"Strongly Dissatisfied" China Warns US "Accident" Is "Highly Likely" In South China Sea

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Things are escalating rapidly in the South China Sea where Beijing has figured out an innovative solution to the notion of “disputed waters.” 

As regular readers are by now acutely aware, China appears to have adopted the maritime boundary equivalent of the old “possession is nine tenths of the law” axiom because Chinese dredgers have been busy for some time now creating islands out of reefs in the Spratly archipelago. Once the islands are complete, China promptly colonizes them. Next comes the construction of cement plants, ports, and 10,000 ft airstrips. 

Not surprisingly, Washington isn’t fond of China’s “sandcastles” and everyone from President Obama to the Pentagon is now shouting from the rooftops about territorial sovereignty and Chinese “bullying.” 

The US took it up a notch this week when it flew a spy plane over Fiery Cross Reef, presumably just to see what would happen. A CNN camera crew went along for the ride. What Washington discovered is that when it comes to protecting its new islands, bashful China is not.  “This is the Chinese Navy… YOU GO!” was the message that came over the radio. 

The rhetoric and sabre rattling haven’t let up a bit since then and in fact, there’s been a steady stream of quotables from both sides over the past 48 hours. Here’s the latest. 

Via Reuters:

The United States vowed on Thursday to keep up air and sea patrols in international waters after the Chinese navy repeatedly warned a U.S. surveillance plane to leave the airspace over artificial islands China is creating in the disputed South China Sea…


The incident, along with recent Chinese warnings to Philippine military aircraft to leave areas around the Spratly archipelago in the South China Sea, suggested Beijing is trying to enforce a military exclusion zone above its new islands there.


Some security experts worry about the risk of confrontation, especially after a U.S. official said last week that the Pentagon was considering sending military aircraft and ships to assert freedom of navigation around the Chinese-made islands.


The senior U.S. diplomat for the East Asia, Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel, told a media briefing in Washington the U.S. reconnaissance flight was "entirely appropriate" and that U.S. naval forces and military aircraft would "continue to fully exercise" the right to operate in international waters and airspace.

He said the United States would go further to preserve the ability of all countries to move in international waters and airspace.


"Nobody in their right mind is going to try to stop the U.S. Navy from operating - that would not be a good bet," he said.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi last week asserted Beijing's right to reclaim the reefs and said China's determination to protect its interests was "as hard as a rock."


China has also said it had every right to set up an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the South China Sea but that current conditions did not warrant one.


ADIZs are used by some nations to extend control beyond national borders, requiring civilian and military aircraft to identify themselves or face possible military interception.

And as if that isn’t enough, here’s more from a separate Reuters piece:

China said on Friday it was "strongly dissatisfied" after a U.S. military plane flew over part of the South China Sea near where China is building artificial islands, and called on the United States to stop such action or risk causing an accident…


Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the Chinese military drove away the U.S. aircraft, in accordance with relevant regulations, labeling the U.S. action a security threat to China's islands and reefs.


"Such action is likely to cause an accident, it is very irresponsible and dangerous and detrimental to regional peace and stability. We express our strong dissatisfaction, we urge the U.S. to strictly abide by international law and international rules and refrain from taking any risky and provocative actions," he told a news conference.

It's impossible to overstate the magnitude of what China is attempting here. Beijing has literally created new sovereign territory in the middle of the ocean and is now effectively enforcing a no-fly zone.

And despite the rheotric out of Washington regarding how no one "in their right mind" would try to curtail the movement of American military operations, that is exactly what China did this week when it essentially told the P8-A Poseidon spy plane to either stop it with the spying or become a part of a reef underneath a Chinese sandcastle. 

We can't wait to see what happens next week.

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kaiserhoff's picture

The Pacific is a big pond.

As long as they don't cut off my supply of cashew chicken, I'm not worried.


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

What really pisses off the pentagram more than anything is it doesn't have the capacity to pull off a project of this magnitude...

Took Red Pill's picture

"Chinese “bullying.” The US is the one trying to force through the TPP!

random999's picture

I dont often support the USA when it comes to military actions, but in this case what china is doing needs to be stopped!

Most likely it will risk a war of uknown scale, but a chinese invasion of waters that clearly eighter international or belongings to malaysia, vietnam or philippines is in no way acceptable.

Some people might think; USA is doing the same with military bases all over the world. Wrong. USA have agreements with countries all over the world to station military in THEIR countries.

I'd say there is no point in waiting for anything, everyone who knows the chinese knows how this will end. Put hard against hard, not USA alone but entire western nations must help out on this one to make it work out. An alternative to military action would be a 100% trade embargo against the chinese but that would require heavy reforms in our economies for the financial system not to collapse, so our useless corrupt politicians sadly wont do that anytime soon...

GMadScientist's picture

You might take a closer look at American history between say 1890 and WWI. We did plenty of shit just like this or worse in the caribbean, central america, and ironically enough, the Phillipines.

random999's picture

So in what way is 1890 and WW1 relevant? Go back a few more years and slavery was legal too and forward a few decades electric power would introduced to our societies, whats your point?

Most western (and other) countries have done their pile of shit back in the days, in what way does it justify China doing shit today?

qomolangma's picture

And do China claim some islands and islets nearby California???

Or do they claim some island in the other horizon over many thousand kilometers like the Argentina's Malvinas becomes the UK's Falkland?


China just claim something within their own backyards. And it's none of the Empire business. And if the Empire continues their provocation, something bad will happen for I do believe that China won't back off even one inch. In this case, the Empire's threat won't scare the Chinese away.

shouldvekilledthem's picture

USA have agreements with countries all over the world to station military in THEIR countries.



"You will agree to have this base, or else we are going to attack you on every single non-agressive way first (economocally, financially and "digitally") and if you are still hesitating then using the military power."

Today, the American Empire is a lot more scary than the chinese and russians combined.

SilverHo's picture

The "American Empire", you mean your freemason and Iumminaties created all over the world and especially in Western Countries.  But you should know, much more innocent people all over the world not belonging to your club(freemason and Iumminaties) and we are more massive numbers than yours.  Justice always standby our side.

qomolangma's picture

@ shouldvekilledthem


+10  you started with italics, denying the upvotes

Doña K's picture

  "Y YU NO GO NAU" (????) in Chinese actually means: The meeting is tomorrow.


Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

It's a TRAP!


Admiral Akbar


Joe Tierney's picture

In 1996 or so Bil klintoon rammed two aircraft carriers down China's throat by sending them up the Taiwan Strait, as a signal to "leave Taiwan alone!" The Chinese were intensely humiliated and profusely angry - they have since then developed weapons and strategies to prevent any repeat of such a humiliation.


So this time, the U.S. will no doubt try ramming more naval assets down China's throat in the South China Sea - but the outcome is going to be far different.


Go ahead, numb-nuts in the Pantygon, push China into a corner and see what happens....

angel_of_joy's picture

...So this time, the U.S. will no doubt try ramming more naval assets down China's throat in the South China Sea - but the outcome is going to be far different.

Exactly ! Hence, the not so subtle hint about a possible "accident"...

Reaper's picture

To kill an Archduke cannot be forgiven. To attack a navy in a Pacific Island cannot be forgiven. To sink a ship in Havana cannot be forgiven. An exceptional nation's pride goeth before its fall.

the_narrator's picture

Whatever happens, the rules are far simpler than you imagine: Any attempt to replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency will lead to war.  We run the world.  Our dollar is legal tender -- EVERYWHERE.  Anyone else who wants out of that game will be on the other end of our military might.  This is high stakes poker pal.  We're the house and we get to decide what cards are dealt in what order and everyone else has to play along or else.  /murica

Stormtrooper's picture

Is the S400 Russian missile (which Russia sold to China) strictly ground-to-air for aircraft or is it capable of taking out ships as well?  We might soon find out.

Jack Burton's picture

Strictly an Anti Aircraft and Anti Missile system. China does have Russian made Anti Shipping Missiles, but mostly just Chinese copies of older Russian anti shipping missiles. If China were to actually act in a naval sense, one of their Submarines could surprise a US Navy Warship. Like one did a couple years back, surfacing inside a USN anti submarine screen around a Carrier.

The US and China are heading for a real confrontation. At sea, things can happen, as local captains and admirals might have to act on short notice. Remember, when Bush became president, the Chinese sacrificed a jet fighter, to ram and down a US spy plane, that only survived by landing on a Chinese air field. That one came close, as if the US plane had crashed, Bush would have been forced by congressional Republicans to act militarily.

China can do some damage to US via their large reserve of US treasuries. They are likely now to push hard to end dollar hegemony. China also is going to back Russia to the hilt in Europe, something they were reluctant to do. Washington has some strange desire to push China and Russia into a non-declared alliance. The strength of the cooperation was seen when Russia sold the most advanced AA missiles in the world the S-400 to China. This one sale has ended US Air supremacy in Chinese skies. In other words, do not expect a US Carrier to lauch an Air Wing against China, flying into an S-400 protected area would result in perhaps 30% losses. 50 Aircraft, 15 shot down. No Airforce can sustain a loss rate of even 10%. So my bet is the USN would not launch air strikes. Missiles would be used, but S-400 was built to shoot down US missiles.

Freddie's picture

It might be even worse than that if the USA is using the F-35 against China, assuming the F-35 can actually fly and work.


A Rand Corp. (the evil bastards who game nuke wars) said the F-35, F-22 and F-18s would get destroyed by the Chinese if they are using Russian Su-27s.  The F-35 was total junk and the F-18 was dated and aging junk.

This mirrors what Pierre Sprey has said about the F-35.  The Air Farce thinks air combat is stand off push button radar guided missiles but Pierre Sprey has said that is BS and at the end of the day, planes have to dogfight.  He said for 50+ years tha Air Farce has dream of long distance air engagements.


blabam's picture

Lol ya guys US military sucks! Russian is awesome!!!! lol. People on this blog will suck up everything if it fits in with their US .gov sucks/ is evil believes. 

Fish Gone Bad's picture

When things are really important, trust no one.

Max Steel's picture

whtver helps yiu sleep pub .

post turtle saver's picture

many here have a pretty large blind spot when it comes to this topic...

the US military doesn't necessarily beat you with so-called superior tech (although they have it in spades), they beat you with training and most importantly logistics...

name a single country in the world that has a military presence in the Pacific (or anywhere else) that rivals the US... visualize just how many forward bases and depots can be stockpiled with the trillions upon trillions of dollars that have been spent over the years... name a single country that has the level of recent combat experience up and down the entire command chain compared to the US... you can't, no such animal exists...

when's the last time an Ohio class has ever been spotted in the wild against its will? that would be never... I can guarantee that a few well placed conventional Tomahawks aimed at Three Gorges would ruin China's shit in an instant, and there wouldn't be a damned thing they could do to stop it... the war would be over before it even began the Chinese would come to the table so fast...

the other elephant in the room that everyone is discounting is Japan... sure, you laugh, but I want you all to visualize what would happen if the US unleashed Japan into the region, no holds barred, against China and Russia... think on that for a moment while you dream of a handful of unproven S400 systems and Russian tinker toy fighters taking on the world...

this is not a pretty picture, no one wants this, but the Chinese have a loooooooooong history of acting too big for their britches when it comes to this stuff... they're in for a surprise if they keep this up... a rude, painful surprise...

Freddie's picture

Japan?  Japan is a dead country.  Killed by Fukishima and stuxnet there plus horrible maint by the Yakuza contractors.  Japan does not have a clue.   I do not hate the Japanese but their culture is totally **ked up  to allow Fuki to happen and continue.  There is arguably no fix for Fukishima and there is arguably no recovery.  You are ****king clueless. 

post turtle saver's picture

like I said... horrible, myopic blind spots constantly displayed here on this topic... yours just adds to the pile...

americhinaman's picture

i have 3 friends (mid 30s) who spent a reasonable amount of time (over 1 year) in tokyo, post-fukushima.  1 has cancer, and the other 2 are sterile and unable to have kids... both health disorders very likely caused by radiation.  while 3 for 3 is too small a sample to be sure, but it's also too sure to simply ignore.

while living in singapore, immediately post-fukushima the government import spot checks found that the japs sent highly irradiated vegetables imported from japan.  while no one was particularly surprised during that time, what was notable was that the detailed investigation found that the vegetables originated from farms in the fukushima region.  the japanese had gone ahead and harvested what they knew were highly toxic foods and re-labeled them with packaging from a distant region... if i recall correctly labeled from hokkaido, i.e. a region in japan famous for high quality and safe agricultural goods even after fukushima.  then they shipped it abroad and charged others to buy the poisonous veggies.

singapore had very thorough screening around that time; hopefully they still do... but i don't think many countries in the world are as careful at their ports.  therefore i would strongly suggest that everyone avoid any buying goods originating from japan, unless that is you're trying to sterilize yourself or die young.

napper's picture

Get ready for the 2020 Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan.


Or should they change venue?

napper's picture

According to some reports, seismic graphs for the Fukishima disaster indicate that it was not an earthquake in Pacific, but an explosion. Moreover, people in Japan, China, Russia, South Korea etc are calling it an "attack" instead of "natural disaster"


I haven't digged deep into this and don't know if everything alleged is true.


If it was indeed an explosion, it will be "first degree fun" to find out who planted the bomb to cause the Tsunami that destroyed Fukishima.

napper's picture

Ohio class subs are nowhere near as stealthy as you claim. Being huge and nuclear powered, they display a wide spectrum of signature emissions. No country that can detect them would bother to disclose the capability, for obvious reasons, especially in the case of China. The most stealthy subs are small and battery powered ones.


The logistics advantage is good and sufficient for conflicts with small countries, not enough for countries like Russia and China, who can take out all US bases with missiles. (In the Korean War, the Chinese had no established economy, no heavy industry, no missiles, no navy, no air force, no tanks, no heavy artillery, no adequate clothing and food, and yet beat back well-armed UN / US troops and forced the largest military retreat in US history. In light of the vast number of US soldiers killed in a very short period of time, Truman had to declare national emergency, something not done even for WWII.)


Tomahawks are obsolete against Russia and China. They are too slow and easily jammed or fooled. It's been reported a while back that trained gunners could shoot down 50% of cruise missiles like the Tomahawks by sight, ie. without computer assistance. As for missile defense systems, you seem to be more confident than the users - the US military, where whistleblowers have been criticizing the gaps between inflated specs and actual performance in the field for decades.


Exactly what do you have to gain from a military conflict under false pretenses with China?

Demdere's picture

I believe that it is true from the beginning of written history that all nations which pursued military strategies lost.

There are no remaining Empires except the US of A, and none of us expect that to last much longer.  We are dying of the standard disease of empire, military costs and the consequence taxes that have killed the economy.  50% of the budget is military.

The only certainty about wars and battle is that you lose.  Even when carefully measured after an individual battle that you totally won on the field, you lost economically and in opportunities.  Someone is walking past you while you aren't looking.

Freddie's picture

No Pierre Sprey and others think the F-35 sucks and is a piece of junk. 


Sprey worked on the F-16 and A-10 with Colonel John Boyd andColonel Riccioni.


I doubt you even know who John Boyd was.   

TheFutureReset's picture

I just left that life and I think manned fighters' days are numbered. 200 cheap drones can replace a pilot and jet for the same $. 

napper's picture

Forget the F-22 and the F-35. They are for show only and not ready for skies near China.


Worse, all the teen series legacy jets (F-15, F-16, F-18) are now outclassed by modern Chinese Flankers. (The original Russian Flankers had demonstrated clear dominance over the F-15 since 1992).


China has also acquired sufficient number of advanced anti-ship missiles against which the US navy has no reliable defense. China is now second only to Russia in missile technology, well ahead of the US.


Taking on China in a naval conflict in the South  China Sea is tantamount to suicide - the Chinese can sink the entire US navy several times over. Those big expensive aircraft carries may be good enough for bullying small 3rd world countries; they are sitting ducks against countries like Russia and China. I think the  Pentagon knows it.

post turtle saver's picture

which is why they constantly steam through the Taiwan straits and south Pacific in general and China can do fuck all about it...

napper's picture

Your small mind will never be able to handle a simple chess game, much less a grand geopolitical chess game.


Your name reminds me of GW Bush - a prime pictionary choice for "post turtle" - he obviously didn't get on the top by himself; he couldn't do anything while he was there; and he couldn't come down even if he wanted to.


That's the kind of country you are living in right now. I'd like to ask you to think about fighting for your own rights first, but then you are so clueless it would be a waste of time.

Dathedr's picture

No, you are not even close. S-300 are regularly shooting down those older Trochka ballistic missiles over Novorossia, and it's much, much easier to shoot down a plane than it is a ballistic misslile (due to enormous difference in speed). So, no, you are dead wrong about 15% kill rate, for planes it's north of 90% kill rate against S-300 (S-400 is mostly used for intercepting missiles anyway, but it's deadlier for planes than S-300 too). So Murican planes flying near Chinese borders would have death rate north of 90% against S-300, and we are not even counting other anti-aviation systems here. We shot down your Murican "invisible" F117 using old Soviet radar system from the late 60s early 70s in '99. Do you think they were "invisible" too?

blabam's picture

Everybody having a hard on for Russian missiles while the US already has laser weapons :'-).. why the hell would they build new ford class carriers if they are not able to defend them? Oh right... US military dumb durrr, Russia brilliant! Methinks most poeple on this website are falling for Russian propaganda when it comes to military power. 

Dathedr's picture

It's not about "dumb" or "brilliant" you Murican idiot! It's about reality. And reality states that your carriers are dead ducks and can only be used against 3rd world countiers (and those 1st world which are occupied by Anglozionist Empire and who would seek its sovereignity back; which have no army of their own). Your F35 is a great example of that.

blabam's picture

Looks like we have a butthurt Russian over here. I'm Dutch btw. Everybody agrees online that the F35 sucks.... that just tells me that it probably is a pretty good aircraft. Why did Russia buy two modern carriers from France if they are sitting ducks? Just accept that US is still top dog when it comes to firepower. Shit after a 90% devaluation of the dollar it still will be the strongest force on earth. That's reality for ya. 

Dathedr's picture

Are you Dutch or Murican? Perhaps it's not clear to you yet, hm? I mean, it must be terribly confusing pretending to be the very people your ancestors exterminated in order to steal their land. And I see how stupid you are, Dutch-Murican, being confused about my origins after I clearly stated it in my opening post. You idiot! ehehehe

Dathedr's picture

Oh, I only just noticed that you resemble a dog. It suits you. And you are a good dog, aren't you? Always respond to master's call, hm? Very believing and ardent. ehehehe

blabam's picture

Didn't know that discussing weapon systems was such a personal issue for you. Thanks for the laugh. 

Dathedr's picture

Discussing? Is that Murican meaning of of the word bickering? Go fetch me that birch I threw. Be a good dog. ehehehe

Dixie Flatline's picture
Dixie Flatline (not verified) Dathedr May 23, 2015 8:53 AM

It's not about "dumb" or "brilliant" you Murican idiot!

I wonder who said:

And reality states that your carriers are dead ducks and can only be used against 3rd world countiers

post turtle saver's picture

dude, you're a fucking idiot