If The Clintons Had Body Cameras

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...but what difference would it make...



Source: Townhall

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Wouldn't make a diff with the nationalized new carrying water for them

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If Bill had a body camera....(wink, chuckle)

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If the Clintons did have body cameras, we would see them packing cash in huge garbage bags.

Fucking bloody cunts! Yes, all of them, including Billy, Thieflary, and their fugly stupid daughter. ;-)


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Body cameras? Sounds like the Transparency Amendment.


The Transparency Amendment 

Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

More specifically, government is, and always will be, the tool of those who cause the problems.

Better legislation does not work.

Eternal vigilance does not work.

Better candidates does not work.

Transparency works. In the eternal war of makers vs. takers, transparency is the only way government can be anything better than a force multiplier for the takers.

Transparency works, which is why we don’t have real transparency. In fact, the lack of curiosity in the media is truly breathtaking. It seems almost as if the establishment media exist solely to fabricate a sufficient illusion of transparency to prevent revolt, but of course, we know they also exist to fabricate other illusions, such as the illusion of representation (e.g. They fabricated The Myth of Obama).

Given the entrenched forces resulting from so many generations without transparency, extreme measures will be necessary for about a generation. Therefore, I propose a new Freedom Amendment – The Transparency Amendment:

The Transparency Amendment

The President, Vice President, and every member of the Congress shall wear a device to capture the surrounding video and audio every second of every day while in office. Failure, for any cause, to publish all content to every citizen within one hour of capture by the device shall constitute forfeiture of office. Publication to a web site shall be considered sufficient to meet the requirement to publish to every citizen. Once published, such content shall remain continuously accessible to every citizen in perpetuity. Intentional or accidental removal or disabling of the device, by any cause, shall constitute forfeiture of office.

This amendment shall also apply to the Chairman and governors of the Federal Reserve, to all federal judges, and to all justices of the Supreme Court.

This amendment shall take effect sixty days after ratification.

This amendment shall expire twenty years and sixty days after ratification.


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On the right track but unrealistic and unratifiable.


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You really want video of Reggie and Barry sodomizing each other?

I don't

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You shouldn't bring Webb Hubbells daughter into this...

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...and their fugly stupid daughter.


FUCK me! ANOTHER keyboard.

I gotta get one of those plastic overlay thingies like they have at the auto repair shop. For cases like this, and most WB7.

Nose plugs won't work because the coffee would end up somewhere in my frontal lobe, thereby causing all sorts of shenanigans.


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The more we give a fuck, the more they get away with..

OR just referred to another branch of wasteful .gov spending that has that oversight authority now...


A POX on the house of clinTON..

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The obsession with the Clintons on this site is starting to feel a little Ken Starr-ish.  Be careful.  You don't want to expose your agenda.  Our team crashed the economy so we are going to attack the whole system in order to confuse and divert attention.  And we'll have websites that masquerade as independent and appeal to anti war dems while mixing in a less vociferous right-wing agenda.  Slippery fucks. 

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If you mean the people on Zero Hedge when say "our team", you have it completely wrong.  My impresson of the average person on ZH is that they hate each party with a passion and have a very decided Libertarian bent.  The hatred of the Clintons is because they represent, just as the Bushes do, everything that's wrong with American politics today.  Bill Clinton lied his way through the presidency, probably even more than GWB did.  Hillary is Bill on steroids in terms of the lying.  And through all their lies, many quite well documented by the way, their attitude can be summed up as follows, "Yeah, I know I lied; you know I lied; fuck you, I'm better than you."  That's the attitude, particular with Hillary, that ZH'ers simplyt can't stand.  As far as Bill, the shit he lied about was, for the most part, stupid to lie about.  I, for one, could give a shit if he smoked pot in college.  He could have said, yeah, I did, didn't like it, so I stopped.  But no, he uses the fucking, clearly bullshit excuse, I didn't inhale.  Man up.  With Lewinsky, I would have had a hell of a lot more respect for him if he came out and said, yep, I got a hummer from Monica and just shrug it off.  (The only problem I would have ahd is why, if you're president of the United States, did you pick some butt ugly skank to get it from.)  Instead, we get the ludicrousness of "it depends on what your definition of "is" is" and lying under oath in a federal case.  It's the over-the-top lying and constantly being given a pass by the "independent media" that steams people here.  It's not some kind of convoluted bullshit plot that ZH'ers have to give the elephants a chance to get the White House.

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That is certainly why I joined the 'Hedge nearly a year ago. It is an oligarchy not a democracy

Neoliberalism mixed with Neoconservativism. A little friction on some social issues but either way laws are made on behalf of the elites against the best interest of the people

This isn't Fox News or Drudge that I have seen.

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We could find her missing Benghazi emails. Also offline government Clinton Foundation tax errors. 

What does it matter? Caught livestream. 

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ALL stored in that sarlacc pit of a vag of hers..

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you'd have to wipe the come off the lens

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If the Clintons had body cameras...

...I would be projectile puking. A damn still-shot of either one of 'em causes the urge.

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Perfect...a FEDERAL requirement needs to be put in place for ALL employees in government positions, especially those susceptible to TREASON

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Clinton was the democratic trojan horse. Appealing to liberals and workers, he claimed to be an honest deal for all president. When in fact, behind closed doors, he told corporate America that he would personally "one up" the republicans and under the guise of a people's president, push a corporate globalization policy to the hilt. Promising to keep liberals on board by appealing to a few little meaningless social issues, he, Clinton would aggressively go all out to force through the "free trade treaties" that Republicans wanted, but liberals would stonewall. But, he, Clinton, had liberals on board, so he could absolutely go full speed ahead to deregulate banking and finance [Done!], push treaties for open borders [Done!], push through congress trade deals with foreign countires allowing the entire de-industrialization of America [Done!], and he would open capital rules to allow corporate and individuals to transfer their accounting overseas to avoid all taxes [Done!]

The Clinton wanted in return MONEY, money to win the election, jobs and money for family and friends. And after he retired, he wanted all kinds of posts in corporate boards, think tanks, anything allowing him to get even more money.

The secret was to out Republican the Republicans. Clinton, to this day is know and hated by Republicans as a liber socialist. And that was JUST the way it was supposed to look. It was a PR Lie, in fact, Clinton gave republicans more than they ever dreamed of getting.

And, Clinton gave Zionists everything they wanted, and he started the NATO expansion East, to satisfy the Military Industrial Complex, while raising the military budget in the face of a collapsed USSR>

Clinton fooled most all Americans. He was the best Republican ever! Think not? Look at his record, then come back and make your case. I think you can not.

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Monetas (not verified) Jack Burton May 10, 2015 1:39 PM

"Best Clinton rationalization ever .... he wasn't one of us !" Jokes On Us 

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he did, after all, sign the repeal of Glass-Steagal.

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Ditto Obama with respect to GW Bush.

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The Demcorats always use the same playbook for getting into the White House.

Someone who can masquerade as an outsider and "different" from those nasty old Washington Democrats.

Then, presto chango, the mask comes off and you fnd that they are even worse than the aboveboard nazis who have safe seats and thus no need to pretend.

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Excellent post per usual

Clinton and Newt had agreed to cuts in the Big 3: SocialSecurity, Medicare, Medicaid.

Only when Newt went for impeachment over Blowinsky, did gutting the safety net get put on hiatus til Pres. peace Prize gets his Grand Bargain some boring Friday afternoon Nov. 2016

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So Jack, you are saying the rest of the Democrats really are okay and they really do care about us?  Pfft.  You people and your changing of definitions.  I suppose you think Democrats are actually liberal too.

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It's 3AM in the morning. 

Hillary Clinton Ad - 3 AM White House Ringing Phone


I didn't get your foundation wire transfer into the bank account. Did SWIFT catch us? 

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A go pro strapped to Hilary's head? All we would is is Huma Abedin's flytrap and Wall Street bankers balls.

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Hummer Abdrool needs a rug-cam.

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Monetas (not verified) May 10, 2015 1:34 PM

Body cameras on their lapels .... you could drive a truck up that bitch's cunt .... a full size VCR camera would surely fit ?

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Stay classy,  redneck.  Don't you change! 

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If The Clintons Had Body Cameras



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The Clintons are like syphilis sores, not the disease itself, but a symptom of the underlying disease,

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission.


Guillotines are penicillin to tyranny.



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The many victims of the Reign of Terror beg to disagree. Or they would do so if they still had their heads.

Faithful execution of the plainly stated provisons of the Constitution is the prescription you seek. 

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I think kchrisc has decided that after 100 years of waiting for "faithful execution of the plainly stated provisions of the Constitution" it's probably time for another course of action.

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Bill could sell subscriptions?

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Dixie Flatline (not verified) May 10, 2015 3:06 PM

There might be justice for the multitude on the Clinton Body Count List.

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I laff'd at the thread title.

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   I prefer the Clintons without "body cameras"...(yuck) Just give them ankle bracelets, and I'm pretty sure everyone will be happy. :-D