Stocks Soar On Non-War, Bad-News-Is-Good-News V-Shaped Recovery

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US equity markets have v-shape-recovered this morning after plunging on a combination of good housing data (that's bad news), weak manufacturing data and dismal consumer confidence which then was accelerated as Iran headlines smashed oil higher. All that was quickly forgiven and stocks have soared... Small Caps are now 1.5% as 'investors' panic-buy back to the highs of the day... VIX was monkey-hammered from 14.25 to back under 13.



as it seems someone decided - long before the headlines hit that this was a non-US Ship - that VIX was to sold hard...

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BTMFD ya'll!!!!  This market is never going down!  It is not allowed, Baltimore would happen everywhere!

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FOMC - 'We will raise interest rates in June...err, September...err,...'


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Next on CNBC: "Riots? War? Declining Wages and Living Standards? Why our next guest thinks they are Bullish for Markets!"

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Rumors, and rumors of rumors, but not to worry, Cramer will tell you where the good stuff is at......

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Its just comical at this point that they refuse to let the ''market'' fall even like .50 percent.


its so sad how so many americans still believe that we have a real ''market'' and that there are real ''investors'' buying these fucking dips.


hey baltimore, take ur riots to wall st/liberty ave, and cause chaos. these bankers can use a good beating.

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Typical for early 'buying vacuum' on days of 10:00 report to be bought, especially w/ SPY kicked back to 20/50 DMAs, but it seems knee-jerk shorts (both hexadecimal & human?) from Iran story helped propel the fastest V we've seen in many weeks.  Also, don't forget pre-Yellen "buy everything" algos, more wildcards today than an Italian Thanksgiving poker game.

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(both hexadecimal & human?)

Would that be Carbon Based Trading Units and Silicon Based Trading Units?

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Give me forward PE multiples above 30 or give me death!

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Weaponized Innocense (not verified) Apr 28, 2015 10:29 AM

Cool maybe I will get another chance for a 9 handle uvxy or even and 8 handle... YUMMY!

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The plunge protection team has got as much money as they need to just buy. What the hell, if you just need to add a couple of zeroes on a computer, you can buy the world!

And they do.

The inflation, all are so surprised you do not find, is here, right in front of your eyes! The stock market!

Since the start of the crisis it has gained 200%. All owing to fresh money.

But, and this is a big but, that gain can disappear with the bat of an eyelid.

And it most probably will, -- one day.


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Kevin got this weeks allowance and is going for it.

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These charts and equity movements bring a NEW LEVEL of stupid to the markets...

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early nano seconds yet

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S&P 2100 is line in the sand.  I rotated out of my long UVXY position this morning and flipped to XIV expecting a Fed runup.  SMH  First time I've ever acted on this though I've seen it dozens and dozens of times.  It still boggles my mind how predictable it is.

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BTFD its a graph made by FED software stupid.

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It just gets exponentially worse every much are sane people supposed to take of the Shitshow?