Hillary Clinton's Speech Requirements: Private Jets, Presidential Suites And Lots Of Cash

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Late last month we highlighted an IB Times report which showed that Goldman Sachs paid Bill Clinton some $200,000 for a speech ahead of an effort to lobby The State Department (then led by Hillary Clinton) on Export-Import Bank legislation tied to a $75 million purchase order from a Chinese company to a Goldman-owned aircraft manufacturer. 

The idea that the paid speech and the authorization of an Export-Import Bank loan to the Chinese firm were related was of course dismissed as “preposterous” by Goldman (draw your own conclusions) but what certainly isn’t preposterous is the fact that the Clintons reap millions for speaking engagements and as you can see from the following, if you want a Clinton, a quarter-million in cash isn’t all you’ll need to budget for.

Here is the rest:


As a reminder, Hillary is running for “everyday Americans.” Full requirement list:


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Hillary is a "Major Stroker" that's all you need to know....

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Hillary has become a DNC mime clown artist. 

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Umbrella Parody


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What I don't understand is-

When she finally crashes in flames, how will the mainstream press admit they refused to any investigative reporting on any of the things she did?

Atomizer's picture

Just like the Lemans Brothers crash.. We never saw it coming. 

Anunnaki's picture

You know the answer already.just like the "lesson" Labour in UK took from Milliband's thumping.

"The people have spoken. The Dems must go further to the right"

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After the nigger and Hillary, the Green Hermaphrodite takes the American CONSUMER to a whole new, and higher, level.

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Counterpunch (not verified) May 23, 2015 4:32 PM

here's what...

about half, give or take, of our fellow Americans are gonna vote for this corrupt and evil cunt.

Forget Hillary for a moment and just sit with the fact we have a two party system in which every single offering is of someone who sold their soul to the Evil Trinity:

Wall Street

Given that half the people would vote for her, half for someone nearly as awful and anti-American...

seriously, what difference, at this point does it make?

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Da Jooos rule her too?  My my...Jews really do rule...I really wasn't convinced my entire life, but you're converting me ;)

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Dixie Flatline (not verified) May 23, 2015 4:34 PM

I can't wait to be liquidated or Gulaged by this fine woman.

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And in these last day’s came a sour wind from the east

It carried with it a new form of the beast, its name QE

Spewing trillions of credits to raise the specter of greed


From QE there came a horde of sweet prophecies

Wealth for the giants too big to fall, margin without a call

We’ll print it without a fee, none for you, all for me.


QE came again and again to steal houses and land

Like thieves in the day they laughed our jobs away

“Go ahead free trade, make our day, we don’t pay”


They covered their lies with numbers hypothesized

Adjusting up, adjusting down, chanting “we are gaining ground”

QE4 is just a day away, the markets going up to stay


So the workers hid away, fewer and fewer came out to play

Producers scurried away from gov pensions fat and glowing,

Food stamps, Medical, Disability, Student debt, all were growing


Debt grew by trillions and trillions, workers quit by the millions

Honey bees were dying, California was drying, Governors were crying

“Your taxes are not enough. We need lots more of your stuff”


So they sent out their tax collectors in military uniforms of blue

Taxes by camera, taxes by fees, taxes by theft till their brought to their knees

If they should protest they have a right, gun them down by day and night


So a blue army took over the land with the right to life in their hand

Tanks and armor, grenades and drones, snipers out to set the tone

They came not to protect and serve; they sized our assets to reserve


Like African Honey bees an angry cloud oozed out into the street

Honey stolen by few moved restless hordes to take up the beat

Armies of .government and one percent’ers begin to feel the heat


The rest of the world watches and waits, history stands at the gates

Nations will rise, Nations do fall, and leaders fail to hear the call

When justice returns like history past, temples of greed will burn at last


Greedy fat bureaucrats, Care only for sales and stats, take what you will

Tonight you dream of riches and glory while conquering the hill

Marie Antoinette calls from the past, don’t sleep, they’ll have your head at last



French revolution

Don Mclean

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re. Hillary Clinton's Speech Requirements: Private Jets, Presidential Suites And Lots Of Cash...

and Lots Of Pussy - the skankier, the better!






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What are Jebs requirements... anyone, Beuler?

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Elect Hillary to lead the Cuntry

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I 'd pay her a few bucks to STFU.

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Another thought: The Clinton's being, at heart, among other things, white trash, are bribed on the cheap. A quarter million cut on a seventy five million deal is a cheap fee. They let the country down with that sort of Wal-Mart bargain basement behavior.

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will ling (not verified) May 23, 2015 5:29 PM

The Wench of Stench.

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DutchBoy2015 (not verified) May 23, 2015 5:52 PM

I imagine lots of americans will vote for her.    I call them LEMMINGS

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CHC (not verified) May 23, 2015 5:57 PM

Of course...she's just that special. 

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Gulfstream 450 is a $21,000,000 aircraft....


This is a medical requirement because Hillary's head is so fat that it needs 6 wide seating. 


Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

And have a few liberal 'common people' that have been fully vetted 50X over, available for a 'common people' photo op. 'Common people' photo op not to last more than 3 minutes. Also required, one large bottle of hand sanitizer for post photo op cleanup.

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She is a piece of shit.

dumdum's picture



"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."


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I guess every era must have their Medusa.

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Hillary is spending her way into debt. Talk about damaged goods. 

Gang of Four - Damaged Goods 


Nooooo, G7 gave me the wink.

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40% of the GimmieDat electorate will vote for her no matter the crime, no matter the provocation, no matter the threat issued to the "revanchist" and Christian population.  No matter what, she's guaranteed 230 Electoral College votes.  That's what happens when states are permitted to stab the Constitution with winner take all legislation.  Poor Californians who don't live in the coastal counties and the Urban Utopian ring counties, because their votes have been stripped away.  Talking about disenfranchisement.

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I can just see the printing press placed on a truck and brought to her house.  "Fill my house with hundreds" commands the chief.  "Then fill my vacation home with hundreds.  Then fill the superbowl with hundreds."  And so it shall be done.  And the voters will cheer, even though they have NOTHING.  After all, that's the happy ending, eh?

grunk's picture

George Noory/Alex Jones 2016

Campaign Chairman is UFO Phil.

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Q. What's the difference between Hillary and your living room showered in 50 gallons of liquid brown, fat-people feces from the fixed plumbing of Walmart?


A. What difference does it make?



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I don't know ... this is always the way I travel

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Just another Every day American.  What;s the big deal?  She and Bill ARE broke, ya know?

Fuck thge Clintons.  What SCUM.  But then think of it - when she becomes President, she can have some male page or some such lick her twat under the Presidential desk.  Neat thought, huh?  While she is talking to some foreign leader.

I love it.  NOT!

If this beitch gets elected POSOTUS, I will kill myself cause America has indeed had it.

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she is a high end prostitute for the global zio front.




low end. i correct myself.

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i would like to request for her next flight the same plane model that carried buddy holly and ritchie valens

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do we really need a sociopathic post Menopausal corrupt woman running things?

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Firewood (not verified) May 24, 2015 4:17 AM

Crime syndicate USSA has always had a psychopath running busine$$ as USual. The fact that Mercans like simplicity of "choice" fits with the options on offer. Jeb Clampett or Hillbillie Klingon running Murder Inc is as good as it gets in the land of MacPiggy or Burger Piggy menu "options".


Enjoy your meal...they certainly will!






The Ingenious Gentleman's picture




Oh, that's alright, never  mind. 

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she's a .01 per center and her trying to pass herself off as "chapion of the middle class is beyond absurd and an insult to the intelligence.

swmnguy's picture

Eh, these are pretty standard demands for such people.  I've worked with Sec. Clinton, Pres. Clinton, Pres. GW Bush, Pres. G.H.W. Bush; pretty much the same.  Nothing like what Donald Trump demands (and gets).  But more than Sec. Robert Gates got, or VP Biden. 

Jim Collins, the "Good To Great" guy, is one side or the other of $75k, with similar requirements.  Lance Armstrong used to be in that league but not anymore.   Stephen Covey too.  Even Ben Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, gets about $40k.  He is a total perv, on top of it all, looking to bed whatever hot meeting planner is available.

But yes, I would agree that it's a tough pill to swallow, knowing how much in money and perqs these politicians require, and then having to listen to them talking about the little people (maybe they mean leprechauns?) and how they understand them because they are them.

It's a scam.  None of these people have anything to say you couldn't read in "Dear Abby" or elsewhere in your daily newspaper.  Sec. Gates at least had a funny story about putting a listening device into a cat that was befriended by the chefs at the Soviet Embassy, but turned out to just sleep in the kitchen and never get near the secret conversations.

But then, scammery is biggest growth industry remaining in America, and that's the hallmark of 3rd World nationhood.  I myself was working my ass off, getting nowhere even with my wife working full-time as well, until I got into corporate events.  These guys make in one speech what I make in a very good year, but if we're going to reinstate Feudalism, the clever fellow figures out which aristocrats to become a trusted retainer for.  Hey, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci did it.  I can do it too, on a much smaller scale of course.

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payment for speeches or hidden campaign donations

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She doesn't know if she is afoot or horseback. Anyhow, she is too old now. Time for some other dumbshit out there to become the preznit.

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Can we not just make her POTUS on Monday, impeach her Tuesday and get it over with.

She gets her place in history, we get her in SingSing, everybody happy.

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DutchBoy2015 (not verified) May 24, 2015 3:54 PM

A nice hollow point right between the eyes is what she deserves./  ON LIVE TV./

onmail's picture

She is only a political hoe.

A rather blackmailing flustered wife who would like to have political power in exchange of not divorcing her 3someC0cksuckledHubbyTheCaptainAmericaTheGuidingLightForTheMankind.

What has morality come down to.


zebrasquid's picture

She makes Geo. Washington look beautiful in comparison.