Caught On Tape: Cop Grabs, Smashes Phone Of Woman Recording Him

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"He told me that I had to go. He said I was interfering with their investigation and I told [him] that I was on a public sidewalk and I had the right to film them.." And then this happened...



As MyFOXLA reports,

Beatriz Paez says she was doing nothing wrong taking video of U.S. Marshal executing warrants on San Juan Avenue Sunday. She saw people in handcuffs. “Around 8 people including women were held at gunpoint on their stomachs with their hands held behind their back,” says Paez.


But, when one marshal saw her recording, “He told me that I had to go. And, I told him I had the right to film and he said I was interfering with their investigation and I told them that I was on a public sidewalk and I had the right to film them.”

As The Washington Post notes,

...the courts have consistently held that the First Amendment protects citizens' right to record the police when they're on the job. The police can't stop you unless you're interfering with their work -- and they can't take away your smart phone or delete the recordings just because you took video.


Police need a warrant to mess with the content of your cell phone.

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Apparently not...

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Here in redneck land, it is all volunteer fire departments.  They just get the thrill of riding around in a big red truck with sirens on.

Refuse-Resist's picture

Around here, when two cars touch bumpers, at least 1 firetruck, 2 ambulances, and 4 cops show up and sit around for at least an hour.

Or, when my former neighbor suffered a stroke (RIP neighbor), not 1, but 4 ambulances and a firetruck showed up and blocked my dirt driveway for over 2 hours.

I think these guys go out on calls just to be seen so they can justify their ridiculous salaries and benefits more often than not.

It's almost like when a cop finds weed in somebody's car, they call for backup and  you'll see about 4-6 cop cars surrounding the 'criminal's' car.

Fraud backed by violence. FUCK YEAH!


Dark Space's picture

Fuck off. The firemen and women in my city are all volunteers and train for fires and medical emergencies to help their neighbors out. I'm not one, but I'm also not so dense (as the 152 up votes) to lump an entire group of people into whatever problems your local fire department must have. The only "benefit" the folks here get is the 3k tax deduction, everything else is completely selfless.


The real problem with ZeroHedge is that it is becoming more mainstream. The quality of the comments have really deteriorated. This is a story about a US Marshal being a complete jerk off, and you have an idiot like rccalhoun loop in some other entirely unrelated issue. It's kind of sad that the more intelligent commentors that had something to add to the conversation seem to have fled or just don't speak up any longer.

ebworthen's picture

Bone dry sarcasm there MDB.

Notice the Woman filming from in her house is whispering in fear.

Good squad coming to your neighborhood soon! 

Do not question the Brown Shirts!

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This just in:

You DO have a due process right to record police. That woman is correct.

Additionally, the police (cop in question) does NOT enjoy qualified immunity. Therefore, he can be sued personally.

His department can also be sued.

She has money on the way, just needs a hungry lawyer to "help".

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Nice avatar pic.  A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Gamma735's picture

MDB, do you ever get tired of sucking the statist cock?

Frankie Carbone's picture

He likes the big Red, White, and Blue shaft jammed up his ass. He thinks its anal love and we tell him its ass rape he glories in the delusion that he understands his lover and we do not.  

The Carbonator's picture

If this was a "Respected" media outlet as you say, then its credibility would be near Zero like the New York Slimes or MSNBC.


Once ZH becomes "respected" then I will get my news somewhere else.

Frankie Carbone's picture

MDB. Here is a poem for you. 


As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

JRev's picture

"Traditional" media can be reformed for Truth about as much as a meat grinder can be reformed into a cow uterus.

chiswickcat's picture

Soon we will see a policeman smash a phone that was used to film him smashing a phone...

WillyGroper's picture

all these bastids have to do is hit them with a beta lilly wave to make them aggressive.

the gear they're wearing is connected wirelessly.

see microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower.

we are being radiated with such a barage of frequencies it's mathmatically impossible to calculate.

Karl-Hungus's picture

What a douche bag. Eventually one of those thugs is going to pull that shit on the wrong person and either get the shit kicked out of them or shot, and the public ain't gonna be real sympathetic. That whole cop/soldier/first responder worship thing is wearing pretty thin these days.

FMOTL's picture

Well at least they are still eating at Mac swills

Bastiat's picture

...."That whole cop/soldier/first responder worship thing is wearing pretty thin"

+1 for that.  Infantile is what it is.

FrankDrakman's picture

It's not infantile; it's sad.

And what's really sad is when I was a boy, I really did look up to the cops, and the firemen, and the military. They were the people who went into crime scenes, burning buildings, and warzones, when everyone else was running out. What's not to admire? Of course, in 1960's Toronto, life was pretty staid, and the cops were pretty calm. 

Today's cops - even in staid Toronto - seem to be from a more aggressive, more angry, more in-your-face school than the cops when I was a teenager. I used to get 'carded' regularly when out late at night with friends (we were 12-16, walking through the neighbourhood quietly discussing the mysteries of life at  2 am), and I never once thought I would get slapped, let alone beaten, shot, or killed. 

There was a time I respected authority; now, more often than not, I despise, ridicule, and (mostly) fear it. 

duo's picture

God, Mark Levin makes me sick with that cop worship.  In his world,  the innocent deserved getting beat/killed etc.

JRev's picture

Mark Levin is a fat little cunt who wouldn't know Constitutionality if it rear-ended him in his (overly compensating) red sports car while choking down one of those McDeath Burgers he loves so much. 


chunga's picture

I remember this guy during the occupy thing. cops didn't want any part of him

Tall Tom's picture

Honorable man. NO FEAR.


He told it as it is.


That is the way it needs be approached.



Condition 1SQ's picture

So very true, I'm surprised a guy like that has lived to be middle aged.  You try that shit in the wrong hood and cop or not, you're a dead man.

Down to Earth Thinking's picture

wearing thin ? more like just another of the many illuisions and bullshit stories we are forced to pay for ? fuck these guys , they have been on the gov tit far too long and gotten far too heavy handed. 


but not all are this egregious and pathological .

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It's more than being a douche bag. It's assault and destruction of property under color of authority. That "cop" is just a thug, a street tough, in the uniform of the state.

He should be charged with the crimes he commited, removed from the force and tossed in jail.

FMOTL's picture

Not with a 500 pound Ziocop on it , it dont

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Why do I see this ending the same as it is in Russia, in re: dashcams. In other words, filming the police will become ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL if you want to stay alive.  Everyone will  be filming at the same time, so the cops destroying one smartphone would have negligible impact.

Keynesians say the darndest things's picture

I think this will be catching on very soon...surprised it hasn't already (I'm guessing because dashcams here in the USSA may be a little pricey and not high on the priority list) but having one just may save a life in the future, a cop may think twice before shooting you for no reason if he sees a camera. Who am I kidding he'll shoot then bury the evidence

duo's picture

No, you can get a really good one for $60.

Tall Tom's picture

Who am I kidding he'll shoot then bury the evidence


Not when he believes that there is the possibility of being filmed by a second camera.


The first camera is a reminder that others may be around.


This incident is a case in point.



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Of course he looked like a merc. Gotta create jawbz for all those vets returning from war zones. What better place than the paramilitarized First Responers Corps.?

usednabused's picture

Exactly, Hire a VET! First train the fuckers to do the shittiest things imaginable to people then turn them loose on the USSA. Thats what our dear central planners want

Payne's picture

too big a gut to be a recent VET, had to be on the  FED Gov payroll for while to look that sloppy.

dogismycopilot's picture

I bet that Marshal has never even set foot in Iraq. Most of these cops you see wearing the full body armor, kevlar and playing soldier have never been a soldier and if they have were not 11B. These guys get dressed up like it is halloween, go out, terrorize some US Citizens, get their power fix, then go home at night and take of their kit and sleep in bed like an 11-year old boy on halloween night.

The US Marshals will dust this under the rug and we will never find out who this guy is, but I doubt if he is a vet.

Things that go bump's picture

He's a US Marshall. Think even more entitled. She can consider herself lucky he didn't give her a dose of what he gave her camera for good measure. Apparently, he never thought there were other cameras on him.

TeamDepends's picture

He was implementing Marshall Law.

kb0oxt's picture

You have to remember the police are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Things that go bump's picture

That's true, but each and every one of them is a bully at heart and willing to use force and violence with or without provocation. That badge gives them free rein to indulge inclinations that would otherwise be socially unacceptable and even criminal.

Refuse-Resist's picture

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


When they are allowed to act with impunity and not held accountable this is what you get.


They are the biggest threat to our lives and liberty. Not ISIS, not Obola, not drugs, not blacks (unless you live in a majority black area but I digress).


They are the ones that can assault you, steal your property, invade your home, and even summarily execute you and you cannot defend yourself from them, unlike the ISIS or thugs.


Fraud backed by violence.

Payne's picture

Assualt, theft and destruction of property.  Arrest him !!

rum_runner's picture

The difference between the two is increasingly negligible.

iofera's picture

You waited all day to say 'assclown', didn't you, Bob?