Lake Mead Water Level Mysteriously Plunges After Nevada Quake

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A 4.8 magnitude earthquake (originally reported 5.4) shook Las Vegas and surrounding areas Friday morning causing roads and bridges to be closed. The quake went little-reported outside of local news (since there was at first glance minimum damage caused) but, since the quake's occurrence, something considerably more worrisome has occurred.

In the 36 hours since the quake's occurrence, water levels at Lake Mead have plunged precipitously. While we know correlation is not causation, the 'coincidence' of an extreme loss in water levels occurring in the aftermath of one of the largest quakes in recent Vegas history does raise a suspicious eyebrow - especially when there has been no official word on the precipitous decline.

The earthquake hit mid-morning on Friday:

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook Las Vegas and surrounding areas Friday morning, forcing loose a rubber casing on a bridge and leading state officials to close Spaghetti Bowl interchanges for several hours.


After the Nevada Department of Transportation inspected bridges for possible structural damage, they deemed the roads safe for travel and reopened them just before 5 p.m. Traffic had backed up for miles during the closures, which came at the start of the Memorial Day weekend.


The quake, which hit at 11:47 a.m., was centered about 23 miles south-southwest of Caliente, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The magnitude was originally reported as 5.4, but the official number was lowered twice Friday.


The ramp from southbound U.S. Highway 95 to southbound Interstate 15 was closed about 12:20 p.m. Friday, officials said.


“The joint damage was pre-existing. The tremblor simply dislodged the protective rubber encasing the bridge seam making it look much worse than it was in reality” and prompting an immediate shutdown of the ramps, NDOT engineer Mary Martini said in a news release about 3:45 p.m.

Since then, official water level data shows an incredible 8 foot plunge in water levels since the earthquake.

considering the (average drop in the last 10 years is 1 inch, this is a troubling outlier.

Source: Lake Mead Water Database,  h/t Professor Doom and Quasar

There is , of course, a possibility that the drop is the result of broken sensors and we will be following up during the week to see if levels normalize.

This is crucial since, as we noted previously,

If the water level drops below 1,075 feet elevation by January 1, 2016, it will trigger a federal water emergency. And water rationing.


Las Vegas Review Journal reported that forecasters expect the level to drop to 1073 feet by June, before Lake Powell would begin to release more water. Assuming “average or better snow accumulations in the mountains that feed the Colorado River – something that’s happened only three times in the past 15 years,” the water level on January 1 is expected to be barely above the federal shortage level.


Even with these somewhat rosy assumptions of “average or better than average snow accumulations,” the water level would begin set new lows next April. But if the next winter is anything like the last few, all bets are off.


If the level drops below 1050 feet, one of the two intake pipes for the Las Vegas Valley, which gets 90% of its water that way, will run dry.

As Roman Catholic Imperialist notes, this is quite unprecedented... For a sense of just how bad things are gettiing, the following images will help...





Update: moments ago the Lake Mead National Recreation Area officially denied that the online reading was accurate blaming the water level collapse on inaccurate water levels as of this morning.

Dare we say it: double seasonally-adjusted water levels?

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Crocodile's picture

That is akin to putting the Central Banker Cabal in charge of the California water supply.  However, they are already placing bets on the outcome as they have made the illusion of water scarcity a reality.  All the water that the earth was created with still exists.

litemine's picture

Neslie's filled there suppy reservoirs ? A GDP pump.........water............. $5.75 a gallon.

Cloud9.5's picture

Then, the great diaspora to the east coast.

DutchBoy2015's picture
DutchBoy2015 (not verified) May 24, 2015 5:10 PM

Time to start desalinization.    oh wait.  Pacific waters are radiated from Fukushima.

Its said when karma hits there is no way you can avoid it.  

drendebe10's picture

Still waiting 4 karma justice to hit the fudgepacker

VelvetHog's picture

Flush twice.  L.A. needs the water.

SpiOpsChiwowwow's picture

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Roo roo rooo!

DutchBoy2015's picture
DutchBoy2015 (not verified) SpiOpsChiwowwow May 24, 2015 5:14 PM

I knew a couple of them in Germany,  Big time squirters when getting fisted.

SpiOpsChiwowwow's picture

Reminds me of the photo.

Make me say: Roo rooroo!

Crocodile's picture

Now the works of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, moral impurity, promiscuity,

20 idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambitions, dissensions, factions, 21 envy, drunkenness, carousing, and anything similar, about which I tell you in advance-as I told you before-that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24 Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.- Galatians 5  (keep on the current path and you have nothing to look forward to at your deaths)  For God is righteous and that is a problem for the unrighteous.


mortem-tyrannus's picture

And people wonder why Americans hate Eurofags. Lol!

Poor little Dutch boy.


DutchBoy2015's picture
DutchBoy2015 (not verified) mortem-tyrannus May 25, 2015 1:01 AM

hahaha,  sez the American closet fag

DelusionalGrandeur's picture

God bless her mom and dad!
There is something great to be said about being able to witness the holy grail of the female ejaculation.

DutchBoy2015's picture
DutchBoy2015 (not verified) May 24, 2015 5:12 PM

The order is going out to seed the clouds with SARIN

jim249's picture

I noticed a couple of days ago that the level had dropped from 1077 to 1075 in one day. Later that same day the level was back up to 1077. I wrote it off as to some kind of error. For any one that wants to watch the level, you can see it here:

DelusionalGrandeur's picture

Mother nature isa bitch, and I love her.

Crocodile's picture

For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

zeroaccountability's picture
zeroaccountability (not verified) Crocodile May 24, 2015 9:40 PM

.....and it's fleece was white as snow.  Oh wait....wrong fairy tale?

divedivedive's picture

Well here high in the Mexican Sierra Madres there is no shortage of water. In fact the rains seem to have started a couple weeks early this year. I don't buy into this global warming event - not a natural event anyway.

DutchBoy2015's picture
DutchBoy2015 (not verified) divedivedive May 24, 2015 5:24 PM

Yes, but Mexico isn't guilty of wars of aggression so they will be okay.

divedivedive's picture

When I was a kid growing up in Jersey they always said the the Russian missiles were really aimed at Jersey City. Now more than ever - with the stock market data moving out of the City - that seems to make some sense.


And as to your comment - that is one of the reasons we love living here. Ok - I'll admit there are people pushing drugs into the US - but we don't know any of them - and they really have no effect on our lives.

Tall Tom's picture

but we don't know any of them - and they really have no effect on our lives.


...because it is all about you?

Crocodile's picture

Wouldn't that be the grand-irony; people fleeing the US for Mexico, but for a good drink of is possible, then Mexico will be in ruins...well more ruined.

divedivedive's picture

Please don't come - we don't need you.

kchrisc's picture

"Because Mexico would not give up their WNDs, and was suspected of having Niger 'yellow-cake,' we were forced to invade. Yes, yes, our troops first arrived at the ministries of energy and water, but that was just a coincidence."

Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission..

Skiprrrdog's picture

Global warming is a joke something to distract/confuse the sheeple with. Jade Helm is not an 'exercise', it is the government, who is fully aware that some sort of global catastrophe is headed this way (Planet X fly by maybe?) positioning themselves to 'restore order' when the dust settles. I am in the southwest and we have not had anything close to a triple digit day yet; instead it is cloudy, windy and actually cooler...usually by this time it is *hot*... plus we have had an unusual amount of rain. Not normal and NOT global warming!

adr's picture

Have they turned off the fountain at the O yet? Can you still take showers at hotels in the desert?

You may ration my water as long as the golf course stays green.

Sudden Debt's picture

The drouht is not a problem just because there’s a shortage of water.

The problem is that the soil sincks because the water that kept the ground swollen is gone.

Now if the ground collapses, it can’t absorb the water anymore when water does return and the water that is renewed just flows away causing droughts even if rains return.

A second problem is pressure, because the water is gone, pressure on the plates goes down, just in a time when yellowstone is rising.

So it’s important to see how that also changes.


Skiprrrdog's picture

There were sixty plus registered earthquakes in Yellowstone in April 2015, according to the USGS, fifty some the month before. Yellowstone by most accounts is *way* past due for an eruption, which due to the sheer size of it, would be an extinction level event. Something wicked this way comes, strap yourselves in kiddies, I think the ride is about to get *really* bumpy...

GeorgeHayduke's picture

With any luck the water flooded into one of the shadow government's underground bases and took a bunch of douchebags with it. Just making lemonade from lemons...

Ms No's picture

Hydrogeologic changes in rivers and water tables are interesting.  In California there have been numerous earthquakes that have raised river levels.  Makes one wonder where this water is coming from.

Crocodile's picture

The Lord is ultimately in control of all things down to the smallest detail.  Knowing this helps me and many others remain confident in the years ahead.  For most it will be disastrous, but with Jesus it is always a win-win regardless of the circumstance.

Herodotus's picture

Yes, but temporarily moving to higher ground should not be condemned as a lack of faith.

zeroaccountability's picture
zeroaccountability (not verified) Crocodile May 24, 2015 9:43 PM

What a Maroon.

Tall Tom's picture

If you have read your Bible...and really applied it...then you would not be so arrogant.


You'd know that God is not a respecter of persons. You'd also know that it rains upon both the righteous and the wicked alike.


Now I can find those scriptures with a little effort. But they were written long ago and serve toward my ultimate conviction and sentence.


You had best repent of your arrogance, demonstrate humility, and ask for mercy, instead of judgment, for these people, and for yourself.


Otherwise you will find yourself in my shoes...condemned.


Because as for me...I am already Hellbound....damned for all time without any hope. I am just not deluded about it.

spooz's picture

The good news is that Colorado has been getting so much rain that the runoff is expected to help Lake Mead's water levels:

GeorgeHayduke's picture

The Front Range has had a ton of rain this spring. However, most of that flows to the east side of the Continental Divide. Not sure about rain on the Western Slopes this year.

spooz's picture

As the link explains, the Dillon Reservoir is being drained for more runoff, and since the Front Range and Denver are already saturated, almost all of the water is heading West, and the forecast for the Western Slope is for more rain on Monday.

IrritableBowels's picture

Western slope here. We're about to set records for most precipitation in May. Good thing is that we don't have to send all of our water to the fags on the front range.



Herodotus's picture

Has this drawdown rate been verified by Harvey Organ?

smacker's picture

I bet the earthquake's opened up a pre-historic underground cavern lake and let loose vast numbers of hungry piranhas. as in the film Piranha:

"Teenagers descend on a seaside resort for spring break, only to end up walking into a massacre when an underwater tremor unleashes a horde of carnivorous prehistoric fish, who go in search of human prey. The local sheriff battles todestroy the creatures as bloodletting ensues."

Swimming Now Banned.

Alvin Fernald's picture

Are you sure it wasn't a Land of the Lost scenario?

Has anyone seen Holly recently?

smacker's picture

That also looks like a good film. But I was referring to Piranha

"Lake Victoria's annual Spring party by 50,000 young revelers is about to turn into a feeding frenzy with prehistoric hunger-pains. With knee-trembler's above the waves and tremors below, released from their dormant sleep, thousands upon thousands of flesh-eating nippers are released into the lake with whetted appetites and razor-sharp teeth. With a motley crew of strangers thrown together to defend these shores, it is now up to them to prevent the largest eat-out in human, and piranha, history."

lunaticfringe's picture

President Obama has asked Congress to come up with a plan for everyone to share in the costs of California's water woes. 

It is America's responsibility to offset the costs of Californians to obtain water. Maybe Congress can come up with a law where we can all contribute money for the collective good of Californians, ya know, like Obamacare.

Crocodile's picture

You left out California common core as a nice contribution; a direct attack on children across the nation...ask any real teacher.

Buster Cherry's picture

I'd take that deal.if it meant every person that was not.legally in the USA was rounded up and.positively deported, never to return.


Chip them suckers.


Id be a much more.supportive citiezen if my government would simply obey the law.

Herodotus's picture

If you have a lake with a leak, fix it with the product that tribe members use and recommend.