Suicide Bomber Detonates In Saudi Mosque, ISIS Suspected

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Just yesterday, we said we would not be at all surprised to see plans for a US incursion into blood-soaked Syria start unfolding within a month. 

You see, ISIS now controls “more than half of Syria” and has just captured Palmyra, home to ancient ruins and treasures of antiquity which are now at risk of being indiscriminately destroyed by barbarous black flag-flying butchers who have incidentally met with quite a bit of success in their Iraq adventures of late as well. 

Or at least that’s the official story.

And it’s a story that plays well when you need an excuse to ‘intervene’ in order to salvage what’s left of an Iraq Washington destroyed before moving on to Syria (because ‘well, while we’re here...’), a nation that, to use the politically correct parlance, is ‘ripe for regime change.’ Here’s what we said on Thursday:

And like that the stage is again set for the following scenario: unwilling to lose any more territory, and face, the Nobel peace-prize winning US president will sit down with his security council in the next few days and decide that, as much as he hates to do it, he will dispatch [X],000 US troops to support the Iraq government in their losing fight with the resurgent ISIS. Troops which will promptly enter Syria and then make sure Assad is quietly eliminated.


As Reuters also reports in an exclusive piece, Turkey's state intelligence agency helped deliver arms to parts of Syria under Islamist rebel control during late 2013 and early 2014, according to a prosecutor and court testimony from gendarmerie officers seen by Reuters.


As Reuters observes, the witness testimony contradicts Turkey's denials that it sent arms to Syrian rebels and, by extension, contributed to the rise of Islamic State, now a major concern for the NATO member.

In other words, a NATO member and a nation very close to the US, has been instrument in the rise of ISIS. Worse, unlike running speculation that ISIS was created by the CIA and funded by the Saudis, there is now documented evidence that ISIS is indeed a "western" creation.


Which in turn explains the news from two weeks ago that "Turkey, Saudis Form Alliance To Topple Syria's Assad As US Starts Training Syrian Rebels."


And just to make sure Obama's upcoming offensive against Assad, pardon ISIS' al-Baghdadi is successful, Reuters finally reports that contrary to previous reports, not 1000, but 2000 anti-tank weapons are being sent to Iraq. Wait, ISIS has tanks? Well no, that would be Syria, but when fabricating a narrative suicide bombers are as durable as tanks. 


It's an even better counter when staging an offensive operation, aka an invasion, against the Syrian army and not just from one side but two sides: the east, via Iraq, and north, via Turkey, with the occasional bombing run by Saudi Arabia (with Jordan just waiting to enter from the South and "liberate" Damascus).

Got all of that? That’s good, because now, an ISIS suicide bomber (so not a tank) has reportedly detonated himself in a Saudi mosque. 

A bit more color:
A suicide bomber blew himself up at a Shi'ite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia during Friday prayers, residents said, killing and wounding several people.
One witness described a huge explosion at the Imam Ali mosque in the village of al-Qadeeh. He estimated there were at least 30 casualties in the attack, where more than 150 people were praying. (Reuters)
Eyewitness accounts estimate the death toll at 30. Here's the scene:

And the official word from the Saudis:

The spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior: an explosion in a mosque in the town of alqudaih Al-Qatif province.


Whodunnit? Why ISIS of course:

*  *  *

There you have it. We're no weathermen, but based on recent history in Yemen we wonder if a "Decisive Storm" might be on the horizon in Syria.

We'll leave you with out prediction from yesterday, but with a slight modifiction.

So gun to our head, this is what happens next: a couple of the good ole' "chemical attack" false flag YouTube clips (or Saudi mosque bombings) once again emerge just around the time Obama announces it is time to send a tactical, contained group of troops in Syria to retake the "cultural heritage" that is Palmyra, at which point the war against ISIS morphs into what it has been from day one: the western attempt to crush and topple the Assad government, and to hand over control of Syria to Turkey and Iraq, just so the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar can control what happens behind the scenes, by which we mean finally allow that long overdue Qatari gas pipeline to traverse the nation and sideline Russian gas deliveries to Europe. 

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

<Especially you 'mericans. The Boogieman cometh.>

Pladizow's picture

Now you step away and let them kill each other!

AIIB's picture

In similar news... In SF, a Starbucks barista put half & half in someones 'skinny' mocha double decaf cap ~ ISIS suspected



Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Off with his or her head.

< I'm really confused. Who's the enemy again?>

Urban Roman's picture

It used to be Bush's fault, and then it was Putin's fault.

But now it's ISISes fault.

lakecity55's picture

Yet never the fault of the Bath House.

"I just now read it in the papers!"

General Decline's picture

Area man finds flaming bag of poop on door step. ISIS suspected.

Ying-Yang's picture

When I was a young man....

I enjoyed playing RISK.

The Game of World Domination from Hasbro. I was quite good at leading my troops, taking a risk. Rule the world! Rallying armies to march across continents. Carefully crafting strategy, facing opponents on the field of battle. I kept advancing until I defeated all my  foes and take over the world!

My brother-in-law was my hardest rival. Once we eliminated all inferior players, I typically would slaughter his armies and at this moment?

My brother-in-law would flip the board into the air and the world was destroyed....

We should have a ZH version of RISK online where we play and chart the The Game of NWO.


ThroxxOfVron's picture

"Off with his or her head. 

< I'm really confused. Who's the enemy again?> "


More and more it looks like the AXIS OF EVIL consists of iSaudi Ziorabia, Nuclear Prolifekirastan, Dictaturkistan, Chicom, Great Orwellian, Germoney, and the Republicrat/Democan Coalition government of the Divided & Conquered States of Debt Amortizaton..

Four chan's picture

the saudis know the end is near.

that's why all the pumping and the attacks on yemen.

lakecity55's picture

"Starfucks now hiring ISIS. Get a Blast with your Coffee!"

lakecity55's picture

"Sol, World Domination is within our Grasp."
"Yes, Mordecai. Let's go visit the Gold Vault and have a drink."

new game's picture

the hornets have left the nest.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Dr. Frankenstein, paging Dr. Frankenstein...

lakecity55's picture

Bath House: "I have proof on these papers showing Americans born here are now the enemy! My Mexican Army will despatch them forthwith! I cannot Transform Amerika into a Totalitarian State unless all Natural Born Americans are dealt with."

Robert3620's picture

Really need to get a scorecard so I can attempt to know who is on which side.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Once you think you've got it all figured out the CIA makes everyone change alliances to create new boogiemen. Best just to sit back and watch the puppet masters do their thing.

Ying-Yang's picture

Right CD....

I am quite confused with all the players. US/CIA is all about regime change... you name the countries once semi-stable now in civil wars.

In the middle east I have a hard time keeping up with the players!

Shia, Sunni, Arab, Kurds and all others. The intentional intervention of TPTB to topple countries leaving them worse off than they are.


buzzsaw99's picture

i don't know why they even bother trying build up justification for anything they do. they're gonna do what they're gonna do and nobody cares anyway. knock yourself out boyz.

Frankly my dear I don't give a damn. [/Rhett Butler]

Fun Facts's picture

The CIA and Mossad train their ISIS wind up army well.

Now run and hide scared ameritards because if you don't give up all your rights and freedom to the corrupt ZWO controlled government they'll sick them on you too.

Infinite QE's picture

No, once the ameritards give up their rights, especially gun rights, then they'll be unleashing ISIS enmasse to do another saturnian masonic blood ritual.

Chump's picture

Gun rights are already gone, ever since the first citizen accepted that they have to ask the government for permission (i.e. the very definition of "permit") to own a gun.  Whatever happens in the future, whether it's federal registration or full confiscation, flows from that first violation.

Mark it 0.

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) May 22, 2015 6:18 AM

With Islam .... the eneny of your enemy .... is still your enemy .... but, it sure is fun .... to watch them go at each other !

MellonBreath's picture

Jeez. You'd think a raghead carring a watermellon into Friday prayers would have been a red flag. But then again perhaps they have a social hour after praying to the "god of butchery" where they spit watermellon seeds at a picture of Obama.

f16hoser's picture

Go ISIS! I hate Saudi's...

Urban Redneck's picture

That was a Shiite mosque they bombed in KSA, suspiciously not an attack on the Sunni Oligarchs, or even their supporters...

buzzsaw99's picture

awesome that an urban redneck would know that

shovelhead's picture

Not really since Shites in Saudi Arabia are only about the percentage of blacks in America.

They have their own Baltimores and Detroits.

It's always Sunni in Mecca.

new game's picture

think of it as a sunday football game. do you remember who won? lots of people need sumting to do, dont cha know. killing for false gods is the RAGE, pure brainwash...

giovanni_f's picture

terror ultimately is going to where it originates from

pazmaker's picture

ohhh noooooo  The USA is in trouble then!!!!

buzzsaw99's picture

a neolib neocon wet dream is what this is

madashellron's picture

Did the Saudi's use a nuke in Yemen a few days ago?

Ying-Yang's picture

I dunno? It can't be a nuclear or neutron bomb. Digital cameras would shutdown immediately. Nuclear bombs' flash blinds everything.

Speculation  is - It was a large ammo dump. There have been several other explosions just like this in the region in recent months. If this were a nuclear explosion, it would be front page news worldwide. Its been 2 days and nothing. The radiation would have been detectable instantly.

Benjamin123's picture

The flash is only a fraction of a second at detonation. It would not affect a camera that wasnt pointing at the blast when it went off. Not "a lot", and depends ultimately on distance.

Benjamin123's picture

But yeah, no flash on the video.

madashellron's picture

Large ammo dumps don't create lighting bolts.

Itch's picture

Who thinks that pilot was torched just to drag Joran in; and now there is a handy build up of US kit in Jordan. (they wouldn't have would they?)

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) May 22, 2015 6:30 AM

Ali Hashem' .... good name for a suicide bomber .... LOL .... hey, Shiite Mosk in eastern SA .... are there any Shiite Mosks .... anywhere near Mecca ?

Space Animatoltipap's picture

What's the problem? It's just some regular news about the initial developments of WWIII. When we read about Rome and Madrid burning please wake me up. 

Dumgoy's picture
Dumgoy (not verified) May 22, 2015 6:52 AM

NOOOOO!!!!  Natzis!  Natzis everywhere!  Terr'rists too!  Be alert and NEVER AGAIN!

max2205's picture

We sold them thousands of F-14 15's over 40 years.....wonder if they still can fly.   Why don't they use them?