Clinton Foundation Broke Transparency Promise To Obama, "Strong Armed" Charity Watchdog

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A few weeks back, we outlined what we called The Clinton Foundation’s “Geithner moment,” where, after a Reuters investigation revealed discrepancies, the charity decided to refile five years worth of tax returns and review filings dating back as far as fifteen years. At issue are disclosures around contributions from US and foreign governments which Reuters claimed totaled “tens of millions” of dollars in a typical year but which mysteriously disappeared altogether from the organization’s 990s starting in 2010. As we noted at the time, the Foundation was quick to point out that when it comes to charities, it is exemplary in terms of being forthright, but the missing disclosures will likely serve to fan the flames for Republicans who claim Clinton’s ties to the charities could make her susceptible to the influence of outside interests. 

A few days later, the charity’s acting CEO penned a lengthy blog post explaining the “mistakes” and assuring voters that the organization goes to great lengths to avoid conflicts of interest. Finally, a few days after that, IB Times questioned whether a $200,000 payment made to Bill Clinton by Goldman Sachs (ostensibly as compensation for a speaking appearance) was an effort to influence the State Dept’s decision making process surrounding a loan from the Export-Import Bank to a company that was set to purchase planes from a Goldman-backed supplier. 

The latest on what will surely be one of politics’ most well-covered stories over the next 18 months, comes again from Reuters who reports that despite the Clinton Foundation’s recent attempts to play down the missing 990 disclosures, information on government funding is still not publicly available. 

Via Reuters:

The Clinton Foundation has acknowledged that the government funding totals omitted from their tax returns cannot be found on their website either, despite the foundation's acting chief executive officer earlier suggesting they were available there.


The foreign government funding received by the globe-spanning charities of Hillary Clinton's family has received particular scrutiny in recent weeks as Clinton seeks to become the Democratic nominee in the 2016 presidential election.


The foundation's acknowledgement means precise totals for government grants to the charity for the last three years of Clinton's four-year tenure as secretary of state have still not been publicly disclosed. All U.S. charities have to separately disclose each year how much they get in government funding, both domestic and foreign.


Shortly before taking office in 2009, Clinton promised the Obama administration heightened transparency concerning donors to her family's charities to avoid accusations of conflicts of interests when she became the nation's most senior diplomat. In recent months, the charities have said they did not comply with some parts of the agreement.


In April, Maura Pally, the foundation's acting chief executive officer, said it was a mistake not to separately list government grants on its public tax forms for 2010, 2011 and 2012 after a Reuters review found errors, but added that the public could find the break-outs elsewhere.


"Those same grants have always been properly listed and broken out and available for anyone to see on our audited financial statements, posted on our website," she wrote in a statement on the foundation's website.


The audited financial statements, however, do not break out government grants separately, foundation officials told Reuters.


Instead, they combine them with an unspecified amount of funds from private grant-making organizations, in keeping with generally accepted accounting principles, the foundation officials said. The revenue tables in the statements do not make explicit that any revenue at all comes from governments.


Asked if Pally's statements were therefore incorrect or misleading, a foundation spokesman, Kamyl Bazbaz, said no, because it was not necessary to separately break out government grants on audited financial statements.

Meanwhile, NY Magazine alleges that the Foundation attempted to "strong arm" influential charity watchdog Charity Navigator (which we discussed late last month) after the group put the Clinton charities on a "watch list." Here's more:

After being the subject of a spate of negative newspaper accounts about potential conflicts of interest and management dysfunction this winter — long before Clinton Cash — the Clinton Foundation wound up on a "watch list" maintained by the Charity Navigator, the New Jersey–based nonprofit watchdog. The Navigator, dubbed the "most prominent" nonprofit watchdog by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, is a powerful and feared player in the nonprofit world. Founded in 2002, it ranks more than 8,000 charities and is known for its independence. For a while, the Clinton Foundation was happy to promote Charity Navigator’s work (back when they were awarded its highest ranking). In September 2014, in fact, the Navigator's then-CEO, Ken Berger, was invited to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative. Of course that was before the Foundation was placed on a list with scandal-plagued charities like Al Sharpton's National Action Network and the Red Cross.


Since March, the Foundation has embarked on an aggressive behind-the-scenes campaign to get removed from the list. Clinton Foundation officials accuse the Navigator of unfairly targeting them, lacking credible evidence of wrongdoing, and blowing off numerous requests for a meeting to present their case. "They're not only punishing us for being transparent but are not being transparent themselves," Maura Pally, the Foundation's acting CEO, told me by phone from Morocco last week. "Charity Navigator doesn't disclose its donors, but we do and yet that means we're suffering the consequences"...


Navigator executives counter that the Foundation has demanded they extend the Clintons special treatment. They also allege the Foundation attempted to strong-arm them by calling a Navigator board member. 

And here is the play-by-play:

The trouble with Navigator started on Wednesday morning, March 11. Foundation officials became alarmed when they received an anonymous email from the watchdog's Donor Advisory committee informing them they would be added to the list on Friday, March 13, unless they could provide answers to questions raised in newspaper accounts...


Over the next few days, Foundation officials desperately attempted to contact Navigator executives to rebut their claims but, inexplicably, couldn’t get through to anyone on the phone. On the evening of Friday, March 13, Pally sent a detailed email rebuttal...


It didn't work. During a tense phone conversation on the afternoon of March 17, Pally and Berger argued over the merits of the media's claims about the Foundation. Pally said they were without substance; Berger insisted that since the newspapers published the articles, they were relevant..


The Navigator invited the Foundation to respond publicly on their website. Instead, Pally asked Berger to meet and review confidential copies of the Foundation's handbook, “Global Code of Conduct,” and board bylaws. Berger declined, feeling it was another effort of backroom dealing and spin.


Full article here

All of this serves to underscore both the degree to which the Clintons will be put under intense scrutiny as Hillary ramps up her campaign to return to The White House (this time as commander in chief) but also speaks to the fact that despite the protestations of politicians, transparency into Washington's dealings with foreign governments is sorely lacking, a fact which serves to keep Americans mired in a perpetual state of ignorance when it comes to the geopolitical wrangling that ultimately shapes the course of world history. 

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jaap's picture

What difference at this point does it make?

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Obama broke transparency promise to Obama, so f**k him! She was playing follow the leader.

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Ya what difference does it make? "Nobody died this time"

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"Nobody died this time"

You don't know that.

The Clintons leave a trail of bodies like some homicidal train-hopping hobo serial killer.

pods's picture

Can we please stop calling this a charity. It is a slush fund. Ain't no fucking charity about it.


NoDebt's picture

It's 10% charity, 90% slush fund.  The normal ratio.

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Liars lying to liars.  Agenda taking priority over agenda.  Narrative trumping narrative.  BFD.  I don't trust any of them.

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Clinton charity. Oxymoron of the day.

El Oregonian's picture

Transparency? Obama's?, Clinton's? This is what is called the proverbial classic: The Pot calling the kettle black..."

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These people are tempting God to strike down the entirety of Humanity, FFS. 
But not to worry, the bad news is being yelled for the rooftops well before the elections such that the Perceptions Management Spin Doctors will have Plenty of Time Left to Establish New Bonafides, A Whole New Persona

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I would PAY to see this bitch perp-walked in orange jumpsuit and shackled.


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Mayweather Packy took in some $600MM from tickets and television.
Imagine the PPV haul for a day of good olde fashioned medieval retribution.

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I thought some of my friends were crazy for paying 100$ for tht shit. But for what you just described, 100$ would be a bargain.

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Hilary would start drooling in her shakles and leering at her buxom big nurse prison guard.

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I always appreciate a big bust in the mouth! :>D

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I would pay to see that over Mayweather dancing in the ring for 12 rounds. Plus, there would be an absolute outcome!

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Knukles & Carl, A great big Bingo to both of ya!
The biggest problem with Hillary, is that her head is still
attached to the rest of her. Roll Guillotines!

Remember. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
should be the name of a convenience store,
not a Govt. Agency!

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You surely would pay all right, as evil is only ever defeated by an even greater evil. I can only imagine the horrors to come if the current class of evil-doers is usurped.

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Evil is only overcome by God

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Clinton Foundation's biggest donor was Ukrainian oligarch

Antifaschistische's picture

Foundation....what is a "Foundation", why do they exist to begin with?

The whole purpose of a "Foundation" is to avoid taxation.   Which means the entire concept of a "Foundation" is really an IRS phenomenon.

So WHERE IS THE IRS in these investigations!!!   This "FOUNDATION" should not have FOUNDATION status!   And if it didn't have Billary attached to it, and if the IRS VIPs weren't puppets of the DNC then then there's no way in hell this foundation would keep it's tax exempt status.


Max Cynical's picture

I looked it up, "The Clinton Global Influence Peddling Scheme" is synomous with "The Clinton Global Initiative".

NotApplicable's picture

Wow, this is just rich! What's so hard to understand about the concept of "their law?"

FYI, the IRS shouldn't exist either, but hey, evil somehow finds a way.

centerline's picture

Some folks got Arkancided.  (quite a few actually).

Ass Burger's picture

It makes none.

The Smiths - "What Difference Does It Make?"

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Seymour Hersh: Clinton's Entire Account Of Vince Foster's Death Is One Big Lie; This Is What Really Happened

although official reports claim that vince foster rode to work on his unicorn raised in bunudu-land, the truth is that his unicorn was raised by a pakistani boy in a ranch south of mexico city.

more details can be found in the 10,000 word story, which settles once and for all the mysteries about vince foster.

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When Obama gets pitchforked...hell take Hitlery with him.

Ghordius's picture

as a foreigner and alien, can't say. in fact, I don't understand exactly why Americans are so fond about the Presidency as institution

Brits had a six-week long electoral campaign for a whole parliament for five years, and spent a fraction of a fraction of what clear losers of this presidential race will spend

meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is already in campaign mode and we don't even know who she will campaign against yet. so we will again endure a two-year long race, costing billions of Super-PAC money... all for one freaking person with way too much power to begin with

Bush told us "you are either with me or against me". Obama? Pivoted to Asia, whatever that means. And now we hear that foreign affairs will be very important for the next race... shall we be... anxious about what that means?

I'll make you a suggestion: let us in the Rest Of The World vote. We'd nominate, of course, George Cloony for President and Jon Stewart for VP  ;-!

NotApplicable's picture

Gee Ghord, that's quite a horse-race analysis of the grand puppet-show ya got there.

Especially given your own fondness of puppet-show institutions that exist only to separate humans from humanity.

I do find it hilarious though that a statist like yourself would admit that government gives any single person too much power.

Perhaps there's a peaceful ideology lurking in your incoherent world-view after all, eh?

Ghordius's picture

N/A, I'm for sure not a convinced statist. "The State" is an institution I would happily do without, if it was feasible

but we have over one hundred of those beasts prowling the planet, and there are striking differences among them

including how they are built, and this matters a lot

is my world-view incoherent if I postulate that we have not found yet how to get on without states?

btw, state does not mean war. you don't need a state for a war. but you still need a state for a ... <damn>... peace

bring it on: a peaceful territory without state. I'm the first to come and cheer

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Named Elizabeth Warren, with VP Bernie Sanders

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Lets hope that we can have just 1 day without the assault of this skanks image..

Stackers's picture

The Carter Foundation also has gotten lots of foreign donations. Namely from the Saudi's

The Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation is chaired by HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, and vice chaired by HH Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel.  The Foundation has donated a total of U.S. $2.4 billion to initiatives

Stoploss's picture

There is a very long pattern of Saudi influence for the past 40 years. It started with Jimmy.

It's finally starting to creep out because it cannot be hidden anymore due to the level of technology we use now.

So, in case the Saudi fucktards haven't figured it out yet, THERE ARE NO MORE SECRETS.


This is going to get interesting because the troubles of America can now be traced, and those traces always seem to end up with the Saudi's...


Perseus son of Zeus's picture

There aren't anymore secrets.

This was produced in israel:

Believe it or not. It's true.

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If she gets elected, buy everything you can.  She's hung out her shingle to the banks (ours, theirs, whoever):  "Everything's for sale and you own a printing press".  That should be her campaign slogan.

It's gonna be fucking EPIC.


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dark ages will come back, you will ask for Barry xD

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NPR is going full tilt for Hillary. 

Yup...  Hillary for Prez.  We all know it is coming.  Express train to hell.  All aboard.

(might as well just get on with it).

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The way I see it, a vote for Hillary is a vote for the "great reset" happening sooner rather than later.

I'm voting straight Democrat ticket this year.  The Rs are making too many noises like they want to fix stuff.  I don't want anything fixed.  I want it good and fucking broken.

Yeah, the Rs and Ds want the same thing.  I just want the LEAST COMPETENT, MOST CORRUPT leaders in high office we can get.  That's looking like Hilly and Co. to me.

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+1 on that.  Vote straight up what the radio says and blank checks for congress.  Let's get this party kicked into high gear!

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The hidden danger from being 'Zero for too long'.

The type of misery that you desire can last well beyond your lifeline.

If the Puerto Ricans can get SS disability for not being able to speak English you can surely get it for being Zerofied.

rubiconsolutions's picture

"The way I see it, a vote for Hillary is a vote for the "great reset" happening sooner rather than later."


What this kind of statement does is underscore just how immoral voting is. Voting is an act of violence. Someone who votes for Hillary...or Jeb...or Mario...or whoever is simply using a proxy to impose their will on others. Nobody has the moral authority to appoint a legal and political leader over others against their will. I haven't voted since 1996 and won't ever again for that reason.


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As I tell people all of the time, "Feel free to choose any leader you want to follow. Choose mine though, and we've got issues, as you're pure evil, and I want nothing more to do with your violent ways of organizing society. Your solution is nothing more than putting a gun to my head."

Then when I get that confused look from them, I make a finger gun, point it at their heads, and with as much malice in my voice as I can muster, tell them "Do as I say, or I'll fucking kill you while stealing everything you own."

Then I ask, "Now is this any way for a peaceful society to organize?"

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Truly the greatest evil in the world is representation. (See real meaning of 2nd Commandment, ie accepting an image as the real.)

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Y'all come to shop at Clinton's Big Bargain Barn! (formerly Bill & Hills Five & Dime)
We've gradutated to the Big Leagues from nickle and diming it. Come with your bribes, send your bagmen, no offer is to big and no amount of cash unwashable.
Spend a million or more, and you will receive a completely untraceable e- mail account with auto-delete if supenoaed button.
Soooo come on down to Clinton's...please.

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Lawrd do I love me a good Clinton bash!

This couple sent HIV tainted blood from the Arkansas Prison system that was laundered via the red cross (yeah, vampires), inspite of repeated warnings about the possibility of contamination.

AIDS (symptoms) exploded amongst th epopulations of Japan, France and India, the primary recepients of said tainted blood.

This couple, the fact that they even stand a frigging CHANCE of being back in the WH is a slap on the face of the American collective and a pat on the back of the controllers.

Bush V Clinton 2016....beyond bizzaire if it happens....

FSA is growing by the will march for twinkies.

Think about that. What is anyone doing to stem the SNAP tide? TPP? 

The word inexhorable comes to mind, barring some deus ex machina....

It is exactly the same with dynastic politics here in India. Worse. Everything is corrupted here politically..

ends... 20:

NotApplicable's picture

Politics is nothing BUT corruption.

chrsn's picture

In Bizarro World, opacity = transparency

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hillary is a scary individual.  she seems to have no compassion whatsoever, like a female sociopath.  and that is something we, as a society, are mostly unfamiliar with.