79 Members Of Congress Have Been In Office For At Least 20 Years

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

No wonder Washington never changes – 79 members of Congress have been there since Bill Clinton’s first term in the White House.  This list includes names such as Reid, Feinstein, McConnell, McCain, Pelosi, Boehner, Rangel and Boxer.

In this article, I am going to share with you a complete list of the members of Congress that have been “serving” us for at least 20 years.  They believe that they are “serving” us well, but without a doubt most Americans very much wish that true “change” would come to Washington.  In fact, right now Congress has a 15 percent approval rating with the American people, and that approval rating has been consistently below 20 percent since mid-2011.  So of course we took advantage of the 2014 mid-term election to dump as many of those Congress critters out of office as we possibly could, right?  Wrong.  Sadly, incumbents were re-elected at a 95 percent rate in 2014.  This just shows how broken and how corrupt our system has become.  The American people absolutely hate the job that Congress is doing, and yet the same clowns just keep getting sent back to Washington again and again.

Our founders never intended for service in Congress to become a career, but that is precisely what it has become for many of our “public servants”.  As of this moment, there are 79 members of Congress that have been in office for at least 20 years, and there are 16 members of Congress that have been in office for at least 30 years.

No wonder so many Americans are advocating term limits these days.  When there are dozens of members of Congress that know that they are going to be sent back to Washington over and over again no matter how the American people feel about things, that can cause them to become extremely callous toward the will of the people.  Instead, often these politicians become increasingly responsive to the needs of their big donors, because it takes big money to win campaign after campaign.  I am sure that if George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were running around today, they would be absolutely disgusted by how our system has evolved.

The following is a list from rollcall.com of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate that have served for at least 20 years and the dates when they first took office…

  • Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Jan. 4, 1977
  • Thad Cochran, Miss. Dec. 27, 1978
  • Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Jan. 5, 1981
  • Mitch McConnell, Ky. Jan. 3, 1985
  • Richard C. Shelby, Ala. Jan. 6, 1987
  • John McCain, Ariz. Jan. 6, 1987
  • James M. Inhofe, Okla. Nov. 30, 1994

The following is a list from rollcall.com of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate that have served for at least 20 years and the dates when they first took office…

  • Patrick J. Leahy, Vt. Jan. 14, 1975
  • Barbara A. Mikulski, Md. Jan. 6, 1987
  • Harry Reid, Nev. Jan. 6, 1987
  • Dianne Feinstein, Calif. Nov. 4, 1992
  • Barbara Boxer, Calif. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Patty Murray, Wash. Jan. 5, 1993

The following is a list from rollcall.com of the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives that have served for at least 20 years and the dates when they first took office…

  • Don Young, Alaska March 6, 1973
  • Jim Sensenbrenner, Wis. Jan. 15, 1979
  • Harold Rogers, Ky. Jan. 5, 1981
  • Christopher H. Smith, N.J. Jan. 5, 1981
  • Joe L. Barton, Texas Jan. 3, 1985
  • Lamar Smith, Texas Jan. 6, 1987
  • Fred Upton, Mich. Jan. 6, 1987
  • John J. Duncan Jr., Tenn. Nov. 8, 1988
  • Dana Rohrabacher, Calif. Jan. 3, 1989
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla. Aug. 29, 1989
  • John A. Boehner, Ohio Jan. 3, 1991
  • Sam Johnson, Texas May 18, 1991
  • Ken Calvert, Calif. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Robert W. Goodlatte, Va. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Peter T. King, N.Y. Jan. 5, 1993
  • John L. Mica, Fla. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Ed Royce, Calif. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Frank D. Lucas, Okla. May 10, 1994
  • Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J. Jan. 4, 1995
  • Walter B. Jones, N.C. Jan. 4, 1995
  • Frank A. LoBiondo, N.J. Jan. 4, 1995
  • Mac Thornberry, Texas Jan. 4, 1995
  • Edward Whitfield, Ky. Jan. 4, 1995

The following is a list from rollcall.com of the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives that have served for at least 20 years and the dates when they first took office…

  • John Conyers Jr., Mich. Jan. 4, 1965
  • Charles B. Rangel, N.Y. Jan. 21, 1971
  • Steny H. Hoyer, Md. May 19, 1981
  • Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Jan. 3, 1983
  • Sander M. Levin, Mich. Jan. 3, 1983
  • Peter J. Visclosky, Ind. Jan. 3, 1985
  • Peter A. DeFazio, Ore. Jan. 6, 1987
  • John Lewis, Ga. Jan. 6, 1987
  • Louise M. Slaughter, N.Y. Jan. 6, 1987
  • Nancy Pelosi, Calif. June 2, 1987
  • Frank Pallone Jr., N.J. Nov. 8, 1988
  • Eliot L. Engel, N.Y. Jan. 3, 1989
  • Nita M. Lowey, N.Y. Jan. 3, 1989
  • Jim McDermott, Wash. Jan. 3, 1989
  • Richard E. Neal, Mass. Jan. 3, 1989
  • José E. Serrano, N.Y. March 20, 1990
  • David E. Price, N.C. Jan. 7, 1997 Also served 1987-95
  • Rosa DeLauro, Conn. Jan. 3, 1991
  • Collin C. Peterson, Minn. Jan. 3, 1991
  • Maxine Waters, Calif. Jan. 3, 1991
  • Jerrold Nadler, N.Y. Nov. 3, 1992
  • Jim Cooper, Tenn. Jan. 7, 2003 Also served 1983-95
  • Xavier Becerra, Calif. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Sanford D. Bishop Jr., Ga. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Corrine Brown, Fla. Jan. 5, 1993
  • James E. Clyburn, S.C. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Anna G. Eshoo, Calif. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Gene Green, Texas Jan. 5, 1993
  • Luis V. Gutierrez, Ill. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Alcee L. Hastings, Fla. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Eddie Bernice Johnson, Texas Jan. 5, 1993
  • Carolyn B. Maloney, N.Y. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Lucille Roybal-Allard, Calif. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Bobby L. Rush, Ill. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Robert C. Scott, Va. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Nydia M. Velázquez, N.Y. Jan. 5, 1993
  • Bennie Thompson, Miss. April 13, 1993
  • Sam Farr, Calif. June 8, 1993
  • Lloyd Doggett, Texas Jan. 4, 1995
  • Mike Doyle, Pa. Jan. 4, 1995
  • Chaka Fattah, Pa. Jan. 4, 1995
  • Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Jan. 4, 1995
  • Zoe Lofgren, Calif. Jan. 4, 1995

As you looked over those lists, you probably noticed that they contain many of the members of Congress that Americans complain about the most.

Unfortunately, because the vast majority of these individuals come from states or congressional districts that are basically a lock to vote a certain way, there is very little hope of ever removing them.  That means that most of these Congress critters are going to get to keep coming back for as long as they want.

No matter which political party you prefer, this should greatly disturb you.

Our founders certainly never intended for a permanent class of elitists to rule over us.

But that is what we have.

We are supposed to have a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but instead we have a government of the elite, by the elite and for the elite.  Most people do not realize this, but today most members of Congress are actually millionaires.  The disconnect between members of Congress and average Americans has never been greater than it is right now, and I think that is a very troubling sign for the future of this nation.

So is there a solution to this problem?

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yogibear's picture

Time to throw the bums out.


LianaKaulitz's picture
LianaKaulitz (not verified) MonetaryApostate May 18, 2015 7:53 PM

Who's more hated? Who does more damage? Who commits more crimes? Who creates the money as debt with interest out of nothing and gets to foreclose on houses by way of the scam? And gets us to bail them after? With its implant the Fed? Which the government has no say in what it does?

Achilles Heel's picture
Achilles Heel (not verified) LianaKaulitz May 18, 2015 7:55 PM

Billy Mack

was a detective down in Texas


You kno he knows just exactly

What the facts is


He ain't gonna let those 2 escape justice...







smlbizman's picture

well, with voting being legit....i guess the machines show us who we want....fucking dumb ass sheep...im married to 1 who knows but just doesnt want to let go of her dreams....me...i save the gas...

HowdyDoody's picture

Term limits (2? 3?) and limits on election expenditure.

Larry Dallas's picture

You can't have professional members of the Free Shit Army (welfare, disability) have voting rights. There is too much of a conflict of interest there.

I hoping these voting rights will be more thoughtfully distributed after the coming Revolution.

falconflight's picture

I can think of a sure fire  more thoughtfull distribution of voting rights, but I'll likely be arrested if suggested;0

Butterflying's picture
Butterflying (not verified) falconflight May 18, 2015 8:56 PM

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JLee2027's picture

Term limits needed for Congress. 

Congressman Hank Johnson 

Rep. Hank Johnson said he feared that stationing 8,000 Marines on Guam would cause the island to "become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize." 

5 years later and he is still in office. 

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Pretty much everyone used to laugh at me when I said if voting made a difference it would be illegal. Now? Most to be sure, but an increaing number have seen the truth.

Down to Earth Thinking's picture

nothing like a career elite plutocrat for massive incompetence, makes the corporatocray look valid or real ? nothing is for sale in DC or your state capital thats for sure !

willwork4food's picture

John Conyers Jr., Mich. Jan. 4, 1965


This must be a typo. If not then we should seriously think of hiring some young butty to have sex with them so they die from a heart attack. Money well spent.

813kml's picture

John McPain's date is missing a 'BC' next to it.

falconflight's picture

He was a rep before he acquired his Senate Lordship.

Chuck Knoblauch's picture


For Mitch McConnell and his Dragon Lady.

The war on drugs has been successful for the politician.

The more military bases with landing strips, the more successful they are.

falconflight's picture

Too bad Rand Paul openly endorsed and campaigned for that miserable phuck.

Winston Churchill's picture

A short rope, a long drop, and a sharp kick.

813kml's picture

The Gunpowder Plot was a more efficient plan.

Ban KKiller's picture

Corruption pays...very well! I am sure that there are some folks who really represent the people but they don't work in Congress.

War profiteering bank stooges. Did I call it or what?

Goldilocks's picture

Jay: [after he and Silent Bob join a gang and the Golgothan poop monster is heading towards them] Smoke that motherfucker like it aint no thang! - Dogma

Arthur Schopenhauer's picture

In them we place our continuing trust.

deimos178's picture

I had a friend who was a lobbyist for several years in DC. He would come home for a few weeks and then go back. One time he stayed home for a bit longer and I asked him if he was finished there and he said yes. I asked him why he stopped and he got this far away look in his eyes and said, "They need a hanging, every last one of them." 

GRDguy's picture

Thank you, thank you, thank you for pointing out why it's so important to vote out incumbents in every primary, and to vote for the least-finaced representative of your choice.  It will eliminate the build-up of these power bases, quickly!

A Lunatic's picture

An informed citizenry is the safeguard against this shit. These bastards don't elect themselves......

falconflight's picture

One wouldn't even have to be necessarily informed...common sense (jmo) dictates that incumbents shouldn't be.  Even if some good ones bit the dirt, that would be a small minority.  

General Decline's picture

What does this say about the "citezenry"?  Rhetorical question.

nmewn's picture

Well they certainly do their best to keep everyone un-informed, no dobt about that...lol.

So with that said, here's a bit of marketing nonsense from "our brothers" across the pond...

"In doing so, we'll be exploring some of the key themes of Magna Carta, the rights of subjects, (Edit: He said with a straight face...lol) the limits on the power of monarchy, and the meaning of the rule of law."

The Rule of Law!...surely some of the brightest judicial minds from all of Britannia will preside over this mock affair of "law", the subjugation of the people and the power of a monarch ruling at will by fiat!


"The trial will be judged by Lord Neuberger, President of the UK Supreme Court (allegiance to the queen); Dame Sian Elisa, Chief justice of New Zealand (a vassal state of the queen) and the Hon. Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court (an aspirant to the court of kings & queens)."

ROTFL!!!...hamburgers, hotdogs & fish-n-chips to all ;-)


Arthur Schopenhauer's picture

I wrote an E-mail to my local congressman that simply said "YOU FUCKER".

falconflight's picture

Last time I wrote mine a few months ago, it was about foreign aid.  Congressman Meadows of NC.   His staff's reply was about abortion.  I let them have it and wrote that the Congressman's Chief of Staff needs to clean up such incompetence.  I got a phone call from his office apologizing.   Otherwise, Congressman Meadows was one of the few that voted to remove Boehner as Speaker, and he's voted against Boehner on budgetary issues as well.  

Omen IV's picture

The problem is not the criminals in DC- they do what they are supposed to do -  lie, cheat and steal - that is their M.O.

The probem is Americans are morons. They should collectively walk in the closet of their bedrooms and close the door and blow out their brains in the interest of advancing Civilization !

pragmatic hobo's picture

congress should have term limits ... 2 years.

A Lunatic's picture

You willfully deliver yourselves up to your masters, continually enable them to enslave you by every means, refuse to accept any responsibility for the outcome, yet marvel that you are 'victimized'........

Seize Mars's picture

Throw the bums out? Good luck. You aren't allowed to. You think you have "elections?"

Wake. Up.

It's rigged. It's all rigged. There are no elections.

Arthur Schopenhauer's picture

I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

Arthur Schopenhauer's picture

After I talk to all my relatives, my friends, and my neighbors, and have talked about why we should be mad as hell and we shouldn't take this anymore, I'll come back here and we will discuss silliness.

One And Only's picture

Congress having a low approval rating is actually a good thing. If people in San Fransisco approved of my congress critter that would mean I would hate where I live. But where Nancy Pelosi is they seem to like the job she's doing.

willwork4food's picture

I tend to correlate Nancy Pelosi with heaving after too many beers.

Please stop posting her name. Thank you.

seminal1's picture
seminal1 (not verified) One And Only May 19, 2015 12:18 AM

Q: How can you tell if Nancy Pelosi will be tight-lipped about a hot button issue?

A: Because she will also be tight-foreheaded and tight-eyelided! 


After being elected the new House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi was smiling from ear to ear which is pretty impressive considering how far her ears have been pulled back.


If Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer were on a sinking ship, who would be saved? Middle class Americans! 


p00k1e's picture

Term limits are anti-freedom

Seems to me it’s the people’s that reelects incumbents. 



mastersnark's picture

As long as the establishment decides who's on the ballot, term limits are one of those "feel good" do-nothing laws that are important to the human cattle. 

JLee2027's picture

Electronic voting cannot be trusted. The only real solution is term limits, as there will be no "establishment".

WTFUD's picture

All Yooz are jealous 'cause Senile McStain's a Fucking War HERO.

falconflight's picture

Many of the black congressional caucas are on the list.  They do represent their constitutents.  For instance:

  • Alcee L. Hastings, Fla. Jan. 5, 1993

The only Federal Judge to be impeached, yet his peeps love this Marion Barry of the House.  

correction: Impeached and convicted. BJ Clinton was impeached, but not convicted.

mastersnark's picture

15% approval rating and all re-elected...wait, could TV be lying to me about "free elections?" 

crisrose's picture

And yet morons continue to file into voting booths on [s]election day.

falconflight's picture

Low voter turnout, maybe 30 percent even during general elections.  The party primaries is where the action is at.  And with 15% or less particpating on average, that is why the worst are reelected time after time.  McConnell had a decent party challenge, but turnout was so 'who gives a fuck,' that that filthy corrupt GOProg made it easily in the primary and beat the DemPerv Alison Grimes in the general election.  

Too bad Rand Paul supported McConnell.  I think Paul has been punked out by the Party, and I'm pretty suspcious of him now.