It's Gold (And Silver) Slamming Time

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It's 830ET, do you know where your ubiquitous precious metal seller-in-size is? At 834ET, someone "special" decided it was the perfect time to sell $590 million worth of gold futures...



and Silver..


Wondering who?

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Fantastic, bring it lower.

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We'll just bill your grandkids for this.


They can thank us later.


Printing money is pretty cool.

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Not surprising considering who wants/needs to buy gold.  For those who forgot to add 1 +1:

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Picked up some shiny yesterday. Thanks boys!

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$12 silver is possible on a technical chart basis

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AIIB (not verified) Stackers May 1, 2015 8:21 AM

May 1, 2011 ring any bells? The supposed ISIS leader getting killed [Bin Laden echo], was just for decoration.


These fucks would be funny if they weren't so pathetic & unoriginal.

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the Sumerians and Egyptians inherited their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa and began with the arrival of the Anunnaki more than 200,000 years ago. Sent to Earth in search of life-saving gold, these ancient Anunnaki astronauts from the planet Nibiru created the first humans as a slave race to mine gold--thus beginning our global traditions of gold obsession, slavery, and god as dominating master. 

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publcus is this sound logical? when will the   anunnaki come to pick up the gold?

near bosnia piramid there is a writing on a stone wall, some old ( dont know how old, but old) thru is there, and it go like this

svašta picka rodi samo para i cigra nece


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And svašta picka rodi samo para i cigra nece translates to....


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"when will the   anunnaki come to pick up the gold?"


Perhaps more importantly, are they gonna accept a 'paper cash settlement' from some CFTC jew banker when they arrive?

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Someone with already deep pockets just got over $500 M richer in cash which they are using to buy physical gold or mining companies.  They never intend to deliver people .  And the beat goes on....

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$12 silver is possible


Are you willing to bet your life on it?

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What's your prediction on $12 silver 'availability'?

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The real question is, "How high will the premiums go to ensure supply at that price?"


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I just started a business of charging 'folks' $5 an ounce to dig a hole & bury their silver back into the ground. Goldman Sachs is gonna do my IPO.

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Bring it don't sing it motherfuckers!

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So Stackers sez "$12 silver is possible on a technical chart basis" 

and gets a bunch of down arrows? He is correct - I'm not a chartist, but he is correct, on a 'technical basis' it could go there.

Don't think it will, but near term, it sure could. Gonna stack me some more today or tomorrow, 'cause I'm more a 'fundamental' investor, (whatever the fuck that is any more) and at $15-16 bucks silver looks like a good store of value, but I've stacked it as high as $34 and as low as $15.50 - and it TECHNICALLY sure could go to $12.

So fucking what? Silver is a store of value as much as or more than an 'investment'. It is also a commodity needed in many fields of manufacturing.

So what is WITH you pathetic fucks that down arrow a factual statement because you don't like the facts? I don't like that statement either, but it is a fact. Or maybe you just didn't read it? Silver technically could go to $12. With any number of conceivable black swan events, it could go to $50. 

Place yer bets or stack on whenever you can, but understand the casino you are playing in, and why you are playing.

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If they do this then do the opposite. If they are this scared of gold and silver you have to realize that gold and silver is what you want and need. It is so obvious. They are in a panic.


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Not to worry, they got Nasim Salim barred for the day, so this is fundamentals in action.

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Central banks slamming gold/silver with paper sales out of one door and buying cheap physical out of the other.

Rumor is JPM is working to corner the physical silver market, buying it below the cost for miners who do actual work to get it out of the ground.

Who's going to stop them? No one.

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JPM is manipulating pm's lower using paper and then buying up the physical when its cheap. You have to ask yourself why would JPM do this? Why would they stock pile physical unless they know it will go up eventually? 

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JPM's greed and contempt for society knows no bounds

and they do it all with absolute impunity because they own the politico class

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Oil is going back up and not a peep..............

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And why should there be? You are talking very short term action. Next week it could be right back down.

Kind of like how the last fews days, all the PM bugs were out posting about the surging silver and gold. Just a bunch of noise. Now PMs are erasing all those gains.

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A "surge" of a $ or two shouldn't really be called a "surge"; not even a stirring in the loins really.

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I really don't know what to say other than "It's all messed up. All of it.  When it breaks, only metail wil be useful:  gold, silver, and lead."  Stock up boys.

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Amen I can see ZH reporting the spoofing guy really made a difference gold down 40$ this week wtf. If I pulled some shit like this Id be under the jail

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If you do it to the S&P definitely.  If you do it to gold probably not, unless you do it to the up side.

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Meanwhile China and India had this to say regarding the Feds downward manipulation of PM prices.

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iofera (not verified) Dr.Engineer May 1, 2015 8:08 AM

Bob, you're a nut.

Get into the basement - NOW! :-)

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The pot calling the kettle black, eh? :-)

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8:30am t0 9:30 am EVERY day...

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It does not happen everyday.  In fact, if I recall there was a zerohedge post where gold and silver "surged" instead of being beat down at this timeframe.

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It's not exactly being "slammed" either unless that's your definition of -0.72%.  In any case, the last time the markets fell weren't there margin calls which resulted in gold selling?  May be same thing going on.

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Saturdays are generally ok. Not much fraud on Saturdays. 

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8:30 to 9:30 is the witching hour EVERY day...


Whether up or down, the action always starts during this hour.

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They have to throw a surge ball sometimes or you would know every pitch.

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like clockwork 830 sell off and 11 ramp



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It's a beautiful.

It's so predictable u can profit out of it. New lows to come. YES!

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Surely an ETF must be available somewhere that capitalizes on this phenomenon.

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I would definitely invest in Citidel's Rigged Market Ultra Long or Proshares Spoofing 3x Fund!!! The problem is the fees are 120%/120%...instead of the normal 2/20%

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Actually, it's just the sunspots.

Nothing u can do about it.

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Why isn't someone here that sees this regular pattern just actually trading it, front running it with their own futures account.

I personally have traded the comex markets way back when and felt I was getting ripped off on fills.

Then again, if someone sees these patterns, then they also might have to see the value of charts, because that pattern would show up on a price chart regularly.

I got out of that game over a decade ago. I just own some physical and am satisfied with that. I don't care about the daily fluctuation or if PMs decline another 50%. Disclosure, I have and still maintain the prediction that gold will sell for under $1000/oz and silver, well shit I forget, but much lower then current prices. Let's say somewhere around $12/oz. Yet I do own some because I do find value in holding some physical.

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DOW +120 at the close today!!

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see previous article about spoofing!

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With 1177 breached, we may see 1158 coming.  It's an opportunity to stack!