Baltimore As A Microcosm Of America

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

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In these drug-saturated neighborhoods, they weren’t policing their post anymore, they weren’t policing real estate that they were protecting from crime. They weren’t nurturing informants, or learning how to properly investigate anything. There’s a real skill set to good police work. But no, they were just dragging the sidewalks, hunting stats, and these inner-city neighborhoods — which were indeed drug-saturated because that’s the only industry left — become just hunting grounds. They weren’t protecting anything. They weren’t serving anyone. They were collecting bodies, treating corner folk and citizens alike as an Israeli patrol would treat Gaza, or as the Afrikaners would have treated Soweto back in the day. They’re an army of occupation. And once it’s that, then everybody’s the enemy. The police aren’t looking to make friends, or informants, or learning how to write clean warrants or how to testify in court without perjuring themselves unnecessarily. There’s no incentive to get better as investigators, as cops.


– From the excellent Marshall Project article: David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish

Baltimore, Maryland is in many ways the perfect microcosm for these United States of America. If you still don’t get that, you’ll be in for a rude awakening in the years ahead.

A gradual erosion of the Constitution and the civil rights of the citizenry, the abuse of power by people in authority, perverse financial incentives that lead to horrible outcomes, zero accountability, and a ubiquitous surveillance state apparatus; Baltimore has it all. Yet all of these troubling traits have also come to characterize early 21st century America.

As tends to be the case, the populations that have been victimized the longest and most systemically — in Baltimore and across the U.S. — are the poor, weak and disenfranchised.  Like a cancer, corruption, theft, and blatant abuse of the citizenry by the powerful will spread and spread until it consumes everything unless the tumor is removed. It has now spread so deeply and so dangerously throughout American life, the general public will soon have no choice but to confront it and do something about it, or face a total extinction of opportunity and suffer the same desperate fate as the people out in the streets of Baltimore.

David Simon, creator of the excellent hit HBO series “The Wire,” recently sat down for an interview with former New York Times reporter Bill Keller to explain the situation in Baltimore as he sees it; its origins and what is needed to fix it. As you read, think about the many parallels to the U.S. economy in general; the endless criminal maneuverings within the centers of power in Washington D.C. and Wall Street, the forever spinning revolving door of corruption, the marauding gangs of cronies making impossibly large piles of money based on connections, fraud and rigged markets as opposed to adding value, the idiocy of the war on drugs, the fraudulent accounting, and the overbearing surveillance state. Increasingly, when America looks in the mirror Baltimore and Ferguson are staring right back. We just haven’t admitted it yet.

Now, from the Marshall Project:

Bill Keller: What do people outside the city need to understand about what’s going on there — the death of Freddie Gray and the response to it?


David Simon: I guess there’s an awful lot to understand and I’m not sure I understand all of it. The part that seems systemic and connected is that the drug war — which Baltimore waged as aggressively as any American city — was transforming in terms of police/community relations, in terms of trust, particularly between the black community and the police department. Probable cause was destroyed by the drug war.


Probable cause from a Baltimore police officer has always been a tenuous thing. It’s a tenuous thing anywhere, but in Baltimore, in these high crime, heavily policed areas, it was even worse. When I came on, there were jokes about, “You know what probable cause is on Edmondson Avenue? You roll by in your radio car and the guy looks at you for two seconds too long.” Probable cause was whatever you thought you could safely lie about when you got into district court.


Then at some point when cocaine hit and the city lost control of a lot of corners and the violence was ratcheted up, there was a real panic on the part of the government. And they basically decided that even that loose idea of what the Fourth Amendment was supposed to mean on a street level, even that was too much. Now all bets were off. Now you didn’t even need probable cause. The city council actually passed an ordinance that declared a certain amount of real estate to be drug-free zones. They literally declared maybe a quarter to a third of inner city Baltimore off-limits to its residents, and said that if you were loitering in those areas you were subject to arrest and search. Think about that for a moment: It was a permission for the police to become truly random and arbitrary and to clear streets any way they damn well wanted.


How does race figure into this? It’s a city with a black majority and now a black mayor and black police chief, a substantially black police force.


What did Tom Wolfe write about cops? They all become Irish? That’s a line in “Bonfire of the Vanities.” When Ed and I reported “The Corner,” it became clear that the most brutal cops in our sector of the Western District were black. The guys who would really kick your ass without thinking twice were black officers. If I had to guess and put a name on it, I’d say that at some point, the drug war was as much a function of class and social control as it was of racism. I think the two agendas are inextricably linked, and where one picks up and the other ends is hard to say. But when you have African-American officers beating the dog-piss out of people they’re supposed to be policing, and there isn’t a white guy in the equation on a street level, it’s pretty remarkable. But in some ways they were empowered.


Back then, even before the advent of cell phones and digital cameras — which have been transforming in terms of documenting police violence — back then, you were much more vulnerable if you were white and you wanted to wail on somebody. You take out your nightstick and you’re white and you start hitting somebody, it has a completely different dynamic than if you were a black officer. It was simply safer to be brutal if you were black, and I didn’t know quite what to do with that fact other than report it. It was as disturbing a dynamic as I could imagine. Something had been removed from the equation that gave white officers — however brutal they wanted to be, or however brutal they thought the moment required — it gave them pause before pulling out a nightstick and going at it. Some African American officers seemed to feel no such pause.

This is another fascinating microcosm considering how Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing to help the black community or poor in this country. It took a black President to so shamelessly hand everything to a handful of oligarchs and further oppress black communities.

What the drug war did, though, was make this all a function of social control. This was simply about keeping the poor down, and that war footing has been an excuse for everybody to operate outside the realm of procedure and law.


“The drug war began it, certainly, but the stake through the heart of police procedure in Baltimore was Martin O’Malley.”

In case you aren’t aware, Martin O’Malley was the ambitious Mayor of Baltimore who had his eyes dead set on the Governor’s seat. So much so that he cooked the crime books of Baltimore to create a crime “miracle,” and destroyed city police work in the process. Mr. O’Malley has recently discussed possibly running against Hillary in the 2016 Democrat primary.

But that wasn’t enough. O’Malley needed to show crime reduction stats that were not only improbable, but unsustainable without manipulation. And so there were people from City Hall who walked over Norris and made it clear to the district commanders that crime was going to fall by some astonishing rates. Eventually, Norris got fed up with the interference from City Hall and walked, and then more malleable police commissioners followed, until indeed, the crime rate fell dramatically. On paper.


How? There were two initiatives. First, the department began sweeping the streets of the inner city, taking bodies on ridiculous humbles, mass arrests, sending thousands of people to city jail, hundreds every night, thousands in a month. They actually had police supervisors stationed with printed forms at the city jail – forms that said, essentially, you can go home now if you sign away any liability the city has for false arrest, or you can not sign the form and spend the weekend in jail until you see a court commissioner. And tens of thousands of people signed that form. 

Unsurprisingly, the rule of law often dies at the hands of an ambitious politician.

The situation you described has been around for a while. Do you have a sense of why the Freddie Gray death has been such a catalyst for the response we’ve seen in the last 48 hours?


Because the documented litany of police violence is now out in the open. There’s an actual theme here that’s being made evident by the digital revolution. It used to be our word against yours. It used to be said — correctly — that the patrolman on the beat on any American police force was the last perfect tyranny. Absent a herd of reliable witnesses, there were things he could do to deny you your freedom or kick your ass that were between him, you, and the street. The smartphone with its small, digital camera, is a revolution in civil liberties.


In these drug-saturated neighborhoods, they weren’t policing their post anymore, they weren’t policing real estate that they were protecting from crime. They weren’t nurturing informants, or learning how to properly investigate anything. There’s a real skill set to good police work. But no, they were just dragging the sidewalks, hunting stats, and these inner-city neighborhoods — which were indeed drug-saturated because that’s the only industry left — become just hunting grounds. They weren’t protecting anything. They weren’t serving anyone. They were collecting bodies, treating corner folk and citizens alike as an Israeli patrol would treat Gaza, or as the Afrikaners would have treated Soweto back in the day. They’re an army of occupation. And once it’s that, then everybody’s the enemy. The police aren’t looking to make friends, or informants, or learning how to write clean warrants or how to testify in court without perjuring themselves unnecessarily. There’s no incentive to get better as investigators, as cops. There’s no reason to solve crime. In the years they were behaving this way, locking up the entire world, the clearance rate for murder dove by 30 percent. The clearance rate for aggravated assault — every felony arrest rate – took a significant hit. Think about that. If crime is going down, and crime is going down, and if we have less murders than ever before and we have more homicide detectives assigned, and better evidentiary technologies to employ how is the clearance rate for homicide now 48 percent when it used to be 70 percent, or 75 percent?


Because the drug war made cops lazy and less competent?


How do you reward cops? Two ways: promotion and cash. That’s what rewards a cop. If you want to pay overtime pay for having police fill the jails with loitering arrests or simple drug possession or failure to yield, if you want to spend your municipal treasure rewarding that, well the cop who’s going to court 7 or 8 days a month — and court is always overtime pay — you’re going to damn near double your salary every month. On the other hand, the guy who actually goes to his post and investigates who’s burglarizing the homes, at the end of the month maybe he’s made one arrest. It may be the right arrest and one that makes his post safer, but he’s going to court one day and he’s out in two hours. So you fail to reward the cop who actually does police work. But worse, it’s time to make new sergeants or lieutenants, and so you look at the computer and say: Who’s doing the most work? And they say, man, this guy had 80 arrests last month, and this other guy’s only got one. Who do you think gets made sergeant? And then who trains the next generation of cops in how not to do police work? I’ve just described for you the culture of the Baltimore police department amid the deluge of the drug war, where actual investigation goes unrewarded and where rounding up bodies for street dealing, drug possession, loitering such – the easiest and most self-evident arrests a cop can make – is nonetheless the path to enlightenment and promotion and some additional pay. That’s what the drug war built, and that’s what Martin O’Malley affirmed when he sent so much of inner city Baltimore into the police wagons on a regular basis.

So much of what was said there characterizes the perverted culture in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street. People are financially incentivized to commit fraud, crime and deceive customers. Those people are then promoted and train the next class. And the beat goes on…

The second thing Marty did, in order to be governor, involves the stats themselves. In the beginning, under Norris, he did get a better brand of police work and we can credit a legitimate 12 to 15 percent decline in homicides. Again, that was a restoration of an investigative deterrent in the early years of that administration. But it wasn’t enough to declare a Baltimore Miracle, by any means.


What can you do? You can’t artificially lower the murder rate – how do you hide the bodies when it’s the state health department that controls the medical examiner’s office? But the other felony categories? Robbery, aggravated assault, rape? Christ, what they did with that stuff was jaw-dropping.

Now for the accounting fraud. Looks like Baltimore authorities learned well from Wall Street.

So they cooked the books.


Oh yeah. If you hit somebody with a bullet, that had to count. If they went to the hospital with a bullet in them, it probably had to count as an aggravated assault. But if someone just took a gun out and emptied the clip and didn’t hit anything or they didn’t know if you hit anything, suddenly that was a common assault or even an unfounded report. Armed robberies became larcenies if you only had a victim’s description of a gun, but not a recovered weapon. And it only gets worse as some district commanders began to curry favor with the mayoral aides who were sitting on the Comstat data. In the Southwest District, a victim would try to make an armed robbery complaint, saying , ‘I just got robbed, somebody pointed a gun at me,’ and what they would do is tell him, well, okay, we can take the report but the first thing we have to do is run you through the computer to see if there’s any paper on you. Wait, you’re doing a warrant check on me before I can report a robbery? Oh yeah, we gotta know who you are before we take a complaint. You and everyone you’re living with? What’s your address again? You still want to report that robbery?


They cooked their own books in remarkable ways. Guns disappeared from reports and armed robberies became larcenies. Deadly weapons were omitted from reports and aggravated assaults became common assaults. The Baltimore Sun did a fine job looking into the dramatic drop in rapes in the city. Turned out that regardless of how insistent the victims were that they had been raped, the incidents were being quietly unfounded. That tip of the iceberg was reported, but the rest of it, no. And yet there were many veteran commanders and supervisors who were disgusted, who would privately complain about what was happening. If you weren’t a journalist obliged to quote sources and instead, say, someone writing a fictional television drama, they’d share a beer and let you fill cocktail napkins with all the ways in which felonies disappeared in those years.


I mean, think about it. How does the homicide rate decline by 15 percent, while the agg assault rate falls by more than double that rate. Are all of Baltimore’s felons going to gun ranges in the county? Are they becoming better shots? Have the mortality rates for serious assault victims in Baltimore, Maryland suddenly doubled? Did they suddenly close the Hopkins and University emergency rooms and return trauma care to the dark ages? It makes no sense statistically until you realize that you can’t hide a murder, but you can make an attempted murder disappear in a heartbeat, no problem.


But these guys weren’t satisfied with just juking their own stats. No, the O’Malley administration also went back to the last year of the previous mayoralty and performed its own retroactive assessment of those felony totals, and guess what? It was determined from this special review that the preceding administration had underreported its own crime rate, which O’Malley rectified by upgrading a good chunk of misdemeanors into felonies to fatten up the Baltimore crime rate that he was inheriting. Get it? How better than to later claim a 30 or 40 percent reduction in crime than by first juking up your inherited rate as high as she’ll go. It really was that cynical an exercise.


So Martin O’Malley proclaims a Baltimore Miracle and moves to Annapolis. And tellingly, when his successor as mayor allows a new police commissioner to finally de-emphasize street sweeps and mass arrests and instead focus on gun crime, that’s when the murder rate really dives. That’s when violence really goes down. When a drug arrest or a street sweep is suddenly not the standard for police work, when violence itself is directly addressed, that’s when Baltimore makes some progress.

But nothing corrects the legacy of a police department in which the entire rank-and-file has been rewarded and affirmed for collecting bodies, for ignoring probable cause, for grabbing anyone they see for whatever reason. And so, fast forward to Sandtown and the Gilmor Homes, where Freddie Gray gives some Baltimore police the legal equivalent of looking at them a second or two too long. He runs, and so when he’s caught he takes an ass-kicking and then goes into the back of a wagon without so much as a nod to the Fourth Amendment.


So do you see how this ends or how it begins to turn around?


We end the drug war. I know I sound like a broken record, but we end the fucking drug war. The drug war gives everybody permission to do anything. It gives cops permission to stop anybody, to go in anyone’s pockets, to manufacture any lie when they get to district court. You sit in the district court in Baltimore and you hear, ‘Your Honor, he was walking out of the alley and I saw him lift up the glassine bag and tap it lightly.’ No fucking dope fiend in Baltimore has ever walked out of an alley displaying a glassine bag for all the world to see. But it keeps happening over and over in the Western District court. The drug war gives everybody permission. And if it were draconian and we were fixing anything that would be one thing, but it’s draconian and it’s a disaster.

This is true about the drug war, but even more true about the “war on terror.” Also endless, also used to justify anything.

Medicalize the problem, decriminalize — I don’t need drugs to be declared legal, but if a Baltimore State’s Attorney told all his assistant state’s attorneys today, from this moment on, we are not signing overtime slips for court pay for possession, for simple loitering in a drug-free zone, for loitering, for failure to obey, we’re not signing slips for that: Nobody gets paid for that bullshit, go out and do real police work. If that were to happen, then all at once, the standards for what constitutes a worthy arrest in Baltimore would significantly improve. Take away the actual incentive to do bad or useless police work, which is what the drug war has become.

So much of what’s been happening in Baltimore for decades is now also business as usual within the highest corridors of American power. As I’ve said time and time again, incentives are the key variable here. If you’re rewarded for fraud and white collar crime, you will get more of it. If you jail the perpetrators of it, you’ll get less of it. TBTF Wall Street execs and private equity guys don’t want to sit in a jail cell for a decade, believe me. They’d sell 50 Picassos and 30 sharks soaked in formaldehyde before that ever happened.

The sad part is we aren’t even trying to change the incentive structure of status quo criminality. This is because the current generation of power players were trained and molded by the same types before them. This is all they know. Money and power are their gods. Crime is their religion. We have no choice but to stop them.

*  *  *

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Well, it took 7 or 8 years of juicing the top percent and screwing everyone else, but I guess the repurcussions are finally starting.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Maybe you haven't been reading the libertarian bastion of the internet ZH lately.  Turns out these are not repurcussions.  It's just entitled black people breaking shit.  And the door prize is knowing that even when the shit hits the fan, the vast majority of people including ZH posters will support the status quo.  

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They say greed & fear drive the markets, I'd say totaltarianism manipulation & legal terrorism rules the day, and when people can milk the system created by the totaltarian oligarchy, what difference does anything really make?  The Totaltarian Oligarchy will order the bullets, people will die, and then we will go back to living our lives as if nothing happened, until the next crisis of course...  Turning Lead into Gold is what the Oligarchy is all about now, so here we are in an era where corruption and greed rules the day, and in the end the only ones winning are the totaltarians.  (Read Governments)

Could the people worldwide rise up and draw us into total lawlessness / anarchy?  Sure, but is that what we really want?  Mob justice would rule (NOT GOOD), but the complacancy of fools (the totaltarian workers) will destroy the oligarchy ultimately, for their watchmen are fat lazy dogs that refuse to do justice, and a people without justice are destined to fail miserably because lawlessness causes evil to rise.  When evil rules the day, hide your children & your wives, nobody will be safe, and that's the part everyone instinctively knows & fears in their hearts.

(This was only meant as an add on to this rather nice article btw)

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The same basic pressures are applied almost everywhere, but it's black communities that crack. Tha's the case because there's very little real 'there' there. It's an odious and poisonous mix of machismo, illiteracy/unintelligibility, LAZINESS, animosity, unwarranted but raging pride, corruption, and cultural retardation (lauding violence and misogyny, deriding education).

Virtually every deviation from the social norm that we witness in blacks could be explained by low IQ and high testosterone. Too bad it's not that simple; just ask _every single person allowed to reach the public consciousness_, and the nutshell answer is the same: we look different, we developed in different places with different pressures, and the races are easily distinguised at the genomic level, _BUT_ our brains are precisely the same, and any suggestion to the contrary is Hitlerian.

Gone Full Retard's picture

"it's black communities that crack"

Exactly. Some simple research about post-apartheid South Africa will show you the future of America.

The negro is Americas pancreatic cancer. It's sickness is now infecting the susceptible white cells. It won't be long now.

America the experiment that rapidly devolved thanks to the nice jewish folks and the negro. 100 +,- years is all it takes and when put into perspective with the age of the human race it's a disgusting commentary that leads to one important conclusion which I'm sure I don't need to tell you.

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If someone started a blogspot called 'StuffGoyPeopleDon'tLike' I bet you'd troll it relentlessly.

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ANTIAS: this is all you need to know about that poster. from prior thread on this subject:

antias you are so wrong headed you might as well be the poster boy for head in ass.

"Then, should all competing products from foreign shores be taxed to hell so American's have no option other than to purchase Baltimore goods at 4x the price of a product made in Haiti, Honduras or China?

I have no love for VIP Corporate America that buries itself in debt at the hands of the Fed.   But I still believe in a businesses freedom to locate itself in optimal places.  "

NWO loves your mind set.

antias is ok with the rape of american jobs, cause well it's cheaper and there is profit in it for mega corps.

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winchester (not verified) AIIB May 1, 2015 6:52 AM

If someone started a blogspot called 'StuffGoyPeopleDon'tLike' I bet you'd troll it relentlessly.


typical niga hipster comment, so fucking childish move tryin to get the parity.

you will never get it, hammer it in your fucking brain. you black. end of discuss.

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AIIB (not verified) winchester May 1, 2015 7:00 AM

Nah, what I like to do is just post a comment with 'goy' or 'jew' in it and see how many nanoseconds it takes to get junked. It's like electro shock treatment to some. I get a kick out of watching it unfold. I guess I'm just a bad person who happens to NOT have a franchise on money counterfeitting.

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Those slave ships were owned and operated by the Dutch.

acetinker's picture

The Hedge is a vastly different place now than when I first landed here.

That said, it is still one of the freest places on the planet- too bad it's only virtual.  You know damn good well that I don't agree with you on many issues, but I'll bet if we're honest, we'd acknowledge each other's integrity.

Anyway, whether it's black people breaking shit or repercussions- it's simply a result of lack of said integrity and honest debate.

BTW, percussion is to strike an object. Repercussion is the result of percussion.  Ron Paul called it blowback.  Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

hairball48's picture

"The Hedge is a vastly different place now than when I first landed here."

We registered about the same time. I agree 100%....and the change has not been positive imo.

acetinker's picture

The content used to be edgier, and I really have to credit the disgraced Bulgarian trader who created this realm for helping me realize the connectedness of things.  We don't really have that anymore, so I assume he's moved on.

However, we have to be careful how we treat the newbies who bust in here eager to tell us what they think we don't already know.

Likewise, maybe we shouldn't be so critical of contributors like Snyder and CHS who keep repeating the same information over and over again because, it might just reach a new ally.

At the end of the day, this site will only attract two kinds of people-  Those want to tell us how fulla shit we are, and those who are honestly seeking an understanding of how shit really works.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Some of us come here just to make jokes about these bizarre times we live in.

(ok - I learn new things at ZH all of the time)

Fun Facts's picture

Steps to enslave a country:

1. create a serfdom by eliminating the middle class via control of the allocation of wealth

2. get your serfs to fight among themselves on every possible division

3. "justifiably" erect a police state to control your serfs

4. disarm your serfs

5. enjoy ruling over your despotic regime

Your guess is as good as mine's picture
Your guess is as good as mine (not verified) acetinker May 1, 2015 12:21 AM

I think he's moved on and been replaced by a bot who makes $7,000/month spamming. Why else would that shit for brains be allowed to post on here?

divingengineer's picture

I know, MDB used to be a brilliant, thought provoking troll.  Now it's just annoying jibberish. I think he must have sold his account to an 18 year old .com millionaire or something, I wonder how much he got for it?


Oh regional Indian's picture

It's had it's share of ups and downs and sadly some of the best and brightest are either gone or lurking under new handles.

Still plenty of super bright voices and minds here though.

And I'm still posting links ;-)

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IF it stays on its present course then it will soon be a steaming pile of shit. Sad, really, what was once the greatest site of all. LTER is 100% on this one. If you can't figure out that this is just the beginning and these communities are just the low hanging fruit then you are an idiot. And if you chalk this up to only a black thing then you are in bed with TPTB drinking their Kool-aide and playing right into their "us VS them" hands.

lost money's picture

blacks aren't rioting beause they are tired of being sheep and don't want to take it any more. they are rioting to get more free stuff and not have to worry about any one messing with them. This is NOT the first spark in the American revolution.The first ones to conform in a new civil war will be these same people, becuase the current status quo is the one giving them their free shit. if the "tea party" wins, SNAP, Sec 8 etc will go away. Bulletmore is quiet tonight so the post office can deliver the welfare checks in the morning. do you honestly think the most dependent people in America are going to be the first to throw off the chains of sugar daddy gov't?

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Weaponized Innocense (not verified) lost money May 1, 2015 12:36 AM

Not all black peeps the same.
I know black peeps who will thank your family for centuries for not allowing peeps to con them into slavery instead of the capitalism your family offered them instead (right under those confederates noses).
On the side of the family considered white and living in and around Houston those few years the confederate flag flew over it... To Texas' horror as we were proud to be a free state to all peeps.

The Blank Stare's picture

blacks aren't rioting beause they are tired of being sheep and don't want to take it any more. they are rioting to get more free stuff



divingengineer's picture

I don't think THEY know why they are rioting.

Ask them and you'd prolly get 20 different answers that all make no sense whatsoever. 

All they know is that they don't like it.  Whatever "it" is. 

What do they want? (shoulder shrug)

nmewn's picture

Of course there is truth in both of you guys statements, the Us vs Them aspect of the former and the gimme my faaarreeeee shit and leave me alone inevitable capitulation of the latter but I was struck by the pic of the black dude in the gas mask.

We as a society are conditioned by the MSM propagandists to think of army surplus equipment as something that only interests "redneck white militia don't-tread-on-me" types when in reality it is cover for the statist oligarchs War on the Individual, as the simple gas mask is a purely "defensive weapon" to me.

I thought the pic was revealing in more ways than one ;-)

divingengineer's picture

The gas mask without a filter canister?

Yeah, that's a good one. It's more of an affectation I think. 


Not to denigrade your observation, though.

Ghordius's picture

"blacks aren't rioting beause they are tired of being sheep and don't want to take it any more. they are rioting to get more free stuff and not have to worry about any one messing with them"

from the other side of the pond I got the impression that they are mainly protesting against police brutality, tactics and so on

but if I had to give them a revolutionary advice: go to court. always

95% of US incarcerations are done without a formal process, with a public prosecutor offering a "sweet" deal of "guilty" and the defendant accepting it

the alleged superiority of the Anglo-American legal system (over our continental european systems, for example) is based on the trial by peers

if all defendants would go to court, the US would have a 20-fold increase in trials. this alone would stress the system, and by that settle a lot of injustice

including, perhaps, the biggest private Prison Business Complex of the world

disclaimer: not an expert on US matters

Ghordius's picture

what I see is a meme running wild: "no sense in going to court". it rhymes with "no sense in voting", which itself rhymes with "our electoral system is top-notch"

25or6to4's picture


Dont read the news much do you? Negros riot in your glorious Europe almost as much as they do in the US. There are 55 police " no-go" zones in Sweden all of them being in enlightened, culturally enriched neighborhoods that feature daily carBBQs, pelting of public transportation with rocks, out of control crime rates ect. Negros seem to bring this behavior with them no matter where in the world they find themselves and when they start running out of white people to blame as they are in S Africa negros will start to tear down even the statues of whitey.

divingengineer's picture

Public defenders don't "go to court", they lack the talen, resources and faith in their clients to do that.  They are there to negotiate your best "deal" with the prosecutor and arrange for your disposal. 

You would have to have a super strong case, with serious charges to get a public defender to go all the way to jury trial.  Most are kids right out of law school and none of them have the resources and support they should have.  You really do get what you pay for when it comes to legal counsel. 

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3 years, and claiming seniority.  GTFO new guy.


(I'm just kidding I guess, and no, I am not a prolific poster.  I found this place when latoc started linking here, when it was a thing.  Lurked for a yearish, then created an account.  There are those around that remember ZH when it was really new.  The edge blunted every year since, to a point where it is all about who can be the most anti jew possible.  OG's know, it was more then that.  It was about actually being right.  Now.  It's just about being the most shocking, or fitting in with the easiest herd trend.  This place turned into /pol.  Wasn't always the case.)

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I can't stand cops getting bogus OT and retire on a bloated last 4.  


End the drug war.  It's a racket 

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That's a good question. Why can't Africans create industries?

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Weaponized Innocense (not verified) Kobe Beef May 1, 2015 1:17 AM

They have and they can for hundreds of years that I know of on a personal basis! And from what I have seen in the public sphere also they have created many industries.
But now we live in times where our oppressors pretend they have the keys to our freedoms as they dangle them above our heads only to continue the oppression while pimpimg us out for their deciet.

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Ok, since you've been alive for hundreds of years, name one industry begun by Africans.

I should clarify: name one industry begun by Africans that is actually valued by other peoples, because cannibalism and voodoo don't count.

Name one. We'll wait.

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winchester (not verified) Kobe Beef May 1, 2015 7:00 AM

a nigger genetics is lazy, thief, dirty, and dishonnest.


why they cannot handle a restaurant ? simple:

  • 1st week they invite they mates and eat the stock of food without making any income.
  • start of 2nd week : no money to  full the stock food, on wednesday it is turned in weed local dealing spot, end of week 3 ppl come in to smoke crack.
  • at the end of the 1st month they not pay bills, no more light either water.




a guy making baby and dodging paying the maintenance, who run like fucking lapdog from a cop to avoid jail, that type of people you want em to handle a business ?




oh god man you made my fucking day.

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Isn't our President a Hafrican?  What about our tribal chieftain over @ the 'Just-Us' Dept? Aren't a disproportionate # of Fedcoat employees Negro? What does that suggest sbout the efficacy and efficiency of .gov?

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LetThemEatRand wrote:

It's just entitled people breaking shit…. even when the shit hits the fan, the vast majority of people including ZH posters will support the status quo.



America's habit of discarding inconvenient people has existed from the day one, weburke . But all for its good. 


Then, I am not surprised of the mass amnesia that most here still have while propagating a distorted and illusionary view of America and humans beings.


So, LetThemEatRand statement is correct.



Additional Reading:

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt


The Coming Anarchy: Shattering the Dreams of the Post Cold War





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Holy Shiite!  It finally gets it. don't burn down baltimore...

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You see when entitled white people break shit it's called the war on terrorism, or derivatives trading, or leveraged buy outs, or some such other much more slick way of fucking over their fellow man and looting society.

There are a lot of serious douchebag racists on this site. Remember, we're all just ugly bags of mostly water and are only gonna spend about 70-80 years on this planet. If you want to consume your time hating other ugly bags of mostly water because their bags are a different color than your bag than your a pretty fucking sad shit. But whatever floats your boat have at it...onward Christian soldiers. Bunch of fucking stupid hypocrites if you ask me

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I don't hate them because of the color of their skin, I hate them because of the content of their character.

If you want to let violent shitheads and vile parasites ruin your once proud civilization, and explain your inaction by referencing bags of water, then you're a stupid fucking pussy, and you deserve to get fucked, if you ask me.

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vile parasites ruin your once proud civilization


I've heard the same thing said about the 'banksters' alot on this site.  so I'm confused...which one is ruining my once proud civilization?  

 inaction by referencing bags of water

It's a line from a movie (Star Trek? - I forget) ... some aliens were referring to HUMANS as 'ugly bags of mostly water'.  See here's a science fact:  HUMANS are made up of mostly water. I'm not sure how that implies 'inaction' on my part.  But you have chosen to INFER something and didn't get the point. 

What I was trying to imply was not INACTION - but rather that we're all pretty much the same shit regardless of the color of our skin.  And from what I see, 'content of character' lacks in people in ALL skin colors.  It just so happens, that the crude, animalistic display of anger and frustration we see in B-more, is easier for a lot of small-minded internet jockeys here to grab onto than the LOOTING that goes on in the upper levels of society that has been more instrumental in causing the said 'ruin of your once proud civilization' than any knucklehead stealing a bag of Doritos from a CVS.   

But, hey, if it's easier for you to say 'it's all the niggers' fault' then have at it.  

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I have read criticism on this site of every offense that you list, be it the war on terror, derivatives, LBOs or the burning and looting of cities. Racists and bigots come in all colors. You sound a little prejudiced and bigoted yourself.