Martin Armstrong Explains Why The Richest 1% Get Richer

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The socialists love to tout that 1% of the world’s population will own more wealth than the other 99%. From the socialists’ viewpoint, this justifies stealing from one group to give to another, despite this model failing in the past. It is also in clear violation of the Ten Commandments. But why does this trend even happen? Is it that the 1% suppress the 99%? Or could it be that government suppresses the 99%?

We have to look closely at how wealth is even measured. This is not cash in the bank, but market value of assets. In other words, unrealized gains. It was this way of thinking that destroyed the independent farmers. The land values soared and estate taxes came into play, the government valued the land at levels as if it was stripped mined for housing. Farmers had to sell off land to pay the taxes.

This standard of measuring wealth is really dangerous for it amounts to unrealized gains, not cash. I donated my time trying to save Social Security by transforming it into a real investment account back in the 90s. The money should have been invested in equities. The Dow Jones Industrials would have been about 3500. The rich get richer from investments – not salary. I was trying to transform Social Security into an investment fund. I gave up because politicians could not agree on who the managers would be because they effectively wanted kickbacks. Social Security is now broke; the 99% paid into the fund and now its gone. Had the money been invested in equities rather than pretend U.S. government debt, they would have made almost 500%. There would have been real assets for individual retirement.

The 99% cannot get richer because government robs them every day. What should have been put into savings and investments, was squandered as usual by politicians. So is it the fault of those who actually invest on their own? The socialists want to blame the rich and rob them, handing more and more assets to the political class who waste it on themselves.


The 99% need to wake up. It ain’t the 1% – It is those who pretend to be on your side who deprive you of your real right to economic freedom.

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BoredRoom (not verified) G. Marx Apr 30, 2015 1:45 PM

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I'd love to make her my future ex-wife.

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Could be a fashion slave though.

Not that I'm complaining.

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"Or could it be that government suppresses the 99%?"

Eye candy and ADHD display aside, this is complete and utter Yak SHIT!

The fucking 1% (red-blue-white-black-asian) OWNS the "government"....globally!

The US oligopoly government is THE BEST MONEY CAN BUY!!!!

Yeah, number-fucking ONE!!!!!! Yeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Only "you" have the power to stop being a fucking, obedient, zombie consumer of the matrix.

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Vote Blue Team,Yay!  The Best!  Red Team Sucks.

Vote Red Team! Yay ! The Best!  Blue Team Sucks.


Divide and conquer.

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divide, conquer and insist that an electoral system like First Past The Post is adequate

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"The fucking 1% (red-blue-white-black-asian) OWNS the "government"....globally!"

We the people need to foreclose.

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission.


Outside of the sheeple's "hearts and minds," red and blue, and left and right are merely players on Zion's stage.

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the one percent does not own, really, anything, way too many of them, and many of them rode in on the rise of this age. Same very old families rule from on high, there ARE extremely powerful men alive. They own and have -permanent- title to vast everythings. WE can only have that temporary -title- to "own". The media slaves, militaries, nsa slaves, silent cooperators everywhere, HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY SERVE. 

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Wish she was, but doubt she is.  ;-)

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"It ain’t the 1% – It is those who pretend to be on your side who deprive you of your real right to economic freedom."

That would be the 1% (or better, the .01%), or is Soros (et al) now a 99 per center?

For me it's love/hate with Martin.

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For people who think they are so clever and ahead of the pack, the inability to understand what Martin writes is just amazing. 

So many here must love the state and it's agents given all the attempts to excuse them and blame what they do on others.

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You're awfully smart. Thanks for explaining things for the rest of us.

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It isn't how much wealth someone has, but how they got it.

If it weren't for government, 99% of the wealthy would not be wealthy, and remaining 1% would be far less wealthy.

Government is a tool to redistribute wealth. Since its victims are so enamored with it, anyone who wants government should just shut the fuck up.

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So in those places without government everyone is better off then? The poor don't get abused and exploited by the wealthy in those places without government?

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There is no such thing as a place without government.  Your point is moot.  As in, you don't have one.  

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Poeple fall into populist confusion thanks to the dust thrown into their eyes by political opportunists.

Those on the right are quick to conflate genuine free market wealth earned by actually satisifying consumer demand that is free from coercion, where the consumer volutnarily parts with his own income in exchange for something valued that improves his standard of living... conuse that with Lord Blankfein and banking cartel types who earn their $ billions by free-riding the monetary policy train, while their crony capitalist brethren earn their loot by regulations that force consumers to buy their wares either directly as government contractors, by limiting consumer choice to their regulatory approved solutions to some politicalized problem, or via regulatory complexity that requires their services to navigate.  The "good conservative" jumps to the defense of the blankfeins as if they're heroes, when in reality, these "heros" have their fists so deeply up conservatives asses they are puppet masters.

Meanwhile, the typical progressive is so enamored with government as the hero to all things, they can't see that the regulations they support are written by the mega businesses that are screwing them, and at the same time they label anybody in business regarldess of of how they earn their wealth - legitimately or looting -- as "the rich screwing the poor", while defining any ability of the legit biz keeping some of their money untaxed as "corporate welfare".



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In part because we tax capital gains lower than wages, and because we basically don't tax wealth (except real property at the local level). I am not advocating that we do. But if you are a rich industrialists you would prefer that the government tax the income of any upstart that may challenge your domain. The more their income is taxed the less capital your growing competitors will be able to spend to build out and compete with you. Why should you care if income tax is 100%? You already have yours, and it isn't taxed, and that would prevent anyone from overtaking your place in industry.

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"In part because we tax capital gains lower than wages"


Which, for most people is just inflation, so it shouldn't be taxed anyway.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

The only legitimate role for government is to protect its citizens' liberty from those who would violate it.  

Other than that, government is merely a monpoly on force, and that's why it is why its quickly hijacked by the corrupt who find it as the only way they can force free thinking people into their bright ideas, which they'd otherwise never go along with.   (e.g., if they're such good ideas, people wouldn't need to be forced into them...)

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Hence the conclusion that Martin (or his handlers) is so afraid to utter: the incestuous marriage between government and oligarchy, a.k.a. fascism.

This cancer has already reached metastasis.

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Yes, but what is "it" and what do "they" actually have?  Armstrong is one of the few with his own blog that points out that one of the most common measures of "it" is unrelaized gains.  Then there all those marked to myth derivative valuations.  Then there is the artificially inflated wealth of the 99% - through home ownership or entities like CalPers. 

Or as I wrote yesterday (most recently)

Wealth destruction is far more probable than wealth redistribution.

Normalization of insane public equity ratios, finally writing down the debt that can never be repaid, and the .gov and FED crutches that pop up unsustainable housing prices... all compunded by the USD dominance and over-valuation going the way of dying empires.

Buffets's Wells/BofA "wealth", Larry Ellison's pending multi-billion margin call, Zuckerberg's Twatter-non-product "wealth", and the average American's home equity will all take a hit.

Never mind what happens when the EBT and SNAP redistribution is either actually cut, or simply inflated into oblivion.

The pie will simply shrink.  And without easy credit (and banksters to facilitate it) the mirage of having a piece of that pie will simply evaporate.

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"the inability to understand what Martin writes is just amazing."

Maybe becuase he is so fucking transparent in his apologist diatribe for the 1%....deflect, redirect, obsfucate.

We don't like trolls, either. 

So, you and your butt-buddy pal, "Martin", can spread your sell-out, paid-shill, treasonist drivel somewhere under a bridge.

All those in favor of a world without a "ruling class", say "aye"!

cornflakesdisease's picture

Martin is a NWO hack.  His lies to truth fuel mixture has never changed, even post prison.

Benign's picture

Martin is selling to the big money and has his own pretty good reasons for hating the government.

midtowng's picture

Armstrong doesn't have a clue. Who does he think owns the government? It sure ain't the 99%, and it sure isn't doing any harm to the 1%.

gswifty's picture

He also seems to believe that an unrealized gain is valued at what he says it is. I'm sure he was quite pleased when mark to market went to fantasy in 07, validating his premise of privatizing social security.

Van Halen's picture

Want to be wealthy/successful?

Write down your goals in life, finance, body, spiritual, etc. Make it around 10-20 goals so you don't get overwhelmed. Less is OK. 

Set deadlines next to each one.

Write down the people, places, things you need to help you get these goals done.

Break each goal down into pieces that you can achieve in a day, week, month, year.

Start immediately. Don't walk away from your list until you have taken some concrete step toward your first goal.

Be preapared to change strategies often. You may fail a few times - learn from your mistakes. Do not complain. Do not be defeated by jealousy, bitterness, and envy. Do not ever give up. If possible, put the list on your smart phone and recite it to yourself every single day. Watch what the people who have what you want are doing. Emulate their actions.

God exists. It would help to include God with your goals.

Watch your life, income, health, whatever you set to achieve, explode.

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j reuter (not verified) G. Marx Apr 30, 2015 10:02 PM

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