Who Is Really Choosing America's Next President?

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Submitted by Robert Faturechi and Jonathan Stray via ProPublica,

Rapid Rise in Super PACs Dominated by Single Donors

Super PACS that get nearly all of their money from one donor quadrupled their share of overall fund-raising in 2014.


The wealthiest Americans can fly on their own jets, live in gated compounds and watch movies in their own theaters.

More of them also are walling off their political contributions from other big and small players.

A growing number of political committees known as super PACs have become instruments of single donors, according to a ProPublica analysis of federal records. During the 2014 election cycle, $113 million – 16 percent of money raised by all super PACs – went to committees dominated by one donor. That was quadruple their 2012 share.

The rise of single-donor groups is a new example of how changes in campaign finance law are giving outsized influence to a handful of funders.

The trend may continue into 2016. Last week, National Review reported that Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination would be boosted not by one anointed super PAC but four, each controlled by a single donor or donor family.

The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling helped usher in the era of super PACs. Unlike traditional political action committees, the independent groups can accept donations of any dollar size as long as they don’t coordinate with the campaign of any candidate. Previously, much of the focus in big-money fundraising was on “bundlers” -- volunteers who tap friends and associates for maximum individual contributions of $5,400 to a candidate, then deliver big lump sums directly to the campaigns. Former president George W. Bush awarded his most prolific bundlers special titles such as “Ranger” and “Pioneer.”

While bundling intensified the impact of wealthy donors on campaigns, the dollar limits and the need to join with others diluted the influence of any one person. With a super PAC, a donor can single-handedly push a narrower agenda. Last year, National Journal profiled one such donor – a California vineyard owner who helped start the trend by launching his own super PAC and becoming a power player in a Senate race across the country.

Beyond the single-donor groups, big donations are dominant across all kinds of super PACs, according to the analysis. Six-figure contributions from individuals or organizations accounted for almost 50 percent of all super PAC money raised during the last two cycles.

“We are anointing an aristocracy that’s getting a stronger and stronger grip on democracy,” said Miles Rapoport, president of Common Cause, an advocacy group that seeks to reduce the influence of money on politics.

ProPublica’s analysis identified 59 super PACs that received at least 80 percent of their funding from one individual during the 2014 cycle. They raised a total of $113 million, compared with the $33 million raised by the 34 such groups that existed in 2012.

Donors who launch their own PACs are seeking more control over how their money is spent. And many have complained about the commissions that fundraising consultants take off the top of their donations to outside groups. But the move carries risks if the patron is new to the arena.


In one cautionary tale, a reclusive 89-year-old Texas oilman with no political experience launched Vote2ReduceDebt, one of the nation’s highest-spending conservative super PACs. A ProPublica investigation found that much of the donor’s millions went to entities run by the group’s consultants or their close associates. The super PAC imploded as principals traded allegations including self-dealing, faked campaign events and a plot to siphon the PAC’s money to a reality TV show.

Bill Burton, a former Obama administration official who helped found Priorities USA, the juggernaut super PAC affiliated with the president’s reelection campaign, said he expects donors to face more problems if they continue to go it alone.

“One of two things is going to happen,” he said. “We will either see widespread flaunting of coordination rules or we will see some pretty spectacular failures to the tune of millions of dollars.”

The single-donor super PACs identified by ProPublica span the political spectrum. Among the top conservative donors were Richard Uihlein, a packaging supplies businessman, and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg spent heavily on both sides but leaned Democrat. Hedge fund titan Tom Steyer dominated on the left.

In 2012 the largest single-donor super PAC was former TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Ricketts’ Ending Spending Action Fund, which raised over $14 million, 89 percent of which came from Ricketts. It was the ninth-largest super PAC by spending. In 2014 Steyer’s Nextgen Climate Action was the largest super PAC, raising almost $78 million, 85 percent from Steyer. (Steyer’s wife, Kat Taylor, is a member of ProPublica’s board of directors, and the couple has donated to ProPublica.)

In addition to the super PACs dominated by a single individual, dozens more received the great majority of their funding from one corporation, labor group or advocacy organization. In 2014, those PACs represented 8.6 percent of super-PAC fundraising.

PACs dominated by one donor could run afoul of disclosure laws, according to Larry Noble, the former top lawyer for the Federal Election Commission. Under the rules, political ads must include disclosures about who funded them. Noble said election law would require groups funded by one person to list that donor’s name, not just the name of the PAC – though he couldn’t recall the FEC addressing such a case.

Naming the super PAC instead of the donor in the ad, Noble said, also allows the groups to delay disclosing where their money comes from until the next FEC filing date – potentially weeks after the ad runs.

“It defeats the purpose of the law to allow someone to hide behind a super PAC if they are the only funder,” Noble said.

“They want to make it more authoritative, like there’s more support. It looks better to say the ad is from Americans for Good Government than from John Smith… That just makes a mockery of the law.”

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Jonesy's picture

Yay!  It's one Jew or the other, that's for sure!

BLOTTO's picture

You have to be born into it...need to have the right 'blood line' to rule.

TSA Thug's picture

USSA is doomed. At work I've been instructed to 'get even more physical during pat-downs'.

"Even More!?" I said...

J S Bach's picture

I don't think I've ever seen an uglier Jabba-The-Hut biped than Sheldon Adelson.  In his case, the visage truly reflects the inner being.  Where's Luke Skywalker when you need him?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Total Single-donor donations to top DemonRat SuperPacs: $86,831,931

Total Single-donor donations to top RepubliCant SuperPacs: $15,170,148

Interesting that the article fails to notice this rather glaring discrepancy.

jbvtme's picture

can you imagine how cool this place would be without them?

pods's picture


"Prior to joining Hellman & Friedman, Steyer worked at Goldman Sachs from 1983-85 as an associate in the risk arbitrage department under Robert Rubin. "

Why do all the same names seem to swirl around, like diseases in squalor?

Lotta tribe names up there too, surely it is coincidental, because of the holocaust or something.  


hot sauce technician's picture

Most of the NBA is black...must be because of slavery right?

Mister Delicious's picture
Mister Delicious (not verified) hot sauce technician Apr 27, 2015 5:59 PM

false equivalency.

there are far more, say, non-Jewish white geniuses than Jewish geniuses - yet Jews are still wildly over-represented in Hollywood [ethno-nepotism] and in the ivy league.


Doesnt take much for JEWISH SUPREMACISM to show itself though, eh?

Milestones's picture

A most interesting read. I learned a gret deal. Thanks for putting it up. Milestones

SMG's picture

The people who run things are Luciferian and not Jewish, and take great care not to publically expose themselves, like Robert Rubin does.

In fact the purpose of you trolls being paid to misdirect everyone to blaming the wrong people, is to protect the people who pay you to spread this disinfo all day.  In the end being a willing tool of Lucifer will come at a great cost.

pods's picture

Paid?  lol, good one bro!

Exactly WHAT disinfo did I post?  Did the guy study under Robert Rubin while at Goldman Sachs?  Are there not a lot of Jewish names up on that list?   Are the people whose mugs caused me to lose my lunch not Jewish?  Has Robert Rubin been around way too much carnage for it to be happenstance. What about Larry Summers, aka, Jabba?  

Are we to believe THESE guys are NOT the guys running things? And if we happen to find out a name and story of a powerful person, well then THEY are not the real people pulling the strings.  They are merely who we are supposed to hate, but not the real people.

What about the Rothschilds?  Can we blame them, or are they just another scapegoat?  

I don't give a flying FUCK if they are Jewish, and I have told you that. I care about how they (the "luciferians" or "cheesepopes" or for us dummies "jews") have control of the worlds currency supply. That which all of our labor is priced.  And if these people on THIS list are in control of selecting those running the USA, they sure as fuck have a say in what my labor is priced in. If I notice some very coincidental attributes of these people, I am certainly going to take notice. 

See a difference?

Now go piss your Luciferian dreams somewhere else.



MEFOBILLS's picture

The people who run things are Luciferian and not Jewish, and take great care not to publically expose themselves, like Robert Rubin does


From SMG:


Luciferian, Kabbala, and Talmud are not that far apart.  Kabbala in turn has roots in Zohar mystery religion, along with numerology and satanic rites.  Mosaic Judaism dissappeared after 70AD when the temple was sacked.  All of the Levite priests lost their lineage, and effectively a new religion was born.  Some may follow mosaic tenents, but Zionists most certainly do not.  The religion took a big turn for the worse after Sabatai Sevi in 1667, which then turbo-charged crypto behavior.

Many Jewish sheeple are confused.  Is it a religion, or a race.  Which tenets to follow?

Many Jewish sheeple have no idea the perifdy their "leaders" have foisted on mankind, so they are surprised at fierce anti-semitism.  Most anti-semites are fed up with rank criminality of this self appointed "special" in-group that cloaks themselves in self-rightiousness, but instead has ulterior rent-seeking motives.


Beware the ravening wolf in sheeps-clothing.

There may be a decided genetic component to the bad behavior, as if their neanderthal amygdala is misfiring and flooding their brains with  delusions.  Great story tellers; with lies and fantasy interwoven.

Mister Delicious's picture
Mister Delicious (not verified) MEFOBILLS Apr 27, 2015 5:41 PM

obscurantist bullshit.

Here's a truth cookie, Sally:


Mister Delicious's picture
Mister Delicious (not verified) SMG Apr 27, 2015 6:03 PM

I could respect an argument/reminder to not blame all Jews, etc. etc.

but you're dealing in obvious falsehood - clumsy hasbara obscurantism.

No such thing as Lucifer, but the tribalism, xenophobia and dual ethical standards abound in the Torah....

Jewish holy texts quite specfically lay out a racialist, materialist, ethnocentric ethics.

No need to make shit up.

Persecutions reinforce the tribalism and insularity, which leads to persecution... and the cycle goes on, to th ebenefit of few.

But please stop telling us its not really Jews being overwhelmingly appointed by Presidents Obama and Bush and Clinton.

Please stop with this ":its really Luciferians" nonsense.

Belief is a tool.

Believing your chosen, and acting like nothing taken from someone outside the tribe isn't stolen - over time... you get people believing their own fuckin' fairytales.

People with delusions of grandeur

MonetaryApostate's picture

I'm fairly confident it's the bankers who choose the election....

(Look @ Obama's biggest camp. contributors...)

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

Just reading the PAC names and it is clear that US future is rosy and all problems solved pronto!
What an fantastic political system!

All world is in envy to you USA!

Our light of hope!

Ignatius's picture


We need to take back the language.

Tek Kinkreet's picture

I agree, there is power in language. Call them criminals, that is what they are.

conscious being's picture

Speaking of semantics, anti-Semetism as coded phrase for anti-Jew is fucked up, fraudulent language. Most Jews are not Semites, they are Khazars, descendents of Khazars. The Palestinians are Semites. The minority of Jews that are Semites get dumped on, constantly by the majority, Khazar descended, Askanazi Jews. Many Semetic Jews got along fine with their Semetic, Moslem and Christian neighbors until the Askanazi-Khazars showed up and started the ethnic cleansing, which continues to this day. Ignore the mis-used term "anti-Semite". If some Askanaz is claiming anti-Jew, make him say so.


Benjamin123's picture

Thats what, less than 30 cents per citizen?

If you believed your own propaganda you would invest in politicians rather than stocks or industry. Start a fund and get some people elected!

Benjamin123's picture

There has to be one or two zerohedger 1-percenters willing to invest a few tens of thousands of dollars into adopting a congressman. Imagine the leverage of having a senator on your payroll.

conscious being's picture



He'd be dead.

Either the congressman, the against the flow one percenter or both.

Maybe some dead, tortured family members too. That's how things get done when you are dealing with organized crime.

Condition 1SQ's picture


You tell me who has raised the most money, and I will be able to predict with >90% probability who wins.  Nothing to see here ..

chinooky47's picture

And the article failed to mention Michael Bloomberg's Democrat Superpac contribuiton of $17 million.  That explains a lot considering he runs one of the largest news organizations accross the world! They also failed to mention George Sorros. I am sure he contributed several million through a superpac.  Seems to me the Democrats are benefitting the most from all these Super PACs!

11b40's picture

And it seems to me that trying to make this a Dem or Repub issue is just sowing confusion.

This is a hijacking of America.  The Citizens United case was the final portion of the legal changes needed to make bribery legal and to open the door to foreign contributions.  Now, the political industry can gather funds worldwide, so anyone with money can get in on the plunder of America.  Not directly, but simply by buying into an "American" corporation.  It's a huge and quickly growing "industry", too.

As we watched Citizens United slowly wind it's way to the Supreme Court, I told my wife and anyone who even understood what I was talking about, that if it was upheld, it marked the end of America as we knew it.  First, it was "corporations are the same as people", then "money is speech".  A one - two knockout punch for what was left of the Republic.

If you want to get into partisanship, these verdicts were brought about primarily because of the Republican appointees who came to their positions insisting they were going to get back to Constitutional principles.  What a joke the Roberts Court played on us all......but it really isn't the average Republicans who did this.  It is more the cabal of imperialist neo-cons who want to control EVERYTHING and who captured Congress, then went to work on the Supreme Court.

Now, we are well and truly screwed, regardless if you are Dem, Repub, or Independent.  The average Joe is no longer really needed.  Even the choices in the voting booth have been pre-selected.  They don't need our campaign contributions, and don't really need our votes since TPTB win regardless.

Good quote from this link:


"In the abstract, spending money can be considered a form of speech in the same way that throwing a brick through a window can be considered a form of speech. The issue is a question of balance. Nobody believes in protecting the right of the brick thrower to “speak” by committing an act of violence over the right of the window owner to be secure from destructive acts. The problem is that the Supreme Court neither understands nor cares that extreme wealth in politics is a form of violence against our democracy, corrupting the very foundation of one person, one voice, one vote. The Court always understands abstract concepts that empower corporations and wealthy politicians, but rarely understands abstract concepts that empower individuals and protect democracy.

Mister Delicious's picture
Mister Delicious (not verified) 11b40 Apr 27, 2015 5:44 PM

oh, I bet you never read Citizens United.

What should frighten you is how close the court came to saying that the Executive can prosecute people for political speech.



If liberals scream bloody murder over a decision, or if the right wing does - before deciding they are right, ask if they are interested in applying the LAW, or in a decision reflecting their political WISHES....

11b40's picture

I simply rest my case on an examination of the results, and repeat - we are well and truly screwed.  Are your for unfettered bribery?

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

I am missing the "BleedAmericaDry and let IT Blow PAC" or is it there?

usednabused's picture

They may be ugly mf'ers but they do have a severe lead deficiency

ajax's picture



Don't ever underestimate Barack Obama's intelligence, he has just spelled it all out for you:

— “I can’t wait to see who the Koch brothers pick.  It’s exciting. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, who will finally get that red rose?”

— On the Koch brothers’ sponsoring of campaigns: “A billion dollars. From just two guys. Is it me, or does that feel excessive? I know I’ve raised a lot of money too, but my middle name is Hussein. What’s their excuse?”


Get fucking real: the outgoing Pres has just told you all you need to know and as far as I can  remember he's the first ever to have put it so fucking bluntly, so simply, that even an American can understand it.


buyingsterling's picture

I downed you for saying something remotely positive about President Pimp.

ajax's picture



@Buysterling   Oh dear oh dear, that was a wasted downvote. No one is even remotely 100% positive or negative. Not even Barack Obama. He has just let you know, in no uncertain terms, what's going on. Don't spit on the messenger: listen to him and take heed.

Stoploss's picture

Look at what it's done for Baltimore...

Liberal Progressive Democratic Leadership in action...

General Decline's picture

Who Is Really Choosing America's Next President?

Answer: Tel Aviv.

moonshadow's picture

yeah right. thats how obama got in there. brilliant deduction there general

BeaverCream's picture

It's acutally perfect.  Obama, soft on Islam, charlie hebdo..etc..victimhood, etc...

ajax's picture



"It's acutally perfect.  Obama, soft on Islam, charlie hebdo..etc..victimhood, etc..."

Just what the fuck do know about Charlie Hebdo? You can't read French and you know nothing of French politics. I can't believe your bullshit. Obama "soft on Islam", what the hell does that mean exactly?


Gone Full Retard's picture

Consider this moonshadow.

All major MSM in USSA is tribal owned. You cannot ignore the MSM message as they cram it down your throat daily. Is it hardcore anti-Obama, or hardcore pro-travon?

Tel Avivians are not amateurs however repugnant.

Now, big picture. Several years ago antisemitism was on the rise big time. Now? I'd say were about to have race riots soon as everyone has forgotten about the others.

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture

CNBC and Bloomberg TV are an indispensible asset to our society. How we would know what to think without JouTube?

MonetaryApostate's picture

I hear a lot of people give the "Divide & Conquer" analogy, but I believe America was conquered long ago....

What we really have is "Keep Them Divided, Confused, & Taxed TO THE MAX", and if they squeel like a gut pig, well we'll just fry their fat asses....  America is nothing more than a freaking cattle pen & they are led to the slaughter house for the LOLs by the elite!  Or are we not seeing American people of all colors dying, being shot at, their dogs and their babies too, and many other outlandish things?   (It's truly absurd at this point...)

So, now that the elite have no further ues for this nation, we might want to stop and think about that REAL HARD!!!

old naughty's picture

no further use for this nation (nation yes, amkra, um...)

With all them fema camps, dumbs, now Cheynne Mt. anti-EMP bunker, new strengthened FEd comm site, etc. and JH-15 using wal-mart supply chain...moa false flags, all that for jump-on mars-rocket, nah...

billions of bullets...no further use of us sheeples, perhaps, no?

Vergeltung's picture

don't confuse them with the facts bro. they love to be all conspiracy-ish here. it's kind of funny, actually.

Overfed's picture

So. You're a coincidence-theorist?

conscious being's picture

He talks up facts. Ask him to provide some of his "facts". Should be entertaining.

Tarshatha's picture

Good video by David.


kchrisc's picture

Incredible and thought provoking video.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission.