"Go Now!": China Threatens US Spy Planes In South China Sea

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There's trouble brewing in The South China Sea, where Beijing has been using "scores of dredgers" to turn reefs into islands in the Spratly archipelago. Atop the new islands, China has been busy building things like cement plants and 10,000 foot airstrips capable of landing fighter jets and surveillance aircraft. 

China shares contested waters in the area with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, and the US has made it all too clear that China's reclamation efforts constitute an unacceptable attempt to "use sheer size and muscle to force countries into subordinate positions." That, along with reports that Washington is looking into options for countering China's island-building project, set up a contentious scenario that culminated in Beijing advising the US to "refrain from provocative action" in the area. 

Having thus set the stage, we bring you the following clip which shows what happens when US spy planes come a little too close to China's newly created military outposts.

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Deathrips's picture

You go home round eye!


Are they going to sell some treasuries or just come out of the closet with the gold holdings...if not its just more bs.



Comte de Saint Germain's picture

About time the emerging superpower takes concrete steps to show a decaying US NAVY who the real boss is.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The MIC is controlled by the same oligarchs who make money in China selling us goods we used to make here.  This is all bullshit to keep the American public sleeping under their beds and happily funding the MIC aka oligarchs with tax dollars and Fed printing, while people continue to shop at Walmart and wonder why anyone would pay higher prices.

MonetaryApostate's picture

Guberments....   Sum Dum Fuks....

Manthong's picture

The MIC/SIC does not give a hoot about the expednables there.

The holes in the sky they drill is a waste of time, money and effort.

It's just another opportunity for conflict.

Been there, done that.

That P-8 is way cool and techie.. but

I would prefer lower and slower in a turboprop.

Paveway IV's picture

This is just crazy. The damn Chinese are just ruining these atolls that are nowhere near their country and turning them into giant, remote military bases - for what?? Just look at the huge airport landing strip dwarfed in this picture by the rest of their gigantic military complex. They must be trying to take over the world!

Whut?? That's Diego Garcia? Oh... nevermind, then.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Proves once again that Russia is not the problem, unless those Chinese are all slant eyed Russians of course... ;-)

Laowei Gweilo's picture

gotta admit, they learn from the best


and do a great job copying... these are some pretty damn impressive islands


arrogant as hell tho .... even most of the 25-35 affluent mainlanders i know think it's pretty arrogant and too aggresive


and they'd probably care if it was encroaching on US or Russian or Canadian waters... they Phillipines? lol they think it's rude but they also don't give a fuck

Oh regional Indian's picture

Ahhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa! Haaaahahahaaaa....

"unacceptable attempt to "use sheer size and muscle to force countries into subordinate positions."

I mean, y'know, what does one say?

Hippo Crazy!



Latina Lover's picture

Perhaps the Chinese are fed up with endless US threats to blockade their oil shipping lanes?

Besides, the Chinese may be hundreds of miles away from their coastline but the USSA is worried about islands more than 6000 miles from California?

Oh regional Indian's picture

All this is supposedly a play/ploy to thwart the Trans Asia New Grand Silk Route (the land bridge).

Most of the fighting will happen at sea though. 

All at sea...

Bananamerican's picture

"The MIC is controlled by the same oligarchs who make money in China selling us goods we used to make here"

No. Not quite.

They are two different sets of amerikan/western Oligarchs...AND the Chinese DO have their OWN interests, aided and abetted by one set of those indifferent amerikan/western oligarchs.

However, neither the MIC folks OR the WalMart gang give a flying fuck about the American People to be sure...They DO have that in common

old naughty's picture

since 'horse face' was just by, on a land visit, so he represents one set and not the set who come flying by snooping?

weren't the drone set owned by...?

Aguila2011's picture

Building all those airstrips at sea level ... guess that means the ChiComs don't believe in Global Warming and predictions of sea levels rising any time soon!  What's Al Gore, Barry and the EU got to say about that?

SumTing Wong's picture

Wait until the Chinese show up in the Gulf of Mexico...

"All your waters are belong to us."

Manthong's picture

um.. maybe that is why King Hussein is pivoting to Cuba.

AIIB's picture
AIIB (not verified) Manthong May 21, 2015 3:10 AM

Wait until they show up in invisible subs in Los Angeles harbor... Oh Wait!

Manthong's picture

“and the rockets red glare”

“different sets of amerikan/western Oligarchs.”

Modern China was designed by the same powers that set up the Fed and thinks that they can globalize and control the whole F’n world.

They are going to be in for a surprise.

Counterpunch's picture
Counterpunch (not verified) LetThemEatRand May 21, 2015 12:18 AM

paranoid, facile, and wrong.

Zero Point's picture

Media were allowed on the plane..... to sell the public more planes.

Go MIC, and their MSM sales force.

Ace Ventura's picture

+100......would also add the MSM NWO Marketing Team is not only selling the sheeple on the need for more MIC hardware, but also on the need to go 'kinetic' with the latest recreational war. Cuz the Chinese and Russians are buzzing our noble spy planes, building bases all over the world, etc. Oh, and those dastardly chinese are also manipulating their currency! The friggin NERVE! That's like....cheating and shit!

Oh yeah, and terrorists and stuff.

Cistercian's picture

I especially like the quote about the unsinkable Chinese aircraft carrier...some poster here said exactly that some time ago.......

Like I said then...it is an ominous development.

Manthong's picture

unsinkable.. like the almighty FRN.

schadenfreude's picture

I proudly present our new aircraft carrier "Unsinkable II"

And what happened to Unsinkable I ?

Oh never mind.

luckylongshot's picture

"unacceptable attempt to "use sheer size and muscle to force countries into subordinate positions."...Can the US say anything more hypocritical than this?

exi1ed0ne's picture

They hate us for our freedoms?

HolyfieldsOtherEar's picture

Those islands would look a lot nicer with a Filipino flag flying over them. Uncle Sam needs to be a good ally to the Philippines and Vietnam and turf the Chinese out.

aurum4040's picture

Its now CNN not only propagandaing i mean prepping the mainstream  a war with russia but also with China. I and many others on this blog an others have known about China's SCS militarized infrastructure for some time now. Its very far from BS. Well only if you consider being owed nearly a trillion dollars that you will never receive back merely BS? 

Freddie's picture

My God.  A US Navy plane filled with white males and one female pilot and CNN is not demonizing the whites like they normally do.   Amazing.

I do not watch shit TV or Hollywood's shit but CNN is often playing in places like airports, post offices, restaurants, airliners and other places.  It is always about some race baiting story, noble blacks and evil whites and other race baiting memes.

Now CNN is in full war mode.  What a joke.

Manthong's picture

You probably do not want to know this, but..

In the good old days before liberalized women invaded the front lines of military airplanes there were cans to accept excretions.

Now that everything is sanitized and up-jet there is likely a blue room and a mug truck waiting at the destination airfield.

The girls are good with this.

But although they can squat over a modern blue swoosh pot, they will never have the memory of leaking in a can and then crawling out to the greenhouse nose.


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AIIB (not verified) Manthong May 21, 2015 3:16 AM

The most hysterical thing was back in '09, about a month after Obama in White House, rug muncher Rachel Maddow was in Afghanistan (with full on flack gear & helmet) doing this whole tour, whereby the conclusion was, in solemn & subdued tones... "I get it now"...


Get what bitch? Did they shove a baggie of opium up your ass?

Manthong's picture

Wizard of Ounces..


What color were her slippers in the book?


AIIB's picture
AIIB (not verified) Manthong May 21, 2015 6:34 AM

You get "HOPIUM" from growing "POPPY"

janus's picture

and you get opium from growing poppies.  it's so crazy, bitchez -- here's a little open secret: there are many species of poppy whose seeds are widely available and whose flower-pods yield an abundant amount of tar.  cultivation is a 'grey' area.  it is legal to grow opium poppies ('bread' poppies, for example, are a high-yielding variety), but you cannot scar the sides for the purpose of extracting the opium tar...which, when dried, is raw opium, has a 'flowery' taste when smoked, and will make you for a moment believe wild balderdash -- like that all of mankind can sit around a camp-fire holding hands & singing cum-by-yah (or so i'm told; janus just does a lot of reading).  nevertheless, Keats, Byron, Colridge and many others did some rather exception work when under the poppy's poisonous spell -- and many of them died prematurely because of it.  but that is not to say that opium and all its derivatives isn't an ominous poison.  it is a real demon of an intoxicant.  it is almost mystical in the spell it casts.  almost as if it has a sentient malevolence. i do not exaggerate.

and yet, it remains the most effective pain killer on planet earth.

many poisons are medicines up until the point of poison's titration to detriment.  

so here's the thing, supposing one of a curious mind, a titrator who likes to tinker with perception and such, were to get it in mind that making 'poppy tea' from the dried flower pods of any among the 'papavar somniferium' genus were a consequence free activity; let's say he were for some reason able to persuade himself that this thing wasn't 'addictive'; perhaps by using specious inductive reasoning such an one may potentially say to himself, 'well, janus, it isn't refined or processed in any way...it's gotta be as innocuous as weed...right from the ground, God's gift to an aching back without any nasty side effects.'  oh, woe betide ya, ya stupid-stupid simpleton wooing your weakness & inclination to vice with such sophistry.

and, gentlemen, these pods were easy to buy on ebay for a long-long time.  it was amazing at first...a ten hour fix of splendid bliss sans consequence.  and then, well, you go on a trip and take it for granted that you're not addicted to anything.  approximately one day into this trip you come down with an excruciating bout of the flu...or something similar.  you at first can't quite figure it out.  i mean, you're sick as a dog; but you're at the same time aware that you're not 'sick'.

and then it hits you.  and then you know you've got to knuckle under and go cold turkey.  it isn't fun; it takes time; it hurts; it takes a lot of resolve and discipline; but it's more than worth it (or so i'm told...i just read lots of stuff).  any man that would let his will be governed by a substance is lacking in self respect.  i wish it weren't so; but it is.  

this is coming from someone who's rather candid about his indulgences in and weakness for this or that; but, metaphorical allusions to monetary policy aside for a moment, the levels of opioid addiction in this nation is frightening.  when 'folks' are abetted in their delusional rationalization that the wanton and wreckless abandonment of the will to opium by doctors who allow them to interpret their actions as therapeutic 'medication' rather than junkiedom and smack-heads represents of perversion of this national soul which is everywhere evident.

we've tried everything else with drugs...i say just legalize them all (though some of them should be limited to distribution in "red-light" districts.  let vice be vice and let its consequences be on vivid display.  if people want to destroy themselves, so be it.   maybe addiction isn't the disease; perchance the junkies are themselves the disease.

that shit snatches peoples' souls...it's subsumed the being of many a good man...several known by yours truly.

"there is a way that seems right to a man; but the end of that way is death."

young Zealots: the only things you can get away with moderate consumption and not have to in the exchange sacrifice your soul are beer, wine & a lil herb...maybe i'm wrong on the herb; but i don't think i am.  in moderation, i cannot find any real and catastrophic flaw with it.  even so, young Zealots, even these have very real consequences...but for some of us, it's nice to insulate yourself from a sick and depraved world with the occasional beer and a bong toke.

and to whatever extent and for whatever reason, i think these decisions should belong to me...and, yes, even 'you' (not necessarily 'you' AIIB, more like 'you' and all the 'yous' out there just like 'us').  i get nauseous with this 'fibromyalgia' bullshit -- sounds like withdrawal pains to me (or so i'm told...i just read lots of stuff).

this country is eventually going to reap what it's sown...it's an immutable law of nature -- and returning again to the metaphorical reference to monetary policy, this shit is going to hurt when we have to withdraw; and we're going to have to precipitously withdraw -- cold turkey.  'tapering' is only a momentary step before you take the plunge...like when ripping off a band-aid, and right before you rip the first hairs smart from the strain of it's sticky adhesive (okay, that's enough extension of the metaphor).  


we used to do a little/

then a little wouldn't do it/

so the little got more & more...



WillyGroper's picture


>>>>>>this 'fibromyalgia' bullshit

funny you mention this farce. i had a doc try & prescribe lyrica to me & that was after showing him an xray of a broken C4 with C3 sitting right on top of it with 3 bone spurs. i called him on it.  then come to find out from a doc's for dollars watchdog site that lists dr's accepting gifts from pharma (only in escess of $250) he just happened to be gifted in excess from Forest Labs. you guessed it...maker of lyrica.

it's a big club & we ain't in it.

janus's picture

Manthong, your comment above took me back...memory lane:

to pee on the MH-53s there was a little funnel attached to a tube that vented out the port side.  and here's a prank that never grew stale: anytime a new arrival went up for a flight, you'd instruct him to communicate with the flight engineer through the "back-up com system" (the pee funnel) and you'd make up some reason why the dave-clarks were incommunicado...you'd start barking at him and yelling, "airman, speak the fuck up! FE can't fuckin hear your pre-pubescent squeaking.  no, put your mouth right over the rim...fuckin yell at him...if he doesn't know that the rear hover stick is engaged, we're all gonna die, and your poor mother will go to her grave knowing that her son was too vaginal to bark through back-up com!"

they'd always cup their mouths deep into the pee funnel, desperate to get the SOS to the flight engineer...horror stricken & panicked.  

those things were so nasty...calcified with piss residue going back to nam...much like our whole squadron.

in all of HGS & SOS there were like, maybe, 5 or 6 females outta like 300 or so of us...none of them were pilots, FEs, crew chiefs or adventurous rakes with a taste for local flavor.  great group of guys...even our gals -- air force had the best chics of all the services.  but, fathers, probably a bad idea to send your daughters off on TDY with adventurous rakes like janus...not really a setting well-suited to chastity and whatnot.

anyway, the osprey is a piece of shit, a death-trap, an MIC boondogle and signaled the end of a glorious era in special ops.

gentlemen, this was an amazing machine:



50 cal in the rear; a 30 cal mounted both port and starboard...a dinosaur retro-fit with some cool electronics and such.  a masterpiece of aeronautical engineering done back in the days when slide rules and clay models formed the germ of our boys' genius for design...and still, with all their fancy computer modeling, they can't do better than airframes like the 53 and fixed wings like the B52.  America sure was something back when being exceptional didn't make you an enemy of the state.

green feet ghosts,




STP's picture

Speaking of people urinating in military aircraft, having an all woman air crew, may save the Pentagon hundreds of millions of dollars!  You see, women sit, while men stand.  Men standing, tend to splash and spray, especially in turbulence.  That splashing and spraying soaks the blankets, which in turn, soaks the aluminum skin and structure of the air vehicle.   On a C-130 Hercules, it is not an uncommon thing, to replace the entire rear stringer, supporting the rear cargo ramp on both sides, because of this corrosion.  That peice is 18 feet long and extends from the bottom of the ramp, to right underneath the tail!  It is a big job to remove this, as it is curved at the bottom, then straightens out, alongside the ramp.  This is the main structural component, holding that whole section together.

IronForge's picture

Women just sit? I take it that you've never had a Golden Shower as part of a Mile High Club Repertoire.

I haven't either; and don't plan on it - just had to mention it - ROTFL!!!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Chumba  Wumba?  Tub Thumping time.

BTW, these guys must be having a lot of boating accidents, to be trying to recover their Precious from the sea floor. 

BullyBearish's picture

It's going to be fun being the underdog again...just like 1776

robertsgt40's picture

Just curious.  How far is the China Sea from tge Gulf of Tonkin?  

researchfix's picture

And why is it called China Sea?

yrad's picture

"Please go away"

I 2nd that!

dirtyfiles's picture

we can and you can not

Arrowshot's picture

Started calling 30 minutes out. Time to send a carrier down for a bit of freedom of navigation exercises. Wonder if China will make an announcement about their gold reserves tomorrow!!

deja's picture

It's not how much gold, it's how many times it's been rehypothecated.

Parsecs Taxi's picture
Parsecs Taxi (not verified) May 20, 2015 9:40 PM

I read on CNN about how pathetic and yet provocative the Chinese are. They have to make islands out of sand 300 miles out in the ocean, and they have to work weekends to get it done. They don't even have something like Hawaii, or the Philippines. Losers.