This Is What Happens When A Millennial Tries To Get A Job

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In “Global Youth Unemployment Hits 35 Million As Recent Grads Lean On Parents,” we documented what we have called the “pitiable plight” of recent college graduates whose degrees now cost in excess of $35,000 and who are entering a job market bereft of real opportunities for gainful employment. The OECD estimates that in member countries, as many as 35 million people aged 16-29 are out of work. In a related story, Sallie Mae (from which the nation’s number-one issuer of student loan-backed ABS was spun last year) recently reported that better than two-thirds of parents expect to provide financial support to their children post-graduation. With this in mind, consider the following data on youth unemployment in the US.

From Generation Opportunity (a nonprofit):

  • The effective (U-6) unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds, which adjusts for labor force participation by including those who have given up looking for work, is 13.8 percent (NSA). The (U-3) unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds is 7.9 percent (NSA).
  • The declining labor force participation rate has created an additional 1.828 million young adults that are not counted as “unemployed” by the U.S. Department of Labor because they are not in the labor force, meaning that those young people have given up looking for work due to the lack of jobs.
  • The effective (U-6) unemployment rate for 18-29 year old African-Americans is 19.6 percent (NSA); the (U-3) unemployment rate is 12.8 percent (NSA).
  • The effective (U-6) unemployment rate for 18-29 year old Hispanics is 14.1 percent (NSA); the (U-3) unemployment rate is 9 percent (NSA).
  • The effective (U-6) unemployment rate for 18-29 year old women is 11.7 percent (NSA); the (U-3) unemployment rate is 7.5 percent (NSA).

“College graduates will spend the upcoming month looking toward their futures – but as they celebrate, their ability to get a job remains top of mind. Young people have seen their economic situation improve in 2015. While we’re glad for that, April’s jobs report still shows a 13.8 percent youth unemployment rate, a discouragingly high number for those who are hoping to embark on their careers in the next few weeks,” the group’s Director of Policy Engagement at Generation Opportunity Luke Kenworthy says.

“If you look at the numbers starting in 2009, we’ve been in the longest sustained period of unemployment since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting their data following World War II. This misconception that we don’t want jobs or that we’re lazy and entitled is nonsense,” a spokesman added, in a statement to Newsweek.

According to the OECD, one of the reasons recent graduates have so much trouble finding jobs is that their degrees aren’t preparing them for life in the workplace with 10% of new graduates displaying poor literacy skills and 14% exhibiting subpar numeracy skills.

But it’s not just the skills gap. College degrees (even graduate degrees) have become so commonplace (thanks in part to the proliferation of student loans) that they are no longer sufficient in and of themselves to guarantee their holders will find good jobs. One 25-year old who lives in the nation’s capital told Newsweek that even with her master’s degree, she has found waitressing is the better option in today’s job market:

Millennials face higher university tuitions and student loan debt than ever before, as well as stiffer competition when they enter the workforce. A 25-year-old who recently earned a master’s and is living with a friend in Washington, D.C., tells Newsweek she is waitressing while looking for a job better suited to her qualifications.“It’s hard,” she says. “They don’t want to pay you extra for your master’s. There are enough people with master’s degrees that they can require them.”

As a reminder...

Millennials have also discovered what we’ve been harping on for months: for most Americans, there simply is no wage growth.

Millennials are getting lower earnings compared with the nation’s median income, versus people of that age a decade ago. “We find that because of the difficulties facing millennials, they are delaying these important life decisions, like getting married, buying a home, starting a family,” Pasch says.


In a study by Carnevale’s center at Georgetown, the age at which young adults on average reach the median wage, across education levels, increased from 26 to 30 between 1980 and 2012. Those hardest hit were high school graduates and young men. Full-time employment for high school graduates declined 13 percentage points for the period, while the rate for university graduates declined by 8 points. As of 2012, young men earned only 58 percent of the mean wage, down from 85 percent in 1980.

Circling back to the issue of whether millennials are getting what they paid for (or, more appropriately, what they almost certainly didn't pay for and never will) from US colleges and universities, it's looking increasingly likely that the push to educate America's youth (spearheaded by easy access to borrowed money) may end up backfiring, as prospective students assess the difficulty recent graduates have had in finding jobs that are commensurate with their experience and ask themselves if four years of their lives and $35,000 in debt is really worth it. Here's Newsweek again:

Carnevale says graduates are feeling let down by their universities, even as the institutions jack up the cost of tuition. “I don’t know if you noticed,” he says, “but we have a debate raging in this country right now over whether universities are supposed to teach for enlightenment or to prepare students for the job market. You still see presidents at some very prestigious universities arguing for the former, not the latter.”

Of course that could be because graduates from "very prestigious universities" are often i) deeply connected thanks to family pedigree and ii) heavily recruited, making it easier for them to find jobs and thus rendering the distinction between teaching "enlightenment" and teaching hard skills less meaningful. Whatever the case, you can probably count "presidents at some very prestigious universities" unconcerned because as the following excerpt makes clear, they're doing just fine. 

Via Bloomberg:

Ivy League presidential pay is looking more like the big leagues.


Columbia University paid President Lee Bollinger $4.6 million in 2013, a 36 percent increase from the year before, according to a tax filing released Tuesday. Yale University recently revealed it paid former President Richard Levin a bonus of $8.5 million when he retired in 2013 after 20 years.


Presidential pay at elite universities is increasingly resembling that of corporate America, with performance bonuses and exit packages. While colleges say the rewards reflect the complexity of running multi-billion-dollar organizations, professors, alumni and others have questioned whether it is appropriate for nonprofits.

Here to sum up what it's like to be a millennial with a newly-minted $35,000 degree hunting for a job in America is another recent graduate from the DC area who told Newsweek the following:

“You’re like, ‘I’ll do anything and apply for everything, but usually it’s an electronic filing and you’re spending all your time on it and never hear back. So far, I have applied for around 30 jobs, if not more, and have heard back on two of them. I didn’t get either job because I don’t have enough experience. These are entry-level jobs, but experienced people are taking them.”

Good luck millennials and remember, there's always the farm.

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I clicked for the Cooter girls, and nothing here!

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I could believe this, anywhere but DC.

There are endless parasite jobs for anyone with a degree and a pulse.  This broad is working on her Mrs. degree, so hubby will do the work.

Government is evil.

We need less evil.

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The 18-29 year old are not the lazy and entitled ones. Its the 35-50 yr. old managers and execs that dont do ANYTHING of value and cut jobs to justify their insane salary increases.



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All the naieve millenials that bought the lies spewed by the fudgepacker and voted the thing into office are now getting fukt by the job killing policies, rules and regulations put forth by the illegal indonesian kenyan alien muslim sociopathic pathologic liar.....  these poor bastards are getting as had as the American blacks that supported that lying turd who only givesashit about its celebrity grand imperial golf lifestyle....  the turd has the reverse midas touch on everything it touches both domestically and globally and what is sad is that all these poor bastards are cortically blind to the fact they are sucking a dried hind tit courtesy the fudgepacker....

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Gud speling wood iimprouve yr point.

But, not much.

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Things are getting pretty interesting.

I knew that Angela, who grew up in Soviet East Germany spoke both German and Russian.

I have never seen her speak English until just the other day.. and she did it with purpose against the possible Cameroon (sp on purpose) EU defection.

Heh heh ha ha..I really hate the games.;

and.. boobs are good.,

(very low level audio on Redacted)


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Gobbler (not verified) Manthong May 28, 2015 11:07 PM

I hope Elizabeth Warren runs.  That's who I'm voting for.  Is she a fudge-packer?  I'm not sure.  But I need my free health-care.

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Once upon a time there were many many usless bags laying around, so the king decided, "Hey, let's push them all into war"....


Enjoy your part time / low pay BS too, those who are fortunate to be given a real job, well good for you, but if you want a tip, well here it is...

Save your money, so the crooks on wallstreet can jack it all when they collapse the banks & steal everyone's pensions....


PS there is no hope in money or riches, just stop lying to yourself.

divingengineer's picture

Try to make some money, that's fine.

But live your life first, the baby boomers are an aching, scared and broken generation that has nothing but their precious money left.  So many have lost their families, friends and health to the relentless pursuit of money.

Sad really.

Zero Point's picture

I thought we could earn 7K a month working from home on the internet?

Al Bendova's picture

My friends cousin does.  And only works part-time.

OC Sure's picture

"Gud speling wood iimprouve yr point."

It is pretty much an international forum here so that one is attempting to communicate in english at all is a good start.

...But dat is some funny stuff. Eye rolled. 

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So I am a millenial. 25 at the moment. So i've been reading this trhead and all this negativity about how millenials are dumb and get worthless college degrees that mean nothing... Well I would like to defend the millenial generation and put in my two cents...

First of all, I migrated to the USA from Ukraine when I was 8 back in 1997. Both my parents and grandparents even went to college in the USSR and worked as doctors in Ukraine, but got paid shit in the 90's so we migrated...

My parents worked doing adult day care when we first got to this country not the easiest of jobs, and my mom had a dream for me to go to college here as for them college was associated with a good job. My mom also went to school when she first got here worked nights and studying during the day. Now she is a teacher. Now as far ast the worthless degrees when I was 17/18 first going to college (I went to state schoold with a 1/3rd scholarship I had no idea my double major in International Business/Business Economics (that i chose as I speak 3 languages fluently) will have no meaning once I graduate) When I was on my junior year the crisis hit in 07/08 . Thats when I started to reaize how useless the economics classes (as econ was my main interest) were taht I was being tought in school. In 2012 when I was on my last year I helped work on the Ron Paul presidential campaign through Young Americans for Liberty and thats when I learned about Austrian economics. When I started reading Austrian Economics and realizing how fucked up our economy is (US and global) I also realized how fucking hard it would be to get a good job in this shitty economy. At the same time I also became very interested in geopolitics and how geopolitics and economics go hand in hand. Started with learneing about the Rothschils lol... So then when I graduated I continued studying Austrian Economics on my own more of the New School of Austrian Economics with Professor Antal FEkete to be exact.. I got my (naive) parents (well just my mom, my dad doesn't listen to me as I am for Russia and the rebels in east Ukraine and he is for the Uki Fascists and the dollar as he is brainwashed) to switch out her retirement  401ks for silver as I understand I need to preserve her retirement and I don't make any money myself yet. So I graduated did a lot of self studying look for many jobs got a shitty job as Shift Supervisor at a CVS making a quarter above minimum wage in a "managerial position" (keys to store, looking over elderly cashier ladies) and thought how shitty life is as I'll never be able to pay my 35 k in student loans and move out. But I did get my mom to invest a good amount in silver :) So anyway I applied for a master's degree to stand out from the wortheless bachelor degrees that mean nothing nowadays.. Speaking back to that its the babyboomer generation that offers us or better yet tricks us millenials into marketing and offering us these wortheless degrees that teachc you nothing.. So yeah thank you babyboomers. (think about that when you talk shit< your generation enrolls our generation into taking these degrees) . So anyway I got a full ride as a graduate assistant in a small private college and I will just receive my master's degree in Organizational Leadership later this month actually. Now this degree actually taought me good people skills, leadership and how to negotiate, and I am interested and hopefull that I will be able to find a decent job with this. Unfortantely I know the  gloabl economy is bound to crash as my main interest is still economics but now Universities offer a degree in Austrian Economics? So my plan is to use some of that silver i got for my mom to start my own business when the economy run by your baby boomer generation crashes.. that enslaved me in student debt on my bachelor degree. And sorry I was not smart enough to realize how useless bachelors degrees will be when i was 17, but I also did not want to go work as a plumber or laying concrete so its a catch 22.. assholes! Also, if i didn't get my bachelors I prolly woud not have know about the economy and how its all fucked up as I started to realized that when I was taking all these usless econ classes in my undegrad. So please baby boomber generation, I am tired of writing but can go on and on... stop talking so much shit because its not our fault your generation offers us usless degrees and fucked up the economy to the point that we can't get jobs. However, I do only speak for the dedicated hard working millenials as there are a lot of retarded brainwashed by liberal media idots in my generation, I know and agree with that with you babyboomers. However, there are retards in every generation so please. Stop the hating. Lets unite and fight true bad guys who are making it tough for all of us instead of creating this generation divide everyone! Done typing not proof reading this.. laggy internet.


Pce .



pachanguero's picture


Outstanding rant.  You give me, the old dude hope!  Right on bro right on!

Sashko89's picture

Thank you, I read two pages of this thread before I decided to post but didn't know where excatly to post so i chose the front page.


Also, P.S. I would just like to add that the reason a good portion of the millenial generation are brainwashed retards is because they've been raised by the liberal media that is run by a certain elite and used enrich a certain segement of the elite babyboomer generation by dumbing down and making slaves out of everyone esle... (Zerohedge readers should know this)


Lets unite against the true bad guys and inform as many people as we can as to what is goin to on in order to save our planet from destruction and esnlavement to the elites and a thrild world war instead of saying its your generation, no its your generation! Each generation has its Rockefellers, Clintons, and Snoop Dog (is a baby boomer) and/or other fags like Bieber if he's even old enough to be a millenial lol..


But the point is that most sheeple of any generation are a product of the elite who use their liberal media as a guinea pig experiment to turn us into slaves. (good thing zerohedge readers are more like the sheepdogs versus the sheep who watch mainstream:))


Shock and Awe's picture
Shock and Awe (not verified) Sashko89 May 28, 2015 6:59 PM

We just all need to get along dude. The black, the white, The USSA, the Ukrainian.

Handful of Dust's picture

One of the "Stories of the Day" on NPR is the doubling of homeless in LA due to the Great Rekovery and Green Shoots.



" Yes we kan! "

Shock and Awe's picture
Shock and Awe (not verified) Handful of Dust May 28, 2015 7:32 PM

Greatest radio story ever. Israeli radio paid for by US taxpayers.

Son of Loki's picture

I've seen alot more beggers under/near the highway intersections also. The really sad ones are the Vietnam Vets with no legs or missing an arm or similar.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Sashko pack your stuff, you are moving to Tahoe. I need help all summer $20 an hour, $25 after 2 months, you will get tan and strong as a bull. Message me, your hired.

Sashko89's picture

TahoeBilly, Thanks for the offer! I would, but I live in the Midwest, and I'm not sure if I have the balls to move so far away, especially to California where Tahoe is If I'm not mistaken... also the water shortage there scares me, but I definitely do appreciate the offer!:)


TheGreatRecovery's picture

Got you!  :-)  I am a Baby Boomer, and I moved a number of times to where I could get work.  Plus, it wasn't necessarily work I wanted to do.  It was work that paid.  We have choices.  We can starve, and complain, or we can go where the work is and do what the work is.  And I didn't blame the Greatest Generation for not giving me the job I wanted, where I wanted, for the pay I wanted.  Lastly, if you need a saleable skill, why are you studying economics?  Study plumbing or something.

Sashko89's picture

i didn't get a master's degree to go do plumbing. I feel like baby boomers constantly tell millenials to become plumbers (as best advice) that you can call on at old age? Not everyones dream is to be a plumber or concrete layer...

TheGreatRecovery's picture


0. What college DOESN"T teach is, how to get a job, especially one you can excel at.  College teachers already have jobs, and many of them haven't looked for a job in a long time, so they aren't even thinking about getting a job.  If they aren't thinking about getting a job, they can't teach getting a job.  So, (unfortunately?) you have to create your own project to teach yourself.  Here are some thoughts that I personally found helpful (not all to me, but some for others I know, and some for me).

1. If there was one teacher in college who impressed you, you could interview that teacher and ask him what he loves about his work and who he admires in his field, and then you could go interview that person and ask him the same questions.  I haven't found the reference yet, but this is called "surveying".  In surveying, you do NOT ask how you can get a job, or apply for a job.  You just let people talk about their work.  People like to talk about their work, and about what they enjoy about their work, and about who they admire in their field of work.  The idea is that, if do this surveying, it won't take you very many surveys to find someone you would really like to work with, and that person might well OFFER you a job, or you could then return to that person in a second interview and make a PROPOSAL to work for that person, and tell him exactly what you would like to do, and why you think it might be helpful for both of you for you to do it.

1a. If there was one book you read in college that really impressed you, you could interview the author.  As Deepak Chopra says, "everyone in the world is only 3 (or is it 4?) people away from you".

2. What Color Is Your Parachute.

3. Johnson O'Connor Center.  This non-profit was created by an industrial engineer, Johnson O'Connor, who, in managing a large factory, discovered that some people who might at first seem to be slackers ended up excelling when transferred to other jobs.  What Johnson O'Connor then did was invent a battery of tests for measuring APTITUDES.  He found that, when people were doing work which used a lot of their natural APTITUDES, they ended up enjoying their work, and being excited by their work, and excelling in their work.  So what the Center does is measure your APTITUDES, and then suggest what types of work (which could probably be found within your chosen field) you might enjoy more, and might excel at because you enjoy it.  The battery of tests does cost some money, but not as much as a semester at most colleges.

4. Professional organizations.  Every profession has local chapters of its professional organizations.  In these chapters, all "levels" of practicing professionals meet, including the top salesmen/entrepreneurs right down to the just-got-their-professional-license (10,000 hours of professional practice, plus passing the professions' licensing exam), to the just-got-their-first-job/trying-to-learn-how-to-succeed.  You don't have to already have a job to join the organization.  So join.  And go to every meeting.  And, most importantly, volunteer.  Every organization needs people to serve as Secretary, Treasurer, etc.  Anyone can be Secretary, and when you are Secretary, you will be emailing the minutes of every meeting to every person, high and low, who is a member of the organization.  Your name will be among the best known names in the organization.  Also, every organization has, every year, at least one, and maybe half-a-dozen, events it sponsors.  Volunteer to help work on these events.  Usually, the people doing the most work on these events will be the just-got-licensed and the just-got-a-job people, and they know best where the entry-level work is, because they are the ones doing it.  And anyone who helps will be appreciated.  EVERYONE is ALWAYS looking for helpers.

5. If your interest is in politics, then I am glad that you helped with a campaign.  You can ALWAYS help with campaigns.  Not many paying jobs there, of course, because most campaign money goes towad buying yard signs and, if there is any left, maybe a newspaper ad, a radio ad, or a television ad.  But the other people working on the campaign may know people who are successful in their businesses, and can afford to hire someone in their businesses, and such people will often be motivated to hire someone who not only is an asset to their businesses, but also a helper in their political efforts.

6. On a negative note, don't expect resumes to accomplish much.  Most businesses these days get some work for government, and government requires them to jump through hoops, one of which is paying lip-service to hiring or at least considering hiring people based on their resumes.  But I don't think many people get hired on the basis of their resumes.  I think most people get hired by people who already know them, and that is why one does 1. - 5. above.

7. If you have earned a college degree, you have proven that you are smart and hard working (is there any difference?).  Anyone who is smart and is hard working is NEEDED by someone, because everyone in business NEEDS help.  I checked my horoscope this morning and it said "Sashko89 is a TIGER who will have a very successful career".  :-)

8. P.S.  Lastly, if you are an extrovert, you may already be doing some of these things.  But if you happen to be an introvert, then you aren't going to "change" into an extrovert, but you can understand that part of your professional challenge is always going to be "how to force myself to be extroverted ENOUGH, long ENOUGH, to survive and excel".  For this, I have found, a checklist and a calendar are my personal best weapons.  I schedule in things I HAVE TO DO, because if I don't do them, I know, I won't get the chance to do the things I can DO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET and can therefore HELP BY DOING.  :-)

TheGreatRecovery's picture


I just saw this.

Lauren Rivera, Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs

Also, author Lauren Rivera was interviewed in the Atlantic.

IMHO, this is why joining and volunteering for everything you can volunteeer for in the local professional organization of your profession offers an entry point if you weren't born to financially/politically/business-savvy/connected parents.  Your resume might be ignored by HR departments, but the people who tell the HR departments what to do will be in the professional organization, and will appreciate your volunteer efforts, and may tell their HR departments to take a look at your resume, and ask their HR departments if they can find a place for you.

Tarshatha's picture

Sashko, the greatest fortunes are made during the most extreme times, and having that knowledge is more than half of the battle.

One time I read, that in post war Berlin a city block could have been had for 10 oz of gold (I might have the amount wrong but I know it was close) so keep the faith.

It's just my opinion, but I believe you should always proof read something, but then again I'm an early generation X and my mum would beat me if I didn't speak clearly.


Glasnost's picture

Agree with you about the 'saleable skill' thing.  Although "skills" can really be anything if you're a good salesman (i.e. bullshitter).  
I do think a big part of my generation has problems with doing regular manual labor like construction and other things.  Which I don't entirely understand why.  It's really easy to see the value you build by literally building something physical (as an example.)

On the other point, I disagree that he should have to move to get a job.  If everyone just keeps 'moving where the work is', what happens when that work disappears?  There is something wrong with the core concept that people should just give up on where they currently are and move to wherever there's work.  Because it may be that eventually there's nowhere left to move to.  The places that people are moving from have to be fixed, not run away from.  I do agree that people willing to move to work show initiative and possibly will be better workers since they do what needs to be done to get what they want, but I still stand by my previous statement that it isn't something they should have to do.

...although I admit that's idealistic (and since I'm personally a realist I moved away from the land of 'freedom').

jerry_theking_lawler's picture


See, that is what is wrong with millenials, they 'want' something but don't want to work for it.....Passing up an offer to work in Tahoe like this would be the dumbest thing ever for a young person.

If you are offering, and we are negotiating, is the $20/hr cash? How many hours per week are you offering?


TheGreatRecovery's picture

I wonder whether Millenials are cursed by computer games.  Computer games make one sit on one's butt, and are totally unlike real life, because in real life one must:

(1) get up on one's own and get prepared on one's own and go out on one's own; and

(2) work with strangers and listen to them and treat them with respect even if they seem weird; and ESPECIALLY

(3) do unexciting unfun things, because if something is exciting and fun, people are going to do it themselves; they aren't going to pay someone else to do it for them.

Rubbish's picture

Dear millenial


I'm 60, I get up at 1:00 am drink coffee, hit the shopping centers at 2:00 sometimes sooner. Been working my ass off for decades. I pick up trash and fix shit. I am the best fucking maintenance man there is. I am respected by my clients. I call my own shots now and charge a pretty penny. Over 100k working 4 hrs. a day (that includes driving time), 7 days a week with help from my son. I have a superior work ethic, nothing is left undone and in fourty years I might have had 2 call backs.


Get the point here son? I didn't tell my children to go to college, although two of the three did or are. I told them to do something they enjoy and be the best at it they can possibly be and they will be recognized if they are infact all that and a bag of Doritos. If not you are mediocre. The world is full of mediocre and they are used and abused in the workforce. That isn't going to ever change. So rise to the top, put in more than is expected and you will succeed. A masters? You think you can teach my children any lessons?


Get to work.

Ballin D's picture

Is this satire or serious? You're talking about working 4hrs a day for 100k in the same breath as calling the millenials lazy for working more hours in their unpaid internships for free.  You arent the only person in the world who works hard and cares about your clients.  But youre fucking dillusional if you think that justifies a baby boomer making 100k for low skill work while intelligent, hardworking, honest, dedicated people of any age cant find a job at all.

Fedaykinx's picture

personally i don't think either one of you are the sharpest crayons in the box.

TheGreatRecovery's picture

Idunno.  People set out $100, $200, and even more expensive items next to the garbage every day.  Maybe the item lost a screw, and so the owners just use that as an excuse to purchase the newer improveder thing.  If you get there before the garbage truck, and then fix this stuff and sell it at, say, eBay or the Flea Market, I can imagine $100k a year.  The key is that you have to sell the stuff.  Noone is ever going to PAY YOU $100k to do work like this as long as THEY are ones doing the selling.  ALL the top earners in the world are salesmen.

whirling tword freedom's picture

I liked the rant too!!!!

I normally work from home and I write code for a very large phone company.... also a very old one......  It's hard to break in these days and, you're right to rant....  Hell.... at least ... you're awake.....  I'm pissed too and, I'm 50.... been working in the business steady for a very long time.... I'm just as fucked as you are and everyone else is..... 

We'll just do the best we can and.....  

I liked the rant.

blindfaith's picture

Dear Sashko,

You break my heart.  What you must understand is that the set up is to hone in one one group or another as the bad guys, the fall guys for the woes.  There are and always will be bad guys.  In 1929 when the market crashed and thousands were lined up outside  JPM bank...closed, no withdrawls..the ceo took 1 million dollars out of the bank and went home, nothing happened to him.  Nothing happened to him, sound fimiliar? 

You only key to success and to survive in this fantasy stage show of a world is to be smarter than the show itself.  Re-invent yourself and do it often, be your own boss.  The mouse can do just fine under the elephants foot, but if high money rewards are your goal then your need to put your soul on the block to the highest bidder, not unlike slavery, or use every resource of cleverness to defeat the program.


Oceanz24's picture

So I'm one of those "baby boomers" brought up in the 60"s.  Maybe we should go back to that!!!  WE shook up the Johnson"s, Nixon"s, Even did my stint in Nam.  AAAHH, the good 'ole days...there is definately a revolution going to happen and I will join your generation.  Bring back Led Zeppelin

Budnacho's picture

+1 Zeppelin Reference.....

forexskin's picture

+1 for +1ing the zeppelin ref. local station just played a special vinyl remastered pressing of III last sunday. bliss...

Budnacho's picture

My guys I work with finally got behind me blasting "Boogie with Stu" when we would make a huge sale...


whirling tword freedom's picture

I think they named themselves by saying.... "well, I think we'll go over like a, "lead (sic) zeppelin"..... +1

Abaco's picture

What is wrong with being a plumber or laying concrete?

NoPension's picture

Means actually having to EARN a fucking salary, that's what. I do this stuff for a living, and I am getting sick and tired of being demeaned by this world. Freeze, starve, walk you fucking turds. There is no shame in working with your hands.

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I logged in just to green you.  There is no shame in working with your hands.  In fact, when the curtain finally drops on this shitshow, you will be the one man in 100 that has useful skills that will enable you to survive.  I sometimes wish I had gone to trade school rather than college.  I'm learning trade school skills now in my free time, but it is a slow process learning from books and videos rather than learning from a dedicated instructor who knows his shit and yanks the wrench/hammer/blowtorch from your hands before you make a fatal error.  I have already informed my kids that if they want to go to college, they either get a job and work through school the way I did, or they go to trade school and learn a useful skill and I pay full ride.  I think two of them are going to go for the trade school option.  The third kid is my hopeless case who wants to go to school to learn anthropology, for fuck's sake.  What practical applications does anthropology have for Joe Sixpack? 

Anyway, listen up Hedgers.  If you don't know how to garden, now is the time to learn.  If you don't know how to hunt, start by practicing at the range with your rifle or shotgun and get your ass out there this fall.  If you do know how to hunt but don't process your own meat, watch some videos and commit to learning this hunting season.  Learn to forage.  Learn to start a fire without a match.  Learn at least three ways to purify water without modern tools.  If you don't remember how to hold a hammer from high school shop, befriend an old-timer who does know and ask him to be your instructor.  The day when the power stops and the faucets run dry is too late to learn this stuff.  It takes time to develop skills.

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I've welded for thirty years and have never regretted it.

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dude, swallow that fart and get a job with the tbtf or the fed for Christs sake. then do something.

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Its not your fault Sashko, its the globalists.  That trade deficit no one talks about, look at it.  Nothing has been done about it, nothing will be done about it because all the politicians with rare exception are for it because they get paid off for continuing crappy trade policy whether its a country in an 'agreement' or not (like china)