.  I'm told it was even better way back in the beginning- 2009-2010, but I wasn't here then.

Fonz is doing good.  I email with him every now and then.  He's even more fun in a private conversation.  You might not think so, but he was holding back on ZH.  His banishment by the Tylers was probably one of the most petty, vindictive things I've ever seen them do to a member at the time.  But it's their board.  They get to do what they want.

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Hey ask him if he is on Imgur (sp?) by that same username. If it is him, I got it bookmarked and I will sign up and drop him a note.

Back when I signed up (after the blogspot days) there were really good discussions going on.  Articles seemed to last longer. I listened more than I commented.  Quality over quantity. Now since ZH is sort of like a headline news source, it is different.  Next year is going to suck here because the voting people come front and center.  I usually back away around then.  Just too much left-right going on.


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(1) Miss the pre-up/down vote days 

(2) Miss Leo K's hot solar stock tips 

(3) Marla always had some good points to foil the 'original' Tyler, who seemed to read the comments and post much more often in the comment section

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 (4) Miss the math captcha

 (5) miss Marla spinning on weekends


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(6)  Boris_Alotovkrap

where is that guy lately?

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I just shot him and email for you about this.

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Sweet.  I'll hook him up with some Vallium so he can come back here. Francis comes back every now and again. Seems to be walking the line well enough. The ADL troll brigade probably had budget cuts, so that helps.


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I thought Fonz tried to get himself kicked off.  IIRC, he thought he spent too much time on ZH.  Didn't he ask them to shut down his account and they didn't do it?  I always enjoyed his posts, he seemed to be a common sense kinda guy.

pods's picture

He took a sabbatical for a month or so, but then fired off when there were a lot of cop shootings going on.

Everyone needs a ZH break now and again though. You have to spend time away to recharge your "give a fuck" bucket.  After so long, you empty it.


Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Ya, I get stuck here far too often as well.  I read more than I post but I have been around for over 4 years I think, and I was reading the site for about a year before I signed up.  I do appreciate the things that you regulars have to say though.  And I wish Fonz was still around.  Sadly, it seems everything that has been talked about on this site is coming to pass in one way shape or form.  Seems to be happening faster and faster---just like swirling the drain faster and faster right before you go down the drain.  But I keep coming back, it does seem to keep me sane, verifying what I see with my own eyes.  Thank goodness for Bombay Sapphire and tonic. 

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ZH is borrowing the Drudge Report success model to sell advertising.

November brings the WallyWorld videos of desperate shoppers killing each other to save $10 on an item they'll quit using by late December.

Who cares what it takes to sell advertising, as long as you can keep selling...???


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I agree. The content has really been 50% crap. I've seen others complain of the "filler".

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I was on here from the days of the old site. I used to comment quite a bit at one time, but these days I only skim the headlines and sometimes the first page of comments (as now).

In the past most of the actual writing was really good. Lately not so much. Lately, I think some of the writers must be mentally retarded.

Yeah yeah I know "then write your own blog fuck-tard." Whatever. Just makes me sorta sad how things always turn into crap. Look even the Rolling Stone is crap. Well maybe it always was crap and I failed to notice.

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Yeah, there's some of that going around, but it happens when any board gets popualar.  OK, a lot.  Eventually it attracts the mentally disturbed, sociopaths and your general nincompoops running a little short on IQ points from generations of inbreeding.

I suggested to Fonz that he just add another 'n' to his screen name and come back on.  (His first screen name was fonzanoon, then he changed it to fonzannoon after he was thrown off the first time).  Third time's the charm, I told him!

He said "Why?  You and Doc usually say what I was going to say anyway."

"Yeah, but not the WAY you say it," I told him.  That was my best shot.  He said he wasted too much time on here anyway, probably better to go cold turkey and just stay away for good.  And that was that.

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I'm thinking maybe I'll make a run at being MillionDollarBonus or something for a while. I got lots of snark bet I could nail it. What do you think? Should I hard-troll the fuck out of this place?

pods's picture

I've thought about it.  Man that would be fun. I am saving my go for election time. People lose their minds around then.

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It's becoming THE VIEW...


Pussy whipped males who don't have the balls to escape their programming... I'll prove my point by how many 'JUNKS' this comment attracts...


Anyway ~ Better brace yourself... If Hillary gets elected, you're gonna have the next 9 years of your life of filled with misogyny shit rammed down your throat... The last 8 years with blacks & homos was only the warm-up act...

cougar_w's picture

Fuck me but I DO have a blog! Completely forgot about it. It sucks getting old.

I was going to feed Putin to the tiger at one point but didn't finish it. Given events maybe I should. Spoiler: Kali loves him and they become great pals.

Chump's picture

Yes to all of that.  I used to be amazed at the breadth and depth of the discussions in the comments during the blogspot days and shortly thereafter.  Now I hardly scroll past the article.

Parrotile's picture

You will certainly recall that the earlier days provided far more financially - focussed coverage, with much less "other news" (such as this article). ZH coverage has certainly broadened (so it may be inevitable that readership profile has also broadened too). Also remember that in the "early days" many did not have access to ADSL / broadband equivalent connection (I certainly didn't), so that in turn may have limited "contributary" readership.

I suspect many readers still choose to lurk rather than join up (so of course no commentary - but the giveaway is the number of page reads per article - this "hot topic" alone has gained 66,000 ++ as I type this!), and only a tiny fraction of the "consumers" choose to contribute.

For me, ZH still provides a very useful "one stop shop" to see just what the MSM prefer we don't see (along with e.g. RT), and as such the increased breadth of coverage has been an improvement (purely from my viewpoint).

As always, "Your mileage may vary", and this proviso will apply to ALL blogs. It is a pity that the Tylers have chosen to "ban" many interesting contributors / commentators, since  this would seem at odds with their lambasting of the so-called "Free Press". However, it is their blog,so they do have this right (and no-one knows what "legal pressure" was applied to cause such events, though we can all surmise).

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"since I have you here, lemme tell you one more thing about  "


HoLeeFuk: I forgot all about that one!

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Yeah, National Review.  I know.  Don't give me shit for that.  Duo found the link.  There's probably more by now but I haven't had the time to see if it's popping up anywhere else online.  Radio talk shows in my area are yacking about it, though.

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I read that.  I'd go public anyway.  But I'm fortunate enough to have decent judges in my particular federal district (I've actually argued a case pro se with them, so I'm speaking from personal experience,) and that's how I'd go public.  With summonses.