Obama "Remembers" Ramadi

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Never forget...



Source: Investors.com

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Michael Ramirez "forgets" Mission Accomplished®.

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You strongly resemble alternative-sexually oriented.

I somehow do not care for anal pain.

So, go prance.

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I look forward to the day that the O man is under that stone and not on top of it.

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BoredRoom (not verified) zorba THE GREEK May 25, 2015 6:01 PM

The sooner the better

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A marble urinal would be fitting.

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I didn't think he had time to comment publicly, I figured he'd be tongue punching Reggie's fart box all weekend up at camp David.

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'Tongue punching Reggie's fart box"?  I did not know that Robert Frost was a member of this forum!


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Oh I'm sorry, to offend what I meant was I thought that he would be preoccupied all weekend with performing anallingus on his alternative life partner Reggie Love.

All better now?!

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Damn. And I was worried I was offensive. Clearly I had better get my notebook out and take some tips from the master!

But first I need to go wash my eyes out with bleach and then brush my teeth six or eight times to get rid of the bile taste.



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Shouldn't he be on the fucking golf course?! What an ass wipe!

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What an ass wipe indeed.  I hear it's in the caddy's job description.

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why dont we throw money at Iraq like we do healthcare



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The state does not "throw money", that would imply a haphazard method. They "funnel" fiat at specific groups entities that will further the deep state agenda. The state excels at targeting, supporting/ dividing, punishing.

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Obama belongs under that memorial. He's a disgrace to the Presidency. He could care less about any fallen American soldiers. He despises our military and everything it stands for. 

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That would be an honor Obama does not deserve. He should be banished for eternity, not even allowed a burial on American soil.

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"He despises our military and everything it stands for."

The Jade Helm 15 conspiracy, so powerful it's putting the Texas National Guard on duty, shows who really hates our military.  Our brave soldier-heroes, so the theory goes, will take over entire states, forcing U.S. citizens into internment camps, imposing martial law.

Meaning, the U.S. military is the sworn enemy of We The People.  You can't despise our military more than that!

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Obama can't remember anything because a lie is harder to remember than a truth. That's why he has to read everything off a teleprompter.

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Obama lies at the speed of light

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Come on guys

Obama just said that this is the first time in 12 years we have not been at war.

Every channel showed it

That means it is the "Law of the Land"

Why aren't you celebrating?

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Obama is The Manchurian Candidate president in Twilight Zone Amerika. Prepare for an even more insane reality.