"Purge" Night 4: Baltimore Quiet As Tensions Rise In Philadelphia - Live Feed

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A heavy National Guard presence and a draconian curfew have ended the rioting in Baltimore, but, as RT reports, the popular uprising against police brutality has spread across the US. Peaceful protests are taking place in Baltimore and several major cities and on the heels of last night's New York City protests, tonight it is Philadelphia that is seeing clashes between police and civilians...

As Fox29 reports,

Protesters organized a demonstration at Philadelphia's City Hall to draw parallels between the death of a man shot during a traffic stop and a death in police custody that sparked riots in Baltimore. The protesters are currently at Broad and Vine Expressway. Protesters are currently trying to get on Vine Street Expressway. According to FOX 29's Dave Kinchen the march is no longer peaceful and fights are breaking out.


Organizers of the "Philly is Baltimore" Demonstration compare the December shooting death of Brandon Tate-Brown in Philadelphia to the April 19 death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.


The district attorney isn't pressing charges in Tate-Brown's death, saying evidence indicates that he was reaching into his car for a loaded pistol. A lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that officers planted the gun. Police say city lawyers will respond in court.

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Live Feed:

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Meanwhile, it's quiet in Baltimore for now...

And then there's Al Sharpton...

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j reuter (not verified) Deathrips Apr 30, 2015 7:29 PM

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we need Lavrov to come give out cookies to those peaceful protesters!

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just thinkin...

Why were black people set free here- while at the same time, aboriginees were put in reservations in Australia?

Why was the imbecile standard lowered from IQ 80 to IQ 70??

Why is it ok to put Indians on reservations, but not blacks?? Would American Indians be happier living in an urban environment?

Would blacks be happier, and safer on reservations?

Why did America have to endure the civil war when slave owners were simply compensated in Britan? Oh, it was about States Rights?? 

-----That is what died in 1865 and we have been fucked since then. Everything else along the way has just been rapes, from the income tax to the affordable care act.


Bottom line is people have to drive long and far to avoid these people.

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The Phillies plan to play their game tomorrow night at their stadium with no fans in it.  But not because they are barring spectators from attending, it's just that nobody wants to watch them.

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Article on the riots, unleash the keyboardinsurrectionists of zh to explain why they should remain obedient and listen to the state, instead of backing up their constant threats of action against the system. 

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The only way to stop the elite now is with an army the size that China has...  

(200+ Million Foot Soldiers is no joke...)


These people will get beaten down back into submission, or as Orwell explained, booted into submission...

The power of the government only rest in people collecting paychecks willing to pull the trigger on people..


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Do you think if some white guy walked around behind the police line with  giant sign that says 'Chimp Out II - Chimps Return' the Black folks would get upset?

Motasaurus's picture

They talk big about stocking up on ammo and goods, but when opportunities present to get out there and use that ammo proactively they're hiding behind a keyboard. 

Someone needs to start shooting those wearing the jackboots. 

nailgunnin4you's picture

Hiding behind a keyboard shitting on the efforts of men and women actually rocking the system no less.


Traitors to the cause the lot of em.

cnmcdee's picture

I am sure there are cops who say we should start shooting those wearing the Jordan shoes.

Violence will feed on itself to the end everybody will feel justified to shoot everybody and that is either cultural tribalism or just anarchy a horrible mad max world nobody wants to live in..

But it works good in overbreeding third world sand countries where men cannot figure out if you withdraw you do not end up with cabin full of kids you cannot look after or feed.

Violence solves nothing except sacrificing it's believers

Motasaurus's picture

Remember how, even 70 years later, we have to keep sitting through "how Hitler was super bad" specials so that "we'll never let that happen again"?

Yeah, the appeasers towards the National Socialist police state were the ones we're supposed to look at and say, "no, when I see a militarised police acting with impunity I will not let them get away with it."

You can have your violence now, when there's large groups of diverse people willing to stand up and fight against a state that doesn't yet have absolute control, or you can have your violence later when the state has absolute control and the jackboot starts stomping your face into the pavement. 

kchrisc's picture

Was Thomas Paine a "quillinsurrectionist?"

Samuel Adams a "taverninsurrectionist?"

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission.

falconflight's picture

By today's understanding, they were absolute terrorist treasonists, who murdered civil servants and members of the armed forces.

nailgunnin4you's picture

No, nor were they massive tossers like yourself constantly professing the will to subvert the system through armed combat on an internet forum to make yourself feel better about your abject cowardice.


Liberty is action. Tyranny is submission.


fixed it for ya

nailgunnin4you's picture

vaqueero still waiting on your list of relevant targets for the rioters to attack thanks champ...

nailgunnin4you's picture

vaqueero starbucks sells tea should the protesters attack a starbucks? 

NoDebt's picture

I haven't seen him post tonight.  I don't think he's around.  Perhaps that's why he's not responding to your childish taunts?


nailgunnin4you's picture

That would not explain his inability to answer me yesterday when he was replying to me. Perhaps he is unable to translate his feel-based racist ramblings into a cogent, fact-based argument. I don't blame him the racist fuck said some pretty stupid shit, what do you racists call it when a white guy throws a tantrum? 

Hapte's picture

A righteous fit patriotism?

MonetaryApostate's picture

There is trash in every race, you can't expect the uneducated class to be civilized, and with the elite drawing the noose around everyone's neck I think it's high time we all lay aside any differences we may have and begin collectively & actively discussing solutions rather than resorting to childish school yard petty debates for feel good egotism.

falconflight's picture

This society is cultivating trash.  It is a thriving industry.  I don't know what to do about it, I live in a virtual dictatorship, one that the People generally support.

MonetaryApostate's picture

I see your point, the consumers are largely clueless, and they are taking the trash (read drugs & sexual perversion) & BS to our children now as well, it's sickening really.  We live in a society of adolescent fools and educated terrorst who seek to abuse and control everyone & every aspect of life for profiteering.  That's the heart of this totaliarian oligarchy / dystopia we live in.

falconflight's picture

the question is do we submit or resist

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"..what do you racist call it when a white guy throws a tantrum?"

I personally call it " not often" if ever unlike his negro counterpart who throws a bitch fit at every chance he gets. Of course coddlers like yourself call that riighteous indignation.

Ms. Erable's picture

White guys throwing a tantrum usually ends up in whole countries being burned down, not just a few buildings.

Your guess is as good as mine's picture
Your guess is as good as mine (not verified) Ms. Erable May 1, 2015 12:10 AM

"White guys throwing a tantrum usually ends up in whole countries being burned down, not just a few buildings."


Which is not a contextual or proportional response. Could we just have a discussion here on race, without resorting to burning whole countries? Many have specific, intelligent and experienced views to share - many are just assholes but you have to sieve the trash out and accept some are speaking of the truth,

nailgunnin4you's picture

I don't see how intentionally distorting her straight forward contribution aids the discussion. fuck off guy

Ms. Erable's picture

You must be relatively new around here - you're taking yourself way too seriously. And you're most likely the only one doing so.

If you really want to know what a 'white tantrum' looks like, compare and contrast The Bonus Army and that situation's causes, goals, and resolution with a Tea Party rally - both of which could possibly constitute 'white tantrums'.

Then compare those to Watts, Miami, LA, Ferguson and Baltimore. Draw your own conclusions.

AIIB's picture

White guys throwing a tantrum usually ends up in whole countries getting Rothschilds Central banks set up. Complaining about it gets you labeled as anti semitic.

nailgunnin4you's picture

Complaining about it gets you labeled as anti semitic.


You say it like it's a bad thing.




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About this:

Why were black people set free here- while at the same time, aboriginees were put in reservations in Australia?

Dude I think you missed history class, in paticular American History like from 1880 - 1964?

We didn't exactly have them on reservations, but we had seggration, and it was actually really nice and worked out well for everyone. They had their own towns, & schools, they were VASTLY better off on each and every social measure there is. 

And then the Civil Rights Act Passed, then restrictive covenents were struck down, and then everything slowly collpased into the state of racial affairs we have now. 

falconflight's picture

Blacks still have their own towns.  Drive into Tuskegee, Alabama, better yet, stop and get out of your car where black folk are present.  See how welcome you are in their small town Amerikan college town.

falconflight's picture

I've worked most of my life directly with and/or for blacks, and lived, at a distance from blacks for most of my life.  I no longer do either.  I can't be bothered parsing out which 1 in 10 have similar values; that wouldn't rob, rape, and murder me when the time comes.  Blacks do NOT want to live among whites, do NOT want to go to school with whites, and do not want to consort with whites.  That is a generalization of course, but that's the point.  They generally, regardless of socio-economic status wish to integrate.  I have no problem with that.  I am simply outraged by the utter hypocrisy of the black and their prog white master/confederates.

Condition 1SQ's picture

Thanks for posting that.  Most ZH posters haven't been outside their bubble and when issues of race come up, their brains short circuit.  I came from a low income family and generally lived on the outskirts of the "black part" of various towns across the US.  Same experience.  The last thing we white kids were going to do was spit one word of racism in their direction, because we knew it would be the end of us.  Being polite made no fucking difference.  They simply did not want to mix.  It's too bad, because I had a few African friends later in life who quite honestly were "whiter" than some of my white friends.  I can only chalk it up to racist indoctrination through mass media manipulation.  And to this day, people can't even discuss the issue frankly in public.  Progressives made sure of that.  If you can't speak to the real cause of the problem, then the problem will persist, and those in the right position will continue to profit from cultural divides.  Enter Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.  When it gets that bad, you know you've got a problem.  Same is it ever was.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"It's too bad, because I had a few African friends later in life who quite honestly were "whiter" than some of my white friends."

I can't believe I just read that in the midst of a rant about how black people don't like you.   This place really cracks me up.

Condition 1SQ's picture

You do realize that multi-generational low-income American blacks and African immigrants have absolutely zero in common besides skin color, right?  You are incredibly dense, lady.

LetThemEatRand's picture

When you really want to drive the point home that I'm an idiot, you call me a lady.   But I'm sure you're referring to a multi-generational low-income lady, not a woman from Africa.

Condition 1SQ's picture

You're right, I'll just stick with you being incredibly dense.

large_wooden_badger's picture

Anecdotally speaking, I've read and also heard it said that the people born and raised in the Africa countries really DO NOT understand the American blacks behavior, and generally don't associate with them. And many come from a culture of poverty and war, where children are given meth and machine guns to further the aims of mad men, yet somehow they can stilll be polite to other human beings, white, black, or whatever.

falconflight's picture

Herding people is political governance 101...since the very beginning. &nbsp;I just can no longer empathize, sympathize, or feel compassion for large swaths of the population that insist upon being led by the nose. &nbsp;This is the information age, yet the majority still behave as though they're 17th Century peasants, serfs, or whatever. &nbsp;</p>

Peak Finance's picture

Two downarrows for stating facts? What was I wrong about, the dates? It's really port-reconstruction civil war period where Jim Crow laws took hold and seggration was implemented, and it lasted somewhere like 1880 (could be wrong about this) until 1964 (passage of the civil rights act)

Brown vs Board Of Ed was in there somewhere also, which was supposed to de-seggrate schools, but in pratice I don't think it accomplished much until the restrictive covenents were struckown. 

The North "technically" did't have Jim Crow laws, but the fact is that there was a kind of seggration implemented up their simply using property values and cops defending the borders of their towns from strangers (I used to live up there I know this first hand) 

LetThemEatRand's picture

"but we had seggration, and it was actually really nice and worked out well for everyone. They had their own towns, & schools, they were VASTLY better off on each and every social measure there is."

I would venture to guess most posters here are white.  Yet we hear day in and day out about how other whites (Jews) oppress them.  Oh, and progressives and marxists. Because, you know, Jews, progressives and marxists obviously keep other whitey down and prevent them from being rich.  Now imagine being black, and being told you were better off in your segregated community created by white people.  And then imagine being told it was for your own good.   I think I'd break some shit and steal some Dorritos.

crisrose's picture

That's because most of the whites here are lower class losers who, like some blacks, blame others for their failure to achieve.


LetThemEatRand's picture

Only the dark skinned blacks.  My theory is that light skinned blacks are smarter than dark skinned blacks.



falconflight's picture

The color tensions among blacks is incredibly common and vicious.  Just like 'smart' blacks...don't speak nigger and try to attend public schools to learn are in constant danger of even being murdered.

Urban Redneck's picture

Normally I wouldn't touch that... but in the case the opportunity to offend the masses is just too tempting... and it's only 5am here-

As long as we're making gross generalizations, I think the opposite may be true, depending on how one defines/breeds light & dark.  

So I'll ignore the great diversity of skin tone across the African continent and just call them black (darkies) i.e. pure-bred Africans.  What you have in the United States, excluding recent immigrants, is a largely mulatto population with generally lighter skin.  

This African-American population has been coddled and patronized while at the same time the Federal Government has worked to systematically undermine any non-State community structures (everything from the nuclear family, to the church, to "unacceptable" political movements whether "red scare" or "black scare").  The result is an increasingly dysfunctional population despite some of the highest education spending in the world (and the same degradation applies to other groups as well i.e. dumb ass millennial whitey- who can also no longer reason, reason or write, much less be bothered to actually work hard or obtain useful skills like cooking, cleaning, basic plumbing, carpentry, or anything more complicated than assembling Ikea furniture... despite a bachelors degree that came with a quarter century indenture of debt slavery).  

So getting back to the darkies- despite a general lack of access to education (prior to arriving the US) the still have their nuclear families, their churches, and unacceptable political movements, moreover while Uncle Sam tries to drag them down into "his system" upon arrival in the USSA, they often maintain strong ties to their families and communities back in Africa and this impedes Uncle Sam's Progress!® towards their niggardization.

In short - whether one finds intelligence or idiocrisy in an individual has nothing to do with skin color, per se, and everything to do with whether Hitlery and her "village" have got their Statist hands and pop-culture "edumacation" on them.

* Methodology note:  I went through my address book and looked at about 100 friends predominately in West Africa who have well upwards of 500 kids, many of whom live or lived in the US (this sample set is skewed in the sense that while not all my friends are rich they are all hard working, the vast majority are college educated, and they are predominantly practicing Christians and Muslims).  I also blatantly ignored all the blacks that I went to extremely competitive schools and universities with decades ago.