Greece Shows Nazi Video To Commuters In Desperate War Reparations Bid

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Two weeks ago, an unnamed EU official told Handelsblatt that it was “completely absurd” to think that Greece would be able to make a €750 million payment to the IMF on May 12. Essentially, the official said, it was logistically impossible. Impossible that is, unless you use money which is already at the IMF to pay the bill, then it becomes not only possible, but very easy logistically, even as the sheer absurdity of tapping SDR reserves to pay the Fund makes it very difficult to swallow politically. 

At the time, we said the following: "So while things do not look particularly promising in terms of avoiding a Greek default in just 10 days' time, Athens can always (re)play the war reparations card." As it turns out, we were right on the money (no pun intended) because Greece did indeed effectively default, and now we learn that Syriza is once again playing the war reparations card, this time by looping a video of the Nazi occupation on public transportation. 

Via CNN:

Greece is stepping up pressure on Germany to pay billions in compensation for war damages by running a video depicting Nazi crimes.


The 50-second video, displayed on public transportation in Athens, features graphic images of wartime suffering, including people starving to death, children being sent to concentration camps, and villages being destroyed. The video's tagline is: "We claim what Germany owes to us."


"The focus (of the campaign) is to rescue the historical memory of the Greek people," said Kyriakos Zilakos, a Greek Defense Ministry spokesman.


Athens claims Germany owes Greece 279 billion euros ($317 billion) in reparations for war damages. Berlin has firmly rejected the claim and said the matter has long been closed. Germany paid Greece 115 million marks in 1960, as required by reparation agreements. On top of that, it also paid compensation directly to individual victims of the Nazi regime in Greece -- forced laborers, for example.


But the Greek government is now saying the past payments were not enough.


"The issue of German debt is above all an ethical issue and the whole campaign aims at closing the wounds of the past," Zilakos said.

First, it’s worth mentioning that there’s something rather ironic about attempting to stir up an acute sense of nationalism via a video about Nazis , but irony aside, there’s also something a bit unnerving about the fact that the Greek government is now so desperate for cash that they are willing to sear WW II images into the minds of commuters, heightening already elevated anti-German sentiment in the process.

Meanwhile, Greece is selling off its largest port in an effort to raise cash and appease creditors. Here’s Reuters:

Greece on Thursday offered a concession to its international lenders by pushing ahead with the sale of its biggest port, Piraeus.


Greece has asked three firms to submit bids for a majority stake in the port, a senior privatisation official told Reuters, unblocking a major sale of a public asset as the EU and the IMF demand economic reforms from Athens.


Despite the conciliatory move, Germany's Bundesbank showed no sign of easing off on its hardline stance towards Greece.


Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann criticised weekly top-ups of emergency funding to Greek banks, saying in a German newspaper interview that this broke a taboo against the European central banking system financing governments.

As for Varoufakis, well … he dreams in drachma:

“I wish we had the drachma, I wish we had never entered this monetary union. And I think that deep down all member states with the eurozone would agree with that now. Because it was very badly constructed. But once you are in, you don’t get out without a catastrophe”

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ZH Snob's picture

that's a little over the top.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Oh fuck the Greeks at this point & time.

To those of you who support the project -- explain to me how this is an example of European unity without answering my question with another question.  AKA basic humanity 101. 

Urban Roman's picture

What about Alexander? Was he really so great?

Can we assume Greece will be repaying the Moguls and Rajahs and assorted Poobahs of India and its neighbors for damage inflicted by Alex?

Robert3620's picture

When Greece leaves somewhere to direct hate, the only explantion for something like this.

justinius1969's picture

I am sure Goldmans can answer that.. afterall, they "helped" the Greeks gain entry into this expirement.. An experiment so big that when it blows up it will affect us all.. 
Phoenix ouit of the ashes anyone...?

We can only hope...  

yogibear's picture

It will never work. If Germany buckled it would have to pay other countries as well.

Just makes people within Greece hate the Germans.

BigDuke6's picture

Ads brought to you By Goldman/tel aviv/ fox

Just to remind the Germans they fucked with the wrong Tribe

BigDuke6's picture

Just To remind all white Homogeneous peoples Not To mess with the chosen ones
As if hollywood didn't have a monopoly on that
Tarantino Clooney et al

data_monkey's picture

Good thing they had a version of this video with English subtitles. Greek would've been a tough translation for me. Very handy.

youngman's picture

Thats bad to piss of the Germans..they will be your tourists in the future...and that is all Greece will have to sell in the tourism...

Infinite QE's picture

More zio-sponsored madness. Documented fact that the true global rapists are the zios. F'em all.

The_Dude's picture

Cheesepopes couldn't get this translated and spun into distribution fast enough....

Dumgoy's picture
Dumgoy (not verified) May 15, 2015 6:55 AM

Oh NO!!! Not the Natzis again, when will the pain and sufferink ever end?!!! 

Infinite QE's picture

Time for some videos on the holohoax to be run on the NYC subway with demands for trillions in reparations from the zios for the global holocaust they've caused.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I think you're more likely to see videos on the MTA of burning crosses and KKK Marches down Penn Ave in the 50s blaming the woes of the black population on the evil white people. 

Glad Obama is there to mitigate racial tensions in the US.  

NoVa's picture

"I hate Illinois Nazis"

~ Jake of Blues Brothers

29.5 hours's picture



I wonder if any film still exists of the Greek murder and despoliation of Jews and Syrians and Turks during the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after WW1...




Your guess is as good as mine's picture
Your guess is as good as mine (not verified) 29.5 hours May 15, 2015 7:10 AM

Got a link?

29.5 hours's picture



Reasonable request--but for some reason I could not find a satisfactory one. The breakup of the Ottoman state was a period in which just about every ethnic or religious grouping went to horrendous lengths to enforce claims of statehood.


Freddie's picture

Maybe the Greeks should have showed the videos before they voted on the EU-SSR-Zio union and EURO.

Usurious's picture
Usurious (not verified) 29.5 hours May 15, 2015 8:12 AM


If the Ottoman Empire had not been defeated, would the criminal state of Israel exist..........I mean, that had to happen first as I really dont think that the Ottomans would just give the jews a homeland.

The jews planned the whole thing, and are responsible for both world wars.........

Quinvarius's picture

It is actually valid claim.  It was not a pleasant occupation.  Germany just doesn't want to hear about it. 

Haus-Targaryen's picture

By your logic, the Italians would be on the hook as well. Remember, they are the ones that got the shit show going in Greece. 

29.5 hours's picture



Excellent point. It is amazing how these omissions in official historical memory work.



Haus-Targaryen's picture

Yeup, but never mind.  Why won't the Greeks go after the Italians for cash?

1) The Italians have no post-war guilt.  Zero.  They'd tell the Greeks to get fucked and go back to striking.  

2) The Italians have no cash either.  

elvy's picture

Um, the Italians actually lost. Invaded and got summarily pushed back across the Albanian border soon after that.


Besides, Italy lost territory to Greece postwar. Dodecanese (Rhodes etc) was Italy's up until 1948.

Quinvarius's picture

So we should put Greece in the position of having unpayable debt similar to that of pre WW2 Germany?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Counterpoint - 

Debts imposed on Greece were done by 3rd parties.  

Debts imposed on Greece now are done by themselves, because EU.  

Infinite QE's picture

The world is still occupied by zio-madmen. When will this end?

Robert3620's picture

How is it valid? The end of the war was 70 years ago. At some point people need to move on and be responsible for today and quit blaming the past. 


Quinvarius's picture

There are still people alive who lived through it.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Yes, so the Italians are on the hook too?  Right?  What about the Austrians?  I mean -- a good chunk of First Panzer Group were from Austria.  Should they be on the hook as well?  

I need answers if you are going to make claims like this.  

Quinvarius's picture

Yeah.  because I am making a totally ludicrous "claim" that when you shoot, starve, and rob and entire nation there should be some payback.   Do you know what the NAZI's did in Greece?  Do you think those films are re-enactments?  They are a small portion of what actually happened.  And now Germany is coming to starve and rob them again over some horse shit confetti they print themselves?  WTF do you expect Greece to say?  There is no justification at all for what Germany and the ECB are doing in Greece as the print 60B a month to bail themselves out.   Greece owes Germany?  Then Germany owes Greece.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Here is the occupation zone of Greece from 41-44;

Explain to me why the Germans need to pay, but the Italians (and hell, I'll even throw in the Bulgarians too) do not.  

I'll wait.  




Infinite QE's picture

Because the Germans have money and the Italians don't?

Haus-Targaryen's picture


Lets see if our intellectually bankrupt friend and his government can admit the same.  

(I think probably not) 

Urban Redneck's picture

There are two primary components in any risk-reward analysis.  Ignore the former at your peril.

Quinvarius's picture

Your point being...what?  Do think I am going to say warcrimes are okay if someone else does them?  You have no point.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

No, my point should be exceptionally easy, even for you to understand.  

You say that Germany owes Greece money because of the invasion & occupation in WWII.  

Ok, fine.  I disagree, you are entitled to your opinion.  

However, Germany wasn't even the largest force in the battle of Greece, Italy was, and you say the Italians don't owe anything but the Germans do, when, they did literally the exact same thing.  

I am highlighting a logical disconnect within your argument, and am asking you to justify it.  You don't seem able to.  

Quinvarius's picture

I answered your question.  You dont understand the answer because you don't even understand how Bulgaria ended up a vassal state of Germany in Ww2.  You are oversimplifying an issue.  My answer on warcrimes was sufficient.  You have no point.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Ok, back to my original question -- what about Italy. If this is about compensation for war crimes then Greece needs to be going after Italy as hard if not harder than they are going after the Germans.  Me thinks its a cash grab, and the Greek government is dancing on the graves of all those who died to try and extort cash out of the Germans.   

I re-read you posts in this thread in case I missed it -- you've been dodging this question for quite a while now.  

Either logically explain to me why Italy shouldn't have to pay, but Germany needs to, or admit you are an intellectually bankrupt asshole.  Either one will work for me at this point & time.  

Quinvarius's picture

I answered your question. You keep insisting you don't understand.  To what extent were crimes committed by Italy before Italy was occupied by Germany?  To that extent they pay.  You keep trying to oversimplify the politics because you don't know the history.  My answer is the answer.

NAZI Germany without doubt invaded, looted, starved and murdered in Greece.  You are telling me Greece deserves no adequate compensation?  Fine, you have a retarded opinion like most nonthinking crowd followers.  You hear a stupid opinion TV and repeat it until the MSM unscrews your head and pours in another one.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You are either 1) stupid, 2) ignorant or 3) a combination of 1 and 2.  

Italy was never occupied by Germany you fool.  It had an independent fascist government which allied with Nazi Germany.  But apparently history isn't your strong suit, nor is intellectual honesty.  

Your answer is one-sided biased bullshit.  What you are saying is essentially this;

1) Germany should pay for Italy and Germany's war crimes & Italy shouldn't pay at all


2) War crimes committed before September 1943 don't matter.   

I have never said war crimes didn't happen.  They did.  No one doubts that. I assert they were committed by the occuping forces being the Germans, the Italians and the Bulgarians.  I therefor assert that all 3 should be liable to pay for said war crimes.

You say only one should pay.  

So keep it up bud, you're just digging a larger hole for yourself.  

Edit - and before you let the Bulgarians off the hook;

See, all you want is the cash, and you don't even have the stomach to admit it.  No wonder this part of the world has become a rotten shithole.  

Quinvarius's picture

Italy was occupied by Germany during WW2, dude.  LOL.  They were about to surrender to the allies so Hitler invaded. 

Please just stop.  You have no valid points, no understanding of the basic concepts of law, or even an understanding of WW2 history.

Feel free to keep pretending I said only one party that commits a warcrime should pay.  You simply looked at a wiki page out of context.  You misunderstand the situation.  You emotionally responded.  Now you want to put words in my mouth.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Hi, my name is Benito Mussolini, have we met?

I came to power in Italy in the mid-1920s, I supported the German annexation of Austria to help improve relations with Fascist Italy, as I needed Hitler's support to retain control of my government.  Then, in 1936 I signed willingly a treaty with Berlin to cement the Rome-Berlin axis.  

So unless you are really willing to say that Germany was threating to invade Italy in 1923, when he came to power (when Germany experienced 500000% inflation and had no military) -- you are again filled with shit.  

I can do this all day.  I have no problem citing source after source after source.  You can keep grasping at straws and looking foolish publically.  

EDIT - I don't need to put words in your mouth.  You are doing the hard work for me. 

Quinvarius's picture

Germany occupied italy in 1943 after Italy signed a peace treaty with the allies.  Clearly, you are just going to keep blathering because your epeen got all dented.  Have a good day.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

My epeen didn't get dented at all.  

You still have yet to answer my original question, being why Germany should pay -- and Bulgaria and Italy shouldn't.  
Run away child, run away, or gas yourself.  Either or. 

Quinvarius's picture

I answered you repeatedly.  But you live in a world where facts like like Bulgaria was a vassal state of Germany, and Italy actually switched sides in the middle of the war don't matter.  Italian soldiers actually fought Germany, not just in Italy, but in Greece as well. 

I will repeat it again.  To the extent war crimes were committed, they should be compensated for.  That is the answer.  You have no points to make by attacking the same answer I keep giving you over and over.  You don;t understand this because you don't undersatnd the facts of the conflict.